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Item dans une phrase (en anglais)

Yes we are an item.
It was a news item.
He picked up the item.
Then, you buy the item.
Item on the current Page.
Item 2: Something to sell.
The biggest item was for.

If more than one item is.
You can open the item for.
Only one more item remained.
Next item on the programme.
Each food item had a white.
Happiness is one item that.
The first item was a stun gun.
It was as though the item we.
User adds an item to the cart.
I did not sell one single item.
Holmes grinned at the last item.
Best scoffed, and took the item.
That’s the only peculiar item.
Uncle Harry handed the item to me.
The second item was an MP3 player.
The last item is accounts payable.
The specific item is not here.
Might I inspect the item?
This is sometime an item on the.
GT failed on this checklist item.
Checking the item over carefully.
In a late-breaking news item, the.
Identify the item to be validated.
I didn‘t see one boy scout item.
Iran’s one item on the agenda.
The large item that the computer.
A gift does not have to be an item.
We will cover each item one by one.
A square item with rounded corners.
The next item Lewis glanced at was.
There is only one item missing and.
But they weren’t an item any more.
Is there any item of clothing that.

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