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Lewd dans une phrase (en anglais)

She winked with a lewd grin.
They also say that we have lewd.
Let the lewd with faith and fervour worship.
They whistled and made lewd, but good natured.
Philistines, which are ashamed of your lewd way.
My mother would have referred to them as lewd.
A lewd grin spread over one of the men’s faces.
Corny Kelleher replies with a ghastly lewd smile.
The girls hinted at lewd conduct, but legally they.
They were ogling us with their lewd and lustful eyes.
Evans’ would’ve been charged with lewd and lascivious.
I stopped short of a liaison, but still sent a lewd picture.
I slapped into his front, imprinting the lewd picture on his stomach.
I could smell her, though, a female scent, vaginal and strangely lewd.
He had scoffed; he had wantonly associated with the reckless and the lewd.
But the Jews which believed not, moved with envy, took unto them certain lewd.
There were even pics of supposed group members engaged in lewd acts with their disciples.
Domestic mediocrity drove her to lewd fancies, marriage tenderness to adulterous desires.
Trevain frowned and wondered how she could possibly find Callder’s lewd behavior charming.
He laid extremely heavy penalties upon those who sang lewd or loose songs either by day or night.
We could order any of them confined to quarters should they engage in any drunken or lewd behavior.
Such lewd and immoral behavior is a direct result of the evil that is the Protestant way of thinking.
The indecent, lewd, and obscene lyrics being promoted are producing a generation of amoral followers.
An outrage, Jacob said; a breach of faith; sheer prudery; token of a lewd mind and a disgusting nature.
He forced Hesper to remain, considering his triumph incomplete without someone to admire his lewd jokes.
But then that seems to be the least of your worries, supplying drink and lewd conduct with schoolgirls, in public.
Long brown fingers resting lightly on lean belly emphasised the least movement; outrageously sexual but never lewd.
Estwig called a lewd comment to him ("baldcrotch") but they were probably out of hearing range already so doostEr didn't scold him.
Keep it, you give her a purposeful lewd grin and add with a wink and an indirect proposition, plenty more where that came from.
The night before, sleepless and nervy, I’d gone online and watched Hugh Grant on Leno, 1995, apologizing to the nation for getting lewd with a hooker.
Terwilliger stumbled back to hand the film to the projectionist, who made a lewd gesture toward the loges, winked at Terwilliger and slammed the booth door.
As before, she was totally nude but this time she had been tied to a wide chair, her legs, spread and tied to the front legs of the chair…absolutely lewd and degrading!.
As for the Playmate Pen guys, Joe said, Ricardo Montefiore, aka Rick Monte, has been convicted of pandering, lewd public behavior, and assault, and that’s it for him.
It was as if his return home, the possibility of existing without concerning himself with everyday neces-sities, had awakened in him the lewd and lazy leanings of his uncle José Arcadio.
But, fortunately, to be alone is generally regarded as respectable, in spite of what Seneca says a philosopher said to a young man he saw walking by himself: 'Have a care,' said he, 'of lewd company.
The lewd suggestions of some faded beauty may console him for a consort neglected and debauched but this new exponent of morals and healer of ills is at his best an exotic tree which, when rooted in its native orient, throve and.
This got more than a few cheers from the lads when the doors were opened for our obligatory fresh air break there were also a fair amount of lewd comments that I don’t think would have gone down well if the women knew what they meant.
I went out of the tavern straight home, confused and troubled, and the next night I went out again with the same lewd intentions, still more furtively, abjectly and miserably than before, as it were, with tears in my eyes—but still I did go out again.
The running Reb and the cunning Cherub, rolled into one they are the profound-prince-poet, sexy and ruined, rude and lewd, taking flight from a new end to win her, to pour his love, to prove his kisses and to adore that sacred woman, enchanted with sins hisses.
There had been in fact a lot of negative comments around his squadron after they had learned yesterday evening that a female fighter unit would join them in Guadalcanal, along with more than a few lewd ideas and suggestions on how to welcome those women pilots.

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