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Jerk dans une phrase (en anglais)

The man was a jerk.
He was a jerk then.
Swann woke with a jerk.
Believe me I am a jerk.
God, what a jerk I was.
She woke up with a jerk.
I thought he was a jerk.

I don't think he's a jerk.
Then he stopped with a jerk.
The same bald fat jerk who.
Don't mind him, he's a jerk.
And he disappeared with a jerk.
I sat up on the bed in one jerk.
Savannah thought he was a jerk.
The jerk didn't even look at me.
Then, he spread them with a jerk.
With a sudden jerk she began to.
The other host was a low life jerk.
Her body started to jerk violently.
Maybe I could jerk the armrest out.
The car will jerk forward violently.
On instinct, she tried to jerk away.
I’m sorry for being such a jerk.
So, I’m still a jerk in Emerson eyes.
Had loving this game, made him a jerk?
That jerk! I channeled my anger to him.
Ingram pushed back his chair with a jerk.
I gave the steering wheel a vicious jerk.
We landed and I felt the brakes jerk on.
Now, the Rich Jerk wants to share.
They were fine! He was just being a jerk.
She picked up her book with a little jerk.
It was stopped with a jerk at once crying.
When she settles a hand on my back, I jerk.
With a light jerk from Joey Lezura woke up.
When I approached, it vanished with a jerk.
I was being a little bit of a jerk I guess.
The carpet gave a jerk and rose in the air.
I wonder how she married a jerk like you?
Not in this or any other lifetime, you jerk.
She gasped, her body jerking.
His arms and legs were jerking.
I was jerking it from HER!.
He seized it, jerking at its wires.
Still, his body moved, jerking as if.
His mind was jerking faster than a jack.
If the horse is jerking it's head down to.
She held him as he cried, jerking in pain.
He only succeeded in jerking his shoulders.
He leaned forward, jerking the pole slightly.
He fell across Kamsen, convulsing and jerking.
That means no jerking motions—focus on form!.
What the hell was going on? Are you jerking.
Cheryl stopped jerking off Gary and turned around.
Colt pulled most of the way out and started jerking.
Hadaen quickened his pace, her body jerking against him.
Was he bouncing the chair? Was he jerking himself off?
Minho was jerking on the round brass handle to no avail.
The mighty fish swished its tail, jerking Pascal forward.
Stop, she whispered in her sleep, jerking slightly.
Carmen lunged at Josh, grabbing his arm and jerking on it.
Before he had finished, Li Laosao fishing line was jerking.
I awakened to the feeling of my mother jerking in her sleep.
A baby cried, in long jerking cackles, in one of the boxcars.
She followed Mike for a few feet before jerking her hand away.
And if he’s now parked up jerking off that’s his business.
Who’s this? the woman says, jerking her head toward me.
Her body was jerking and all conscious thought was fading fast.
I wasn’t jerking the dress from you Diane! Kelly shouts.
Masamune from its sheath, his silver head jerking sharply as he.
A man in his late teens stood on the doorstep, his head jerking.
Lisa did, Jesse told him, jerking his thumb in my direction.
Jerking aside the velvet curtains she dramatically indicated the.
He lifted the tip of his reel, jerking the line, before answering.
It was then that Thane struck, jerking the Grand Wizard’s arm.
He rustled the pleated pages, jerking his chin on his high collar.
Jerking his head up, Dad notched the boat speed higher immediately.
Cristian went to run to her, but Anna stopped him, jerking him back.
The chain was still attached and became immediately taut, jerking.
The SUV barreled forward, jerking some of the zombies off of the hood.
I just jerked my head.
He jerked her up and.
He jerked his head to.
Duff jerked his face up.
It jerked one last time.
He jerked her in close.
She jerked her head away.
Alice jerked her chin up.
Then her head jerked up.
I jerked out of his head.
He jerked up from the bed.
She jerked away from him.
The boat jerked to a stop.
He was jerked to his feet.
He jerked his head at me.
Even so, his body jerked.
Russell jerked his head up.
His eyes jerked over to me.
She jerked out of his grip.
Rykus jerked her back hard.
Ash’s gaze jerked to him.
Then his left jerked again.
She jerked with spasms of.
Moses jerked his head around.
She jerked awake with a yell.
He jerked his head in terror.
Otto jerked back in surprise.
You jerked it in with a gasp.
She jerked on the sack again.
The guard jerked the gun back.
She jerked the receiver away.
The man jerked the door open.
He jerked her head to the side.
Power jerked him back to life.
And he jerked his head forward.
I jerked into a shooting crouch.
He jerked her at a rapid pace.
He jerked backward and growled.
The sergeant jerked his head up.
Nem jerked his head up the road.
He jerks the man back.
I was surrounded by jerks.
She jerks the receiver away.
She jerks her head toward me.
She jerks her chin at Daniel.
He jerks his chin to the side.
Jerks want others to serve them.
Then those jerks leave those women.
Men can be jerks, Conklin said.
Dakin nodded his head with two jerks.
My head jerks at the sound of my name.
Jerks don’t want to love and serve others.
Granted, you may know engineers who are jerks.
Jerks don't really care about what she wants.
Ciere jerks in surprise, drawing her hands back.
Mostly with prep school jerks and college jerks.
There are times where jerks are just born jerks.
Gregory jerks his head up and looks at Uncle Dylan.
Alan jerks back, a grunt of pain escaping his lips.
Richard moved his head around in short robotic jerks.
PRIVATE COMPTON: (Jerks his finger) Way for the parson.
He yanks the gate open and jerks his head at the door.
Jerks are basically bullies and bullies are never cool.
Jerks don’t value tenderness but instead they mock it.
He was forced back and forth in several lightning jerks.
You Are Looking At The Computer Where Paul Jerks Off.
He hands me back the ticket and jerks his thumb backward.
He recited jerks of verse with odd glances at the text:.
The man managed to raise his arm in a series of slow jerks.
Forrest’s body gave a couple of strong jerks and stilled.
Jerks may have a reputation for being cool but it’s a lie.
His stylus moved in fast, vicious jerks as he wrote it down.
Did you give it to her? He jerks his head in my direction.
A POP LIKE A BURST BULB jerks Mercer back out of his lucubrations.
I started picturing millions of jerks coming to my funeral and all.
I’ve seen the intergalactic space jerks we’ve been fighting.
We can be such jerks! He shook his head again as he thought of Helez.
Lim's arm moved in jerks within the wide sleeve of his silk vestment.
Jerks were slumping out of his office with their faces white all day.
It was rigged from the beginning; these jerks don’t stand a chance.

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