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Lounging dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. This was Albert's favorite lounging place.
  2. They found a diner, lounging a deep corner.
  3. There was a surly hobbit lounging over the.
  4. That way, lounging lazily on your pool deck.
  5. A green man was lounging on one of the couches.

  6. Kate began to yell for Alan, still lounging in bed.
  7. James was lounging in a chair, legs over the side.
  8. Jezzie opened the door and saw him lounging on the couch.
  9. They both spent the evening lounging on the beds in their.
  10. They were guarded by lounging security staff who appeared.
  11. See, lounging through the shops and fields of the States, me.
  12. She’d honed in on an American couple lounging not far from.
  13. By the time Sathyam returned, she was still lounging in the hall.
  14. I’ve been lounging about for the last three days, 507 of 967.
  15. Desa was lounging in the arms of the guy she had spurned earlier.

  16. The resort is dead except for a few women lounging by the pool.
  17. They waited in the road, lounging around on a pile of old blankets.
  18. It was close to midnight and the girls were lounging on the couches.
  19. On the sides of the room were lounging areas with couches and chairs.
  20. Court Bannister spotted the two Green Berets lounging against the wall.
  21. He was lounging back in a bath the size of a stadium while sipping the.
  22. She was lounging out on the back porch when he returned a half hour later.
  23. Alex was lounging on the couch, reading a book when she entered the house.
  24. Students were casually traversing crosswalks, lounging and reading on benches.
  25. Mitzi was fond of lounging in a canvas-slung folding chair on our front porch.

  26. Daveda had been lounging on the couch, bored after having spent the good many.
  27. All through the tense ship the spiderwebs were filled with lounging, lazy men.
  28. Under other most circumstances this would have been an enjoyable lounging area.
  29. He stood, half turned from the prisoner, lounging with his elbow against the bar.
  30. He found the gang in a clearing not too far from Two-Crows, lounging around a fire.
  31. She was no doubt lounging about by the river again as she seemed so inclined to do.
  32. Sparky was elegantly lounging in one chair with a chilled glass of wine in his hand.
  33. When I left the office, I walked right by three young men lounging in the parking lot.
  34. The clusters of lounging men came closer into sight and Anne prepared to impress them.
  35. There are some who have decided to get another job instead of lounging around at home.
  36. Jack arrived at five-thirty and was surprised to find Midge dressed in a lounging robe.
  37. They all drank it merrily, and began the experiment by lounging for the rest of the day.
  38. I've been lounging about for the last three days, and I've seen them, or they've seen me.
  39. She was lounging happily in front of the TV with her coffee when she caught a news update.
  40. So, what's the big scandal, Gabby? Zac was lounging back on the sofa, clearly annoyed.
  41. Elsewhere, people were having barbecues and days of ease, lounging by lakes and taking naps.
  42. They spent most of the day lounging in the crooks of tree branches watching the traffic below.
  43. She then signaled to the small young woman of thirty years of age lounging inside to come out.
  44. The coin collector was lounging comfortably on the long sofa set across his mysterious visitor.
  45. Charles Roman was lounging by his pool watching the sun set when his wife came out to alert him.
  46. With Steven locked in his cage and Emily lounging in the library, he took his leave and flashed.
  47. I looked up, half hoping to see Jacob lounging against the door as he had been on our first meeting.
  48. Located in random positions throughout the room were form-fitting chairs designed for easy lounging.
  49. Carroll slowly pushed himself up out of his half-frozen lounging position against the restaurant wall.
  50. I often see his footmen lounging at the back gate, and the Duke of Wellington's house is not far off.
  51. Sully was lounging on the sofa, empty crisp packets and chocolate wrappers thrown on the floor around him.
  52. They all loved it, for it was a family refuge, and one corner had always been Jo's favorite lounging place.
  53. He was lounging against it, with one cheek resting propped on it at this very moment, as a matter of fact.
  54. Starbuck and Stubb both had the start of him; and yet they also have the privilege of lounging in the rear.
  55. Three guys were on deck near the ramp, one was splicing in a pulley, the others were just lounging with him.
  56. Most of the crew seemed to be lounging on the foredeck or in the water, even on this Morningday in midwinter.
  57. I was lounging on my bed, coincidentally trying to finish my English reading, when I heard Mom answer the door.
  58. He was lounging in a silk dressing gown in a cloud of smoke and his eyes went sharply to her face as she spoke.
  59. If only you’d known she was on the balcony lounging in the hammock instead of at work where she said she’d be.
  60. When the launch returned, Mulholland brought the papers to me, lounging aft in a mass of cushions under the awning.
  61. Every one has noticed the taste which cats have for pausing and lounging between the two leaves of a half-shut door.
  62. Alec had been leaning over the wall, watching the bugs lounging in the sun, when a sudden crash startled him upright.
  63. For once she didn’t care about looking unkempt in her lounging clothes; it somehow seemed fitting in her situation.
  64. I drilled the guard coming around a corner and later two more guards, as were they were lounging in an office type room.
  65. Some were lounging near a cooking fire, and others were tinkering with what looked to Siri like useless mechanical junk.
  66. At least a third of the passengers were still there, lounging at tables, drinking, chatting and watching projected video.
  67. For now, what he saw strutting around the shell house and lounging in the doorway was plenty of ego and not much humility.
  68. Find these shirkers something to do Sgt Kenny we cant have them lounging around the trench like a lot of Parisian whores.
  69. The men sprang from benches and chairs, arms In an instant, the somnolence had fled from the lounging throng and something.
  70. With a sense of relief, I went in search of Sela and found her in a miniscule pink bikini, lounging next to the outdoor pool.
  71. Several candles lay scattered about the room and by their dim light he could just make out a tall Asian man lounging on the bed.
  72. It was shady down here, but the center of the bridge had a bit of sun and a couple was lounging at the rail enjoying each other.
  73. Marco sat out on the expertly landscaped lawn, beneath one of the several mini outdoor cabanas, trying to relax on a lounging chair.
  74. She disliked him heartily, lounging there against the Hot words bubbled to her lips and it was with difficulty that she checked them.
  75. When he returned to his tent a short two hours later, he was surprised to see Gideon there, lounging on his bed and peeling an orange.
  76. He picked up the fallen bucket, washed it out, and brought it to the Warriors lounging about not far off, and placed it in front of them.
  77. There had been moods, it is true, and he had occasionally found her lounging on sofas, but then women easily become lazy at these times.
  78. They appeared in clusters, as if by prior accord: fat white babies lounging like satraps in conveyances of aluminum, canvas, and elastic.
  79. It was a cloudy, sultry afternoon; the seamen were lazily lounging about the decks, or vacantly gazing over into the lead-coloured waters.
  80. Hiss and the Offender sat in a dust-covered booth on opposite sides of a table, hands folded and lounging back like they were old comrades.
  81. The light uniforms of the soldiers lounging around the blockhouses showed up plainly; they were apparently oblivious of the approaching army.
  82. Haylan was lounging at her desk, raising her eyebrow and making a check in the air to let Derrick know she would mark him five minutes late.
  83. More sat in darker corners, lounging on sofas or draped over businessmen; they had smiles on their faces and eyes fixed on the new arrivals.
  84. Eliza generally took no more notice of her sister’s indolence and complaints than if no such murmuring, lounging object had been before her.
  85. Towards dusk of a summer's day in 1916 four of us were lounging at the top of the vault stairs, discussing the noise made by different shells.
  86. Time had stopped flying by and come to a halt, with all living beings in our current eco-zone lounging around in a meditative, harmonious state.
  87. This maneuver she repeated several times, to the great amusement of a black-eyed young gentleman lounging in the window of a building opposite.
  88. Other clubs use their windows as lounging places for the curious, where idle men may sit and stare at the parade of women who pass on the street.
  89. She turned and spied Clayton, wearing nothing but a pair of striped cotton boxers and a wide grin, lounging against the doorframe of the kitchen.
  90. It is true that some work in the engine room, some on the poop deck, others steering the ship and some lounging on the deck chairs around the pool.
  91. He posed the obvious question very carefully, not wanting even his voice to disturb the uncountable flies lounging on the reptile‘s misshapen head.
  92. When they were done, very late indeed, the twins emerged to the raised eyebrows and appreciative whistles of each of the men lounging in the great room.
  93. She knew Althart would be late but she liked it here and wasn’t adverse to spending a few hours lounging and catching up with a few casual acquaintances.
  94. Whizzing up the outside of the stationary snaking caravan of lorries, we smugly presented ourselves, passports in hand to the lounging straggle of soldiers.
  95. The warriors were lounging in groups, musing more than they conversed and when a few words were uttered, speaking like men who deeply weighed their opinions.
  96. She and Pa would talk and laugh, lounging lazily by the edge of the water, slipping off their shoes and letting their toes revel contently in the brisk water.
  97. Jacob grabbed an espresso, spotted one of the ring guys lounging by the bar, was surprised - though he shouldn’t have been so - to meet Sarah from the magazine.
  98. He began to trot along Nightfall’s trail, and soon enough came upon him lounging at the dog ring, tending to his coat and idly scratching at one itch or another.
  99. Flower lay on her stomach next to Candy, facing Byron’s lounging form, he had been up and dressed, fetching them breakfast, lunch, and drinks, to command all day.
  100. He must have stepped over the back of the bench because when she noticed him, he was just lounging there, tipping back that bottle like he’d been sitting there awhile.
  1. Spock and Stu still lounged poolside.
  2. They seemingly lounged before me in.
  3. Men lounged about both inside and out.
  4. Then I kind of lounged around for a while.
  5. Carton had lounged in, but he made only Two.
  6. Dayne lounged in a wingback chair in the den.
  7. We ate breakfast and lounged around the house.
  8. So saying, he lounged to the fire, and sat down.
  9. At Nice, Laurie had lounged and Amy had scolded.
  10. Some strolled or lounged on benches, others flew.
  11. She sat on Laino’s lap and Ebira lounged on Hevent.
  12. The vampire brothers lounged in the afternoon sunlight.
  13. He lounged to a chair and sitting down, tilted it back.
  14. A dandy who had lost his way and who lounged past the end.
  15. My friends lounged on their sofas having conversations—.
  16. She lounged in her seat looking completely at ease in my company.
  17. The Gila Monster lounged in his office, not in the least perturbed.
  18. I lounged back on the corner unit and stared at the unlit Christmas tree.
  19. Wisdom kicked off his sneakers as he lounged on the couch in the living room.
  20. At the stern one man or woman lounged while they were rowed to their destination.
  21. These were sphinxes, again, the same as lounged on the sides of the Alexandrian Serapeum.
  22. Derrick lounged in the room he shared with Cam and Griffin, throwing a soccer ball up and down.
  23. Trevor had discovered the food tray and lounged with his feet on the desk and food in his hands.
  24. Arianell pointed to her home and we began the descent to the cliff ridge where her house lounged.
  25. Bernheim lounged back in his chair, smoking a cigar, and looked out to sea with a bored expression.
  26. Hadaen lounged against the pillows as he stretched his full length along the blankets of the makeshift bed.
  27. Alan, who looked to be in his mid twenties, lounged on the sofa, stared rudely over my shoulder, and yawned.
  28. Ben called to the men who lounged against various pieces of furniture and quickly brought them up to speed.
  29. They had lounged away in a poverty-stricken, purposeless, accidental manner, quite natural and unimpeachable.
  30. Thorne lounged in a high-backed armchair with one ankle hooked over his knee, balancing a thin laptop on his leg.
  31. He was going out of his way to hurt and humiliate her He lounged toward the door, one eyebrow raised quizzically.
  32. Fenced crops extended about five hundred yards from the village and quite a few kedas lounged about in the shade.
  33. The two of them were lounged across a comfortable sofa, a tub of popcorn on the ground and two cokes opened on the table.
  34. Josh and Derrick lounged in the living room of their house when a moving truck pulled into the house next door's driveway.
  35. The chauffer of one, dressed so fine, lounged against the bonnet, his cap at an angle, a cigarette drooping from his lips.
  36. With conspicuous nonchalance Verhovensky lounged in the chair at the upper end of the table, almost without greeting anyone.
  37. Seamen on shore leave rubbed their puffed eyes and looked into the sky for weather signs as they lounged against the walls.
  38. When I lounged around the house in socks and no shoes, Amadeus attacked my toes, for where there was motion, there were monsters.
  39. The colonel's hat, sword, and revolver lay between them, and a couple of his more trusty officers lounged gloomily against the table.
  40. Here lounged the watch, when not otherwise employed, looking into the red heat of the fire, till their eyes felt scorched in their heads.
  41. Tomz clawed through the rock with his Hiranien and lounged at S’us headfirst while the rest of his tough skin endured pebbles stinging him.
  42. So she lounged sulkily on the poop and watched the men row ashore through the calm water that sparkled like liquid jade in the morning sunlight.
  43. They are done now, and I am going to Valrosa to sketch, will you come?' said Amy, as she joined Laurie one lovely day when he lounged in as usual about noon.
  44. Two white guys who couldn’t have been any older than she was lounged there in weightlifting belts, their cigarette hands draped over the handles of dollies.
  45. In half an hour, our motorcade was at the resort area, where people with beautiful chocolate color bodies lounged around in a carefree way in their bathing suits.
  46. On the decks of luxurious but endless rows of yachts, women in bikinis lounged around drinking champagne that was being served to them by beautiful young Greek waiters.
  47. Sloane didn’t enter into the conversation but lounged back haughtily in his chair; the woman said nothing ei-ther—until unexpectedly, after two highballs, she became cordial.
  48. A moment later she was speeding through the shadows toward the house, and Cleeve, lighting a cigarette, lounged down to the drive toward the laughing groups of returning frolickers.
  49. When is dinner? My question trailed between the desk and Jenkins, the elevator man, who miraculously preserved an air of jauntiness as he lounged at the door of his wire cage.
  50. They lounged about in front of me, some with lowered brows, others full of gaiety—one of these expressions was seen on every convict's face—exchanged insults or talked on indifferent matters.
  51. Belle, as George had done years before with Harry, lounged in the bow feigning sleep under her parasol; but she kept careful vigilance on both of her daughters' form and progress without them noticing.
  52. In the passages and on the staircases of the old palace Montero's troopers lounged about insolently, smoking and making way for no one; the clanking of sabres and spurs resounded all over the building.
  53. At the far end of the table, room had been made for a stuffed armchair, and within it lounged a young tropical woman with dark skin and short black hair, wearing a dazzling white military dress uniform.
  54. In front of him stood Tsotha, and on divans lounged Strabonus and Amalrus in their silks and gold, gleaming with jewels, naked slave-boys beside them pouring wine into cups carved of a single sapphire.
  55. Sunday night with Frankie upstairs asleep, they lounged in the living room listening to music, Trask on the couch watching as Charly strolled around on minor errands—straightening this, adjusting that.
  56. Oh, to have this happen when he was right at the point of a declaration! Your hands are certainly no business of mine, said Rhett coolly and lounged back in his chair indolently, his face a smooth blank.
  57. I lounged back, glanced at the records of sporting events posted on the wall at the end of the bar, then, casually, as if looking for someone, swung the double-hinged door that led from the bar into the back room.
  58. Cade lounged hand and his untouched plate of barbecue in the other and stubbornly refused to meet gracefully on her left, plucking at her skirt to attract her attention and staring up with smoldering eyes at Stuart.
  59. Of the flyers, some flew while standing as the rest of their party did, some sat on chairs or cushions, some lounged on blankets or carpets, and the fastest of them lay forward with their arms out, like soaring birds.
  60. At the prestigious country club, François played golf while she lounged with other women’s husbands in the clubhouse bar, orchestrating countless real-life dramas, complete with steamy sex scenes and her as leading lady.
  61. In my ten days on the trail, I’d yet to see another human, so I lounged without concern for anyone coming along, dizzy with ecstasy as I laboriously pumped the cold water through my water purifier and guzzled bottle after bottle.
  62. He lounged back in the vast chair, remembering something Deanna had said – how a building, in particular public and commercial establishments use their subliminal tricks to entice customers for a particular purpose: the use of subtle scents to create a conducive mood.
  63. Jo lounged in her favorite low seat, with the grave quiet look which best became her, and Laurie, leaning on the back of her chair, his chin on a level with her curly head, smiled with his friendliest aspect, and nodded at her in the long glass which reflected them both.
  64. We did however still have a few kilometres to do to break that record (well, a few tens of thousands actually) and ridiculously helpful as Geza and his chums were, they drew the line at finishing the trip for us while we lounged around Geza's flat guzzling another gargantuan pile of comfort food.
  65. Herr Dremmel lounged on the sofa behind the table looking placidly content, with one arm round his wife, while Robertlet and Ditti, awed by the splendours of the decorations for their mother's home-coming and their own best clothes and spotless bibs, sat opposite, being more completely good than ever.
  66. Lastly the inhabitants of the town (their own interest in this worn-out subject languidly reviving itself, by sympathy with what they saw others feel) lounged idly to the same quarter, and tormented Hester Prynne, perhaps more than all the rest, with their cool, well-acquainted gaze at her familiar shame.
  67. The tousle-headed youth stared about him eagerly and curiously, noting the rows of barracks along the walls, the stables, the tiny merchants' stalls, the towering blockhouse, and the other buildings, with the open square in the middle where the soldiers drilled, and where, now, fires danced and men off duty lounged.
  68. What a silly Goose Melinda was, I thought, to be so terrified! If these foolish Pranks could conjure the Devil, then surely the Devil was no more than a Fop that strutted in the Mall, or lounged at White’s or the Cocoa Tree, showing off his new Paris-made Suit, his French Valet, and his Smatt’ring of the French Tongue!.
  69. In the pool area a pride of naked men older than thirty wallowed in the heated blue waters or lounged on chaise longues, casting covetous glances at about a dozen slim, naked youths, some of whom appeared to be in their early teens, sitting by the steaming pool, swimming, diving or standing in elegant contrapposto against the columns.
  70. On a bank lounged the trapper, he was drest mostly in skins, his luxuriant beard and curls protected his neck, he held his bride by the hand,.
  1. This includes those waiting in airport lounges as well.
  2. It offers you access on international lounges and airports.
  3. Spacious lounges will allow men to gather and socialize over.
  4. There were many sofas, lounges, settees, big and little tables.
  5. Corey lounges in a chair next to him and he doesn’t look much better.
  6. Grady and Paul haunted the study lounges while Scott spent evenings in his.
  7. He entered large halls where the carpets were of silk, the lounges and sofas.
  8. Arrange your lounges or armchairs to face each other, rather than the television.
  9. He lounges against the warehouse’s wall, his arms crossed and a slight smile on his lips.
  10. Think faculty club lounges at almost any college or university today with liberal percentages in the high nineties.
  11. She changed the subject by complimenting his superb lounge, which they later found out, was one of 5 guest lounges.
  12. Derek lounges against the side of the fireplace, his feet stretched out before him and his arms crossed over his chest.
  13. It was facing the main door to this study in a larger open part of the floor where he didn't have as many desks and lounges.
  14. I try to navigate through the city with a broken and bloodstained windshield while he lounges back and chats about days gone by.
  15. The sunlight shone down on their corpse into their vast hollows that were once business offices, entertainment lounges and schools.
  16. She walked down hallways, through lounges and halls, up and down stairs and the further, she walked, the more apparent it became that she was lost.
  17. In one of his preceding lounges he had noticed there an old garden haunted by an old man and an old woman, and in that garden, a passable apple-tree.
  18. The two lads went outside the coasters restaurant and lay down on two sun lounges and ordered two beers that were bought over by a pleasant young lady.
  19. Or at a bar in one of the lounges strike up a conversation with whoever looked loneliest, and not a word from his mouth would have weight, nor would it matter.
  20. The statesman received us with that old-fashioned courtesy for which he is remarkable, and seated us on the two luxuriant lounges on either side of the fireplace.
  21. Reveille was marked by the switching on of the main lights and the shouts of the instructors, as there were no windows in the lounges to see outside if dawn had come.
  22. I couldn’t really see much of anything, I was sinking into the sofa and trying to tell if he noticed me over there and he paused and crumpled onto one of the further lounges.
  23. He is an honorable idler who lounges, who practises country jaunts, who cultivates the grisette, who pays court to the fair sex, who is at this very moment, perhaps, with my mistress.
  24. Still following Barrot, she quickly visited two mid-sized lounges, each with a fireplace, before returning in the communications hallway and going back to the reception lounge in the west wing.
  25. They went up a flight of stairs just aft of the middle mast and into a wide hallway with a nice kitchen in the middle, between two large tables, a few lounges with bookcases and candlelanterns nearby.
  26. One of the lounges on the top floor of the house is given over to the taking of opium and other drugs, and I have heard much talk of a new drug that is becoming increasingly popular in certain circles.
  27. The second Emir lounges about the rigging awhile, and then slightly shaking the main brace, to see whether it will be all right with that important rope, he likewise takes up the old burden, and with a rapid Dinner, Mr.
  28. In the First Class lounges and the ship’s ballroom, the band played a combination of light classics and sentimental melodies that would have sat well with Pat’s love of strict tempo, consonance, and adherence to the printed music.
  29. As I advance in years (I prefer that to ‘get older’) I enjoy more relaxed evenings to those of yesteryear when some of us were just a little crazy from time to time! Whether you like music, dancing, pubs, nightclubs, concerts, lounges, karaoke bars or just restaurants it’s all here in abundance.
  30. I’d spent the previous two years in a lot of tight spots: station wagons, shaky airplanes, smoke-filled tour bus lounges, diner booths, airless clubs, charmless dance halls, one drumhead court-martial, and a string of motel and hotel rooms so similar that I’d have to look at the stationery in the desk to find out what city I was in.
  31. She weighs seventeen tons, comfortably holds six occupants with form-fitting lounges, has state of the art Alliance communications and weaponry with sentient override, ablative and solar/atomic shields, a personal communicator with telepathic activation, a galley with life support for 23 Station cycles, space and terra safety gear for six, and her system is programmed for language recognition and translation.
  32. Tou even tried to sell his property but he set such an unreasonable price that no buyer appeared, and he was, moreover, unwilling to leave all the treasures he had accumulated there—the sculptured wainscotting, the polished panels, like mirrors, the transparent windows, the gilded lattice-work, the bamboo lounges, the vases of rare porcelain, the red and black lacquered cabinets, and the cases full of books of ancient poetry.

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1. I went into the lounge.
2. Aiden sat on a lounge.
3. I returned to the lounge.
4. Twice I went to the lounge.
5. They moved into the lounge.
6. She led him to the lounge.
7. Look at that lounge suite.
8. He looked about the lounge.
9. He took it into the lounge.
10. They moved to a lounge area.
11. So I walked into the lounge.
12. The lounge was still closed.
13. Davros came out of the lounge.
14. There's booze in the lounge.
15. Smiling Denver left the lounge.
16. I waited at the airport lounge.
17. There’s a light in the lounge.
18. I can hear voices in the lounge.
19. Come, let us go into the lounge.
20. She had it placed in the lounge.
21. She found Chinedu in the lounge.
22. Sheah backed towards the lounge.
23. She found the lounge door closed.
24. He took his beer into the lounge.
25. I dragged her through the lounge.
26. She’s in the teachers’ lounge.
27. Empress Lounge, top of the stairs.
28. These barflies were lounge lizards.
29. Then Carr stepped into the lounge.
30. Her helpers took tea to the lounge.
31. Then the panels in the lounge closed.
32. We herded them into a nearby lounge.
33. She had seen him in the hotel lounge.
34. Miriam’s arrival in the lounge 487.
35. Behind the lounge was a kitchen, pure.
36. I sat in the lounge on the first floor.
37. The lounge was spacious, as wide as the.
38. Suddenly daylight appeared in the lounge.
39. Just then the captain entered the lounge.
40. There was a lounge with a sunken floor.
41. I took a seat in the lounge with Conseil.
42. I wanted to see the lounge one last time.
43. Soon the whole lounge was urging me on.
44. He nodded, following her into the lounge.
45. She walked past him into the lounge room.
46. All had gathered in the foyer lounge area.
47. I opened it and went below to the lounge.
48. In the dining and lounge room area the TV.
49. Outside, they lounge on the beach or by.
50. She heard him then go to the lounge room.
51. Crystal, as they relaxed on the lounge to.
52. She went to the tiny lounge and read the.
53. Alastair has gone on ahead into the lounge.
54. I arrived at the corner door of the lounge.
55. They`re in the lounge talking strategy.
56. And with that, Captain Nemo left the lounge.
57. They had seemed in good form in the Lounge.
58. The lounge chair seemed big with him in it.
59. At 2:35 Captain Nemo appeared in the lounge.
60. Harriet liked Winter Park’s lounge better.
61. The lounge was plunged in profound darkness.
62. He sighed and went to join her on the lounge.
63. He found them in his lounge, playing snooker.
64. Carrie settled herself onto one of the lounge.
65. We sat in the lounge reminiscing on old times.
66. She found Chinedu and his mother in the lounge.
67. He escaped into the VIP lounge, poured a neat.
68. The TV lounge in Craig Hall was dark and empty.
69. Sam and Donna entered the lounge holding hands.
70. Collins has mentioned in the teacher's lounge.
71. With a kiss Rex left Crystal in the lounge of.
72. I entered and was shown to the lounge where I.
73. Without another word, she retired to the lounge.
74. They were off to one side of a huge lounge bar.
75. He joined them in prayer in the student lounge.
76. As they passed the lounge, he just happened to.
77. I followed him and went back to the main lounge.
78. I dressed hurriedly and entered the main lounge.
79. Above: The hotel’s lounge is a great place to.
80. She broke the embrace and led him to the lounge.
81. She found him in the lounge reading from a tablet.
82. And over there is the lounge with a large screen.
83. The toys in the lounge and in Donald’s bedroom.
84. They walked into the lounge and embraced briefly.
85. This was probably the one visible from the lounge.
86. I went back into the lounge but she wasn’t there.
87. He called over the waitress in the airport lounge.
88. She said this whilst sat in his brother’s lounge.
89. A gas fire was lit in the lounge where David and.
90. I'll meet you in the executive lounge in an hour.
91. I went to the teacher’s lounge, looking for food.
92. After they got back to the lounge Ashi pressed Mick.
93. Men go and come, they talk, they jest, they lounge.
94. The First Class lounge has many redeeming features.
95. I high-tailed it to the bathroom outside the lounge.
96. We walked into the place going into the VIP lounge.
97. He was seated in a specially designed lounge chair.
98. The others stood up and we walked out of the lounge.
99. What had once been a reception hall was now a lounge.
100. There is a lounge, dining car, and bedroom carriages.

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