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Lowly dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. He is meek and lowly.
  2. I’m just a lowly CWO.
  3. The Lofty and the Lowly.
  4. She sighed and moaned lowly.
  5. Lowly in the manger laid;.

  6. Lo, He loved the lost and lowly.
  7. I was a lowly room attendant.
  8. See what this lowly Man of clay.
  9. Fabio! she called out lowly.
  10. He eschews the lowly feelings of.
  11. While many of the weak and lowly.
  12. Above this lowly orb of ours abide.
  13. Lipmann was a lowly Year 3 teacher.
  14. For the first harvest shall be lowly.
  15. That's the benefit of being a lowly.

  16. You can only rule in this lowly life.
  17. His neighbour's lowly tomb and mourned.
  18. Nor will I ever think lowly thoughts of you.
  19. Meagan blushed and cleared her throat lowly.
  20. It shows how a lowly man through constant.
  21. She was only a lowly captain at Leavenworth.
  22. They are also referred to as (seven) lowly.
  23. In the lowly old-timers, I should have said.
  24. After all I was nothing but a lowly commoner.
  25. Mevarn spoke so lowly she could barely hear it.

  26. Imagine that! And all this from the lowly forum.
  27. The Palace torches glowed lowly and cast soft.
  28. There is nothing lowly about being a merchant.
  29. Carefully, she turned to Elior who groaned lowly.
  30. The woman was merely a lowly weigher of the gold.
  31. A lowly human managed to steal Daddy’s affection.
  32. He could end up a lowly knight on the level of Sir.
  33. His eyes were closed and he whispered lowly to himself.
  34. Socrates himself was a lowly stonemason; he was a nobody.
  35. He looked at me in disgust like I was a vile lowly thief.
  36. When they heard about her lowly start in life and about.
  37. Around me, I could hear voices speaking lowly, and softly.
  38. The building is too important for such a lowly department.
  39. It was a public, cultural degradation of their lowly status.
  40. The lowly monks whose skulls and bones are in the crypt of St.
  41. Jesus served as a lowly carpenter, if He even actually existed.
  42. When she entered the lowly cabin, she filled it with paradise.
  43. Surely he scorns the scorners: but he gives grace unto the lowly.
  44. She sighed lowly, watching the mist spring foggily from her mouth.
  45. The description talks about the lowly primate, the lemur, as being.
  46. He placed his hands on their heads again and whispered to them lowly.
  47. Oh, before I forget, we ran into a lowly straggler on the way here.
  48. It surprises me that they would have anything to do with lowly humans.
  49. Santa Sofía de la Piedad never seemed bothered by that lowly position.
  50. But Royal families live by different standards than their lowly subjects.
  51. While many of the weak and lowly have found the truth and laid hold of.
  52. Yes, but you’re the hotel manager, I’m a lowly serf in comparison.
  53. They didn't want to bond with such lowly creatures, Chevalier said.
  54. While many of the weak and lowly have found the truth and laid hold of it.
  55. I don’t believe you did that, are you crazy? Steve whistled lowly.
  56. For hundreds of years: this butchery was a side-practice of lowly barbers.
  57. He moved with his head bowed lowly and tilted nefariously to eye them all.
  58. They were both lowly corporals, while I held the coveted rank of lieutenant.
  59. I lowered my head and looked at the floor in an attempt to appear more lowly.
  60. So a company with big sales but a lowly valuation is an interesting candidate.
  61. He whispered lowly, almost without sound, so she could not hear what he said.
  62. He comes as the lowly one, riding upon an ass, upon a colt, the foal of an ass.
  63. I, who was a lowly honors major in political science, keeping up with a lawyer.
  64. He overthrew those who acted haughtily from their thrones and raised the lowly.
  65. When the lowly insect ceases Its song, The Great Chain of Being ceases Its cycle.
  66. Kalkin regarded them apathetically but wondered what free will would lead lowly.
  67. I was a lowly secretary, unattached, trying to put a little money aside but free.
  68. Better to be humble spirit with the lowly than to divide the spoil with the proud.
  69. It seemed unlikely that the haughty Alice would be attracted to a lowly apprentice.
  70. In this statement, there is a deep lesson that puts an end to man’s lowly desires.
  71. I didn’t expect that you will feel pity for such a lowly despicable thief!.
  72. This is a lie… He said lowly at first, but then his confidence launched and he.
  73. The officer in charge was a self-important oike who had obviously bought his lowly rank.
  74. Better to be of a humble spirit with the lowly, than to divide the spoil with the proud.
  75. Killing lowly peasants who did not deserve to be killed by so noble a killing implement.
  76. I don’t care and never will care about anything as inconsequential as a lowly dwelling.
  77. And someone who was a lowly slave of low class rank for how ever long you’ve lived.
  78. It’s true that even in our lowly Missouri state, I didn’t ever have to actually budget.
  79. When we think of meek, we think of mild, deferring, quiet, lowly, placid, soft, and docile.
  80. It would be appealing to thrash that lowly husband with her walking stick, much like John C.
  81. I’ve dealt with all sorts of rogues in my career and even ones as lowly as child-absconders.
  82. He rocked back and forth quietly and his lips moved as if he still whispered lowly to himself.
  83. Tetta, an unworthy wretch, a lowly house-maid for Christ, sends her most affectionate greetings.
  84. You have been evolved to what you are from a lowly atom because you possessed the power to think.
  85. The Seven Spirits of Evil are also referred to as seven mountains and seven (lowly) hills because.
  86. Clemens, for some reason still believed we were much further advanced than you lowly Earth people.
  87. I’m a servant of the Lord whose goal is to save lowly sinners and stamp out evil in the world.
  88. Many noble ladies would have refused to speak to someone as lowly as Gwenda, but she had guessed that.
  89. Finally, I believe that many lowly organised forms now exist throughout the world, from various causes.
  90. As a lowly Private First Class, at first, Walker rose in rank, and served three tours in that theater.
  91. It wasn’t nerves, or being overawed by being spoken to by such a powerful man, and her just a lowly DC.
  92. They all seemed to be within the same age bracket (late teens I surmised) and were lowly, as I have said.
  93. As for the men, though some of them lowly rumbled, their fear of Ahab was greater than their fear of Fate.
  94. What is it, Sarah? I had been meaning to say something already to reassure her of my own lowly status.
  95. It was here a lowly corporal could signal a full colonel he was not going on this mission in that airplane.
  96. There is awareness that humanity comprises a lowly and beastly nature without restraint from a supreme deity.
  97. Who were supposed to be civilized in comparison to the supposedly lowly uncivilized savages they encountered.
  98. That lowly rat is really so arrogant and intending to bully our Zhijiao Manor! He paused awhile to ask.
  99. You could have been a princess in the New World! But now you’re going to die like a lowly, ordinary human.
  100. Ilmal put an arm around the king’s shoulders, and they walked to the large house while they conversed lowly.

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base baseborn humble lowly petty secondary subaltern menial low modest small

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