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Literalist dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. Augustine (AD 354–430) to be wary of a literalist interpretation of the Bible’s genesis.
  2. Therefore, to demand that faith be placed in this kind of literalist interpretation is unwarranted on its face.
  3. But replace the literalist understanding of the Bible with a parable understanding and their embarrassment would disappear, and so would much of the argument of their detractors.
  4. But the newly minted literalist interpretation also referred to in another previous chapter seems to have been made without reference to the God is spirit declaration made within the context that it was taken from.
  5. It may seem, to literalist proponents of this highly reverenced book, that this also newly proposed understanding from science, that biological evidence clearly indicates there must be a connection between us and our lesser cousins, is insulting to what they are required to believe.

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