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Leave dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. But I had to leave.
  2. I leave it to the.
  3. And leave it to burn.
  4. It was time to leave.
  5. I stood up to leave.

  6. Leave the rest to me.
  7. He had to leave them.
  8. As you turn to leave.
  9. Scott got up to leave.
  10. I was ready to leave.
  11. He must not leave her.
  12. Leave her out of this.
  13. He can leave with you.
  14. Leave it for maybe 2.
  15. She had to leave here.

  16. They are able to leave.
  17. Please do not leave me.
  18. Then leave her with me.
  19. The Lord stood to leave.
  20. He simply had to leave.
  21. He had chosen to leave.
  22. But you have to leave.
  23. Stone is free to leave.
  24. I turned away to leave.
  25. I didn’t want to leave.

  26. You are unable to leave.
  27. My lady, I must leave.
  28. Then we will leave, soon.
  29. The woman she leave him.
  30. And how did they leave.
  31. It killed me to leave.
  32. I have to leave here.
  33. Bar one spell of leave.
  34. They took leave of the.
  35. We have to leave her.
  36. We’ll leave it for now.
  37. Let’s leave it at that.
  38. She was allowed to leave.
  39. You will leave Ash alone.
  40. You must leave here now.
  41. Leave her to the spirits.
  42. I think I better leave.
  43. We have to leave at once.
  44. I turned around to leave.
  45. Leave them to the hypo-.
  46. We will have to leave now.
  47. I declined the home leave.
  48. She would not leave Laino.
  49. I’d leave him to rot.
  50. A patient will leave the.
  51. And leave the mask behind.
  52. I should ask you to leave.
  53. I want to leave this hell.
  54. Don't leave because of me.
  55. Where did that leave me?
  56. Just go, leave this house.
  57. I will never really leave.
  58. Leave me or you'll die!.
  59. I’ll leave the bag here.
  60. I’ll leave it up to you.
  61. She COULDN'T leave Glen St.
  62. Alright, leave it with me.
  63. Mama stood up to leave at 9.
  64. Friends are to leave you.
  65. I couldn't leave him there.
  66. I'll leave you to it then.
  67. Leave all the rest of our.
  69. They had to leave the dead.
  70. I leave the details to you.
  71. I decided just to leave it.
  72. He had taken leave from a.
  73. I think I’l leave it here.
  74. We all leave the nest twice.
  75. Not now! Leave it with Mr.
  76. Be sure to leave a good tip.
  77. James, to leave the business.
  78. We can leave without her.
  79. He did not want me to leave.
  80. Don't leave me in suspense.
  81. We leave Monday at 2:00 p.
  82. She would leave at exactly.
  83. He had not wanted to leave.
  84. She’s ordered us to leave.
  85. Ensure you leave plenty of.
  86. In fact, we should leave.
  87. They were to leave his son.
  88. Some leave a lot to charity.
  89. We might just have to leave.
  90. I knew that we should leave.
  91. I can leave whenever I wish.
  92. It didn’t leave very much.
  93. I’ll leave you with it.
  94. Once more we are to leave,.
  1. He had been leaving her.
  2. After all he was leaving.
  3. Leaving me in the unknown.
  4. Leaving Archie to his own.
  5. But he was leaving it late.
  6. I'm leaving in the morning.
  7. We should be leaving now.
  8. Leaving me with, her memory.
  9. Anatole, I am not leaving.
  10. I am alive, and I am leaving.
  11. So I thought, I’m leaving.
  12. As we were leaving Beth got.
  13. As she was leaving she gave.
  14. Instead of leaving them for.
  15. Just before leaving she turns.
  16. I meant, that I’m leaving.
  17. Leaving the comfort of nature.
  18. I had no trouble leaving the.
  19. All my family were leaving me.
  20. We’ll be leaving in an hour.
  21. Leaving in early April would.
  22. Leaving me dazed and confused.
  23. You fled, leaving me inside.
  24. Anyway we are leaving if you.
  25. Stop leaving grain out for her.
  26. Molly saw me leaving, of course.
  27. I’m not leaving her, ever.
  28. Before leaving he secured the.
  29. I was late leaving the office.
  30. Thorn quietly leaving the store.
  31. We're leaving, he said more.
  32. Others would be leaving shortly.
  33. The land was broken, leaving a.
  34. He saw himself leaving the diner.
  35. I gave notice that I was leaving.
  36. Damn it, I hate leaving here.
  37. Therefore, no souls are leaving.
  38. Just before leaving the room, Mr.
  39. Then he disappears, leaving her.
  40. John suggested leaving them to.
  41. But she would be leaving it soon.
  42. His wife was sad he was leaving.
  43. Leaving jail in the company of Mr.
  44. They are leaving the battlefield.
  45. Leaving them with a loss of $174.
  46. Demons demand, leaving no choice.
  47. I doubt he’ll be leaving alive.
  48. But perhaps her leaving was best.
  49. I’m not leaving without her.
  50. Leaving her this way was one of.
  51. So when are we leaving mother?
  52. Leaving the door ajar, he said:.
  53. I’m not leaving without him.
  54. Leaving Tibet was strictly for-.
  55. What time are we leaving?
  56. Leaving seemed the safest option.
  57. I'm leaving this Sunday, the 12th.
  58. With Helga soon leaving for the U.
  59. I am leaving you in good hands.
  60. Are you leaving soon? I'm tired.
  61. I thought about leaving the booth.
  62. Leaving the employees in the dark.
  63. Leaving the two policemen stranded.
  64. Is the nasty thing leaving?
  65. A large branch broke off, leaving.
  66. Maybe I should think of leaving it.
  67. I could feel the blood leaving my.
  68. He catches her leaving the bathtub.
  69. Any minute Marie would be leaving.
  70. Leaving the past for ever and a day.
  71. I thought by leaving Washington, D.
  72. But upon leaving there, something.
  73. Then, he said, Ali was leaving.
  74. Don’t even think about leaving.
  75. We’re leaving in the morning.
  76. Now I see him leaving with William.
  77. Ryato was already leaving in gallop.
  78. But we’re not leaving you out of.
  79. All the boys are leaving the town.
  80. Leaving you here alone is too risky.
  81. Undine, I’m leaving the ship for.
  82. Cars were leaving with less frequency.
  83. We’re leaving in a couple of hours.
  84. I wasn't taking about leaving you.
  85. Jesse leaving me would annihilate me.
  86. Tobias had defiled her, leaving her.
  87. Leaving the experts divided and mixed.
  88. This fog shows no sign of leaving.
  89. He’s leaving no stone unturned in.
  90. His leaving would accomplish nothing.
  91. Maybe now he wouldn’t mind leaving.
  92. She was angry that I was leaving her.
  93. R, leaving on the front 21 divisions.
  94. Leaving here cannot come soon enough.
  95. You ever think about leaving?
  96. I woke up when I heard Rob leaving.
  97. They're leaving their wife vulnerable.
  98. And Finn himself would not be leaving.
  99. The idea of leaving him felt so wrong.
  100. Last moon he'd told her he was leaving.
  1. Left me for a guy.
  2. He left it on golf.
  3. I darted to my left.
  4. He had left his tree.
  5. We got what was left.
  6. As it has been left.
  7. I have one arrow left.
  8. A movement to his left.
  9. Three guys left the car.
  10. He had left her to die.
  11. The Maker had left him.
  12. I left Nina a good tip.
  13. On the left, the room.
  14. It left no doubt that.
  15. He hadn't left the porch.
  16. Laxman left at 281 and.
  17. As we left the parking.
  18. I noticed his left hand.
  19. As her Dad left her to.
  20. Or what was left of him.
  21. There was one month left.
  22. And he left us millions.
  23. They’ve left the TV on.
  24. Two balls left the yard.
  25. The Baron turned and left.
  26. She was left alone again.
  27. But he had left his tree.
  28. It was left at the house.
  29. A weight on her left arm.
  30. They have left our boat.
  31. I had not much hope left.
  32. She left me years ago.
  33. The man had left the room.
  34. When I left, there were.
  35. He picked it up and left.
  36. Madam waved as they left.
  37. That now he has none left.
  38. His left eye, out of focus.
  39. Have I left anything out?
  40. I could have left at any.
  41. They had left him behind!.
  42. They had but one foe left.
  43. Coughing, off to the left.
  44. I think he left after ten.
  45. He grinned and left again.
  46. Then, he left for a month.
  47. All was as he had left it.
  48. One of the few who is left.
  49. The doctor left a few signs.
  50. She was asleep when I left.
  51. I have nothing left of him.
  52. I left y'all some cake!.
  53. They left the room together.
  54. There were three weeks left.
  55. I left a lot of stuff there.
  56. With that he left to chamber.
  57. Grouse had even left by then.
  58. As we that are left grow old.
  59. He had just been left alone.
  60. He had nothing left to give.
  61. I left the room and went out.
  62. He left one after each meal.
  63. Rex waved and left the stage.
  64. Lobo must have left him to.
  65. My back too, and left elbow.
  66. We left after a few minutes.
  67. We’ve plenty of time left.
  68. The only time that he left.
  69. Once, I felt I left the earth.
  70. The riders left at a dead run.
  71. She may have whatever's left.
  72. Steve left his seat, and in.
  73. He lifted his left leg with.
  74. And with that I left his room.
  75. We left Oklahoma, and later.
  76. I never should have left you.
  77. He had already left her once.
  78. The slave left without a word.
  79. She left it alone after that.
  80. They turned and left the area.
  81. Any of the beans left?
  82. The Alderfolk left the Tavern.
  83. I never should have left him.
  84. To my left is my sister, Bao.
  85. They saluted and left the tent.
  86. And he was left wondering why.
  87. So he walked outside and left.
  88. She was right: Sylvia had left.
  89. Then there was only Laino left.
  90. We left Tarnow late yesterday.
  91. The North Sea was on our left.
  92. I do have a few scruples left.
  93. We left the hospital together.
  94. He left with the Death Guards.
  95. He left a mind-message for Ben.
  96. Jock has left the building too.
  97. I left her asleep on my couch.
  98. I nuked it before I left home.
  99. He left the car business and.
  100. We left that morning looking.
  1. Do not use the leaves.
  2. He leaves when I say.
  3. Under the leaves he is.
  4. Soon the leaves came out.
  5. The smile leaves his face.
  6. I see the leaves of time.
  7. This bag never leaves me.
  8. It leaves one small point.
  9. The fear never leaves me.
  10. Leaves on the money tree.
  11. All my strength leaves me.
  12. He smelled of the leaves.
  13. It leaves the hobbyist in.
  14. Our flight leaves at noon.
  15. This leaves the August 57.
  16. Leaves flew up around him.
  17. Water on leaves can hurt.
  18. Loco leaves the tent and.
  19. Golden leaves of the fall.
  20. The bus leaves in an hour.
  21. The leaves fell here and.
  22. The rustle of fall leaves.
  23. No doubt that leaves me out.
  24. Leaves fell past the window.
  25. The leaves sank down again.
  26. Add the curry leaves, red.
  27. That leaves a rise in the.
  28. The plant, leaves and seed.
  29. Leaves no image on the soul.
  30. They should not eat leaves.
  31. Always leaves me in a sweat.
  32. The train leaves in an hour.
  33. It leaves in ten minutes.
  34. She leaves the key with him.
  35. That only leaves the eight.
  36. The word Foliar means leaves.
  37. It leaves a real nasty mess.
  38. Likewise the leaves of our.
  39. That leaves me aching for you.
  40. There were only three leaves.
  41. He leaves and shuts the door.
  42. Having leaves only is as we.
  43. He leaves for the Palace.
  44. The leaves of this great fir.
  45. That leaves the super number.
  46. Shadows of leaves on my skin.
  47. That only leaves seven of us.
  48. Bus leaves in ten minutes.
  49. This leaves a profit of $112.
  50. Leaves rustled on the ground.
  51. That leaves us with Joshua.
  52. They feasted upon her leaves.
  53. She leaves with this thought.
  54. The leaves parted and Elowen.
  55. Go do it now before he leaves.
  56. Leaves poor Smjagol and goes.
  57. My cousin Dusty Leaves has it.
  58. Leaves rustle and trees creak.
  59. The convoy leaves on Monday.
  60. They love chewing the leaves.
  61. There’s a train leaves here.
  62. Once he leaves their private.
  63. That still leaves you, sir.
  65. Those are the shadows of leaves.
  66. But even if he leaves he will.
  67. A cup of tea with leaves ill-.
  69. The leaves are all on the tree.
  70. In the sunshine, In the leaves.
  71. But sexually he leaves me cold.
  72. Matthew leaves not looking back.
  73. Devouring the leaves in a rage.
  74. One of the students leaves too.
  75. But that leaves Prince exposed.
  76. And when the leaves fell from.
  77. They kiss and then Daryl leaves.
  79. Instead of thick green leaves.
  81. This leaves only one day, today.
  82. That leaves just two days left.
  83. He leaves me alone in the camp.
  84. Well, that only leaves my car.
  85. It leaves tonight, Jack said.
  86. Then the leaves were missing.
  87. No, he never leaves the house.
  88. Her leaves replaced by her tears.
  89. The guard leaves, bolts the door.
  90. Limpy sniffed around the leaves.
  91. And the leaves of the tree are.
  92. The woman leaves with tears of.
  93. And a smell of the autumn leaves.
  94. In shining beds of tulip leaves.
  95. One minus one leaves nothing.
  96. Grit and leaves dug into her face.
  97. Boil the delicious tender leaves.
  98. Laughter, and leaves in the hair.
  99. The leaves were all thicker and.
  100. This then leaves the problem of.

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farewell leave parting forget exit bequeath will give impart entrust depart lead result allow provide

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