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Kat dans une phrase (en anglais)

You know I did, Kat.
Kat looks at him, confused.
Kat and I searched this room.
Kat just stared at the ground.
Kat half rises, looking ashen.
There she is, Kat says.
I’m Kat, the girl said.

Then he counts to thirteen Kat.
What’s on your mind, Kat?
Ryodan cuts Kat a hard, flat smile.
Kat, you’re stronger than her.
Kat entered a small cluster of trees.
It’s all in your eyes, Kitty Kat.
Oooh, I love that one, Kat says.
Kat smiles as she steps into the room.
Kat blinks and looks sharply at Ryodan.
As they walked, Kat swung Jess’ hand.
I’m Katsumi, but you can call me Kat.
It is a classic nowadays, but Kat put.
Please Kat, you have to do this for.
Think you could live here? Kat asks.
Kat - I write about four long days a week.
The key stays with Kat, Joshua said.
I glance at Kat, who looks as shocked as me.
Kat gave him her number, and the call ended.
Brownie handed the cloths and the jar to Kat.
It's kind of a delicate situation, said Kat.
Kat had never been more terrified in her life.
When her eyes opened, Kat was still a bit high.
A good and honest heart? Kat says sharply.
Kat turned to face her, still holding her hand.
A quest? Kat asks as she jumps to her feet.
And Kat, well … you see where her plans got us.
You were out for ten minutes, Kat, she said.
What were you doing at the library? Kat asks.
Kat, is it you? His nose was inches from mine.
Kat empties her glass of wine before she answers me.
Blushing with pleasure at the endearment, Kat nodded.
Kat could see the needle go red behind Junior's eyes.
What really happened to you and Kat? Seth asked.

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