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Maneuver dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. That maneuver took guts, Tam.
2. It was a simple enough maneuver.
3. It was a movie maneuver, but the.
4. You could maneuver to get you alone.
5. I have not heard of this maneuver.
6. It is a course maneuver for Hermes.
7. It was a creative, but risky, maneuver.

8. He subsequently duplicated his maneuver.
9. This was a bold maneuver for one single.
10. This maneuver did not escape the Canadian.
11. You will have to practice that maneuver.
12. Lee was outnumbered and could not maneuver.
13. I had room to maneuver, and maneuver I did.
14. This maneuver is especially necessary for.
15. It says the name is ‘Rich Purnell Maneuver.
16. How the ship would maneuver I hadn't a guess.
17. Nancy was too surprised by the maneuver to react.
18. War correspondents maneuver with the second wave.
19. This maneuver instantly settles Becky’s crying.
20. The rest of the maneuver takes them back to Earth.
21. It was a maneuver that Carl had undoubtedly done.
22. I’m sorry, he said as a defensive maneuver.
23. It was a classic pickpocket maneuver called dipping.
24. Stealth would allow them to maneuver before striking.
25. They began to maneuver a series of political puppets.
26. John Farmer nodded and focused on the tricky maneuver.
27. You maneuver yourself under him avoiding kicking legs.
28. That offensive, defensive maneuver was classic Jersey.
29. But the enemy ship still managed to match the maneuver.
30. This was a maneuver they had practiced dozens of times.
31. You could fly in the atmo and maneuver with that thing.
32. Unable to maneuver, Trace manages to level out the mecha.
33. In a week they could maneuver themselves in front of us.
34. I think she’d maneuver better with a little less sail.
35. The Goblin Master swung his scimitar in a whirling maneuver.
36. Yigal repeated the maneuver but let his line pay out as the.
37. Instead, I had to try to maneuver the Ute to go in backwards.
38. There was a fascination to watching his mother maneuver people.
39. We don’t know how, but we know you sent them the maneuver.
40. Lord Taliesin swung his longsword upward in a powerful maneuver.
1. This will require careful maneuvering.
2. He halted the horse, maneuvering it easily.
3. With some acrobatic maneuvering I tried to repay.
4. It was damaged and having trouble maneuvering.
5. Johnson referred to the lessons as evasive maneuvering.
6. The big banks are all busy maneuvering for the oil billions.
7. Because of the debris, let’s have maneuvering thrust and.
8. All the control and maneuvering function problems have been fixed.
9. Kate took a delight in the maneuvering and machinations of the game.
10. Mitch was still maneuvering around Ralph, not looking at the doghouse.
11. Kegan wasn’t nearly as fast as Tim and his obstacle maneuvering skills.
12. No, he said, maneuvering through the city streets toward the palace.
13. The stress of this idle maneuvering had reduced Freeman to a rumpled heap.
14. The convoy, with much reversing, maneuvering and shouting, slowly sets off.
15. He knew they were no longer maneuvering, for the force against his body was.
16. It has a standard satellite thruster package for maneuvering, but that’s it.
17. He could even see Andrew stealthily maneuvering around some cars parked by the.
18. He would not let me help paddle, but expertly handled the maneuvering by himself.
19. These act as landing struts, but also help in maneuvering, and can be used to attack.
20. It’s so beautiful! she said softly after maneuvering in the hammock for a view.
21. Right now Alfred was just maneuvering the android between the man they sought and the wall.
22. I have to take a maneuvering test where I basically have to survive out there for an hour.
23. A Coast Guard helicopter forwarded information to assist the cutter in tactical maneuvering.
24. Raising her sword she attacked the monster maneuvering her way between it and Mistress Sera.
25. With such limited mobility, it took a lot of maneuvering, but I was able to get it into my sock.
26. This amendment is a prime example of legal maneuvering to prevent exploitation of former slaves.
27. Alright you two, get ready, here it comes! Niela said, suddenly maneuvering into the current.
28. On his display tablet Roidon could see her often maneuvering between sectors of the main enclosure.
29. They entered the pantry room and scurried through it, maneuvering around crates, baskets, and boxes.
30. WHEN YOU SEE someone with an IED or a rifle maneuvering toward your men, you have clear reason to fire.
31. Meanwhile Alfred was maneuvering his android across the busy business street toward the pedestrian plaza.
32. She hit the maneuvering controls wildly and tried to veer off to the left, but it was too little, too late.
33. Maneuvering thrusters maintained their position and shallow depth, after switching back to computer control.
34. It was grinding the side of our car, maneuvering us toward a steep, rocky drop-off to the reservoir far below.
35. After a couple of clicks and some gentle maneuvering, Paige is out of her car seat and in her mother’s arms.
36. Releasing docking clamps and maneuvering to threshold, the Elf recited her actions as she performed them.
37. Life support and basic maneuvering systems are designed to function autonomously in case of major system failure.
38. A brief opening revealed the mechs already spinning on their puffers and maneuvering to get what they’d come for.
39. When you see someone with an IED or a rifle maneuvering toward your men, you have clear reason to fire.
40. After maneuvering on a stiff leg brace from eleven months to seven years old, the decision was made to amputate her leg.
1. He maneuvered his way over.
2. O’Brien maneuvered the thermos so.
3. It maneuvered up and down, side to side.
4. I maneuvered around and put her in a headlock.
5. Then I quickly maneuvered and hid around the.
6. She enhanced her speed then maneuvered through.
7. Kitara held him up and maneuvered him to his bed.
8. Rhone maneuvered the hilt back into his hand, and.
9. The car maneuvered to the elevator side of the tower.
10. True, said the seer, and maneuvered by mind.
11. He maneuvered over to her and evaluated her condition.
12. He then maneuvered the ship and orbited the planet once.
13. Bill maneuvered his helicopter high and waited until it.
14. Brent was in awe as Joshua maneuvered the glider towards.
15. Josh maneuvered the glider to approach the city from the.
16. Fred switched the engine on and maneuvered the car around.
17. Bender maneuvered into a position just off its right wing.
18. Carl blocked and maneuvered with a grace I had seen only in.
19. McCoy maneuvered around the crowd, with Tammas dragging behind.
20. The needle moved up and down the gauge as the plane maneuvered.
21. Sir, yes sir! he answered as he maneuvered the ship about.
22. It maneuvered to cut into the herd of long–skulled predators.
23. As we continued to kiss, we both maneuvered our legs out of them.
24. He maneuvered himself closer to her and took her outstretched hand.
25. Manning maneuvered the mouse, and the hiss of the printer started.
26. Crouching low, Emily quickly maneuvered into the room and slipped.
27. He maneuvered around a patch of ice, wincing as he swiveled his hip.
28. Stacey maneuvered the car to the home of his friend and former mentor.
29. She licked her paw and maneuvered behind her ear, but it was awkward.
30. Peter maneuvered in the line of marching men until he was next to Tom.
31. So to avoid bloodshed, both sides maneuvered, staying away from battle.
32. Gently he maneuvered the savage to where he became watchman of the night.
33. They maneuvered around the other crew members and stopped at the life pod.
34. She maneuvered around a ‘caution, wet floor’ sign near the Band-Aids.
35. As she maneuvered herself in, two others swooped in towards the same prey.
36. Natalia, meanwhile, had maneuvered to the table where she had left her PADD.
37. Garcia turned his attention to Leeta as she maneuvered around several of the.
38. He maneuvered the key with his shaking hands until he had unlocked his cuffs.
39. They maneuvered the dinghy overboard and tied it to the rear of the Diveboat.
40. Roman, the driver explained, as he maneuvered into the front of the building.
1. Hortmel with sharp, speedy maneuvers.
2. That was made for exo-atmo maneuvers.
3. He thought, Well it had to be military maneuvers.
4. This is not any different than the maneuvers sea.
5. Alex smiled at her maneuvers to get out of the trip.
6. As Sue did so, Sue did one of her tongue maneuvers.
7. She maneuvers out of the way before you land on top.
8. He made lousy coffee, but perfect Heimlich maneuvers.
9. Panicking, Trace maneuvers her section of the combined.
10. A lariat is one of our more athletic maneuvers, and the.
11. I however don’t believe that this is for simple maneuvers.
12. For the record, a lot of these advanced bunny-hill maneuvers.
13. She smiles her pudgy smile as Cass maneuvers his arms around her.
14. That was a combat flight, and those were all standard maneuvers.
15. Had to be, because when a ship went into combat maneuvers there.
16. Then it slowly went into a series of maneuvers that seemed mindless.
17. Some formed into their own ranks and mimicked the soldiers’ maneuvers.
18. We don't have time for delicate maneuvers, that asteroid might be guided.
19. His maneuvers were often tinged with duplicity and ardent self-promotion.
20. They managed a few brilliant maneuvers and had a few legitimate practices.
21. Her reflexes and instincts were tuned to space flight and aerial maneuvers.
22. By the time you try all those maneuvers you’re out of oxygen, Roman.
23. Clearly they were as practiced at this as the Fourth was at combat maneuvers.
24. There were no simulators so they worked with the real ships in real maneuvers.
25. I had come from the south then and a large force had been practicing maneuvers.
26. Aspenquid was on maneuvers with the new recruits but would be back in a few days.
27. The technique of pyramiding is well illustrated by the successive maneuvers of O.
28. The emergency team weaves in and out of each other in expertly rehearsed maneuvers.
29. During this interregnum we begin a very original and interesting series of maneuvers.
30. He was most furious of all to find out native astronomers were watching their docking maneuvers.
31. She maneuvers around me as if she’s been flying military-grade aerial vehicles her entire life.
32. The children and Miss Avery continue to cry as she successfully maneuvers them aside in her embrace.
33. Hooker reruns he used to watch covered tactical maneuvers at wedding parties in parallel dimensions.
34. Each of them fell in line, soon the maneuvers were complete This batch will be delivered tomorrow.
35. He wrote to his parents, explaining that the maneuvers had lasted far longer than he had anticipated.
36. Calvin watched the model of the Nighthawk soar to meet the enemy ship, which matched Sarah's maneuvers.
37. I told Thomas we had to split up and I started the practiced evasive maneuvers, running in the patterns.
38. The rams, by now, have become terribly interested in these maneuvers, and are watching the scene unfold.
39. Flurry after flurry of offensive sword maneuvers came at Ben and it backed him up to the edge of the mat.
40. The mere fact that she was capable of such surprise maneuvers was something Marilyn found very troubling.

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