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Known dans une phrase (en anglais)

Wil be known.
I had known.
He had known.
I've known Mr.
I have known.
As it is known.
A well known.

This is known.
Of known truth.
Anon had known.
? - what known?.
This was known.
I had not known.
it was known as.
He was known for.
π is known as a.
Known and unknown.
known faces of Ico.
and have known that.
T known as the wall.
knower of the known.
He would have known.
Not much is known.
known oil reserves.
known as the Exodus.
was known as Tobruk.
It likes the known.
She has never known.
Known associate of.
And of knowing.
Of R-H knowing.
For knowing it.
The knowing how.
me a knowing smile.
For knowing your.
Not knowing what.
knowing who it was.
Knowing what you.
Knowing that she.
Knowing what your.
As far as knowing.
Knowing that I.
knowing where he lay.
Not knowing he just.
Knowing Dad was in.
Knowing there was a.
Knowing him, he’d.
Knowing Cherrie she.
brother a knowing look.
into knowing the truth.
Knowing this was not.
Knowing if there are.
Knowing she would die.
Knowing that the boat.
And knowing that that.
Knowing the end users.
all without knowing how.
Anu, knowing that her.
He knows it.
No one knows.
So he knows.
God knows why.
He knows this.
When it knows.
He knows that.
She knows you.
He knows the.
Who knows how.
She knows that.
But Mom knows.
ICM knows that.
He knows when.
She knows she.
He knows what.
Lord only knows.
One never knows.
And who knows?.
God knows what.
I knew he.
But I knew.
He knew it.
She knew it.
I now knew.
I knew that.
And he knew.
All he knew.
He knew that.
He just knew.
simply knew.
I knew I’d.
You knew you.
It gave knew.
Before he knew.
‘I knew then.
Henri knew of.
You always knew.
I knew what to.
He knew he was.
Before we knew.
I knew them all.
He knew he could.
He knew that it.
We all knew that.
I knew I was gone.
but I knew better.
I knew that the.
I knew the answer.
You knew him, too.
I know you.
Yes, I know.
don't know.
I know that.
Now you know.
I do not know.
I know, love.
Know the goal.
You know that.
But you know.
I don't know.
He might know.
I know I have.
I should know.
I don’t know.
I know he will.
I did not know.
You know DRAFT.
that we know not.
Sheep, you know.
Oh, I know it.
I know, I know.

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