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Kat dans une phrase (en anglais)

Kat was a wizard.
So long, Krazy Kat.
Stop it, Kat, you.
‘This is Kat James.
Kat clicks her tongue.
You know I did, Kat.
And, even though Kat.

Courage, Kat, courage.
You will, Kat said.
Kat looks at him, confused.
Kat and I searched this room.
There she is, Kat says.
Kat half rises, looking ashen.
Kat just stared at the ground.
I’m Kat, the girl said.
Then he counts to thirteen Kat.
What’s on your mind, Kat?.
Ryodan cuts Kat a hard, flat smile.
"I doubt that very much," said Kat.
Kat, you’re stronger than her.
Kat entered a small cluster of trees.
Kat smiles as she steps into the room.
Oooh, I love that one, Kat says.
It’s all in your eyes, Kitty Kat.
As they walked, Kat swung Jess’ hand.

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