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Just dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. He was just a baby.
  2. I just made this up.
  3. Not just part of it.
  4. We just call him KID.
  5. Not just as a friend.

  6. I just stared at him.
  7. I just love this game.
  8. It is just after nine.
  9. JJ just stared at her.
  10. But it could just as.
  11. I just have a feeling.
  12. Was it just a dream?
  13. He just couldn't do it.
  14. So Peter did just that.
  15. You just ran that one.

  16. He wasn't just any kid.
  17. Alan just looked at her.
  18. It was just after the.
  19. Just the same old Roman.
  20. Maybe he was just sick.
  21. I was just trying to.
  22. I just had a feeling.
  23. This is just the main.
  24. Just what I didn't need.
  25. Sunday we're just a pub.

  26. Just remember to do it.
  27. Great, just what I need.
  28. I got his call just now.
  29. I’ll just see if the.
  30. They all just have the.
  31. They might just do this.
  32. It wasn't just the flag.
  33. I just hope Roman shows.
  34. Just this one trunk is.
  35. I just knew it was true.
  36. Just try she needs any.
  37. Just keep an eye on him.
  38. Just as long as nofolk.
  39. Just then a call came in.
  40. He was always just there.
  41. You will always be just.
  42. I just smiled and nodded.
  43. Roman just shook his head.
  44. I told her just how fond.
  45. Just as a YOUNG SOLDIER.
  46. I just wish I could fly.
  47. Like I just did with you.
  48. Just at that moment, he.
  49. She melted just a little.
  50. Or was it just the calm.
  51. It just so happens that.
  52. Just one tiny little soul.
  53. SAM: Yes, I just said that.
  54. Just a bit sarcastic there.
  55. It’s just the sound of.
  56. There was once just such.
  57. It is just over six miles.
  58. You just have to believe.
  59. I just didn't have the DNA.
  60. If you need me, just call.
  61. Probably just a wild camel.
  62. I'm sorry, but I just did.
  63. I just called into being.
  64. It’s just a flesh wound.
  65. There was just about none.
  66. He just seemed a bit too.
  67. Just so, Harry, just so.
  68. Just when it's all sorted.
  69. It came just before dinner.
  70. It was just the four of us.
  71. It was all just a cover up.
  72. In his stupor Johnny just.
  73. He just wanted to try and.
  74. Just for today she was WMD.
  75. Just prepare and be strong.
  76. I just don't need another.
  77. I just wanted out of there.
  78. That was just an example.
  79. It’s just the usual shit.
  80. It was just what we needed.
  81. I just know that the.
  82. Is this assertion just so.
  83. Donald Trump did just this.
  84. There was just the warmth.
  85. He was just nine years old.
  86. I was probably just hungry.
  87. Just throwing it out there.
  88. Most of the times we just.
  89. Just what I wanted to know.
  90. But I feel it just the same.
  91. That could just be an act.
  92. As you’ve just seen, the.
  93. But just at the moment his.
  94. If you just throw the word.
  95. Me, I just want to get even.
  96. Ah yes, just as I thought.
  97. I just couldn't stop– him.
  98. I have to just get over it.
  99. I’ll just test you for it.
  100. Just that he existed at all.

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