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Judge dans une phrase (en anglais)

Who was I to judge?
So Lot was a judge.
Judge in a just way.
The judge cut him off.
This wall is a judge.
No one will judge you.

Judge Ellis cut him off.
The judge looked at her.
JUDGE: I don't think so.
The judge looked at Tom.
The judge blew his nose.
Yes, Jesus is our judge.
Judge: And why is that?
Then he paused to judge.
And he didn't judge her.
He had no right to judge.
The judge bangs his gavel.
The judge puts out a hand.
There is no judge above.
They also had the judge.
Where is my Judge Lynch?
Thomas did not judge her.
For the Lord is our judge.
The judge outranks me, Ms.
And calls on men to judge.
I’m not here to judge.
Tell it to the judge, pal.
The judge hesitated a beat.
Judge it with its quality.
The judge went easy on you.
The judge turned to Roland.
Judge with Slade and Elize.
The judge peered at Harald.
That is for us to judge.
The judge seemed to have.
Do not judge the current.
Thomas tried to judge how.
However, you are the judge.
Yes judge, within the hour.
No! I'm not judging you.
Judging from the way Sue.
Scout, judging by his badges.
Judging from the places the.
Judging from the sounds and.
Judging from the moon it was.
Colonel, judging by the badge.
Only when I stop judging, and.
He wasn’t judging or acerbic.
The tricky bit is judging cheap.
Judging from his expression he.
Judging the speed was impossible.
Judging he was out of earshot, he.
Judging from his behaviour he also.
The punishment is after the judging.
He was sure others were judging him.
The judging will end, but its result.
Judging the dalai lama by his actions.
And soon, judging by your temperament.
Judging the Dalai Lama by his Actions.
Judging the one who hides with mystery.
It was early in the morning, judging by.
Lessons Learnt – The Folly of Judging!.
Judging by the look on his face, he must.
Though judging from the thickness of the.
Judging from his accent, he wasn't like me.
Judging by the time, he might be back now.
Daniel frowns at it, judging the distance.
Judging from his reaction, he almost seems.
It was mid-afternoon and judging from the.
We shouldn’t be so hasty in judging others.
We went from judging sin, to judging people.
Judging from his files, it seems clear that J.
Judging by what we've found in her personal.
Judging he was in far too amiable a mood to.
She was judging herself for judging herself!.
Judging a book by its cover has been the way.
Judging by his size and the way he moved, he.
All are judged at death.
God has never judged you.
The way cannot be judged.
He never judged, nor he.
He judged distance and lift.
Those that are judged not.
Dunk judged her to be forty.
Six feet at least, he judged.
Willing to be judged by them.
You will be judged by our law.
A man is judged by his fruits.
He had judged for forty years;.
He had judged her to be self-.
Judge not, least ye be judged!.
This was heavy stuff, he judged.
She judged that not one of the.
You are judged and sent to hell.
It can be judged in no other way.
They, too, judged with The One Mind.
Tom judged, than the outbound section.
Myserrah had judged his opponent well.
Friend, a higher power has judged them.
He that believeth on him is not judged.
She never judged him for being an eidos.
I think I’ve judged it about right.
God must not be judged from appearances.
You will be judged on speed and accuracy.
You will be judged on accuracy and speed.
I judged no less, said the physician.
You have judged and he is already another.
All would be judged instantly after death.
You are not to be judged by the same rule.
Jesus said to him You have judged rightly.
We have been judged to be interfering too.
There might be something in that, she judged.
The magistrate judged us with deep suspicion.
I judged her to be about eighteen years old.
I judged now by my impressions of that time.
Do not judge so that you will not be judged.
In Judges 13:9 it was.
Lord God who judges her.
Judges give them the cane.
The judges chosen were Mr.
They are their own judges.
I agree with the judges.
The 4 activist judges than.
The judges rose and went out.
In any case the judges wear.
Heroes who work for the Judges.
Epilogue to the Book of Judges.
But, those that God judges as.
You walk, sir, with your judges.
Our judges are not so blind and.
What neither judges nor bishops.
The judges got up and went away.
We will be the judges of that.
The UFC would start with judges.
The judges, the promoter, whoever.
There is One who seeks and judges.
Since the Judges came to help.
Judges are supposed to hide their.
But good judges have said the same.
The judges would then cry Out.
And you, the judges, bear a wary eye.
These judges overlooked centuries of.
The ruler of the people is the judges.
The weeks passed and the judges ripped.
The hunt for the judges daughter was on.
The same may be said of judges and lawyers.
These judges are used to shelling out 15.
They served as city councilmen and judges.
Were you notified about the Judges?
Candidates for Judges were chosen at birth.
Why, I said, you join physicians and judges.
Judge yourself and you see judges everywhere.
The Judges all have the power of the spirit.
Judges walked with God and they knew Him as.
She began crying and the judges consoled her.
The book of Judges in the Old Testament (Judg.

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