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Low dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. But, I fell too low.
  2. Turn the heat to low.
  3. I let out a low moan.
  4. She had on a low cut.
  5. It is a low, long cry.

  6. He kept his voice low.
  7. If the SG is too low.
  8. Besides that I lay low.
  9. Cynd is low in the sky.
  10. She uttered in a low.
  11. He said in a low voice.
  12. He was flying too low.
  13. The sky though was low.
  14. It was a low paid job.
  15. We could stay low for.

  16. I had a very low pitch.
  17. Alex gave a low whistle.
  18. Nearly an all time low.
  19. His voice was low and.
  20. Brock gave a low whistle.
  21. Mike let out a low laugh.
  22. He swept into a low bow.
  23. Sandra heard a low growl.
  24. It spoke in a low growl.
  25. Reduce the heat to low.

  26. Reduce stove to low heat.
  27. Zayn let out a low growl.
  28. As he kicks, from a low.
  30. Social esteem may be low.
  31. A twitch and a low snore.
  32. Eric spoke, his voice low.
  33. The sun was low in the sky.
  34. Low in the Low Countries.
  35. Billy has found a new low.
  36. Food was low, we all had.
  37. I began to hear a low hum.
  38. Hearts low in the valleys.
  39. Reduce heat to medium low.
  40. Wei Qi said in a low voice.
  41. Keep active at a low food.
  42. Low GI has better control.
  43. The lamps were turned low.
  44. An owl swooped low overhead.
  45. The house was low and sleek.
  46. He chuckled, low and hollow.
  47. Her voice was soft and low.
  48. Such is the low end worker.
  49. Cover and place heat on low.
  50. His voice was low, intense.
  51. His voice was a low rumble.
  52. Everyone shall fly at low.
  53. Without the low beta of a.
  54. Low asked of the two boys.
  55. Wickland gave a low whistle.
  56. Em’s voice was a low growl.
  57. Did she have that low self.
  58. Cover and reduce heat to low.
  59. A low groan escaped his lips.
  60. Go as low as you can, hurry.
  61. Her voice was low and quiet.
  62. It had a low pitch and the.
  63. He growled low in his throat.
  64. The cabin in the boat was low.
  65. It’s really low, I said.
  66. The door was too low for him.
  67. Sespian sank low in his chair.
  68. Morale is low amongst the men.
  69. He asked again in a low voice.
  70. Bryle said to me in low voice.
  71. Her voice was low and tearful.
  72. Simmer for 1 hour on low heat.
  73. Three low cots hugged the edge.
  74. It was a very low key affair.
  75. Low pay, and I'm on probation.
  76. Cook over low heat, stirring.
  77. Firms who have low operating.
  78. It came out all low and husky.
  79. They were coming in low over.
  80. Mix on low until most of the.
  81. The bed was low but curtained.
  82. I said with the low tone, he.
  83. His mouth quivered and a low.
  84. Always plays it low and quiet.
  85. They are in a low income class.
  86. Many users with low influence.
  87. A low whimper came from the bed.
  88. Jared growled low in his throat.
  89. Danton let out a low guttural.
  90. Blood pressure is still low.
  91. You were there in my low estate.
  92. His blood level is very low.
  93. The media sniffed but laid low.
  94. Stay low, and think it through.
  95. In time they entered a low pass.
  96. Cook for 2 minutes on low heat.
  97. It keeps their water bills low.
  98. Jared’s voice was a low growl.
  99. Cook on low, low heat till 3/4.
  100. Look, Buck, this is pretty low.
  1. I stayed clear of the mad, lowing cow.
  2. Bessie shivered, then made a contented, lowing sound.
  3. I could feel her chest rising and lowing from running.
  4. Finally he started slowly, the wagon creaking and the cow lowing mournfully at every.
  5. Big brutes of oceangoing steamers floundering along in the dark, lowing out like seacows.
  6. The other cows had widened the circle around it, like kids at a fight, watching and lowing.
  7. Hush, Petra said, listening for something other than the lowing cow and singing birds.
  8. In the distance behind them could be heard the anxious lowing of the cattle, the bleating of.
  9. That was my undoing I could feel my shoulders raising and lowing as the silent sobs came out.
  10. Interspersed with all of this was the unmistakable pack shuffling of hooves and the lowing of cattle.
  11. With peace and contentment I drifted off to sleep amid the lowing of cattle and the odor of sagebrush.
  12. The insubstantial parapet gave way, and the cart slid slowly off the edge, its helpless oxen lowing in terror.
  13. The sand-drifts and the reeds were already drying up in the steppes, and the cattle, lowing, ran into the fields in the day-time.
  14. A divided drove of branded cattle passed the windows, lowing, slouching by on padded hoofs, whisking their tails slowly on their clotted bony croups.
  15. Pava, uneasy, began lowing, but when Levin put the calf close to her she was soothed, and, sighing heavily, began licking her with her rough tongue.
  16. What are you doing? Amy shouts, her voice just audible over the sound of the rain, the hoof beats of the elves’ horses, and the lowing of the hadrosaurs.
  17. When they got there a group of men were already pulling the monster off the sharpened stakes they had set in the bottom of a pit covered with dry leaves, and it stopped lowing.
  18. You may hear them groan, when the south wind blows, louder than the lowing buffaloes, along the shores of the great salt lake, where the big canoes come and go with them in droves.
  19. At last they could see the place where they had left the horses who were prancing nervously and whinnying, all the while pulling against their tethers in an effort to join in the general movement of the lowing, bleating herds that swirled around them.
  20. The women, however, maintained that the cows had got into the meadow of their own accord; that they had no money, and asked that the cows, which had stood in the blazing sun since morning without food, piteously lowing, should be returned to them, even if it had to be on the understanding that the price should be worked off later on.
  21. You hear the lowing of numerous herds around you, the shrill matin of the songsters of the forest, and the busy hum of the industrious husbandman; you see here and there a clump of trees interspersed among the cultivated parts of the country; you see the comfortable dwelling-house, the substantial barn, and hear the rumbling noise of the mill; and when you reflect that those who dwell here are industrious and enterprising, virtuous, free, and happy, you behold with pleasure, and listen with delight, while reflecting on the objects around you.
  22. And by that way wend the herds innumerable of bellwethers and flushed ewes and shearling rams and lambs and stubble geese and medium steers and roaring mares and polled calves and longwoods and storesheep and Cuffe's prime springers and culls and sowpigs and baconhogs and the various different varieties of highly distinguished swine and Angus heifers and polly bulllocks of immaculate pedigree together with prime premiated milchcows and beeves: and there is ever heard a trampling, cackling, roaring, lowing, bleating, bellowing, rumbling, grunting, champing, chewing, of sheep and pigs and heavyhooved kine from pasturelands of Lusk and Rush and Carrickmines and from the streamy vales of Thomond, from the M'Gillicuddy's reeks the inaccessible and lordly Shannon the unfathomable, and from the gentle declivities of the place of the race of Kiar, their udders distended with superabundance of milk and butts of butter and rennets of cheese and farmer's firkins and targets of lamb and crannocks of corn and oblong eggs in great hundreds, various in size, the agate with this dun.
  23. The salon was filled with the works of modern artists; there were landscapes by Dupre, with their long reeds and tall trees, their lowing oxen and marvellous skies; Delacroix's Arabian cavaliers, with their long white burnouses, their shining belts, their damasked arms, their horses, who tore each other with their teeth while their riders contended fiercely with their maces; aquarelles of Boulanger, representing Notre Dame de Paris with that vigor that makes the artist the rival of the poet; there were paintings by Diaz, who makes his flowers more beautiful than flowers, his suns more brilliant than the sun; designs by Decamp, as vividly colored as those of Salvator Rosa, but more poetic; pastels by Giraud and Muller, representing children like angels and women with the features of a virgin; sketches torn from the album of Dauzats' "Travels in the East," that had been made in a few seconds on the saddle of a camel, or beneath the dome of a mosque—in a word, all that modern art can give in exchange and as recompense for the art lost and gone with ages long since past.
  24. To hear the sound of cattle lowing,.
  25. Lead'st thou that heifer lowing at the skies,.
  1. A cow lowed in a nearby meadow.
  2. So he produced for them a calf-a mere body which lowed.
  3. The cattle lowed from hunger, finding no food on the sun-parched meadows.
  4. When a cow lowed softly Jesus turned His head, then swiftly returned to eating.
  5. No far-off cattle lowed, no birds sang, no wind waved the broke the stillness.
  6. As Atlas lowed with pain and terror, Cletus hacked into its fetlocks with his short sword.
  7. It grew late; he could hear the mullah call; the flock was being driven, and the cows lowed.
  8. I lowed the axe down to Ricks throat in one swift moment I saw Ricks head tumble across the floor.
  9. The cattle, bald in patches where the new hair had not grown yet, lowed in the pastures; the bowlegged lambs frisked round their bleating mothers.
  10. The cows had been let out into their paddock, and their smooth sides were already shining with their new, sleek, spring coats; they basked in the sunshine and lowed to go to the meadow.
  11. In fact, the cowherds and shepherds had driven their beasts thus far, and these lowed from time to time, while with their tongues they tore down some scrap of foliage that hung above their mouths.
  1. Average of highs and lows.
  2. Short term highs and lows.
  3. Highs and lows of the year:.
  4. Very cold, record lows for May.
  5. It’s making new lows on the day.
  6. It gives you the highs, lows, and.
  7. After all, we are at all-time lows.
  8. At both of these lows the q ratio was 0.
  9. Highs and lows threatened to consume me.
  10. And guides me through the lows and highs.
  11. And here we get another test near the lows.
  12. There will be highs and there will be lows.
  13. They'll see the lower highs and lower lows.
  14. Did we miss the absolute lows near 3850? Yes.
  15. His highs were higher and his lows were lower.
  16. The markets drift back down and retest the lows.
  17. His post was headlined Fishing near the Lows.
  18. High put/calls are more bullish; lows more bearish.
  19. But there were highs to cancel out some of the lows.
  20. In other words, the highs and lows are not important.
  21. Here’s a quick tour of some of the highs and lows:.
  22. Daily closes tend to occur near the lows in downtrends.
  23. The highs and lows of bipolar disorder are profoundly.
  24. Notice how the general market hit lower lows (Figure 4.
  25. It consists of equal highs and a series of higher lows.
  26. The closes tend to be near the highs or lows of the day.
  27. Some lie under price lows and some lie above price highs.
  28. Short term lows are used to indicate where to sell once a.
  29. Five hours later, there is another test of the lows, at 1.
  30. It was a very emotional time, with tremendous highs and lows.
  31. On June 4 and June 5, the market retests the lows of the box.
  32. Feel the highs and lows with us as you reach this final step.
  33. Save for a few, humans tend to improve through high and lows.
  34. The time period between these two lows is counted as four days.
  35. Throughout the day there will be ups and downs, highs and lows.
  36. Notice, however, how CSCO turns up off its lows on huge volume.
  37. The bond market rallied for six months from its June 2006 lows.
  38. A few years earlier it had consisted of exciting highs and lows.
  39. Yet when the ticks started making lower lows, so did the market.
  40. When the market makes higher lows, it will often continue upward.
  41. I now need another test of the highs and another test of the lows.
  42. If the numbers of new highs and new lows are equal, NH-NL is zero.
  43. The highs and lows of this game in the hearts and minds of golfers.
  44. Voter turnout was at unprecedented lows for the mid-term elections.
  45. These counts are used to target lows and highs far into the future.
  46. The next task in our example is to identify important and minor lows.
  47. A W bottom forms in a downtrend and involves two reaction lows.
  48. This base is characterized by a series of lower highs and lower lows.
  49. OBV must fall below a trendline placed under the lows of the indicator.
  50. By early July both indexes had dropped below their January-March lows.
  51. Although prices fluctuated, they never again reached the lows of 2001.
  52. However, this chart focuses on the initial reversal trade off the lows.
  53. This is why so many of the basic declines have ended at secondary lows.
  54. This prevented public buy orders from being executed at the day's lows.
  55. It was in a clear downtrend, consolidating at lows and making new lows.
  56. This base is characterized by a series of higher highs and higher lows.
  57. A falling wedge is bullish and is made up of lower highs and lower lows.
  58. Downtrends (trend 2) occur when markets make lower lows and lower highs.
  59. We test the highs three times before selling off to test the lows again.
  60. The line connecting the lows in a longer term position wil be a support.
  61. At the lows for Apple in 2013, you had the opportunity to purchase a….
  62. Counts are taken between all minor lows within four months of one another.
  63. Prices stalled in early March before declining into the early April lows.
  64. If a market is going lower, it must take out previous lows in the process.
  65. GMan still required help with the higher highs and lower lows as a trader.
  66. A rising wedge is made up of higher highs and higher lows, and is bearish.
  67. Then move it up to the relative highs above or down to the relative lows.
  68. Darrell – What are the lows and highs you’ve experienced as a writer?
  69. The price highs and lows for each year are printed at the top of the graph.
  70. I’m not interested in three higher price highs or three lower price lows.
  71. If they are, then that gives you the edge when you’re trying to buy lows.
  72. The fifth day closes near its lows, thereby creating a long black real body.
  73. The stock price returned to health with a move off September 1986 lows of $16.
  74. They scrutinize the new lows list to find stocks that have come down in price.
  75. Here, the early-December lows turned out to be the lowest point of the retest.
  76. Significant swing highs and lows are ideal anchor points for this calculation.
  77. Recession is an industry in decline, the highs are lows at the end of the day.
  78. Once prices rally off of this level, I draw a horizontal line across the lows.
  79. Accepting the highs and accepting the lows, knowing that neither is permanent.
  80. Soybean prices will often put in harvest lows sometime in September or October.
  81. Remember, we are looking for lows that we can join together to form trendlines.
  82. The intraday lows should be getting a bit higher, and/or the highs a bit lower.
  83. The Federal Reserve lowered interest rates to historic lows and then kept them.
  84. Volatility continued to fall back to lower lows, creating a bullish environment.
  85. Conversely, if new lows are expanding on rising volume, this is a negative sign.
  86. Every year, option volatility has risen between 100 to 400% from its winter lows.
  87. Technical Analysis: MOS was in a downtrend and consolidating at the lows near 55.
  88. I decided I would then sell all positions that also fell below their opening lows.
  89. In mid-July, we saw that the stock had bounced up nicely from the lows of late June.
  90. A trend is defined as a series of higher lows (uptrend) or a series of lower highs.
  91. The markets make new intraday lows, and the momentum on the squeeze is still strong.
  92. Another cycle that wreaks havoc with our bodies is the cycle of sugar highs and lows.
  93. All of the foreign currencies are trading near historical lows in option volatility.
  94. Others would see the nasty candles and just get the hell out, probably near the lows.
  95. Once prices start to rally off this level, I place a horizontal line across the lows.
  96. How it developed, covering the highs and the lows of trying to get it off the ground.
  97. Option volatility in the S&P 500 (chart 16) moved to near all time lows in early 1995.
  98. Like key dates in the 107-day Top-to-Top count, lows are determined by closing prices.
  99. An example of this would be a Harami Cross in which the two highs (or lows) are equal.
  100. Once this high is tested, the markets stair-step their way back to the lows at point 4.

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