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Large dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. It was a large, walk.
2. The large man was gone.
3. Large plumes on his hat.
4. They sat in large circles.
5. He carries a large staff.
6. There was a large wind.
7. Giving her a large smirk.

8. There was a large over-.
9. He'd taken a large swig.
10. So the knife is so large.
11. MBA and a large amount of.
12. Johnston, was a large man.
13. The feeling was too large.
14. There is a large number of.
15. They was a large piece of.
16. There were two large tents.
17. God's table is a large one.
18. Your penis is rather large.
19. On it was a pack of large.
20. It was a very large forest.
21. Grease a large roasting pan.
22. He pointed up into a large.
23. It was a large place, with.
24. This is a large concept for.
25. Now the large dog could not.
26. In a large company of 5,000.
27. They arrived at a large old.
28. In a large old cardboard box.
29. The large cloud of dust that.
30. The large man looked over at.
31. He was a large man with huge.
32. He walked off with five large.
33. It was not large and not long.
34. But with an additional large.
35. It was too large to be a bird.
36. It was a large fenced in house.
37. A large covering had finally.
38. Seth shook his large gray head.
39. Probably a little too large.
40. How large is it? he asked.
41. He owned large fields of grain.
42. The event was at a large hotel.
43. We found a large farmhouse in.
44. A large urn of iced sweet tead.
45. Large drops of water pelted her.
46. Joseph was a large muscular man.
47. It was a large, single RED rose.
48. She was wrapped in a large red.
49. Pour the water into a large bowl.
50. Now, I beat him for twenty large.
51. He was in a large rolling chair.
52. Next was a large reception hall.
53. When did they become so large?
54. A large nail had a hold of you.
55. There was a large trunk in the.
56. Suddenly there was a large pulse.
57. Out of the air came a large giant.
58. We had a lovely home on a large.
59. Adler [2] suggests that a large.
60. It came an inch below her large.
61. The large man then pulled Junya.
62. Kind of large and little awkward.
63. In its place was a large crater.
64. It was a large Edwardian building.
65. I turned into the large open gate.
66. They believe that the large size.
67. With a small push, the large man.
68. The side of its head had a large.
69. They walked through the large camp.
70. Bill walked in carring a large box.
71. The bird was large, black, and fat.
72. It has a somewhat large inventory.
73. Five large tables circled the room.
74. We were a large family, driving a.
75. A large screen came alive with the.
76. I dreamt I was in a large steel box.
77. They were in a large circular room.
78. It was large, elegant, and stately.
79. A large shadow darkened our doorway.
80. It was a town, a rather large town.
81. A large boule open to all citizens.
82. A large branch broke off, leaving.
83. The large hearing room was crowded.
84. A large body of water must be close.
85. It was a man on a large brown horse.
86. It was the size of a large hardback.
87. Look! He showed them a large map.
88. It was more like a large store-room.
89. The house was not a large one, and.
90. The large estates belonged to ship.
91. Medicare is a large source of this.
92. I also saw them let a large semi in.
93. There was a large pile of eggshells.
94. He pulled out large stacks of money.
95. South will wage war with a large and.
96. Large town … extreme tides …’.
97. It was opened by a large man-servant.
98. Dark Earth is therefore as large as.
99. He had a very large notepad with him.
100. Dos is a large and varied basin also.

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