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Lowlife dans une phrase (en anglais)

Typical lowlife criminal artwork.
He was some kind of lowlife freak, Joe.
I guess it worked pretty well on the lowlife skels that he was used to dealing with.
It's hard to resist, not as an excuse for that lowlife, but just as an observation.
You kill that no account, lowlife, sick bastard that sold kids to dirty old men?
Molly added The lowlife art stars he writes about are the people we're needing to start the viral.
Joey remained a lowlife with a father that lucked out and was given a company by a gracious brother.

They basically sacrificed me- someone they perceived as a no-good lowlife for what they perceived as a greater good.
Tiberius retired to Capri leaving the affairs of state in the hands of Sejanus and generally took on the airs and attitudes of a lowlife.
What could happen is that the lowlife who put forth very little effort in stealing another’s identity to have more than one eventually winds up with none at all.
The name didn’t mean a thing to several lowlife informants, but we found out that on the last Monday of the month, a major dealer drives in from the Hamptons and replenishes his supply from the Colombians operating out of a take-out place in South Williamsburg.

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bum crumb git lowlife puke rat rotter skunk stinker

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