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Looney dans une phrase (en anglais)

Watching Looney Tunes always made Wisdom feel better.
I watched hundreds of hours on Looney Tune Christian.
He stands by the door as two Looney Toons confront him.
Thom swallowed, this was going to sound a little looney.
It sounds like something out of a Looney bin, he added.
Lou Dobbs was caught with looney sources on a story about leprosy.
I would literally be tossed in a looney bin if I ever told anybody.
I need to see what’s making the kids all Looney Tunes, get to the root of this Boom Boom Cult.
I go through the story for him and he tells me that I have to be looney to come up with such a fabrication.
Looney Tunestra – drug prescribed to help with sleeping difficulties brought on by tuning in too long to the cartoon network.
I laughed out loud was this bloke a bloody Looney I mean try not to fucking worry I would have liked to see him stay cheerful in the same position.
His most expensive entertainment was going to the cartoon theatre in Leicester Square where you could, for two-and-six, watch Looney Tunes for hours in the warmth.
Whitey went looney tunes and hit up the Jack Daniel's,.

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