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Jenny dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. I sat next to Jenny.
  2. It was Not a Jenny.
  3. I saw Jenny right off.
  4. Told Jenny to get lost.
  5. Have a nice day, Jenny.

  6. So take a breath, Jenny.
  7. Jenny and I were honest.
  8. Jenny said into the phone.
  9. I'm stil here, Jenny.
  10. Jenny agreed to come with me.
  11. But not Jenny Nguyen, I said.
  12. They could be worse, Jenny.
  13. But, like Jenny in the ballad.
  14. Where is Jenny? I asked.
  15. No, Jenny won’t be there.

  16. Jenny was his office guard dog.
  17. ACTUALLY, HER NAME was not Jenny.
  18. Are you OK with that Jenny?
  19. Jenny checked back out the window.
  20. It’s over now, my poor Jenny.
  21. Chief Smith met Jenny at the door.
  22. Can you do that? Jenny asked.
  23. Jenny, what were you thinking?
  24. Jenny cleared her throat behind him.
  25. Take a day of rest with them, Jenny.

  26. Then she put a new card in her jenny.
  27. Will do, Evelyn! Answered Jenny.
  28. It still cost us a good girl, Jenny.
  29. I only went out with Jenny a few times.
  30. What about you, Jenny? asked David.
  31. Telling Jenny to make an appointment?
  32. Jenny looked at him in the dark, smiling.
  33. I spent the afternoon with Jenny Wilson.
  34. It was David and Jenny with the washing.
  35. Neither do you, dear Jenny, he said.
  36. Exiled in time… Said softly Jenny.
  37. The case of Jenny Cockell of the USA 247.
  38. He’s starting to sound like Jenny Nguyen.
  39. Ingrid then returned her attention to Jenny.
  40. You havent changed a bit, Jenny said.
  41. You could do that? Said Jenny, pleased.
  42. Jenny sat in the same place as when I'd left.
  43. That selfish woman! said a furious Jenny.
  44. Simon, these are my kids, David and Jenny.
  45. You two will have to forgive Jenny she only.
  46. On the table was a jenny for carding the lace.
  47. Jenny, turning her head around, saw them too.
  48. I can’t wait until Jenny is back with us.
  49. Jenny, please respond! Can you hear me?
  50. They had cleared out and taken Jenny with them.
  51. For all intents and purposes, Jenny was his mum.
  52. It was the labrador Jenny saw first that morning.
  53. Peter found a new friend in Jenny a member of the.
  54. Jenny had come back and my life was made complete.
  55. Joanie, her name was; or Jenny? Yes, Jenny, I think.
  56. Dan is picking David and Jenny up from the station.
  57. Jeff took a deep breath and stared Jenny in the eye.
  58. Soon after this move, I was cohabitating with Jenny.
  59. He says, You don’t have to keep this up, Jenny.
  60. David and Jenny bought their food and I bought mine.
  61. Ingrid looked at Jenny with gravity, now very worried.
  62. Our mission was to help Jenny move her stuff from St.
  63. There was a jenny wren's in the hedge by the orchard.
  64. OK Jenny said, I havent a problem with that.
  65. But I took the Rebel out late nights to go see Jenny.
  66. Jenny smiled to the girl, a pretty but very thin child.
  67. Jenny then saw tears appear in Tom’s eyes as he spoke.
  68. Penny Jenny, they called her, until the Redgrass Field.
  69. You missed all the excitement, Dave, Jenny teased.
  70. We’re 4 miles southwest of the Jenny lighthouse, over.
  72. Should you be doing that in your state? asked Jenny.
  73. The third one kept running towards Jenny, his sword high.
  74. In the evenings now there was his neighbor, Jenny Nguyen.
  75. Well that was awfully kind of him, I told Jenny and David.
  76. Oh, you can try, I said to Jenny, but be prepared.
  77. Then Jenny said, I heard Rory schooled Isaac yesterday.
  78. I want to ask him what happened to Jenny, but I don’t.
  79. Jenny was a gentle flower; I should have kept her at home.
  80. Thanks, Dan, but I will pick him up, as he is with Jenny.
  81. Victor recently found a picture labeled Jenny, age seven.
  82. Jenny said that was fine; she preferred to live with the cat.
  83. Jenny returned the pan to the stove and reached for the sauce.
  84. Which just went to show how little Jenny knew about insomnia.
  85. Jenny asked him, What are you, a doctor or a dentist?
  86. Jenny fell instantly silent and listened as hard as she could.
  87. The samurai then gave a pleased look at Jenny, smiling to her.
  88. Weve got to put our noses to the grindstone, Jenny stated.
  89. It was a time of thought and work and late nights with Jenny.
  90. Will Jenny be there? She was so mean to me last time….
  91. No wonder Jenny had looked at it once and stayed in the shack.
  92. Night Adventure: I attend a memorial service for grandma Jenny.
  93. So why would witches want to meet there? Jenny asked him.
  94. It was a kindness that almost made Jenny burst back into tears.
  95. Don’t tell me that you never had a boy rub your bum, Jenny.
  96. My last appointment of the day was with Jenny, my private tutor.
  97. We can’t cut our way in before that happens? asked Jenny.
  98. I could hear Jenny and David giggling inside as I knocked again.
  99. Jenny said the cat needed a home, and we talked no more about it.
  100. Jenny suddenly started to feel good about her latest assignment.

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