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Lowering dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. For the purpose of lowering.
  2. She snapped, lowering her jaw.
  3. I continued, lowering my voice.
  4. Lowering weight in a controlled.
  5. Shorty paused, lowering the weapon.

  6. It responded by lowering its power.
  7. Yes, he said, lowering the cup.
  8. But I caution against lowering our.
  9. His voice was fervent, his brows lowering.
  10. Then, lowering his head, he said: Bind me.
  11. Lowering over him stood the mind-executioner.
  12. He saw the rope pulley lowering the walkway.
  13. Never turning his back on them or lowering.
  14. Shannon, he said, lowering the revolver.
  15. The party that is best for lowering my taxes.

  16. Lowering her black eyelashes, she smiled back.
  17. Oh, sorry, Damon said, lowering his hand.
  18. Your Majesty, he said, lowering his head.
  19. Hans turned a moment later, lowering the radio.
  20. I've come with an offer, he said, lowering.
  21. Stop! I cried to the men lowering his body.
  22. The son, lowering his eyes, followed her quietly.
  23. The ceremonies of raising and lowering the flag.
  24. Lowering my eyes, I felt the healing tears behind.
  25. Yes, my Lord, Alric said, lowering his eyes.

  26. It seems that while lowering capital costs will.
  27. The sun was slowly starting to set, lowering the.
  28. No, said the figure, lowering his robed arms.
  29. The boy grew somber, lowering his head to the stone.
  30. No, he can't be! she yelled, lowering her head.
  31. Lowering Hanor to the ground, the Hite felt calmer.
  32. It is also effective for lowering cholesterol levels.
  33. This leads to lowering of refractoriness or Melting.
  34. Start by lowering the thermostat in the winter to 66.
  35. Which one will cower? Lowering their stance and height.
  36. Lowering his phone, Mick rubbed the bridge of his nose.
  37. Lowering levels naturally is a much safer alternative.
  38. Well, that was what she got for lowering her defenses.
  39. Cloud skulked forward, lowering his legs into the shaft.
  40. Sheraz made a forced smile then while lowering his head.
  41. You should be dead! the Nazi said lowering his gun.
  42. Lowering her voice to a whisper, she leans close to him.
  43. He caught his breath and stepped back, lowering his hand.
  44. Indio? one of the guards asked, lowering his spear.
  45. Lowering the glasses, Mick could see another woman, this.
  46. There would be no ceremonial lowering of any flag, though.
  47. Nekhludoff pushed him aside and began lowering it himself.
  48. Kate almost laughed before lowering her voice to a whisper.
  49. He moved closer, lowering his voice a bit, though careful.
  50. Then, lowering in the mountains, and gathering its great.
  51. Haki, by the bed, was lowering his pants with his free hand.
  52. Lowering his binoculars, Mick walked around the goat track.
  53. Mick stared back for a second before lowering his gaze and.
  54. The lowering of profit in the town forces out stock to the.
  55. On the ship, we’d taken to lowering the sails and heaving.
  56. One, however, was a painting of the house with the lowering.
  57. Everything, Gadai responded, lowering his voice further.
  58. Lowering his phone, Mick edged around the same corner for the.
  59. Before lowering her head to the table and crying her eyes out.
  60. Randy suppressed a choke and, lowering his firearm, nodded his.
  61. She replied, lowering her eyes and her voice respectfully:—.
  62. Lowering his newspaper, Uncle Hobart clicked his dentures at me.
  63. Lowering her eyes, she said, Why would they be staring at us.
  64. Keep lowering your buy order to near the high of the latest bar.
  65. Jesse watched the Pastor leave the room before lowering her gaze.
  66. This is assuming a 1 second lift and a 2 second lowering per rep.
  67. Lowering it to the ground, I kicked it off my blade with my boot.
  68. The lowering jaw had vanished into the depths of the water below.
  69. Mom, Dad, I have something to tell you, she said, lowering.
  70. The male wolf jerked and stared a moment, before lowering his head.
  71. Frank saw the fear in her eyes and backed away, lowering his voice.
  72. Lowering herself to the ground, she rocked gently and stared ahead.
  73. Nekhludoff rose, and, pushing the officer aside, began lowering it.
  74. Vince smiled and leaned toward her, his voice lowering theatrically.
  75. Sephiroth… Cloud answered quietly, lowering his eyes as he.
  76. They’re trying to get it loose by raising and lowering the cable.
  77. I would like to change my vote, I announced, lowering my hand.
  78. He was considered,' he added, lowering his voice, 'on 'Change as a.
  79. In a third economy, diversifying operations and lowering operating.
  80. Very sad, sire, replied Michaud, lowering his eyes with a sigh.
  81. Ben slowly leaned in closer, lowering his ear over the man’s mouth.
  82. In the lowering sun their giant shadows flickered darkly behind them.
  83. He took a deep breath, lowering his gaze, trying to remember her name.
  84. Thus, we continued without further comment, lowering the windows as.
  85. Are You Confused By The Vast Number Of Blood Pressure Lowering Drugs.
  86. Well, then? she said expectantly, lowering her gaze to his phone.
  87. The quilt and the sheets under the quilt were lowering, melting to rest.
  88. Lowering her head, Dawn sobbed quietly, her tears falling onto her knees.
  89. Despite the laughing morning sunshine, the sky became dark and lowering.
  90. We’ve come from Poland, said Colling, without lowering his hands.
  91. Negative correlations offer even more possibilities of lowering the risk.
  92. Fifteen minutes later, Cam was alone with the mulch and the lowering sun.
  93. Ammonia? said Nick, lowering his voice, Now hears the thing, Gary.
  94. My problem, I said, lowering my voice, is that you summoned this.
  95. And suddenly he was met by a lowering expression he had never seen in her.
  96. He let the line out slowly, lowering the cobalt petal one scale at a time.
  97. How’s that? Sunday replied, lowering the glasses and looking at her.
  98. Raising and lowering from a block with hand support nearby Therapist's aim.
  99. Please, the war is over, thanks to you, Guinan said, lowering her mug.
  100. Stuart Tarleton, brows lowering, came forward with Brent close at his heels.
  1. I simply lowered my head.
  2. He lowered his head 179.
  3. And she lowered her eyes.
  4. Di Yang lowered his hands.
  5. And then lowered it again.
  6. Long Fei lowered his head.
  7. The bul lowered its horns.
  8. Shi Chen lowered his head.
  9. I lowered my voice further.
  10. Fei who lowered his head!.
  11. Then he lowered his voice.
  12. She just lowered her head.
  13. The hunter lowered his hat.
  14. The woman lowered her eyes.
  15. He lowered the weapon at.
  16. Josh lowered his head, too.
  17. Zach lowered his head again.
  18. He lowered his huge frame.
  19. The beard lowered his spear.
  20. Lord Alyn lowered his voice.
  21. I lowered myself into the.
  22. The doctor lowered his head.
  23. Roman lowered his book down.
  24. The beggar lowered his head.
  25. He lowered his voice a bit:.
  26. She lowered her voice again.
  27. His hand lowered to the knob.
  28. Finally, he lowered his arm.
  29. We lowered it and slid it in.
  30. I lowered my voice to a hiss.
  31. I lowered it into the water.
  32. An Zi eyes once again lowered.
  33. Nangong Ping lowered his head.
  34. And he lowered his head again.
  35. He lowered the seat and sat.
  36. Since Lucy also lowered her.
  37. He lowered his pointy stick.
  38. But Frodo lowered him slowly.
  39. Rad lowered his lip, surprised.
  40. His eyes lowered to the floor.
  41. A motorboat was lowered into.
  42. I lowered my head then froze.
  43. I blushed and lowered my eyes.
  44. I was lowered into the ground.
  45. Gwat hadn’t lowered his bow.
  46. He lowered his head to my neck.
  47. She lowered her sword a little.
  48. The lieutenant lowered his head.
  49. The RBI lowered the CRR by 25.
  50. She lowered her head and nodded.
  51. His eyes lowered and he grinned.
  52. Qi Ge lowered his head and said.
  53. Nodding, Jesse lowered her eyes.
  54. Instead, she lowered her voice.
  55. I lowered my head in self-shame.
  56. The soldiers lowered their guns.
  57. Instead I just lowered my head.
  58. Shapiro then lowered his voice.
  59. She lowered her gaze and then.
  60. The CAG then lowered his voice.
  61. He lowered his head to the sand.
  62. I lowered my face a little and.
  63. Eve lowered the gun to the floor.
  64. He lowered himself next to them.
  65. Claire lowered her head, swaying.
  66. Its door lowered at his arrival.
  67. LanCoste lowered the mighty axe.
  68. Merdon lowered his head in grief.
  69. No one lowered their poker face.
  70. The sergeant lowered his bayonet.
  71. Barron lowered his chin slightly.
  72. Kimi lowered her eye to the hand.
  73. Donna sighed and lowered her head.
  74. Emma lowered her arms and frowned.
  75. Juko's eyes lowered to the ground.
  76. I lowered a shoulder and charged.
  77. As I eased down, he lowered his.
  78. Tarzan lowered his bow and smiled.
  79. Carroll finally lowered his voice.
  80. Paul lowered his glass of ice tea.
  81. He grinned and lowered his voice.
  82. He lowered sorrowful eyes to mine.
  83. Ingrid paled and lowered her head.
  84. Sam lowered his head and chuckled.
  85. He lowered his head, looking away.
  86. Shi Chen lowered his head and said.
  87. I lowered my head, squinted, and.
  88. Persis lowered the PADD and gasped.
  89. The Examiner then lowered his arms.
  90. The barrier remained lowered and.
  91. David lowered his hands to his lap.
  92. Then he lowered the cup once more.
  93. Adele sighed and lowered the knife.
  94. Empty straps lowered to the floor.
  95. This, in turn, has lowered your G.
  96. As he lowered his neck the first.
  97. Jason nodded and lowered his eyes.
  98. I lowered my vision into the Duat.
  99. Carter… She lowered her voice.
  100. Manqing with her head lowered said.
  1. Then he lowers his gun.
  2. He lowers the gold quota.
  3. Frank sags and lowers the ax.
  4. He lowers his voice slightly.
  5. Which lowers the perceived risk.
  6. Jason lowers his bat to his side.
  7. She lowers the blade a fraction.
  8. Becky lowers her arms and turns.
  9. GABA lowers the activity of some.
  10. The beast lowers its head and snorts.
  11. Unks lowers his leg from the railing.
  12. He stops talking and lowers his head.
  13. This usually lowers the existing price.
  14. She stands, lowers her head and leaves.
  15. He lowers himself, sliding down with her.
  16. The doctor lowers Dana's pants a little.
  17. Macourek lowers his gaze to the dashboard.
  18. It does no good and lowers your vitality.
  19. The doctor looks away and lowers his voice.
  20. He slowly lowers the shield and peers out.
  21. Malnutrition: Malnutrition lowers the BMR.
  22. Zeke lowers her to the ground with a grunt.
  23. She lowers her arm and strides toward me.
  24. This lowers our long-term return by only 1.
  25. Tobias releases my wrist and lowers his gun.
  26. Laughter lowers stress and improves health.
  27. All at once he lowers and retracts his arms.
  28. My diabetes lowers by overall temperature.
  29. It only lowers yourself to the level of the.
  30. Mary stops, then lowers her fists to her sides.
  31. The process lowers the carbon footprint.
  32. But opening the new loan lowers their scores a.
  33. He lowers his lips to mine, kissing me ravenously.
  34. He lowers his head into his hand, covering his eyes.
  35. Dante lowers his eyes and stares at the corpse of his.
  36. This in turn lowers both poverty rates and crime rates.
  37. Maya lowers the weapon, but her expression remains hard.
  38. A cat that shrivels its body, lowers its head, and tucks.
  39. She lowers her head and coos, rocking her arms and smiling.
  40. This lowers the resistance and bruises your chest muscles.
  41. There you go, Aaron says, as he lowers me onto a couch.
  42. Jock lowers his glass slowly, staring at Maggie, open mouthed.
  43. We’re with the Band, Jane lowers her glasses and winks.
  44. He lowers his head again, until their lips are nearly touching.
  45. Grossman (rises, approaches Simon and raises and lowers his arm).
  46. He lowers his head and stares once again into the calming water.
  47. Not only that, but alcohol lowers the amount of testosterone in.
  48. However, not all trials have found that green tea intake lowers.
  49. I knew that much, Caleb says, but finally lowers his weapon.
  50. To cover his embarrassment, he lowers his head, looks at his feet.
  51. Maya Cooper never lowers the gun, but her attention snaps to Ciere.
  52. Don’t let your heels get off the floor as this lowers resistance.
  53. During the business cycle, as the Federal Reserve raises or lowers.
  54. So it stirs up anger, finally it lowers esteem, it lowers the value.
  55. Then Jesus lowers the boom: which of these do you think was a neighbour?
  56. The ability to process multiple types of crude oil generally lowers costs.
  57. Simon blushes and lowers his head, pretending to inspect his writing tools.
  58. Then he slowly lowers his chin so that his head is resting on top of hers.
  59. My key is in inside pocket of my track lowers, which are in the rest room.
  60. Natalie lowers her gun and puts it in a deep pocket on the side of her jeans.
  61. And as the sun lowers, more dots glitter in the darker patches of the night.
  62. He turns the engine on and lowers the temperature on the temperature control.
  63. As he lowers his hand from his face, he sees the last thing he will ever see.
  64. He lowers his paper, stares directly at Werner, then raises his newspaper again.
  65. Very carefully, she lowers herself off the bench and presses her ear to the floor.
  66. Her lips glisten when she lowers the bottle and gently smacks it back into my hands.
  67. At a tap on the glass Jock leaves off counting and lowers the passenger side window.
  68. This is the amount used to run the fund, and it generally lowers total fund returns.
  69. Then I angle the elevator upward, which lowers the tail and lifts the plane’s nose.
  70. This generally occurs on flights near the poles and when the stratosphere lowers in.
  71. The man lowers the bullhorn, and looks at the men beside him and lets out a heavy sigh.
  72. CO2 lowers the pH in the chamber and dissolves the calcium carbonate thereby releasing.
  73. More than that — He lifts his hands and lowers his head, eyes locked on Beatrice.
  74. Olive oil lowers LDL cholesterol, especially when the olive oil replaces saturated fat in.
  75. She lowers the ship’s internal pressure and changes the mixture to increase the nitrogen.
  76. Her worth greatly increases as the Captain lowers the heroic medallion around Cass’ neck.
  77. Also the lady lowers her stressed shoulders and her facial expressions immediately soften.
  78. Cass holds her one last minute as he lowers the sparkling present from Lisbon around her neck.
  79. Its higher volatility, however, lowers the risk-adjusted return, generating a Sharpe ratio of.
  80. Drens lowers a rope to his struggling crewman who is now supporting the limp body of our friend.
  81. Looking at Sheila as she lowers her gun Steve cannot resist saying; �Ahh Sheila, you like him.
  82. It’s not a good idea to eat snow without melting it — it quickly lowers your body temperature.
  83. Resent being the strongest energy cancels out sympathy and negatively lowers your overall vibration.
  84. One alcoholic drink can make a person feel warmer, but it actually lowers the core body temperature.
  85. I’m serious! Diane D shouts as she suddenly bends her knees and lowers herself to the ground.
  86. She lowers her head and closes her eyes and takes a deep, calming breath that stutters as she exhales.
  87. Not only that, but alcohol lowers the amount of testosterone in your body and actually increases estrogen.
  88. Her gaze lowers to a door below the balcony hanging over one side of the stage, where Victoria is sitting.
  89. It can protect you from Type II diabetes even better, because it lowers the cholesterol in the blood vessels.
  90. A purchase price at $28 versus $30 lowers the downside risk if the stock does not act in the manner predicted.
  91. Not only that, but alcohol lowers the amount of testosterone in your body and actually increases estrogen levels.
  92. Grace backs up into the crowd that gathered as we were talking, then lowers her gun and jogs down a nearby hallway.
  93. It lowers the price of vegetable food; because, by increasing the fertility of the land, it increases its abundance.
  94. Reading Convention Statements, however, significantly lowers the chance of being broadsided by fast-swapping mavens.
  95. An increase in the dividend lowers the forward price of stock, while a cut in the dividend raises the forward price.
  96. But instead of smiling, or her white cover moving like he expects, the beautiful woman reaches up and lowers her mask.
  97. Aaron climbs on the mattress, lowers his jeans, leans over, and without penetration, comes within a matter of seconds.
  98. I park my car next to his in the garage and he lowers the door, shielding my car from any inquisitive law enforcement.
  99. I thought about it, he says, but then he lowers his head a bit as he goes on, I – there’s a reason I haven’t.
  100. She lowers her face close to his, watching him for any sort of reaction, hoping to tempt him with food and her cooing voice.

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1. I bit my lower lip.
2. She bit her lower lip.
3. I lower my head, as.
4. It had a much lower.
5. Lower Earth has a zoo.
6. The sun was lower on.
7. Jesse bit his lower lip.
8. She bites her lower lip.
9. Lower the heat and add.
10. Gives you a lower score.
11. Club in the lower grades.
12. Or maybe a little lower.
13. Simply wait for a lower.
14. That is lower % E & % RA.
15. Sue kissed her way lower.
16. Her heart sank even lower.
17. I reached the lower door.
18. Lower the heat to simmer.
19. When the lower price of 2.
20. The lower mandible has 3.
21. She gnawed on her lower lip.
22. As PETROL has a much lower.
23. Lower heat and cook for 15.
24. The result is a lower price.
25. The lower forehead hair is.
26. I think we can lower the net.
28. Simply lower prices on items.
29. Don't lower your head to me.
30. Caesar did not lower his aim.
31. Herbie's mood got lower again.
32. His thumb traces my lower lip.
33. The ship slid lower and lower.
34. The purpose of the lower laws.
35. The Unifier of the lower Four.
36. They dropped their head lower.
37. I did, however, lower my head.
38. Lower the heat and cook for 3.
39. Lower the height of the tables.
40. She bit her lower lip frowning.
41. My lower lip started to tremble.
42. The lower register, for choice.
43. Bo sunk even lower in his seat.
44. This means that ice has lower.
45. Lower your weapons, all of you.
46. Cats know that they can lower.
47. Corals lower on this reef wall.
48. Whether to lower it to 18 years.
49. Her lower lip trembled slightly.
50. Lower your voice, Manda said.
51. Nether: Lower; the regions below.
52. Liam's hair and then moved lower.
53. Luna’s gravity is a lot lower.
54. She must chirp on a lower level.
55. He did not give to lower animals.
56. No muscle tone in the lower back.
57. The pallbearers lower the casket.
58. Delta - lower than 4 per second.
59. Even if net income is lower in.
60. He stooped to bolt the lower bolt.
61. Do a fly by of the lower deck.
62. But the lower hinge did not tear.
63. You can't get lower than 3,123ft.
64. Lower the heat and simmer for 4.
65. The wrist, rod, hand, and lower.
66. Then, lower: That old bastard.
67. All he had left to do was lower.
68. I laid Sue’s lower body onto it.
69. Because strength values are lower.
70. He bit his lower lip then answered.
71. No, it is a little lower than that.
72. The moment she saw it, her lower.
73. Some believe it was on the lower.
74. Filth seeks lower levels of filth.
75. She pressed her hand to her lower.
76. I slouched even lower, put a cold.
77. First the lower bunk, then the top.
78. Therefore her head sunk even lower.
79. I placed my hand on the lower bunk.
80. The lower half of the young man's.
81. With lower forms of nether mortals.
82. Leigh bit her lower lip and grinned.
83. I said, Nay, I want a lower price.
84. When the USD/JPY traded lower than.
85. His lower lip trembled with concern.
86. He crouched lower and inhaled deeply.
87. The lower end of the mountain lays.
88. They would lower their voices when.
89. Lower the heat and simmer about 30.
90. Al I had to do was lower my vision.
91. One study showed no effect of lower.
92. Q: What is lower and what is higher?
93. In the lower one you see the feelers.
94. Just a perfectly ordinary lower back.
95. The lower your score the worse your.
96. The lower the head the more relaxed.
97. Pelvic pain and lower back pain are.
98. The lower class aping the upper class.
99. She sat lower, on a wide sloping rock.
100. Xzavier reaches towards his lower back.

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