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Juicy dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. His thighs are so juicy!.
  2. She cut into the juicy steak and.
  3. Well this is as juicy as it gets.
  4. This produces a white, juicy flesh.
  5. Especially at the soft and juicy eyes.
  6. Scent- (Please more than Juicy Couture).
  7. The horses dreamed of a soft, juicy meadow.
  8. Never fear—I'll make it something juicy.
  9. Don’t you just need that juicy hamburger.
  10. Scent- (Please more than Juicy Couture) Angel.
  11. Tried eating a juicy loaded burger with one hand.
  12. Resigned or retired early with juicy incentives to.
  13. We made and delivered the juicy apple pie she loved.
  14. Traps: Bait with juicy fruit, eggs; or anything to hand.
  15. Now here’s the juicy part: Two days later Marian was.
  16. This latitude has spilled over into juicy girlfriend time.
  17. I rolled my eyes and swallowed the last of the juicy pickle.
  18. Zarek took a bite of the chocolate brownie with juicy wisnia.
  19. The third scarf was ripe juicy summer fruit, watermelon red.
  20. She walked over, her mouth ready to bite into a juicy slice.
  21. Dark tail squirrels were fluttering on the juicy earthy cloak.
  22. At least you are able to eat juicy grass in the horse paddock.
  23. The fries were crisp, and her burger tasted juicy and delicious.
  24. If yer going ter use the Juicy Coozy, watch out fer the 'andle.
  25. He looked down, and saw a red juicy gumball resting at his feet.
  26. She took the packs off Vanil and let her gorge on the juicy grass.
  27. That astoundingly juicy Organ spurted Blood as readily as any Heart.
  28. Karan put Tarana down and passionately kissed her on her juicy lips.
  29. It was a contented Captain Stephens who sank his teeth into the juicy.
  30. He tried to whip up his enthusiasm with thoughts of the fat juicy mice.
  31. She embraced him tightly and pulled him upwards to kiss his juicy lips.
  32. Eric was eyeing those juicy melons - but he wasn't the only one doing so.
  33. Sue then basically told me that she loved the taste of my juicy penis too.
  34. Massie jumped onto the couch and thumbed the Juicy sweats she was wearing.
  35. Haven bit into a juicy grape and said, We rode to the park on our bikes.
  36. She gave him another juicy kiss and then lowered the stylus onto the vinyl.
  37. You will need this to keep your food juicy or have it soaked or absorb the.
  38. Two more thick and heavy juicy squirts later, Xavier resurfaced and stood up.
  39. Mark managed to relate this juicy little nugget without seeming mean-spirited.
  40. The grass cut with a juicy sound, and was at once laid in high, fragrant rows.
  41. Most nights that meant a large, juicy steak and as much milk as a boy could drink.
  42. She had silver Jimmy Choo's and finally a matching silver tote from Juicy Couture.
  43. The animal snorted and actually wagged his tail as he ate the juicy apple from my hand.
  44. As looked at earlier, a breakout is an excellent indication of a potentially juicy share.
  45. At the University of Illinois, he and some friends formed the rock band, the Juicy Fruits.
  46. This should create quite a juicy public controversy, which is always good for the ratings.
  47. Think of the premium portion of the option as a bright, juicy peach … covered with ants.
  48. There is a Greek fable about a youth sitting in a fig tree, surrounded by ripe, juicy figs.
  49. Seizing his hard prick, she jacked it once or twice and aimed it at her juicy cunt hole.
  51. It would have been far better that they both should have put their cocks into her juicy cunt.
  52. The two juicy ladies he’d seen going into the store were grazing among the clothing displays.
  53. It was as though it were not he but the sharp scythe of itself swishing through the juicy grass.
  54. This juicy bit of gossip would give the school something to chew on for the rest of the semester.
  55. You may have to add a small amount of water to puree the berries depending on how juicy they are.
  56. The media had dropped it completely sensing a sea change and found other juicy news to latch onto.
  57. They fatten readily and their flesh remains juicy and tender, owing to the indolence of the birds.
  58. However, my mouth watered while seen the small brown crispy paani pudis and the hot spicy juicy water.
  59. Having removed the thorns, and peeled off the tough skin, he handed the girl a thick, juicy cactus leaf.
  60. This is a very juicy premium on OTM options when the stock has little chance to reach the strike price.
  61. After years of eating nothing but salad, who wouldn’t want to cash in on some juicy Christmas turkey?
  62. Successive plantings every three weeks will extend your harvest of fresh, juicy carrots for a longer time.
  63. She watched as mammoths in the watermelon patch gently stomped on the melons and sucked out the juicy pulp.
  64. Let me tell you something—there’s nothing better than the juicy taste of fresh blood, my fellow canine.
  65. Remember, this out-of-the-money call is all premium, and the ants are eating away daily at that juicy peach.
  66. Or come to a place where there are plenty of harmless shrubs on which juicy berries would grow now and then.
  67. I invested all my remaining cash - a one-mark coin - in a juicy, fresh pineapple - the first one I ever had.
  68. Wrigley's brands include the Juicy Fruit, Orbit and Eclipse gums, Life Savers hard candies and Altoids mints.
  69. They had been served with the most delicious, the tenderest and the most juicy plum pie they had ever tasted.
  70. Her mouth watered at the thought of the juicy apples that would be sitting, untouched, in the Valharan orchard.
  71. We went on to have our coffee, and several more interviews, where we managed to pick up a few more juicy tidbits.
  72. Mango trees, with its large juicy fruit, grew in abundance as did countless coconut trees and wild grape bushes.
  73. The powerful black stallion trots up to the fence, hoping for a treat and Gautama obliges with a juicy ripe pear.
  74. Also some food recipients cheated by bringing along children that weren’t theirs to claim the juicy leg of lamb.
  75. Borka learned quickly, and always enjoyed hunt training because the meat, juicy with blood, was always the reward.
  76. Instead he stabbed each fat, juicy sausage with a barbaric-looking fork and shared them between two wooden plates.
  77. Stan, is that all you see in this crisis, a juicy controversy? The existence of our society may be at stake here.
  78. And he pulled her closer to him and gave her a hot passionate kiss on her juicy lips which seemed to last an eternity.
  79. Those two transports would be nothing but fat, juicy targets for Soviet pilots if they stayed on the ground too long.
  80. Perhaps I should end Rogers saga at this point but I cannot resist adding a few juicy tidbits to round up the picture.
  81. Neither had there been a second harvest, and certainly no sign of an orange grove of juicy clues ripe for the plucking.
  82. Your friend didn’t have any juicy stories about me, did she? She busied herself adjusting the pleat of her pants.
  83. Yeah, Joey said, but you guys kind ‘a interrupted me when I was just about to eat this big, juicy piece of meat.
  84. We had a fairly big yard with a hedge along the fence of kiwifruit, but they were not as tasty and juicy as we were used to.
  85. That kind of cash cushion helped him get juicy deals, like Goldman Sachs, which will reward Berkshire Hathaway shareholders.
  86. The EW reporter repressed a smile with difficulty, ecstatic that Nancy had chosen him to make public such a juicy announcement.
  87. I bit into its juicy sweetness, savoring the mellow flavor which reminded me of the grape arbors and winery in Fredericksburg.
  88. Zogranda, one of their most famous doctors, recommends strips of blubber for infants, as being exceedingly juicy and nourishing.
  89. Their breath moved out to him, dark licorice and mint and Juicy Fruit so sickeningly sweet, so combined as to twist his stomach.
  90. One Sunday afternoon he showed them to Lolla, who refused to believe that they would grow into the tangy, juicy fruits she loved.
  91. Jose looked at the screen; five chat windows were flashing red, if he went he would miss all the juicy gossip his friends had to offer.
  92. Robert says there's nothing wrong with her that a couple of big, juicy hamburgers a week wouldn't fix, but I think it's more than that.
  93. A coworker on the KOSTROMA had told her how much he loved a juicy, spicy smoked meat sandwich, making her curious about that specialty.
  94. He hung up the phone and then looked down at the perfectly cooked, juicy rare steak and fine house red that had arrived in front of him.
  95. When the waiter arrived to take their order, she requested a chef’s salad, despite the fact that she really craved a big, juicy burger.
  96. Camilla laughed to herself, sure that Maria would draw the line at a six am wake-up call, no matter how juicy a tit-bit she had to impart.
  97. Then, the turn came for a juicy orange that cut in four halves were also thrown into the brew when the steams began to distill an herbal aroma.
  98. This was one hell of a story, and it was going to be an even more of a juicy morsel when he, one of the principle players in the saga, told all.
  99. He took up a piece of the meat with the fork and tried it, the strong taste of pineapples and fried eggs burst from the juicy meat onto his tongue.
  100. He had brought a few small game animals down with his bow, but there weren't many, and he had to supplement his diet with large juicy purple fruit.

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