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Luck dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. It is not just luck.
2. Boy, was I in luck.
3. But Brady was in luck.
4. And had a little luck.
5. He did this for luck.
6. With any luck at all.
7. Yes! Luck is with us.

8. This is miss bad luck.
9. It was pure luck that.
10. As luck would have it.
11. Good luck to you both.
12. Good luck, by the way.
13. He had pushed his luck.
14. Good, we are in luck.
15. Aaron had no such luck.
16. That would be our luck.
17. If so, you are in luck.
18. And to my luck, she was.
19. Good luck for this year.
20. I've had a lot of luck.
21. Good luck if this is it.
22. Their luck is that the.
23. You are in luck, my dear.
24. The loss was not bad luck.
25. Gomz: Good Luck with that.
26. He had to trust his luck.
27. Samantha the best of luck.
28. A man makes his own luck.
29. Good luck on your test.
30. We’ll need lots of luck.
31. Of all the rotten luck.
32. Best of luck to you all.
33. Good luck with your tests.
34. I didn’t have much luck.
35. It was a sheer luck, yaar.
36. As luck would have it he.
37. It’s tough luck for him.
38. I've had a change of luck.
39. Sorry you've had bad luck.
40. Luck of the draw.
1. A very lucking girl repeated Jessica to herself as she was trying to concentrate through.
1. He said we lucked out.
2. We lucked out, you know.
3. They had lucked out when it.
4. Ok, so we lucked out and made a.
5. Oh, how my family lucked out on this one.
6. But I didn’t know for sure until Tyler lucked out and found you at school.
7. The creditors, however, had lucked out when the tapes of him and Rayna surfaced.
8. One, it just happens that things work out this way, and we really lucked out.
9. As much as he talked about Sonja, he was glad his man Wisdom lucked out with her.
10. They had just lucked out and hit the proverbial jackpot, considering the circumstances.
11. Years before, he’d lucked into the West Side apartment, a sprawling three bedroom with river views.
12. Joey remained a lowlife with a father that lucked out and was given a company by a gracious brother.
13. Huh, hadn’t I lucked out? Three parents and none of them stepped up to the plate to be a real parent!.
14. I had concentrated on building The Shag & Golf over the summer and had lucked out with five new contracts.
15. I could never have imagined myself living such a suburban existence, but I’ve lucked into wonderful neighbors.
16. The horde had lucked out earlier on that week when, using the weapons that they had, they had stormed the Sportsman Gun Center in Stephendale.
17. Challenging and well-paying work was still a bit difficult to get, but those who lucked in early could now buy the very first economy micro cars from the reborn German post-war production lines.
18. So, we invade a nation over this because some dissidents lucked out with the box cutters and took over some of our own airplanes to use as bombs? Isn’t that like killing a gnat with a sledge hammer after running through a hornets nest to get there? What about collateral kill when we invade? Haven’t we killed 10 times more of their civilians (than what died in the towers) trying to find the bad guys.
1. Let‘s just hope our lucks stays this good for the time being.

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