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Jeopardy dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. And now that was in jeopardy.
2. Naturally, he can’t miss Jeopardy.
3. The quest for truth itself was in jeopardy.
4. He was putting cases in jeopardy, they said.
5. It put our whole financial system in jeopardy.
6. Ultimately their lives would be in jeopardy as well.
7. Game shows are still around today with Jeopardy –.

8. Therefore, my job security was seriously in jeopardy.
9. Nay, it is the last move in a great jeopardy, and for.
10. Do what you can, but don’t put yourselves in jeopardy.
11. If he tried to stop Sir Peter he put their lives in jeopardy.
12. It would have if Stu had not put all their lives in jeopardy.
13. But this was not the only jamming jeopardy he was exposed to.
14. Without such knowledge, your lives will always be in jeopardy.
15. You can’t have double jeopardy if the procedure didn’t occur.
16. But moderate Republicans in jeopardy this fall desperately wanted.
17. Our regions remain in jeopardy as long as the Planes are linked.
18. Will Hanor be putting his life in jeopardy if he were to enter the.
19. Because that would put all of them in jeopardy, he decided against it.
20. What had seemed briefly like a sure bet was suddenly in jeopardy again.
21. Too many of the rest of men and women ignore oneness in eternal jeopardy.
22. After all, her life was now in jeopardy because her boyfriend was a dumbass.
23. Another problem with hate crimes is that it may lead to double jeopardy.
24. When it came to Sneha, she felt that it was a case of double jeopardy for her.
25. The next couple of days cause some concern that the upward move may be in jeopardy.
26. They are sick of being sold meat and then realizing that their health is in jeopardy.
27. If his past reputation is any indicator, then the future of our holy lands are in jeopardy.
28. He urged me to do the same, as any contact between us would put his people in great jeopardy.
29. This glitch in their trading software actually put them in jeopardy of going out of business.
30. None of them would fall into any kind of jeopardy if he looked away for more than a few seconds.
31. On the other side of the coin, the Milo was in grave jeopardy of being scuttled and lost forever.
32. I couldn’t stop thinking about the Russians and how I had put everybody I cared about in jeopardy.
33. Even more dramatically, defending meaning perspectives and identity can put our whole being in jeopardy.
34. And millions of America’s young people were put into jeopardy: killed, injured, and scarred for life.
35. This amendment also includes the double jeopardy clause frequently quoted by legal authorities.
36. It would be putting the entire group in jeopardy if others took precious time to care for the disabled.
37. Bael interrupted, "The plan is to create a diversion for the Jedi, but the mission is in jeopardy now!".
38. I said a quick prayer for whoever was in jeopardy, and a prayer that we would catch the killer-rapist soon.
39. Not only does that not match cash flow (you pay now, collect later), but it puts future earnings in jeopardy.
40. On the one hand, it seemed that killing Terry would throw his future earning potential into serious jeopardy.

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