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Lame dans une phrase (en anglais)

That was a lame joke.
The entire work is lame.
The lame man flew at him.
That was lame, I say.
He stammers and he's lame.
He stammers and he’s lame.
Apple used to be a lame duck.

This was her lame brain idea.
This is such a lame idea…’.
The old, the lame and those.
Okay, so that sounded kind of lame.
The blind saw and the lame walked.
And he’s really lame, at that!.
Are you game, or are you lame?
One appeared to be the lame rabbit.
Had rendered it really about as lame.
Even she knew that she sounded lame.
He was slightly lame from an accident.
And his bootless foot is lasting lame;.
I know the answer was lame but it was.
And this sister is lame as well as mad.
And how it involved a lame lush like me.
Lalit looked very unsound and lame duck.
I mean how lame is that? Come on, dude!.
There, came the somewhat lame reply.
Man, that has lame written all over it.
How could you give me such a lame excuse?
The profits are still pretty lame, though.
I don’t want to hear your lame excuses.
But the lame man rose irritably to the bait.
But all the lame excuses we’ve given for.
These are our lame excuses and silly reasons.
I signed a quickened, rather lame signature.
Uncle is going, too, carrying the lame child.
Krabs, SpongeBob, and Patrick go to are lame.
I made lame excuses and tried to laugh it off.
The money was a lame come-on by a dirt bag lawyer.
The only thing I remember is that she is lame.
Jonathan has yet a son, which is lame on his feet.
Halt: Lame; crippled in the feet; to limp; to stop.
Not that he had been disappointed as to the possible market for his horse, but that before the bargain could be concluded with Lord Medlicote's man, this Diamond, in which hope to the amount of eighty pounds had been invested, had without the slightest warning exhibited in the stable a most vicious energy in kicking, had just missed killing the groom, and had ended in laming himself severely by catching his leg in a rope that overhung the stable-board.
Now her soul felt lamed in itself.
Lamed is a cattle goad, or a staff.
She doubted if the lamed man could walk now that he had remained recumbent.
Out on the verge he found Dandelion urging Haystack, who was lamed and spent.
He could have made an excuse: sickness, a misunderstanding about dates, a horse lamed on the road.
The massive spar crashed downward, and Haigyl felt Dreadnought falter under his feet as she was progressively lamed and crippled.
Now lamed for life, the dog handler screamed in agony and rage, perhaps anticipating existence as a cripple and knowing Duval would not hesitate to cut him loose from his ranks.
It was late afternoon as Ambrosius neared the mist dykes of the City, the petrel now lamed and chuntering along pitifully at the stern, causing the boat to slow to a funereal crawl.
My uncle had given me eighty pounds, and I paid away thirty with my old horse in order to get another which I was going to sell for eighty or more—I meant to go without a horse—but now it has turned out vicious and lamed itself.
True, we also possessed an unfortunate volume which contained Beethoven’s “Sonate Pathetique” and the C minor Sonata (a volume lamed for life by the ladies—more especially by Lubotshka, who used to discourse music from it in memory of Mamma), as well as certain other good pieces which her teacher in Moscow had given her; but among that collection there were likewise compositions of the teacher’s own, in the shape of clumsy marches and galops—and these too Lubotshka used to play! Katenka and I cared nothing for serious works, but preferred, above all things, “Le Fou” and “The Nightingale”—the latter of which Katenka would play until her fingers almost became invisible, and which I too was beginning to execute with much vigour and some continuity.

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