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Lampshade dans une phrase (en anglais)

The reading is performed using the hand 3 fixed to the lampshade.
On her yellow lampshade, there were cut out stars and planets decorated with sparkling glitter.
Lampshade: Your lover hasn't been sincere and he is sorry about it; if the light is on, he will ask for an apology.
Behind her was a room with a battered lampshade, a linoleum floor, one table, and some old brown overstuffed furniture.
Then, one cool Sunday shortly after New Year's Day, Baba was selling a lampshade to a stocky Filipino man while I rummaged in the VW for a blanket to cover his legs with.
Emma listened to him, mechanically turning around the lampshade, on the gauze of which were painted clowns in carriages, and tight-rope dances with their balancing-poles.
Troy says: Remember the time the Family inflicted the reviled Elizabethan Collar on you? The lampshade laced round your neck that impaired your hearing and gave you tunnel vision.

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