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Jerky dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. Joey threw a jerky at it.
2. I have some beef jerky here.
3. The beef jerky was still there.
4. But it was inconsistent and jerky.
5. His movements were jerky and quick.
6. He smiled as he grabbed some beef jerky.
7. Barrow answered with jerky brusqueness.

8. It came to a jerky stop at the side entrance.
9. He found some dried beef jerky in a clay jar.
10. Dan took another bite of the salty beef jerky.
11. Lezura finished chewing a jerky and said, No.
12. The jerky ride caused blood to rush to his head.
13. The hacker gave a few jerky nods and continued.
14. This would produce a jerky form of propulsion.
15. Guzkat gave a jerky nod and a worried smile as he.
16. The crossbow made a short upward jerky motion that I.
17. Her voice comes out jerky, in little stops and starts.
18. He wobbled up the steps in a jerky fashion and went inside.
19. Even Mavriky Nikolaevitch muttered some rapid, jerky comment.
20. She opened the packet of jerky, but was too bone-tired and mel-.
21. My heart was loud in my ears, a terrified thrum, fast and jerky.
22. Jartis stepped up to the counter, dumping his cans of jerky on it.
23. With jerky movements she turned toward the two wolves Silas held.
24. He spoke with a harsh, jerky voice, as if he wanted to overawe us.
25. Dan leaned forward and placed his beef jerky on the table to the left.
26. Having some biltong (beef jerky) with you helps and we made sure we did.
27. Then he moved, waving me down to his studio with quick, jerky movements.
28. We wore moccasins, carried beef jerky with us, and spent days out in the.
29. Don’t women think that all men are jerky twelve-year-olds at heart?
30. His fingers trembled as he fumbled, but with jerky motions the handle turned.
31. He wished he had grabbed a bigger handful of jerky back at Clarence’s cabin.
32. Of course, where Larry Pulaski was concerned, jerky was a relative term.
33. The journeyers sat down in the billowing field to a modest meal of pie and jerky.
34. She had large, nervous eyes, and moved in a jerky motion, as if she had a faulty.
35. Conklin pressed the forward button and watched the jerky image of the man in the cap.
36. Talia put her hands on his shoulders, whistled a complex melody, and gave a jerky nod.
37. No it’s not that, but her action seems so jerky, said Pierre in a puzzled tone.
38. Jovet showed them the half chewed beef jerky stick that she had found in her pillow case.
39. Your basic jerky twelve-year-old boy trapped in a sixty-eight-year-old asshole’s body.
40. I pulled a few strips of beef jerky out of my pack and sat eating it and swigging my water.
41. He pulled back the jerky shaky door of the jakes and came forth from the gloom into the air.
42. She smiled sweetly as she chewed what to her was more like a piece of bacon flavoured jerky.
43. Children with this have a stiff, jerky gait, absent speech, excessive laughter, and seizures.
44. Lyndseye dug through her pouch and pulled out some kind of jerky that she held out towards me.
45. The bell rang again, and then started to clang away in an odd jerky rhythm for several minutes.
46. Missy reached into her bottomless pouch and pulled out some jerky to share with Jaxon and Nord.
47. The shop owner stood beside his counter watching the jerky motions of his van going on outside.
48. You hungry? He offered me a chunk of deer meat that someone had salted and dried into jerky.
49. Slicing it into thin strips, she laid it out on the rocks the caught the sun, drying it into jerky.
50. Turn on the radio! the captain barks, shoving some moose jerky in his mouth and tearing it off.
51. Still chewing and using the pieces of jerky as a momentary shield, he lifted his right hand to his face.
52. He tugs open his pack and wordlessly hands me a few strips of dried jerky, and I eat them without comment.
53. She maintained the scowl on her face, and her jerky movements indicated her discomfort with the intrusion.
54. Whatcha got in here? She dug through the bag and found canned peanuts, beef jerky, and a tin of cookies.
55. Dan chewed off a piece of beef jerky as he watched Rick’s use of a paradoxical technique of interrogating.
56. He moved toward her slowly, placing the jerky still in his hand in the side pocket of his borrowed trousers.
57. We ride round the paddock, her gait very smooth and nothing like as jerky as the horses I have ridden before.
58. As soon as they got into the room, Kate shut the door and immediately began pacing with quick, jerky movements.
59. She had a newspaper spread out in front of her, and sat rolling cigarettes with a jerky movement of her hands.
60. His walk was a short pigeon toed jerky affair that made him look even more awkward than he probably really was.
61. If it works, it is said the baby will be a good leader, Feng starts punching numbers into a jerky register.
62. The regimental commander walked with his jerky steps to the front of the regiment and examined it from a distance.
63. Suddenly, she seemed to flicker, as if she were only half there, her motions jerky like an old film movie played too slowly.
64. The beef jerky would make a perfect source of on-the-run energy and so he ate as he walked toward the door to the exterior.
65. In the case of a finger, we would talk about smooth or jerky, fast or slow, and lightly or with deep pressure into the sand.
66. For the moment, at least, Clare Kendall was an absorbing study, as she greeted us with a frank, jerky straight-arm handshake.
67. Krista grew conscious of a rough jolting motion and painfully opened her eyes to see the cause of the strange jerky movement.
68. I’ve laid out bread and cheese and the last of the jerky on my cloak, but I don’t have the heart to call her from her fun.
69. It twitched its ears and flicked his tail and sauntered slowly into the square where it stood again sniffing in jerky movements.
70. Raskolnikov squeezed his way through the crowd, stared for some minutes at the drunken man and suddenly gave a short jerky laugh.
71. She moved files and hunted for a pen, picking up one thing after another, her movements stiff and jerky until they became frantic.
72. Keeping his eyes on the rope above him, noticing how it was losing its hold above in jerky little fits, he let his eyes look down.
73. As Slikit plodded along, the moonlight reflecting from his silver-grey fur, caused his jerky movements to stand out in the darkness.
74. Near the West Virginia line, she couldn’t resist stopping at a country store that advertised World Famous Beef Jerky, Homemade.
75. For the brief days I blew the trumpet, a hostile-sounding pig snorted along in jerky fits and starts with the rest of the irritated band.
76. Many times they would walked to a secluded corner, and read the letter for his dog whilst feeding him biltong (beef jerky) sent by his wife.
77. I have tried to imitate here Lord Roxton's jerky talk, his short, strong sentences, the half-humorous, half-reckless tone that ran through it all.
78. The doctor, arriving with his sharp, jerky walk, found that the master had retired into his own room with orders not to be disturbed on any account.
79. As we chewed a snack of venison jerky I felt the excitement of catching sight of the Northwest’s largest animal, second in size only to the moose found further north.
80. All she needed now was to get her hands together, but the beast was still pulling painfully at her limbs, though its movements were now more hectic and jerky than before.
81. Snow had melted and refrozen on the paths, leaving a thin shell that collapsed under Pulaski’s shoes and crutches, soaking his socks and lending each step a jerky quality.
82. The general in command of the infantry went toward his horse with jerky steps, and having mounted drew himself up very straight and tall and rode to the Pavlograd commander.
83. Arthur rose to his feet and with uncontrolled jerky motions of his legs he danced the dance of the frightened and in a terrified voice he exclaimed, "I hear it, I hear it!".
84. The general in command of the infantry went toward his horse with jerky steps, and having mounted drew himself up very straight and tall and rode to the Pávlograd commander.
85. Each one of them took a small amount of peyote, hashish, and wild mushrooms that had been ground together and made into a powder used to coat pieces of deer-meat smoked jerky.
86. He had suffered from them himself, and he, with a shrug of the shoulders and a nervous, jerky gesture of the arm, was wont to put away from him, as it were, every allusion to it.
87. The jerky motion of the van however, had jarred Kathy’s ankle rather severely, and so she was in too much pain to notice their changed positions, or the effect it was having on him.
88. A long moment passed before Loric opened the envelope and pulled out the letter that was only a single page in length, but filled with jerky scrawled writing indicating the pain of the one who had written it.
89. Like most men of action, he is laconic in speech, and sinks readily into his own thoughts, but he is always quick to answer a question or join in a conversation, talking in a queer, jerky, half-humorous fashion.
90. Either he was perfectly at rest—still as a bronze statue—or else he was in motion, not with the jerky quickness of over-tense nerves, but with a cat-like speed that blurred the sight which tried to follow him.
91. Blinking to adjust his eyes to the bright sunlight of the cold but clear day he discerned that it was a man who was of large stature, had a full black beard, wore a black winter coat and who was slowly approaching in a stumbling, jerky manner.
92. Proud of his experience, penetrated by the sense of historical importance of men, events, and buildings, he talked pompously in jerky periods, with slight sweeps of his short, thick arm, letting nothing "escape the attention" of his privileged captive.
93. If I could not bear to have her half gone, how would I ever manage when she would be wholly away? I hugged her, held her tightly and whispered the words that cluttered my mind like the jerky repetition of a damaged phonograph record, I love you Lizzie.
94. Follow the double line of wheel tracks through sand and rock and you will find a habitation somewhere huddled in a protected place, with a few trees pointing their roots at under-earth water, a patch of starveling corn and squash, and strips of jerky hanging on a string.
95. She also bought two cartons of cigarettes there, a bottle of Wild Turkey, a twelve pack of Budweiser cans, and topped it off with about fifteen or twenty bags of beef jerky that came in all different varieties and flavors, everything from the sweet and salty ones to the hot and peppery ones.
96. It had been a few weeks since any mail or care packages had made it into the city, and the buzz of excitement was strong among the rest of the Marines, who were already munching on potato chips, beef jerky, and pouches of tuna as they sat against the wall, or on their cots, while some just stood around in a circle showing off pictures of home, girlfriends and babies.
97. Later he seemed to grow impatient with the road, started to drive faster than was necessary, approached curves without slowing down so that he had to give the brake a few jerky pushes while negotiating them, overtook other cars when the visibility was doubtful and behaved more and more like a rowdy, occasionally even clearing the road ahead with angry hoots of his horn.
98. The salt and spice content in beef jerky logs is high,.
99. Thankfully, I found strips of beef jerky, chips, juice, milk,.

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