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Leak dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. Need to take a leak.
  2. Then the story would leak.
  3. I may have found the leak.
  4. Ive got to have a leak.
  5. Maybe it was a gas leak?

  6. Has there been a leak?
  7. There hasn’t been any leak.
  8. The chance on a leak is too big.
  9. We got a leak here, Chris thought.
  10. We obviously had a leak at INSCOM.
  11. They sprung a leak, then they sank.
  12. He had diarrhea, and his boots leak.
  13. With this method, sperms leak out.
  14. I hope that the roof doesn’t leak.
  15. If still moving then you have a leak.

  16. The air will leak out and I’ll die.
  17. What if the leak was Babbage himself?
  18. Gamma emissions leak from the pores of.
  19. First, we need to find our current leak.
  20. We have a security leak we need to plug.
  21. Well the washing machine had a bad leak.
  22. Where at all possible locate the leak by.
  23. The slurry ponds leak into the deep wells.
  24. A utility worker to warn me of a gas leak.
  25. Begone! Let it leak! I'm all aleak myself.

  26. This here wouldn’ leak when it rains.
  27. I need you to find a leak on our own team.
  28. These sorts of stories will always leak out.
  29. This happened moments after the ammonia leak.
  30. Most every one of them leak or the top will.
  31. The leak must have been at the level of the L.
  32. We cant chance the possibility of a leak that.
  33. I think he was beginning to suspect a leak there.
  34. Dirty fittings can leak and create a fire hazard.
  35. I had to fix a leak under the sink in the studio.
  36. A leak? he replied, trying hard to calm down.
  37. His feet began to leak out of the top of his head.
  38. It was on that day that the forest started to leak.
  39. If there is a major radiation leak, they will.
  40. Somehow there was a leak and the public is enraged.
  41. Yes, but there is no radiation leak, she said.
  42. We were created to ceaselessly flow, not just leak.
  43. Melanie stopped sucking as she tasted a tiny leak.
  44. It took me 30 minutes to find the leak and repair it.
  45. My curse is that I’ll never be able to take a leak.
  46. Robeson seems more likely to be the leak, considering.
  47. There was a leak, is what I’m telling you, Richard.
  48. His airplane had twelve holes and was starting to leak.
  49. You're bailing out water without first sealing the leak.
  50. A leak could develop, the heater could stick in the on.
  51. I watched his life slowly leak away, shadowing his eyes.
  52. But were it to leak altogether, oh, he had nowhere to go.
  53. Somehow I just knew the plumbing would leak, or something.
  54. But I think we should have the CP leak an optimistic story.
  55. A very bad radiation leak and a plasma fire forward of.
  56. As time wore on the wood began to rot and the ceiling leak.
  57. They can leak if a child urinates a larger amount, but 33.
  58. We would discover a travel agent in common, a leak somewhere.
  59. A giant dead possum is marking the spot where the gas leak is.
  60. It is a sting operation or a leak which happens all the time.
  61. Yes… finding the current leak is the right course of action.
  62. I heard him leak that information to the reporter last night.
  63. I still only had a one-armed suit, but at least it didn’t leak.
  64. Once the refrigeration stops working, the poisons will leak out.
  65. It is of enormous importance that nothing further should leak out.
  66. Because Michael hadn’t flown eight thousand miles to take a leak.
  67. I told him to wait a minute while I took a leak and stepped up to.
  68. On March 28, 1985, there was an amethyl oxide leak at the Institute.
  69. It doesn’t bear thinking about if there was to be a serious leak.
  70. Ive got to have a leak, He said as he turned and walked towards a.
  71. He locked his car and found a derelict building in which to take a leak.
  72. Another problem with protein shaker bottles is the fact that they leak.
  73. Still, it’s an asset, and maybe I can use it to stop the airlock leak.
  74. This priority case involved a dangerous leak of top-secret information.
  75. Is there a radiation leak? he asked, but he already knew the answer.
  76. The staff at the oncology unit has been proven and the leak was found.
  77. Harry had debated for several days whether he should leak the news of his.
  78. They live in log huts, some of which leak, and are in a dreadful condition.
  79. I want you to promise me that you'll never let this leak out of this house.
  80. This failing to "give back" is the "memory leak," eventually By Larry Miller.
  81. The leak brought water as far down as the green area even covering some of it.
  82. If current leak is higher, it is a warning that the condition of the lining is.
  83. Both men know this will help drain the hull’s water if they can stop the leak.
  84. Now I’m told we’ve had another leak this morning, Alexander continued.
  85. Others tried to act as if there was nothing unusual about the information leak.
  86. I told him I needed to fix the leak on the water heater, Melvin droned on.
  87. He began to leak a bit of that energy, though, causing the external body to glow.
  88. I don’t suppose there’s a tent in the camp that don’t leak, said Mac.
  89. The system diagnosed a radiation leak of massive proportions throughout the vessel.
  90. They said it’s a minor leak and there is no immediate health risk—nothing to.
  91. Later that same year on August 11, another leak of aldicarb oxime injured 135 laborers.
  92. Cami hoped with the information leak out of the way, this nightmare would come to an end.
  93. Anne did not have to wait long for the news about Rad to leak into the word of mouth in.
  94. They said that we would be safe there, that it’s a very small leak, and we’ll be.
  95. A grid appeared on the screen showing that there was a small oxygen leak in the storage.
  96. And as the rain thundered down outside, it was no small thing that the roof didn’t leak.
  97. But he also knew better than most that there’s no such thing as a leak without an agenda.
  98. If the Haig memo were to leak, it would at minimum discredit him and brand him a sycophant.
  99. And it’s damn unsatisfactory that there was a leak in your unit, Blomkvist said.
  100. He felt a hot tear leak from his eyes, rolling down his face and he shut his eyes against it.
  1. Leaking on to the carpet.
  2. The skylight was leaking badly.
  3. Her swollen eye was leaking tears.
  4. Life was slowly leaking out of me.
  5. The oil in the hold is leaking, sir.
  6. The lighter was leaking like a sieve.
  7. The blood was leaking down along them.
  8. Poor guy’s brains are leaking out.
  9. Is this my mind or my heart leaking out?
  10. Those sticks are leaking nitroglycerin.
  11. That car may be leaking oil in the garage.
  12. Then place between the end of the leaking.
  13. Leaking is good, but flowing is much better.
  14. One problem with this system was leaking boxes.
  15. But no, it was her leaky boobs leaking through.
  16. Sonja had a gash on her head and it was leaking.
  17. Water was leaking from the ceiling above our heads.
  18. It was hopelessly smashed, demasted, leaking badly.
  19. Once again Sharon’s feeding tube was leaking and.
  20. So either it’s leaking or there are snakes in here.
  21. Blood started leaking out onto the clean white sheets.
  22. It could be the radiation leaking into the atmosphere.
  23. But refilling is slow, slower than my suit was leaking.
  24. Mom, Tammas said, a hint of sadness leaking through.
  25. Blood was leaking from his body and flooding the streets.
  26. The sphere also prevents the lethal gas from leaking out.
  27. Radioactive steam is leaking in to Reactor Building One.
  28. Tears flowed from them, leaking out from her swollen lids.
  29. It must be because all the blood in my eyes is leaking out.
  30. The ship’s diesel was leaking from the ruptured gas tank.
  31. He could actually feel the groom’s strength leaking away.
  32. It is trying to stop the water leaking into the sea, it said.
  33. Because of the danger of this information leaking out to the.
  34. She is feeding her child with a leaking silicone breast implant.
  35. They seem to carry pain about with them in a leaking package.
  36. Nothing leaking from the edges, you open the lock for your prize.
  37. Is Fukushima Leaking … Or Are the Reactors Wholly Uncontained?
  38. But he also knew that if there was radiation leaking, two things.
  39. Roosevelt dealt with the coup by leaking the story to to the press.
  40. Clearly, Jurak said, a bit of a growl leaking through his lips.
  41. The metal slams together in pile of twisted metal and leaking limbs.
  42. It was the clank of the levers and the swish of the leaking cylinder.
  43. How would you know that? Tammas said, a little anger leaking out.
  44. Place the casualty in the recovery position, with the leaking side down.
  45. And after the tears stopped leaking out of my eyes, I hit the delete key.
  46. Accepting the call without leaking out any word, Sophia’s lips trembled.
  47. A lot of that was used to maintain pressure while the airlock was leaking.
  48. If that didn’t work, she was leaking blood and thought he could track her.
  49. If the radiator is leaking, adding the white of an egg will seal small holes.
  50. We're not leaking, we're not giving off heat, the stealth system is activated.
  51. If you can’t then a conspiracy is in place to prevent the truth from leaking.
  52. With each run of his nails, she could feel herself leaking more of her excitement.
  53. Cinder’s and Orphenn’s eyes had been leaking tears since the bit was told of.
  54. I forgot about the fact that my nose was throbbing and sporadically leaking blood.
  55. Her eyes are dark, with the same sheen as a puddle of oil beneath a leaking engine.
  56. The smell leaking from the shack was more putrid they anything I had yet encountered.
  57. What had happened was a pipe from the upstairs bathroom was leaking into the fixture.
  58. Mark realized that his eyes were leaking tears, and he was not the only one so affected.
  59. I was worried that the gas tank was leaking and the whole thing could’ve gone kaboom.
  60. He started to groan at me, his teeth shown outside the mouth and his saliva were leaking.
  61. I’ll need to get down here and fix the leaking water heater as soon as I get a chance.
  62. The weight of the fallen container’s has strained the bulkhead to the point of leaking.
  63. Through more holes than he could possibly stop, his secret was leaking -- pouring -- out.
  64. And then I smelled the blood leaking from his wounds, and a primitive hunger overcame me.
  65. Rudolph studied the covered VW as the recovery vehicle left the scene, still leaking water.
  66. They still didn’t know what was leaking but the rate of flooding was clearly increasing.
  67. I could have not risked leaking this information and so I had to get you out of the house.
  68. Her deep blue eyes still leaking water at the corners, told a journey of pain and suffering.
  69. Meanwhile, in Scotland oil is leaking from a warship that sank during the Second World War.
  70. He did it again, and again, and soon she was leaking so much jelly he could barely feel 135.
  71. Drew sat back in his chair and said, The coolant, the ammonia, had been leaking, as you know.
  72. For the most part I managed not to cry, but my joy must have been leaking out of every orifice.
  73. He opens his eyes to see her face crumpled in pain, tears leaking out of the corner of her eyes.
  74. Leaking the news to the press was not something he was proud of but he didn’t regret it either.
  75. The self-sealing fuel cell inside the left wing had worked properly, with no fuel leaking as well.
  76. The stranger was leaking air and part of the battery of missile tubes did not appear to be firing.
  77. But it wasn’t long before I, too, became suspicious that information was leaking from Section 11.
  78. That’s the alcohol in the heater leaking on the floor, answered the driver with resignation.
  79. Most of them were broken, leaking strange black liquids that Jack nearly tripped over once or twice.
  80. The house was built by cement blocks; the roof was in a bad shape with rusted and leaking iron sheets.
  81. This resulted in radiation leaking into the environment, affecting the workers as well as the planet.
  82. When you see that your breasts have started leaking colostrum, the first you wil ever produce for your.
  83. Though she had suffered a leaking main heart valve and was now in hospital receiving medical attention.
  84. Eventually, additional sampling was done and cleanup uncovered a leaking storage tank containing benzene.
  85. I'm sweaty and sore and I can feel his come leaking out of my ass and onto the pillow he propped under me.
  86. Canvas water bags had been hung on some of the vardos and Sam noticed that they all seemed to be leaking.
  87. Waterproofed with paraffin wax, they were always the best thing for bodies, leaking blood all over the place.
  88. Leaking out of their subconscious… in subterfuge, cunning, betrayal, and underhanded, secret hate and fear.
  89. The sight of Death placated most, they knew their life was leaking from their bodies, and her touch was serene.
  90. He could see that the bathroom door was slightly ajar, the leaking tap hitting the bath with a steady tap, tap.
  91. Store bought mattress liners are made to fit seamlessly and snugly over a bed, so that less leaking is possible.
  92. For 10,000 years: the human conscience; has been subconsciously leaking its guilt into the human conscious mind.
  93. Only 20% of the entire cargo was stopped from leaking, and the disaster cost the lives of over 250,000 sea birds.
  94. Preventing all of his staff from leaking this explosive news to the medias was going to be a near impossible task.
  95. The sound of air leaking out of something diverted their attention to a booth across the isle and down from theirs.
  96. His duties were simple and his pay was minimal and he was glad to put a stopper in his slowly leaking bank account.
  97. Some of the whisky splashed on me and the sauce from my plate started leaking on the tablecloth and onto the floor.
  98. Geffard might have described it?—the ramparts crumbling, streets leaking away, block-long mansions falling like toys.
  99. Leaking pipes or water faucets will keep the wood moist causing damage to the wood and providing access to the termites.
  100. For two months fluid has been leaking into his skull, causing a clot that is slowly putting pressure on Reagan’s brain.
  1. Who had leaked the information?
  2. It’s leaked off the table and.
  3. Tears leaked out of her slightly.
  4. The amount of current leaked is an.
  5. Slowly air leaked back into my lungs.
  6. Out of the hole leaked a dark liquid.
  7. Laughter leaked through the screen door.
  8. Thankfully, no water had leaked in, yet.
  9. A tearful voice leaked out, broken and wan.
  10. Someone had leaked that there was something.
  11. Well, consider it leaked to the rumor mill.
  12. Blood leaked from her onto the gray upholstery.
  13. A single tear leaked out of the corner of my eye.
  14. If the acid had leaked I‘d have digested myself.
  15. If a box leaked, it would freeze fast to the plate.
  16. No, she said straight-faced, but tears leaked.
  17. There’s a reason why they leaked this to me.
  18. The engagement hadn't leaked out so much as flooded out.
  19. He had no idea how much radiation leaked from the thing.
  20. Blood leaked onto my fingers staining my nails a deep red.
  21. The roof leaked and the rain came pattering down on my bed.
  22. News of trouble on the second floor leaked round the mansion.
  23. Nonetheless, I’m sure rumors about it must’ve leaked out.
  24. Each raft also had a patch kit, to be used if the raft leaked.
  25. But this time the information was leaked a stage further.
  26. Yes, thank you! Talia said as her eyes leaked happy tears.
  27. One of them landed in a puddle where the porch roof had leaked.
  28. Whatever leaked out, the top up tanks would replace straight away.
  29. Tears leaked from the corners of her eyes, and he kissed her again.
  30. Dull thwacks of something soft but heavy, and a short yelp leaked.
  31. Pentagon would not comment on the leaked documents, including the.
  32. On the other side of the kitchen, light leaked under a second door.
  33. He stared at the red smudge and watched as a tiny trickle leaked out.
  34. I'm convinced that no one on my team had leaked anything to the press.
  35. Well, the terms of the deal eventually leaked out, NNS did not win its.
  36. In sixty seconds it leaked so much it pressurized the whole airlock to 1.
  37. Her voice had by now started to be composed but her words leaked out more.
  38. As well as I could, I cleaned up the blood Terry had leaked onto my floor.
  39. Avonlea gossip buzzed over the fact, which had leaked out, nobody knew how.
  40. The news leaked out yesterday—CNN picked it up first—but not the details.
  41. Then what? She couldn’t help the frustration that leaked into her voice.
  42. They had leaked information, as to the rendezvous location to the Orlandian’s.
  43. The squeaky, vibrating contraption leaked precious drops of THE IDENTITY CHECK.
  44. Can you find out if your staff leaked or told anyone that Tony was on his way.
  45. Fresh ruby blood leaked out the hole in the girl’s head, warming Laura’s arms.
  46. The telegram was deliberately leaked to the US Ambassador by British intelligence.
  47. Of course the fact that this is absurdly impossible is not leaked out to the press.
  48. In the weeks before the film was released, large segments of the movie were leaked.
  49. The roof leaked; there were puddles of water on the floor in the secretarial office.
  50. Startled by the blue beam that leaked out from one edge, I dropped the tube on the bed.
  51. As details of the campaign funding scandal leaked out, MacArthurs popularity rapidly.
  52. One wonders, though, what might have happened if the document had been leaked in 1968.
  53. It, too, seemed lifeless, but from the doorway at the far end leaked a trickle of voices.
  54. They found a secretary at Portland State who leaked Propp’s whereabouts to a boyfriend.
  55. I walk over to her and stamp on her head not stopping until blood leaked all over the floor.
  56. Darkness, thick and coagulated, leaked into the well lit foyer, a jut and jab here and there.
  57. A thin stream of liquid fire leaked out of the hand’s stump and trailed behind in its wake.
  58. Last night someone leaked the information about the shed, about Amy’s purse and the diary.
  59. Lorentz was shocked to know that the thing he wanted to keep very confidential has leaked out.
  60. Then news leaked out that the California varsity had turned in a blazing 19:31 over four miles.
  61. Manda had forgotten to close her bedroom window, and water had leaked in and drained on the floor.
  62. We leaked to the press that you’re staying with friends in New York so they won’t hound you.
  63. His lower lip quivered slightly, moistened by a bit of drool that leaked from his weakly held mouth.
  64. It means we're playing a high stakes game where certain information, if leaked, could get me killed.
  65. He saw where his boat leaked, but he did not look for the leak, perhaps purposely deceiving himself.
  66. I leaked information that I was in New Mexico, meeting with my commanders near the Mexican border.
  67. Coffee had leaked from the lid of his cup and soaked a neat half-moon into the thighs of his trousers.
  68. There smokes trailed on the ground and lurked in hollows, and fumes leaked from fissures in the earth.
  69. The unloaded lighter leaked much less, and he thought that she would keep afloat as far as the harbour.
  70. Reporter: The word on this story leaked out at the same time that we received our tip at the station.
  71. Phillip got in trouble and to bargain his way out, he leaked what he knew of the treasure to outsiders.
  72. That halloween lantern of a sun hung high above it and puffs of purple cloud leaked in around the edge.
  73. Then the man said he would hunt down and prosecute whoever leaked this story to the City Press newspaper.
  74. His belly was much smaller than it had been at his arrival, and pus no longer leaked from the stab-scar.
  75. A greyhound works by sight, and my eyes are good enough, but that buck simply leaked out of the landscape.
  76. News of Khrushchev’s ‘secret speech’ (so-called because he’d had no press present) soon leaked out.
  77. I gave Mike a box of condoms when they left my condo, but he blamed me saying that they must have leaked!.
  78. This would be the information leaked to the Media a few hours later for £100 by one of the Police Officers.
  79. He had to force control so no stray thought leaked out, and then exude just the tiniest suggestion of a whim.
  80. Your comment caught me off guard, and I was worried someone had leaked our connection to her, to the press.
  81. Crucial information had been leaked and now a second person was dead and one more apparently seriously wounded.
  82. As soon as news of the death leaked out there would be any number of volunteers to help with the investigation.
  83. The water had turned faintly pink with the blood from a patient’s gunshot wound that had leaked all over him.
  84. Three years later, when word about the theft was leaked, a ten-month congressional and FBI investigation ensued.
  85. There we sat together under that part of the roof which leaked the least, while it showered and thundered without.
  86. He was the one who leaked knowledge of the ships after he found reference to them in some old misplaced documents.
  87. It signaled him to ease into a well rehearsed, soft-sales-pitch that leaked out of him like a casual conversation.
  88. This tabloid story, supposedly leaked by someone in the police, about Megan’s involvement in the death of a child.
  89. He said the fluid had leaked out of the macula (inside of my eyeball) and the retina was almost completely detached.
  90. Rumors of support for the Revolution leaked out from China and other places less open to uninhibited freedom of press.
  91. When I find out who leaked that, they're history! It wasn't supposed to get out, but, yes, the young lady was pregnant.
  92. There were no video recorders in the interrogation area for fear of public censure should footage be leaked to the media.
  93. The Plague has leaked into the Seventh, and though too weak to feed directly from Lock Core it nourished itself on the Outlands.
  94. Her skin was a golden brown and her thick hair was pulled into two puffy ponytails that glowed brown were the sun leaked through.
  95. Some of these rogue thoughts leaked into the here and now, drifting all the way out to Smith’s now forgotten song of the Earth.
  96. Excitement, however, was tempered by a fear that his secret had leaked out and the entire school would stand up and denounce him.
  97. I curled into myself, trying to keep my sleeping bag away from the edges of my tent in case it leaked, but I couldn’t fall asleep.
  98. The letter, leaked almost immediately to the media, embarrassed the BJP just when it was poised to announce its 2014 campaign strategy.
  99. During the promotion of the tour, rumors leaked that Michael suffered from skin cancer, but he and his agent Randy Phillips denied them.
  100. The transport ship Gloria Scott was set down by the Admiralty as being lost at sea, and no word has ever leaked out as to her true fate.
  1. There have been no leaks.
  2. Inspect all containers for leaks.
  3. This caravan stinks and it leaks.
  4. Tom inspected the gasket for leaks.
  5. Any leaks would not come from here.
  6. There are not some leaks at.
  7. I’m fed up with these damn outside leaks.
  8. Check the radiator and all hoses for leaks.
  9. A tiny voice devoid of air leaks out of him.
  10. Some of the leaks appear to be from my staff.
  11. Where are we with plugging these leaks?
  12. His cheek is gashed and leaks tendrils of blood.
  13. Check for leaks and repair or replace as needed.
  14. Also check under the house for any leaks with a.
  15. After the leaks we’ve had lately, I feel it is.
  16. Most had sprung leaks as the edges disintegrated.
  17. And new leaks are springing up with each downpour.
  18. There aren’t any visible leaks in the air tanks.
  19. But even this did not stop the leaks, as you know.
  20. When the suit leaks, that’s what it backfills with.
  21. Milk leaks from her breast as she feeds her young child.
  22. Each time she coughs, the urine automatically leaks out.
  23. She was especially reluctant when there was a risk of leaks.
  24. This caravan stinks and it leaks and winter’s coming on.
  25. When it rains, it leaks in like water dropping from the trees.
  26. The suit leaks heat faster than my body could ever generate it.
  27. He wants to know if he has successfully plugged up the leaks.
  28. The pinewood roof was flat but badly warped and prone to leaks.
  29. You know anything about national security leaks? he fished.
  30. Amazon improved the leaks in their affiliate systems a few years ago.
  31. The best traders are happy, and this news leaks to the other traders.
  32. This leaks out from all English personal accounts and fictions and legends.
  33. If this information leaks out and Eiess hears about it, we are all doomed.
  34. If a stock leaks above a key technical level, this is not a confirmed breakout.
  35. After that the radiation leaks through the metal containment- it melts through.
  36. We crack the dome and the air leaks out and thousands of women and children die.
  37. The stumpy arm is still an issue, but the faceplate was the main source of leaks.
  38. In B-24s notorious for fuel leaks, airmen lit cigarettes and blew up their planes.
  39. It leaks when it rains, the plumbing is always screwed up as well as the electricity.
  40. Were concerned that any leaks at this time will imperil the search for the device.
  41. The most important thing is to make sure that there are no plumbing leaks in the house.
  42. The hacker goes free, and we’re supposed to be satisfied with stopping up a few leaks.
  43. There is only one thing that can fill a hole that leaks immorality and that is the Bible.
  44. There would inevitably have been some leaks and thefts but life, love, was more important.
  45. Water is being pumped into the reactors to cool the molten fuel, but the water leaks from.
  46. It was trying to escape the increasingly damp floor caused by the dripping roof leaks above.
  47. And we are obviously suspected by Algar as being the source of the leaks, said Marsden.
  48. You, Sir Robin, are the only one who could possibly have been responsible for all the leaks.
  49. Sometimes the toxin leaks from the pit into the flesh next to it, making the whole fruit dangerous.
  50. That is, it had a new leak! Not again! I couldn't understand what was causing those pinprick leaks.
  51. Armored shutters irised closed over the capsule’s smashed portholes, sealing the leaks in the hull.
  52. Despite that, during the years 1980 to 1984, at least sixty- one leaks of MIC occurred at the facility.
  53. Get the lads to bring in a cherry picker and check to see if the roof of that place has developed leaks.
  54. Financial meltdowns, oil leaks, and a company’s technology becoming obsolete are more common than ever.
  55. There’s one trap though: until completely wet through, the thick canvas and heavy stitching leaks badly.
  56. The recent Saturn Industries project has exposed serious leaks in the Federation Intelligence Organization.
  57. Seven of her rockets hit the deck of the submarine and pierced the pressure hull, creating major water leaks.
  58. This is an area denial weapon for it commonly refers to radioactive leaks which will contaminate a large area.
  59. There had been minor leaks regarding the research, and the press had given it the name of ‘The Doomsday Plan’.
  60. After getting it out of the box, rinsing all the equipment and the cube it gets filled with water to test for leaks.
  61. Noting the leaks in the White House, Military Intelligence told neither Roosevelt nor Truman of the successful project.
  62. The Happy Delivery had gone too long without Careening, and when her Timbers creakt so, she readily sprung small Leaks.
  63. Double-hull ships provide more protection against oil leaks because they have two layers, one exterior and one interior.
  64. That kind of near miss was however most likely to have deformed the thin hull of the transport, opening serious leaks in it.
  65. The decision to invade Normandy was so secret that an elaborate system called BIGOT was set up to watch for any possible leaks.
  66. The regulator and the oxygenator are at less-than-peak efficiency (to say the least), and the trailer leaks some air every day.
  67. You should also detach the cabling plug to the moving trailer, as braking mechanism lights burns out if the box leaks when under water.
  68. I know this request is feasible, as we have conducted ourselves in this manner many times before without any outside leaks of information.
  69. On both sides the sea came in at the wounded planks, but we stuffed two or three drawers and shirts in, and so stopped the leaks for the time.
  70. Aye! leaks in leaks! not only full of leaky casks, but those leaky casks are in a leaky ship; and that's a far worse plight than the Pequod's, man.
  71. The cylinder was divided up into sealed compartments, to strengthen the hull against water pressure and safeguard the vessel in case of water leaks.
  72. But it was very tempting to believe that Barbara herself was the source of the leaks, and that the case had been solved almost before we had started.
  73. You will know, because I mentioned it to you, that we were now becoming increasingly suspicious of Barbara as being the source of these and other leaks.
  74. If this information leaks out to Eiess, Ailia’s and Lucia’s lives will be endangered and could lead to death, which will result in Eiess’ victory.
  75. You can’t even consider yourself a proper landlord until you have at least one flooded bathroom and a kitchen sink that leaks nonstop on a holiday weekend.
  76. Europe on an expense account had been thrilling and exciting at first until the real work of detecting security leaks and tracking down agents really started.
  77. Should you find yourself in a chronically leaking boat, energy devoted to changing vessels is likely to be more productive than energy devoted to patching leaks.
  78. To my mind, although perhaps not to yours, this is almost more tricky than the area I’ve already touched upon, not least because the risks of leaks are greater.
  79. Thus, it was far cheaper to let the people drink the water, die of cancer, and maybe spend a few bucks in a settlement than it was to stop the leaks in the slurry pond.
  80. Logically, he should advise the American embassy and Ambassador Heath of this, but he had been suspecting for some time already that there were leaks inside the embassy.
  81. For several weeks now, the White House, Vice-president Elliot and I, have been receiving intelligence leaks, steady information about a dramatic counterinsurgent plot.
  82. Due to concerns over possible information leaks just prior to the real invasion, the whole affair was hushed up and many of the dead were hastily buried in unmarked graves.
  83. It was then, in 1999, only three years after taking up his post that Simon began to leak documents to Wiki leaks and the some of the red top newspapers in Northern Ireland.
  84. There were places in the lower reaches of the caves where occasionally water dripped through the rocky ceiling, but he was unaware of any leaks here on the beach of Dark Water.
  85. The list of needs is a long one, but each year it is getting shorter as volunteer teams are shoring up the leaks and reducing poverty and improving the lives and health of Hondurans.
  86. How many different ways do you want to look at this? The human subconscious leaks out what is actual, on so many levels, and in so many ways: you cannot escape the logic of its truths.
  87. Nineteenth-century inventors toyed around with various designs of refrigeration units but they ran on toxic gases so you kept your fridge outside if you had any sense, in case of leaks.
  88. The moment was over, and Tannan said, Well, aye, I best be off before I get washed down the hill with the rainwater; how it rushes off the roof here! It is a wonder you have no leaks.
  89. Then they’ll have to run through the startup checklists and perform cold rod drops, check for leaks, replace top shield plug, perform hot rod drop tests, and a startup to three megawatts.
  90. All I want to know is how in the hell did the White House know about it? Who's the big mouth in this building �that leaks material to you people so quickly?� the Captain sternly stated.
  91. The reactions of the Catholic Church and of other religious orders and conservative associations to leaks about the studies of early hominids done by the Time Patrol had been quick and fierce.
  92. There is still a hole in the bottom but because it only leaks out one drop in forty seconds the water goes in faster than it comes out, and in forty seconds we gain thirty-nine drops in the can.
  93. Farmers who granted permission for a pipeline through their land for the independents, embodied by the Tidewater Pipe Line plan, were warned of the possibility of leaks, which would hurt the planet.
  94. In other words, all of the earthly wealth and possessions that this world has to offer has leaks in them, and they will all sooner or later completely perish and be taken away from you on your deathbed.
  95. Then, a big white geyser of water erupted alongside one of the troopships of the fleet, marking a very near miss by a bomb, close enough to the hull to probably buckle it and create massive water leaks.
  96. She promised that they would have lots to talk about when she got home, but that the group had been advised not to talk too freely over the telephone as leaks to the press by wire tap were a possibility.
  97. As he made his way through the darkness he kicked various buckets, pots and pans that had been left strategically placed to deal with the many leaks that the roof had sprung during so many years of neglect.
  98. Concerned about leaks from damage suffered in previous skirmishes, she had had the foresight to put on her EVA suit when she first spotted the approaching ships and wore it as she engaged the pirate ship in battle.
  99. At the moment, nothing at all has been put in writing or committed to paper by either side as an additional precaution against leaks, and only the minimum possible number of individuals are in the loop, continued Sir Robin.
  100. He and George excavated a deep cellar and after sealing it against leaks then further insulating bins within it to receive the next summer's supply, decided they would also reuse the initial method as well, though with fewer buoys.

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