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Laugh dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. Ash let out a laugh.
2. We had a good laugh.
3. And he made me laugh.
4. That got him a laugh.
5. Zem, Bev and I laugh.
6. She bit back a laugh.
7. I could use a laugh.

8. I laugh at the lore.
9. All made a big laugh.
10. They all laugh at him.
11. The Elf had to laugh.
12. But he tried to laugh.
13. I had to laugh at her.
14. He will laugh at you.
15. A laugh made him jump.
16. She had a nice laugh.
17. So he tried to laugh.
18. And he began to laugh.
19. He gave a short laugh.
20. Made me laugh to see.
21. I choked back a laugh.
22. He barked out a laugh.
23. The laugh was his own.
24. He gave a small laugh.
25. He had a hearty laugh.
26. It felt good to laugh.
27. He snorted out a laugh.
28. There was a loud laugh.
29. Learn to laugh at her.
30. Then I wanted to laugh.
31. Hey, it was a laugh.
32. But I catch his laugh.
33. My laugh was too quick.
34. I laugh along with him.
35. It was my turn to laugh.
36. Olin gave a short laugh.
37. It was a genuine laugh.
38. What made me laugh at.
39. The doctor had to laugh.
40. Lydia choked on a laugh.
41. I have to laugh at that.
42. Ralf barked out a laugh.
43. They all laugh at Chris.
44. And she made him laugh.
45. And we all had to laugh.
46. They had a hearty laugh.
47. She gave a little laugh.
48. It was a joy and a laugh.
49. Has the laugh at him now.
50. I was too cold to laugh.
51. With a laugh and a smile.
52. I let out a bitter laugh.
53. Now the scribe did laugh.
54. Jeez, he loved to laugh.
55. With a grin and a laugh.
56. Nico tried not to laugh.
57. Jill coughed out a laugh.
58. It was her turn to laugh.
59. Gabitha let out a laugh.
60. Murray with a laugh said.
61. All I could do was laugh.
62. We both started to laugh.
63. Then she begins to laugh.
64. It was a cackling laugh.
65. Mike let out a low laugh.
66. I laugh and he joins in.
67. Of the laugh and the cry.
68. Which made me laugh too.
69. Bug had to laugh at that.
70. It felt so good to laugh.
71. That laugh had been a lie.
72. They laugh at the comment.
73. I hear Olaf snort a laugh.
74. Oh go ahead and laugh.
75. Everyone had a good laugh.
76. Akenji tried not to laugh.
77. It was a mirthless laugh.
78. There was a cynical laugh.
79. And then she would laugh.
80. She emitted a small laugh.
81. He'd laugh in a good way.
82. Then, we would all laugh.
83. Tom, with a cheery laugh.
84. I can’t help but laugh.
85. Hugo would laugh out loud.
86. It might've been a laugh.
87. Daniel tries not to laugh.
88. I couldn't help but laugh.
89. It almost makes her laugh.
90. It almost made him laugh.
91. Dominic held in his laugh.
92. The thought made me laugh.
93. Love a lot and laugh a lot.
94. Miles and TK share a laugh.
1. I can hear him laughing.
2. But I was laughing, too.
3. Cole was laughing at me.
4. She was laughing at him.
5. It is no laughing matter.
6. He could not be laughing.
7. But he did stop laughing.
8. I burst out laughing too.
9. I shook my head, laughing.
10. This set him to laughing.
11. And he burst out laughing.
12. I could not help laughing.
13. We both burst out laughing.
14. They al burst out laughing.
15. We were all laughing and.
16. I could hear Dog laughing.
17. But now, Fish was laughing.
18. Soon we were all laughing.
19. And he’s laughing at me.
20. No laughing at Percy, now.
21. Bev and Zem start laughing.
22. Both men burst out laughing.
23. And they burst out laughing.
24. He was laughing at me!.
25. Was the river laughing or.
26. They all burst out laughing.
27. I won't have you laughing.
28. I stood laughing as I saw.
29. The guys burst out laughing.
30. And they were both laughing.
31. I would be a laughing stock.
32. Then she was gone, laughing.
33. I almost burst out laughing.
34. Jack tried to stop laughing.
35. He started laughing out loud.
36. Again he bursts out laughing.
37. Kholi said with a laughing.
38. Now he was a laughing stock.
39. The count burst out laughing.
40. The sound of Elior laughing.
41. He was laughing so hard he.
42. Mae and I burst out laughing.
43. But alas, he said laughing.
44. But then I started laughing.
45. That always gets me laughing.
46. He was always laughing 111.
47. Then he bursts out laughing.
48. The one doing the laughing.
49. Len started laughing as well.
50. I wonder why he is laughing.
51. He could hear them laughing.
52. Beth is laughing her head off.
53. There was a lot of laughing.
54. Beth was laughing so hard I.
55. And I am laughing at you now.
56. I could hear Maggie laughing.
57. His eyes were laughing at her.
58. The old man started laughing.
59. But he still wasn't laughing.
60. There was some laughing and.
61. G-Man sat up after laughing.
62. In fact, he started laughing.
63. The youth was laughing by now.
64. Every one burst out laughing.
65. She shakes her head, laughing.
66. All I could hear was laughing.
67. Finally he burst out laughing.
68. I saw Lea laughing next to me.
69. He held out his hand, laughing.
70. Why are you laughing again?
71. Enilia could not help laughing.
72. Then they both start laughing.
73. And the grass is laughing too.
74. Laughing, they had caught it,.
1. I laughed at his joke.
2. I laughed in his face.
3. I laughed back at him.
4. We all laughed at this.
5. He laughed and hung up.
6. They just laughed at me.
7. He read it and laughed.
8. He laughed at how shy.
9. He laughed and shook it.
10. Therese and Jen laughed.
11. Then he laughed softly.
12. Malorum laughed harder.
13. They both laughed aloud.
14. Tammas laughed with her.
15. Aurara laughed at his.
16. We had a hearty laughed.
17. One of the lads laughed.
18. Shay laughed out loud.
19. She laughed at the idea.
20. I laughed then as well.
21. Katya and Dawes laughed.
22. The small boy laughed.
23. The elder laughed again.
24. The two of them laughed.
25. He laughed and laughed.
26. Di Yang laughed merrily.
27. She had laughed at him.
28. The campers all laughed.
29. Wei Qi laughed and said.
30. Sue and I laughed also.
31. I laughed then, relieved.
32. The reverend laughed too.
33. Di Yang laughed and said.
34. Tsotha laughed silently.
35. Rick laughed and said:.
36. I laughed and hugged him.
37. The crowd laughed again.
38. Guo Yuxia laughed softly.
39. Harold laughed out loud.
40. They smiled and laughed.
41. Guo Yuxia coldly laughed.
42. I laughed when I read it.
1. Dean looks up and laughs.
2. The crowd laughs a little.
3. He laughs at her comment.
4. The witch laughs even more.
5. Yet everybody laughs at ME.
6. Simon laughs and steps back.
7. Emma laughs out loud at that.
8. Russ laughs, shakes his head.
9. The crowd smiles and laughs.
10. Josie laughs, a brittle sound.
11. The audience laughs a little.
12. They succeed, the baby laughs.
13. More laughs greeted this sally.
14. Yi Luo interrupted with laughs.
15. Anthony smiles back and laughs.
16. He who laughs last, laughs best.
17. Walt laughs a little boastfully.
18. I turn with her and she laughs.
19. Molly folds her arms and laughs.
20. He laughs most, who laughs last.
21. What did his laughs sound like?
22. Patrice laughs and shakes her hand.
23. With eyebrows furrowed, he laughs.
24. She laughs as they clink and drink.
25. Etienne laughs as though to himself.
26. More smiles, more laughs, more nods.
27. Then he shakes his head and laughs.
28. That elicited laughs from all of us.
29. His chest shakes as he laughs at me.
30. He laughs and shakes his head at me.
31. She laughs at him as she accepts it.
32. And laughs the immortal river still.
33. I arch a brow at her and she laughs.
34. A concert of laughs greeted her joke.
35. I sigh and roll my eyes as he laughs.
36. The son openly laughs at his father.
37. She laughs and I grin broadly at her.
38. Scorch laughs as she lands the copter.
39. But he was hardly a barrel of laughs.
40. Everybody laughs, everybody is happy.
41. That got some more cheers and laughs.
42. The wolf lets go of his arm and laughs.
43. As for the captivating laughs of Mei.
44. The class laughs and I smile with them.
45. Orcher laughs and glances at his watch.
46. The sight disgusts her, but she laughs.
47. Zachary laughs and bites his bottom lip.
48. A couple of the Hunters stifled laughs.
49. Tyrone laughs as he gets out of the car.
50. He laughs and nips my ear with his teeth.
51. He laughs, in spite of the circumstances.
52. With exclamations and smiles and laughs.
53. Glinda walks in and she laughs with Kan.
54. She laughs as she looks down at her text.
55. Dippa laughs; �We need you on this one.
56. Coop shakes his head, laughs in agreement.
57. Anísya (laughs and pulls him by the arm).
58. Mei Yinxue had said that to provoke laughs.
59. But instead everyone laughs at its antics.
60. She laughs at herself as she takes a drink.
61. Not a lot of fun and laughs, he said.
62. Beth laughs, and steps into view next to me.
63. He laughs as he puts his hands to his chest.
64. Ricci laughs maniacally among the flaming.
65. He reaches the box, stops, and then laughs.
66. Someone who laughs at their own misfortune.
67. Most of the crew laughs at Wong’s comment.
68. He laughs until there are tears in his eyes.
69. What a pity, it was so interesting! (Laughs.
70. Gregory slaps me hard on the back and laughs.
71. He laughs and guides her through the stacks.
72. Larko laughs and returns his welcomed insult.
73. Back in the woods, her laughs turned to sobs.
74. Zachary shakes his head and laughs in silence.
75. Laughs were heard at her anger, at her retort.
76. He laughs for a long time, wiping at his eyes.
77. I was a bit wasted, he says, then laughs.
78. Nothin’, I responded between the laughs.
79. He weeps, he laughs, loves and hates, desires.
80. She’s getting so she laughs all the time, too.
81. She always understands--she never laughs at us.
82. He wants me to look at his face while he laughs.
83. Jaden laughs as he quickly catches up to Bellona.
84. And I have one of these very loud, stupid laughs.
85. He laughs at the police just as hard as the rest.
86. He stares at me for a few moments, then laughs.
87. She laughs, commenting that Simon is just as bad.
88. The boys laughed and the laughs sounded identical.
89. But he laughs and says that he’s only teasing me.
90. He shows himself at the guillotine, and he laughs.
91. My mother laughs and told me not to worry about it.
92. He laughs so much you can see the heavy metal in.
93. With his cane, he lifts her chin and laughs softly.
94. He laughs at the ideas first then argue against it.
95. He laughs, Yeah, that could not have been pretty.
96. This gets some chuckles and laughs out of the class.
97. We fired our laughs like cannons at its heart!.
98. Besides the laughs, Seinfeld provides a few lessons.
99. Chevalier and Kyle followed her with stifled laughs.
100. Mental Billy laughs out loud and turns up the volume.

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