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Involve dans une phrase (en anglais)

Was he prepared to involve.
It is wrong to involve her.
It would also involve quite.
These needs involve the con-.
I can’t involve you in this.
Either way, it will involve a.
Involve the reader in the story.

Something that might involve you.
It won’t involve any treatments.
They may involve levels of total.
There was no need to involve the.
You didn't involve me in anything.
They both involve the Saggothans.
I have a feeling it will involve a.
Groping can also involve non-touching.
I'm sorry to involve you in all this.
Luckily, it doesn’t involve the Fey.
It could involve some trial and error.
As any one task could involve things.
You were out of line to involve her.
He said it would heavily involve sales.
The first phase would involve the Sheik.
It would always involve saying a prayer.
I will not involve you in this—.
Many burglaries involve only petty theft.
His work seems to involve no more than.
It is only correct that we involve them.
Avoid days that involve social situations.
This will involve long, tedious research.
Perhaps I should involve the authorities.
Chances are, those memories involve food.
A search could involve three or four steps.
Unfortunately two of them will involve me.
Yes, all financial activities involve risk.
Another type of cleanse can involve fasting.
Now was not the time to involve anyone else.
This printout does not involve their budgets.
All wars involve killing, one man said.
Difficult conversations do not just involve.
She acquired a course involving.
The one involving the coloured guy.
In one case involving a 12 year-old.
In the process involving lithium 7, a.
This is a handy number without involving.
The fear of involving his family and Bart.
It was like a porn film involving dwarves.
This is a complex subject, involving much.
Note that assignment statements involving.
Also, involving the companies in the process.
This was a 6- week trial involving patients.
She had certain standards, mostly involving.
And this latest episode involving the reporter.
And His purpose is always involving salvation.
He more and more frequently started involving.
He was already feeling guilty for involving her.
So beware of involving lawyers in the process!.
It was the last battle/massacre involving the U.
It was a ‘national exercise’ involving the.
I fear it is a delicate matter involving the.
CFS is a poorly understood disease involving many.
Another example from the Bible is a story involving.
Involving the other Clans would hinder that freedom.
In one conversation involving several RCMP Officers.
These cases should be put to modern tests involving.
Why?… Because of medical reasons involving the ear.
Involving you in my life could become too complicated.
The case involving the attempted murder and resulting.
He told me he had two lawsuits involving back injuries.
More conversation ensued, involving another supervisor.
Christmas Tree A spread involving three exercise prices.
Though he had been working mainly on cases involving Mr.
Provided that I can rewrite the bit involving the wargs.
Procedures involving the strapping of animals and using.
I also received information about a rape case involving.
In a case involving Chicago man women told investigators.
It is obvious he had a wild and kinky fantasy involving.
In most cases involving a large settlement, putting the.
I refused to work on the project involving the Canadian.
The key to using the advanced technique involving the PC.
He had to be involved.
For all who are involved.
I was involved with Jack.
God needs to be involved.
The One Lord is involved.
For no love was involved.
He'll be involved in the.
When I am involved with a.
Over time, I was involved.
Karmic debt may be involved.
Lots of money was involved.
That it somehow involved me.
Each of the three involved.
They are involved in things.
No wonder they are involved.
If music was involved, this.
He would have to be involved.
Got the police involved and.
Almost as involved as he was.
Now they were involved in a.
Why, is he involved in this.
Some of the photos involved.
They are also involved in a.
Ted and George are involved.
I thought you were involved.
But that involved getting wet.
He may or may not be involved.
D and how I came to be involved.
It’s more involved than that.
But why get involved with Mr.
One adventure that involved a.
Murder was involved, they said.
Travel seems involved here too.
The Church is involved as well.
It was easier for all involved.
Could he really get involved?
I did not want to get involved.
Get them involved in everything.
A plan that involved fooling us.
There are many factors involved.
It also involves a very.
Yet, PE also involves risks.
One which involves your clan.
True love involves the spirit.
I think his plan involves the.
It also involves perfect timing.
It involves a profound form of.
Most of trading involves waiting.
This viral marketing involves a.
Especially if it involves Others.
Yes, it certainly involves you.
This often involves no more than.
This involves any of those things.
Since wisdom involves the simple.
It involves more than sex; it is.
It involves the principles of Kama.
Every move they make involves all.
This involves much more than just.
Of course, woodworking involves wood.
It involves physics as physics are.
Especially if it involves the heart.
This involves direct action on the.
This involves taking a new idea and.
Fixing technology involves more jobs.
Tubal ligation involves major surgery.
This usually involves your own house.
It involves the hope that there can.
The final category involves works of.
It involves not dying; I can dig that.
The final phase of your test involves.
The delta hedge involves buying 50 * 0.
It involves re-living all the sadness.
First, it involves waiting for a setup.
It is said that knowledge involves no.
From the name also this type involves a.
It involves much more than any other sin.
It usually involves food (and wine) and.
The breakout strategy involves two phases.
Real estate investing involves time and.

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