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Kid dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. He was a good kid.
  2. I was just a kid.
  3. I felt like a kid.
  4. I was the new kid.
  5. And she has a kid.

  6. Ryan was a fat kid.
  7. And you just a kid.
  8. The kid took a swig.
  9. When I was a kid.
  10. Tom was just a kid.
  11. The kid looked at us.
  12. I was the kid that.
  13. So was Billy the Kid.
  14. The kid just ran out.
  15. A little kid, my age.

  16. The kid is a pussy.
  17. That was a joke, kid.
  18. A rug rat is a kid.
  19. My favorite as a kid.
  20. We just call him KID.
  21. She was just a kid.
  22. The kid had a blast.
  23. The fat kid had force.
  24. I sent the kid home.
  25. Give the kid a chance.

  26. Cabrito is a goat kid.
  27. I will shoot you, kid.
  28. She has a kid with her.
  29. So his kid was sick.
  30. I knew I liked that kid.
  31. Bravest kid I ever saw.
  32. He's a kid, he rambles.
  33. To hell with that, kid.
  34. I was a kid who truly.
  35. He was a damn sexy kid.
  36. We have a good kid, a.
  37. He wasn't just any kid.
  38. Like a little kid who.
  39. The kid had drifted in.
  40. This kid is no murderer.
  41. All that, kid, all that.
  42. I prefer being a kid.
  43. The kid says $101, 237.
  44. I'm shaking like a kid.
  45. Where is he? The kid.
  46. Tie him up, and the kid.
  47. That man with the kid.
  48. He was a little kid as.
  49. He was only a kid when.
  50. I don’t have a kid, yet.
  51. And now Kid Shot in Park.
  52. Of course I knew the kid.
  53. Come on in quick, kid.
  54. She will kid anytime now.
  55. The kid sat up straighter.
  56. Every kid should have it.
  57. Just as if a kid tel ing.
  58. Well kid, no matter what.
  59. Hell, she was just a kid.
  60. He was threatening a kid.
  61. He was a super-active kid.
  62. The kid just got here.
  63. The kid didn’t beat it.
  64. When I was a little kid.
  65. Sorry to hear that, kid.
  66. A joke, kid, only a joke.
  67. He was a kid and he was.
  68. The big kid turned around.
  69. Demovic, she's just a kid.
  70. He's a good kid, you know.
  71. What for? He's just a kid.
  72. Who the hell is this kid?
  73. Turn off the heat, kid.
  74. The kid went a shade paler.
  75. That kid appeared out of.
  76. The kid gasped and sat up.
  77. This kid Dan took me home.
  78. Had the kid seen Adrar's.
  79. She’s a good kid, Jenna.
  80. Every kid should have one.
  81. Don't go hard on your kid.
  82. It was just a kid, he saw.
  83. He was such a good kid.
  84. This was when he was a kid.
  85. The kid giggled and kicked.
  86. You’re nothing but a kid.
  87. Jimmy was such a sweet kid.
  88. It sounded like a real kid.
  89. The kid that doesn't smile.
  90. You should give the kid a.
  91. I had it since I was a kid.
  92. What about the kid? He has.
  93. Back when you were a kid.
  94. Yes, sir, said the kid.
  95. How old was that kid?
  96. That's why the kid was here.
  97. I treated a really sick kid.
  98. The kid was not in evidence.
  99. The kid had been raised in.
  100. Don’t try to kid a kidder.
  1. I am kidding, of course.
  2. He was kidding, sort of.
  3. She had to be kidding!.
  4. No, no, I was kidding.
  5. Just kidding! Have a seat.
  6. I'm only kidding, I said.
  7. Are you kidding with me.
  8. I am kidding he said.
  9. No, I’m not kidding you.
  10. He said in a kidding around.
  11. You have to be kidding me.
  12. You have got to be kidding.
  13. But he wasn’t kidding at all.
  14. Are you kidding? I’m glad.
  15. Oh, hell, I’m just kidding.
  16. She wasn’t kidding he thought.
  17. Are you kidding? How could you.
  18. You’ve got to be kidding me.
  19. Are you kidding? He was livid.
  20. I think he thought I was kidding.
  21. No I’m not kidding Christine.
  22. Are you kidding? asked Grady.
  23. Are you kidding? Mark asked.
  24. You’re kidding me, I said.
  25. I was kidding myself and when I.
  26. Are you kidding? Garcia said.
  27. Listen, you know I’m kidding.
  28. She knew I was kidding and laughed.
  29. Who are they kidding; justice has.
  30. Don’t tell me you were kidding.
  31. I’m not kidding, I’m serious.
  32. Who was she kidding? Breathing hurt.
  33. Are you kidding me? he replied.
  34. Are you kidding? Jerry countered.
  35. Are you kidding me? said Indio.
  36. I mean, are you fucking kidding me?
  37. I’m only kidding with you, Louie.
  38. Kidding about Mongrel, he's my buddy.
  39. Are you kidding? Frankie replied.
  40. What would the Chief say--only kidding.
  41. She hadn’t been kidding about a second.
  42. No kidding? I never knew he was there.
  43. Figuring that he was only kidding, the.
  44. This time I'm not kidding, he warned.
  45. Who’s he kidding? He’s no gentleman.
  46. No kidding? She says that about me too.
  47. No kidding! That’s the problem!.
  48. Finally, he said, Yeah, I’m kidding.
  49. Are you kidding me? Ricky exclaimed.
  50. I’m not kidding, it was really close.
  51. No friends! Are you kidding me? I mean.
  52. You got to be kidding, Marty replied.
  53. Bored? Are you kidding? Come here, baby.
  54. Are you kidding? I have a ton of questions.
  55. What! Are you kidding me? yelled Taya.
  56. No kidding, he said seemingly baffled.
  57. Marco wasn’t kidding when I first met him.
  58. You’ve got to be kidding me, I said.
  59. Spells? Are you kidding? Rancid asked.
  60. You could be his brother Rhodes, no kidding.
  61. I think you’re kidding but on the level.
  62. I know I was kidding because I would never.
  63. Mum Are you kidding, he has never worked in.
  64. You’ve got to be kidding me, Ava said.
  65. Chris Parker then says, I was only kidding.
  66. Was he kidding? This was over the freaking top.
  67. You are kidding me! she said skeptically.
  68. Are you kidding? Nancy asked, all smiles.
  69. Wolf, it’s time to stop kidding yourself.
  70. Are you kidding? That was her being maternal.
  71. You’re kidding, right? he asked warily.
  72. Are you kidding? Shes laughing her head off.
  73. Hank was not kidding; he really wasn’t afraid.
  74. Are you kidding? It’s not a big deal at all.
  75. Are you kidding? You’re the queen of selfies.
  76. I wasn't kidding about the asbestos, you know.
  77. ARE YOU F__--- n kidding me? This can’t be real.
  78. Jeff wasn’t kidding about it being a sweat-box.
  79. Who was I kidding? Of course I’d hoped she would.
  80. But sometimes his kidding meant trouble for others.
  81. Is she kidding me? I’ve just been in a shoot out.
  82. Was he kidding or condescending? I studied his face.
  83. I'm not kidding, the hotel was lousy with perverts.
  84. Are you kidding me? That would be fantastic!.
  85. No kidding? This is the first Ive heard of this.
  86. Are you kidding? I would have been so into that.
  87. He isn't going to lock you up, I was just kidding.
  88. Of course you’re kidding right? Steve asked.
  89. Thursday! Are you kidding? she shouted angrily.
  90. What! Are you kidding me? yelled Taya.
  91. Are you kidding? The laugh continued raucously.
  92. Youre kidding me right? Mia said incredulously.
  93. The universe, I’d learned, was never, ever kidding.
  94. Are you kidding me? Multar said, nearly shouting.
  95. You weren't kidding when you said you'd have company.
  96. This entire thing with Sharon—he was kidding himself.
  97. Honestly, I’m not kidding, I bet I could flog these.
  98. Oh, Chopsticks, the clown said, I’m kidding.
  99. Are you kidding me? Who is it? she finally asked.
  100. She wasn’t kidding! he said, shaking his head.
  1. I was sorry as hell I'd kidded her.
  2. So that’s the competition, she kidded gently.
  3. More than mere childhood adventures, he kidded himself.
  4. Is that what you call what we’ve been doing? he kidded her.
  5. I said, Even though I kidded around a couple of times, I don’t.
  6. Had he kidded himself? Had she been aware all along, and had not resisted?
  7. No doubt the other kedas kidded him for it and said his egg mother was a thonga.
  8. Annie always kidded her about living so near the beach, when she hated the water.
  9. A hideout in a hay mound, aren’t you afraid the cow’s will eat it? I kidded.
  10. Uncle Frank, kidded with her about attaching the machine up to her, and you blow up.
  11. Mike had always kidded that in order to get a whole woman, he should’ve married both.
  12. Hey, Moshe, sire, kidded Naaman, when you went forward, the cooties must have.
  13. While he always wore the translator, he kidded himself that he was picking up the lingo, a kind of trade-jargon that concisely cut through the bullshit of life.
  14. Sometimes I think they'd like it if you kidded them--in fact, I know they would--but it's hard to get started, once you've known them a pretty long time and never kidded them.
  15. He kidded himself in his delirium of tiredness that Vic probably just wanted to give them special instructions or maybe just hole them up somewhere safe until this incident died down.
  1. I love all my kids.
  2. Six kids in two days.
  3. You kids have a seat.
  4. Dad Where are my kids.
  5. He had seen the kids.
  6. Some of the kids back.
  7. The kids will love it.
  8. The kids needed to be.
  9. Give the kids the word.
  10. I need the kids too.
  11. If he had any kids he.
  12. Kids could be so cruel.
  13. It was these kids who.
  14. These kids gave him a.
  15. They have two kids now.
  16. Make the kids like you.
  17. Died on our kids and me.
  18. How are the kids doing?
  19. The kids are much more.
  20. Kids just love to have.
  21. I had kids, two of them.
  22. We both have three kids.
  23. Ever since we were kids.
  24. Those kids need my help.
  25. Sorry kids, I got to go.
  26. Kids on bikes, he thought.
  27. Then there were the kids.
  28. Kids who have never aged.
  29. Kids and booze and drugs.
  30. My kids are staying here.
  31. Then she can have kids.
  32. Should the kids be eat-.
  33. Even little kids play it.
  34. Ya kids have to stay here.
  35. By now all the kids were.
  37. Kids are in house as well.
  38. Me: Does he have any kids?
  39. I found these kids here.
  40. But he's married with kids.
  41. But Nik didn’t want kids.
  42. Not in front of the kids.
  43. Well kids, now I am done.
  44. Now kids are formatted to.
  45. Like the rest of the kids.
  46. Better than the other kids.
  47. I wanted the kids to do it.
  48. But later, the kids began.
  49. Kids don't know any better.
  50. This nigga got kids I see.
  51. All mommies want their kids.
  52. Some balls the kids got.
  53. Are the kids all right?�.
  54. The kids were running wild.
  55. Kids are not blind or stupid.
  56. Mostly just kids being kids.
  57. My kids are doing just fine.
  58. These kids had come to the.
  59. Most of the kids here did.
  60. She could keep the kids in.
  61. She had us (the kids) make.
  62. Not fair on the kids either.
  63. The other kids listened to.
  64. They have little kids there.
  65. It's not only the poor kids.
  66. Kids very quickly learn to.
  67. They’re not all city kids.
  68. Not with those missing kids.
  69. The kids are not allowed to.
  70. The kids laughed at the lies.
  71. We were having kids, moving.
  72. I’m sure if you have kids.
  73. Hey, kids, we're in Kentucky.
  74. The kids were nervous wrecks.
  75. They were good kids, having.
  76. The kids looked nice, and I.
  77. These kids have a hard time.
  78. They're bringing our two kids.
  79. Nolan had a wife and two kids.
  80. Danny thought about the kids.
  81. As the kids would say, DUH.
  82. All that matters is those kids.
  83. These kids are the lucky ones.
  84. Then all the kids turned to me.
  85. That kids require the most of.
  86. Kids are to be seen, not heard.
  87. Her kids aren’t like her.
  88. That'll show these silly kids.
  89. I get it, kids love fast food.
  90. Compared to adults, kids are.
  91. I love it when they have kids.
  92. Two clean cut rich kids from.
  93. Where are the kids now?
  94. Just feed your kids the pills.
  95. Many of the kids could not wait.
  96. Kids don’t overthink a trick.
  97. And a houseful of kids at home.
  98. The other kids often made her.
  99. Tell the kids that I love them.
  100. Without my wife and kids today.

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