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Knavery dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. Yet did not this knavery succeed well at last; for as he.
2. It is always a good bit of tactics in knavery to pretend to.
3. This creature was the costumer of the immense drama which knavery plays in Paris.
4. The knavery and extravagance of their stock-jobbing projects are sufficiently known, and the explication of them would be foreign to the present subject.
5. But I admitted frankly that what did annoy me was the thought that all these people, with their smiling knavery, must take me for a fool, and laugh at me just because I lent the money for the fifth time.
6. So this merchant (who, besides, often sells bad commodities, adulterates, and uses false weights and measures, or deals exclusively in commodities that imperil human life, such as alcohol or opium) frankly considers himself, and is considered by others,—always provided he only does not cheat his colleagues in business and knavery, his fellow-tradesmen,—a model of conscientiousness and honesty.

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