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Magic dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. It was a magic day.
  2. It was magic for me.
  3. I can not use magic.
  4. It is a magic sword.
  5. The magic sort of toy.

  6. Armor has magic in it.
  7. And then, it was magic.
  8. He can use magic –.
  9. The Magic Art of the.
  10. I speak of true magic.
  11. My magic is of no use.
  12. A sort of magic trick.
  13. There is no magic here.
  14. Evil magic was at work.
  15. His eyes lit with magic.

  16. Again he used his magic.
  17. No love magic for you!.
  18. The Magic of Your Voice.
  19. We have a magic sword.
  20. You ask about magic, I.
  21. The Magic will tell me.
  22. There is no magic formula.
  23. His lips were like magic.
  24. The magic had flown out.
  25. He never used magic for.

  26. The man never used magic.
  27. And it worked! My magic.
  28. I need those magic hands.
  29. You are the End of magic.
  30. More Magic Behind the Why.
  31. It's just magic I suppose.
  32. This is how magic happens.
  33. Surely the magic of this.
  34. At least I have magic now.
  35. There is Magic in Numbers.
  37. There is magic in numbers.
  38. The power of the old magic.
  39. Even in the Magic Kingdom.
  40. She said more magic words.
  41. Her magic had gained her.
  43. There is no magic solution.
  44. Where sounds a magic choir.
  45. This door has a magic lock.
  46. That magic comes from its.
  47. I'm supposed to End magic.
  48. This armor has magic in it.
  49. By the magic of the Harbour.
  50. I couldn't hold the magic.
  51. There is old magic here.
  52. The Forged by Magic Series.
  53. The only magic that it wove.
  54. The Various Styles of Magic.
  55. The magic didn?t work this.
  56. A real magic; that old kind.
  57. It’s not magic, my dear.
  58. They refill new magic water.
  59. It is the magic of the Dark.
  60. A magic elixir that creates.
  61. Ilmal sought him with magic.
  62. Add a little touch of magic.
  63. I am not a teacher of magic.
  64. The camp has magic borders.
  65. He wondered; when his magic.
  66. I’m scared of the magic.
  67. The magic rune hit the dragon.
  68. That was some powerful magic.
  69. As for me, I needed no magic.
  70. It is as if the Magic did it.
  71. We are beings made of magic.
  72. I shared my magic with you.
  73. There is strong magic here.
  74. But there wasn’t any magic.
  75. She was in a battle of magic.
  76. My body will reject the magic.
  77. Slowly I pulled my magic back.
  78. Try using your magic again.
  79. The Magic had been there again.
  80. Wychetts and the Key to Magic.
  81. The magic pill always wins out.
  82. There is no magic in intuition.
  83. Shane had said the magic words.
  84. Safe in the magic of my woods.
  85. Has nothing to do with magic.
  86. The Magic of Compound Interest.
  87. Maybe it was a tribe of magic.
  88. This magic talisman is at the.
  89. Yes Slikit, the ancient magic.
  90. There is still magic out there.
  91. Astral plane, magic of the eye.
  92. Magic is a very serious matter.
  93. Some of the boys call it magic.
  94. The Witch's magic is weakening.
  95. Your healing magic is powerful.
  96. We protect them with our magic.
  97. The magic of the studio meant.
  98. But there is good magic too.
  99. Food is magic next to exercise.
  100. We’d broken the magic casting.

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