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Key dans une phrase (en anglais)

Do I need a key.
A few of the key.
He held up the key.
So I turned the key.
A key issue in 64.
She handed me a key.
The key is to wait.

The key is not to.
A key in a padlock.
The key to a quick.
The key is to have.
I didn't have a key.
One to key off the.
It was easy to key.
This is the key to.
He alone had the key.
Now, give me the key.
The key is a ring.
The key was to relax.
We are given the key.
The power of the key.
The key here is not.
The key thing is to.
He mashed the Send key.
The action part is key.
A key aspect of this.
Seven is the key to St.
The key to her fortune.
The key is to direct.
The key levels are 38.
I was holding her key.
Bill hit the key again.
There was also a key.
Seems is the key word.
The real key is choice.
You are the key to….
He put a key into the.
Alone, that is the key.
There used to be a key.
Verse 66 is a key verse.
As I’d feared, keying my car wasn’t enough.
Jeffery starts keying her name into his Mac Air, Got it.
Trixie whined and he turned back to keying directions into.
Keying in a command sequence, Zelena programmed the ship‘s.
After keying in the code nothing happened, no change from red.
Keying in options, preferences or settings in screens and tables.
He drove out of the basement carpark after keying his card for the gate.
Keying in the code the wait seemed interminable while the mechanism whirred.
Ava swung around in her stool and spread her screens out, began seriously keying at a couple of them.
She stepped across the hall and opened an emergency weapons locker by keying in Garcia’s access code.
This will help you utilize the code while avoiding the aggravation of keying it in yourself and debugging the errors.
We could have gotten around keying the decimal point by allowing movement to the decimal portion of the amount with a tab.
But, I cannot key it to you unless you are wearing it and strumming it at the same time that I’m keying it, and that could be dangerous.
He had memories of keying things in and making it all up, but he didn't really know that much, they would have to have all worked by luck.
Grabbing and keying the microphone of the portable UHF radio transceiver hooked to her flight vest, she spoke with a deliberate tone in it.
He said that as he was sitting at his desk staring at the restaurant menu, he started keying in some nonsense about how tired he was and then, suddenly, Mi Tair started to come to him in pidgin.
I can understand entering the street address, but wouldn’t just keying the zip code relieve me of inputting the city and state? This is so because each zip code is tied to one specific state and city.
Moments later, after keying through the images, he said,.
He keyed the radio mike.
Someone had keyed my car.
I keyed in the numbers again.
He then keyed the code into the.
But it’s keyed to the price.
Advanced search, Stacey keyed in.
Mikel keyed the radio: Release Gemini.
But keyed files can have duplicate keys.
The Wards of Hilia are keyed to me and Talia.
Saul sat in the pilot’s seat and keyed the comm.
Once the scan was complete, he keyed in the code.
Still they'd kiss all right if properly keyed up.
One of the women keyed the proper code at her workstation.
She was keyed up, trying to keep her excitement in check.
At 10:25 she reached the staff door and keyed in the code.
She keyed in the code to open the door to Paul’s office.
Those precious numbers had to be keyed in from his station.
Josh keyed in a stop loss that would protect his investment.
Vedara keyed the microphone for the onboard intercom channel.
He grabbed his mobile and keyed in Bear’s number in Sydney.
So if they keyed 4 they will see at the bottom of the screen.
She keyed in her code and the emergency hatch silently slid open.
I keyed in full details of operational costs for all CGPB equipment.
Sanjay peered over Paul’s shoulder as he keyed in, Bugged & Buggers.
Next! He keyed the microphone, and pushed all manual freak buttons.
She quickly punched in a series of numbers and keyed the execute command.
He no sooner got thru his door than he keyed in the address of Ava's lab.
Too keyed up to sit, she’d been pacing for the last forty-five minutes.
The monitor went black, and the chief keyed a button that shut down the.
The Wards were keyed to him and Talia, and he could read their condition.
She thus keyed her intercom to speak with the signals officer of the plane.
I was ninety-nine percent sure of my password but what I keyed didn’t work.
Since it cannot be keyed to you, I suggest that Talia be given control of it.
Luther keyed the MMARV’s over ride self destruct code into the control pad.
She keyed yes to the prompt, 'Commence total grid lockout in sixty seconds?'.
The fact that someone else had keyed into it did not give her cause for rejoicing.
One day I wanted to visit my website so I keyed the name but left out the letter s.
Hamish keyed in the new number and the camera revealed a much younger female foetus.
Isaac looked at the darkness under his wife’s eyes and instantly keyed on her mood.
He keyed his own microphone button, now plugged into an auxiliary jack behind the seats.
A set of car keys.
I give you the keys.
Map keys to be exact.
He hit the keys again.
Had I left the keys.
The one with the keys.
She has her own keys.
Give him the keys to.
Keys rattled on a chain.
Alicia Keys and Mary J.
They are the keys that.
He had her keys as well.
I took the keys, stunned.
And the keys to the car.
She fumbled for her keys.
Give me your car keys.
Then I handed her the keys.
Fine, give me the keys.
He would use the Keys of.
The Keys That Parted Ways.
He handed her his car keys.
Give me the keys, Lexie.
I fingered the keys again.
The others are house keys.
Where are the keys to the.
The keys are in his pocket.
The keys were on the bench.
He’s left me no car keys.
Grab the keys and the bike.
The keys were old and loose.
We keep a set of keys there.
They possessed the keys to.
These are keys of heaven.
He tapped away on a few keys.
They then hear the keys stop.
I have keys and I have drugs.
The motion sets his keys to.

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