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Mar dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. Wrinkles that mar are drawn by.
2. It is primarily intended for mar.
3. Clin Infect Dis 2009 Mar; 48 (5).
4. The New Republic, Washington, 19 mar.
5. Which do but mar the secret of the whole.
6. There was nothing to mar the blue flaw-.
7. The termination in mar has been added recently.

8. Your ‘loyalty’ is a mar on the family name.
9. The cuarto = 4 maravedís, and the real = 34 mar.
10. He then gave me his address in Del Mar and hung up.
11. She would not let what might be mar her newfound joy.
12. But the alluring features of using Flash web designs mar its.
13. However the order was triggered the next day on 18 Mar 08 @ $6.
14. In some circles they call that a quarter, Mar, Lynn says.
15. Fancy that thing having the power to make or mar his happiness.
16. It was a beautiful place on the Estrella de Mar side of Casitas.
17. The grandmother remained silent, not to mar the happiness of the.
18. Only her large spectacles tended to mar a bit her fascinating beauty.
19. GG was spotted a bearish reversal candlestick formation on 17 Mar 08.
20. Even if he couldn’t mar the Sign, it still might take off his hand.
21. By the 10 Mar 08, after eight trading days the stock is down to closed.
22. The time decay for the XYZ Mar 40 Put would have reduced the value to 1.
23. The later version of 1840 is peculiarin the reading en todo el mar conocido.
24. That would be nice, but I don’t want to mar the reputation of my favorite.
25. I spotted Del Mar sliding into the line instead of waiting in the hot sun when.
26. It was not the custom for elderly people to mar the picnics with their presence.
27. This calendar spread could be exited by selling the XYZ Mar 35 Call and taking in 2.
28. He stood behind her again, arms folded, sneering insofar as it didn't mar his charm.
29. What a cruel thing is war; to separate and destroy families and friends, and mar the.
30. At that price the profit from the short position on the XYZ Mar 50 Put is the full 1.
31. I drove straight to Del Mar and called Chofsky’s phone a few blocks from the compound.
32. Emily Wax, Rwandans are struggling to love children of hate, Washington Post, 28 mar.
33. Mar 14:8 She hath done what she could: she is come aforehand to anoint my body to the burying.
34. After cycling six miles to the south west of Calella, Siri found the village of Arenys del Mar.
35. Adrian kissed me all the way to my soul and I responded with no second thoughts to mar the way.
36. Mar 9:23 Jesus said unto him, If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth.
37. Traces of this competitive outlook still mar some parts of church life in Scotland to this very day.
38. Observant of his unwillingness to mar the effect by opening it again, Defarge said, Go on, Jacques.
39. I offered the lady marriage, but she refused it on the grounds that such a match might mar my career.
40. The sense of daily failure, weakness, imperfection, and inward conflict, will no longer mar their peace.
41. There are no clouds to block it, no birds to fly across its expanse and no butterflies to mar its surface.
42. Besides this counseling, our vocation has no business inside the four walls that mar the view to our calling.
43. In addition to Joe Granville’s OBV, ideas by David Bostian and Mar Chaikin were influential in the formulation.
44. In a more recent addition to this rather skimpy knowledge base, an entry in the California Political Review, Mar.
45. As an example of a diagonal spread using put options, the near-term XYZ Mar 50 Put would be sold for a credit of 1.
46. This story was printed in an Eastern newspaper on 23 Mar 1997 and titled Unarmed Robbery: ‘An elderly woman.
47. She still loved him and thought she would mar his life by a union with him, and would free him by living with Simonson.
48. If he was a Maronite, he must have had ties to the likely Origenist milieu of the monastery of Mar Maron in western Syria.
49. Mar 13:13 And ye shall be hated of all men for my name's sake: but he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.
50. A high finish is always attempted, no tool marks nor any individuality of the craftsman is allowed to mar the perfect symmetry of the whole.
51. His devotees died about that tomb in a crimson holocaust, but the barbarians could not burst the door, nor ever mar the structure by maul or fire.
52. Fortunately, since Del Mar is a very affluent coastal town, the number of homes and street traffic was decidedly less than most sections of San Diego.
53. This goal results in the value of the long Mar 40 Put to be at its maximum value relative to the value of the expiring short position in the Jan 40 Put.
54. HIGH ON THE CLIFFS above the Golden Gate Bridge, 20 El Camino del Mar was a stucco, Spanish-style home with an iron gate guarding the terra-cotta driveway.
55. Tarzan let him up, and in a few minutes all were back at their vocations, as though naught had occurred to mar the tranquility of their primeval forest haunts.
56. The Hotel Helen Mar was an inspiration, and only goes to show how buoyant and optimistic dispositions may, with a little ingenuity, turn disaster into prosperity.
57. He was initially worried about the Corvette being left on the street and checked on it regularly but it was always pristine, not even a speck of dirt to mar its beauty.
58. Consumerism has developed this imbalance to an incredibly insane degree of pure cowardice, so nothing the slightest bit unpleasant is allowed to mar the ease of their affluence.
59. The tables are nice at the Del Mar Turf Club with white table cloths and all the silverware and you are actually eating outside but you are under the high roof of the race track.
60. The major motivation of the spread trade is to benefit from the calendar decay difference between the short position in the at the money XYZ Jan 35 Call and long XYZ Mar 30 Call.
61. It means: the cleansing of the mind of all defilements that mar its purity; the removing of all obstacles that bar its progress from the mundane to the supramundane consciousness.
62. After searching throughout the harbour workshops and boat sheds at Arenys del Mar, there appeared to be nothing there of any use, just abandoned tools and a few piles of materials.
63. Unfortunately for Roger, other problems loomed ahead that would mar a peaceful transition into his new living conditions and further strain the emotional convulsion he had suffered.
64. He sometimes showed an almost abnormal exaltation, an almost abnormal fervour, partly, I imagine, because the fever never really left him ; but that did not mar his beautiful serenity.
65. But what will it be when we see "a multitude, which no man can number," of saints completely delivered from all sin, and not one single unconverted person among them to mar the harmony!.
66. The editorial board had long ago expressed its displeasure with the proposed project, so it was perfectly understandable that they would try to mar the project in the court of public opinion.
67. The fact that the doctor had never met the dead girl’s parents or even worked on a case where a child was abducted and murdered did not mar his qualifications to speak as an expert on national television.
68. Mar 8:38 Whosoever therefore shall be ashamed of me and of my words in this adulterous and sinful generation; of him also shall the Son of man be ashamed, when he cometh in the glory of his Father with the holy angels.
69. Mar first, which began the hot Summer months, fell upon Ignar’s Day, for the flame was the symbol of the season; Sepilar first, the start of a cooler Autumn, was represented by the sea, and was always on Flarow’s Day.
70. Of the Summer months, Mar ruled, according to legend, Ilespin, which is noted for its heat and humidity, but there is no historical record of what he ruled, and more than likely the rumor was begun because of the month Mar’s tendency to be humid.
71. What was there to mar success? The commandant at Maiden needed only an apology to surrender! What if the other Hull had commanded? Every thing would have fallen before him—great science was not necessary; courage and faithfulness would have accomplished every thing.
72. All the time I had a feeling that each one of my companions was finding the festivities as distasteful as I was myself; but, in the belief that he was the only one doing so, felt himself bound to pretend that he was very merry, in order not to mar the general hilarity.
73. I bequeath to Maximilian Morrel, captain of Spahis,—and son of my former patron, Pierre Morrel, shipowner at Marseilles,—the sum of twenty millions, a part of which may be offered to his sister Julia and brother-in-law Emmanuel, if he does not fear this increase of fortune may mar their happiness.
74. If he was a Melkite, it seems likely that he received his philosophical and theological education and was trained as a translator in one of the monasteries of Palestine — such as the monastery of Mar Saba, which was a cutting-edge multilingual translation centre at the time, or the monastery of Mar Khariton.
75. My acquaintances do not ask the erudite to dinner, one of the reasons, as insufficient as the rest, being that they either wear day clothes in the evening, or, if worldly enough to dress, mar the effect by white satin ties with horse-shoe pins in them; and another is that they are Liberals, and therefore uninvitable.
76. With tears and prayers and tender hands, Mother and sisters made her ready for the long sleep that pain would never mar again, seeing with grateful eyes the beautiful serenity that soon replaced the pathetic patience that had wrung their hearts so long, and feeling with reverent joy that to their darling death was a benignant angel, not a phantom full of dread.
77. To make an end, senor, these are my last words to thee: whether thou wilt, or wilt not, I am thy wife; witness thy words, which must not and ought not to be false, if thou dost pride thyself on that for want of which thou scornest me; witness the pledge which thou didst give me, and witness Heaven, which thou thyself didst call to witness the promise thou hadst made me; and if all this fail, thy own conscience will not fail to lift up its silent voice in the midst of all thy gaiety, and vindicate the truth of what I say and mar thy highest pleasure and enjoyment.
1. Shaking off the feeling he moved on, a grimace marring his face.
2. She stared at the silverware, a slight frown marring her features.
3. The rule of one man marring one woman only had not yet been given, but this could.
4. I blamed her for marring a monster for allowing my uncle Mike to abuse me as a child.
5. Velvet saw shadows marring Rosebud’s ethereal beauty but she could do nothing to help.
6. If you like to entertain guests from time to time, all without having to constant fear marring the.
7. All I could see marring their excellence was a thin layer of dust on their high topped cavalry boots.
8. It did little to cover the web of cracks marring the concrete floor, evidence of the building’s age.
9. A trickle of blood welled and ran steady down her porcelain skin, marring the perfect snow white of her breast.
10. The surface of the lagoon was returned mirror-like with only a thread-line of bubbles marring its polished surface.
11. I rest my head on the cool glass and let the tears splash onto it, marring the vision of my roses in the moonlight.
12. The woman Ellie had spoken to earlier—spoken to and had entirely discounted—appeared in front of Ellie, a frown of concern marring her face.
13. He remembered scaffolding marring the long-in-the-tooth face of every other building in Midtown, wrecking balls like slow fists clobbering the tenements.
14. Also Maggie told me that she hadn’t said anything to Rupert about what had happened which I was very pleased about because I hated the idea of him thinking badly of me expressly after he had just given him his blessing on marring Lea in the future… if that ever stands a chance at happening.
15. At the instant of the dart an ulcerous jet shot from this cruel wound, and goaded by it into more than sufferable anguish, the whale now spouting thick blood, with swift fury blindly darted at the craft, bespattering them and their glorying crews all over with showers of gore, capsizing Flask's boat and marring the bows.
1. But even that is marred.
2. No dreams marred her sleep.
3. I’d hate to see it marred.
4. But I was marred i’ the making;.
5. Nothing marred the purity of the.
6. I swear I would have marred those.
7. His good looks were marred by a wicked.
8. The view was only slightly marred by the.
9. Her stay in the Kibbutz was marred by the.
10. The Olympic Games have been marred by some.
11. No handholds or crevices marred the surface.
12. Its white facade was marred by bullet holes.
13. Not a hair or a blemish marred his countenance.
14. Only one disagreeable incident marred that winter.
15. The pristine simplicity was gradually marred and.
16. This result was somewhat marred by the fact that all.
17. Jeff stood speechless, his handsome face marred with a.
18. A form and purpose that was marred along with the sin.
19. It's weathered, white clapboard, siding marred with age.
20. Only one incident marred the otherwise perfect afternoon.
21. However the marches were marred with racist violence and abuse.
22. River View, was marred with the discovery of the carcass of an.
23. It cannot be scratched or marred, and it is almost indestructible.
24. Babies, disease, nothing marred her mood, and he was just as eager.
25. Michael had the power to send her into a buoyancy of spirit marred.
26. Someone so young shouldn't have her life marred in tragedy so early.
27. The year of ’96 was again marred by a death in the O’Connor clan.
28. Except now the perfect layout was marred by a huge hole in the fence.
29. They look upon the present moment as either marred by something that.
30. The love and social life have been marred by instability and stress.
31. One unhappy occasion only, marred their otherwise pristine reputation.
32. It was marred by that scar on his right cheek, but his smile was intact.
33. They smelled of urine and sweat, and cracks like canyons marred their lips.
34. He tried to say something but found out his voice was marred as he slowly.
35. In fact, black scars marred the purity of her soul across her entire body.
36. The serenity of this completely rural life was marred by military activity.
37. Nothing for him marred that whole year, except for some vague anxiety about.
38. The pristine simplicity was gradual y marred and covered, until little of the.
39. His white shirt was immaculate and not even a trace of dirt marred his loafers.
40. Only the one small mishap marred a very creditable recovery project at Mulgrave.
41. Bernard Shaw might have done so, but his cynicism would have marred the prospect.
42. Saving the world now? she said with a vicious stare that marred her features.
43. For instance, the beauty of a snowfall can be marred if you start to think of the.
44. The early days of the Industrial Revolution was marred by appalling conditions for.
45. This otherwise admirablesonnet is marred by the numerous inversions of the word-order.
46. It had marred what was otherwise pleasant trip for Joe and her to his sister Betty’s.
47. Again Val gave the order in Saxon and the woman stared back, her beauty marred by her fear.
48. The only thing that marred it was when she was ten, when her beloved Grams had disappeared.
49. It marred the quality and taste of the wine, but that was usually low to begin with anyway.
50. They were bound to each other by a love stronger than any impulses which could have marred it.
51. The tranquility of the locale is marred by the series of heavy thuds rattling the isolated cabin.
52. Beautiful but not without flaw, Morta was marred by one blemish; an aspect not easily overlooked.
53. We've never marred it by one quarrel or coolness or unkind word; and I hope it will always be so.
54. Wickland scooped up the paper and read the headline, Convention Center Project Marred by Murder.
55. The pristine simplicity was gradual y marred and covered, until little of the original simple plan of.
56. Making it to the crossover into Aiken, Taher gazed at the burn marks that marred the twin black cedars.
57. It had been a wonderful holiday, one of the best they ever had and was only marred by Dadda’s ill health.
58. The joviality that marks such occasions was soon marred by the arrival of Barry proudly escorting his new love.
59. If you disregard the few days that are marred by the khamsin, the rest of the time is usually neither warm nor cold.
60. The pristine simplicity was gradually marred and covered, until little of the original simple plan of God could be.
61. Reluctantly, but in an instant, Peg was up on the tray to check the interior which was silted and marred by flotsam.
62. The female Watcher was inside, naked and terribly vulnerable, her beauty marred by the ugly bridle across her mouth.
63. Both looked defeated, marred as they were with open wounds and clothes that could never been cleansed of all the blood.
64. The New York statute, generally regarded as the best of its class, is nevertheless marred by a number of evident defects.
65. The whole right side of the man’s face was marred by the scars of what looked to have been made by the swipe of a big cat.
66. Everything looked different today: the people, buildings, the sidewalks marred with cracks branching in countless directions.
67. After that night, the only thing that marred our happiness was the fact we were not in Nazareth with our families and friends.
68. The pristine simplicity was gradually marred and covered, until little of the original simple plan of God could be recognized.
69. As many were astonished at thee; his visage was so marred more than any man, and his form more than the sons of men; (KJV Bible).
70. I will admit that on a recent flight her hull was slightly marred and that the individual responsible paid dearly for that action.
71. The beauty that is the particular province of line drawing is the beauty of contours, and this is marred by heavy light and shade.
72. In her seventy-three years, Clara Jenkins had had a good life, marred only by the unexpected death of her husband, George, seven years ago.
73. The instant anything gets a scratch on it and its perfection is marred; it is thrown away because it is ugly, broken, used, and not perfect.
74. He was old to be an inspector still; clearly he was near to retirement and didn’t want his last years marred by the activities of criminals.
75. The picture was complete except for one thing, a scowl marred the Baron’s aquiline features, as he stared down the long table at Evette sourly.
76. He put his hands in his coat pockets and turned back eagerly to his scrutiny of the house, as though my presence marred the sacredness of the vigil.
77. It wasn't just any old week, either, it was one marred by a triangular formation called a T-square, which promised plenty of conflict and hard work.
78. The only fault in her was that a slight over-prominence of the dark-blue veins on her little hands rather marred the general effect of her appearance.
79. It was only a few more minutes and they arrived at the edge of the field which was a barren strip of land marred by rows and rows of dead corn and hay.
80. He carried himself with the arrogant assurance of a nobleman, and he had once been handsome, though his looks had been marred by years of living rough.
81. No one stopped their work to watch me but stare they did as I shuffled along in my fine new suit marred only by the presence of the guards and my shackles.
82. Pickwick's benevolence in his appearance, marred only by the insincerity of the fixed smile and by the hard glitter of those restless and penetrating eyes.
83. They rustled as they fell to the floor, and she stepped carelessly onto them, crushing the beautiful satin, the pearls marred against the cruel stone floor.
84. She needed to cast a stone in water so marred by filth, to unearth all mess then revitalize and refill with pure water out of a heart of humility and renewal.
85. Savage though he was, and hideously marred about the face—at least to my taste—his countenance yet had a something in it which was by no means disagreeable.
86. It was hardly fair that the sanctity of the spot should be disturbed, and the owner of the consecrated ground would have been much upset, had he found it marred.
87. Miss Violet Vanbrugh, popular in London as the actor-manager’s wife, is a clever actress marred by mannerisms which would make her impossible outside of London.
88. This! This! This! and then the howl, first pain, then scorn cum bitterness and mocking laughter, filled him and her with hearts naked, scarred and bullet marred.
89. Salander’s experience of public institutions has been anything but positive – her entire childhood was marred by the injustices inflicted on her by Swedish officialdom.
90. One issue that almost marred my academic activities was the distractions emanating from numerous intending male suitors who constantly approached me with their marriage proposals.
91. Before any settlement was even attempted at the landing at Province Town on Cape Cod Island, it was marred by an English sea captain seizing 27 natives and selling them into slavery.
92. Unfortunately, any aesthetic or erotic qualities of the scene were marred by the woman’s cracked voice—in which, interrupting equally traffic-stopping screams, she pleaded for her life.
93. We may have been marred or affected by the fore, but innately inside us, is still this capacity to create using words, and we have an ability with words to release something from heaven into the earth.
94. The fair proportions devised by the constitution are in both cases marred, and the fate and felicity of the political being, in material particulars, related to the essence of his constitution, affected.
95. She turned slightly, letting the lamplight fall fully on the blazon of the Charisian Imperial Guard on her breastplate, marred now with a long smear of lead from the sentry’s bullet, and his eyes narrowed.
96. The 6,000 kilometres journey to Vladivostok was frequently marred by violence, bloody skirmishes with newly formed Bolshevik guerrilla units, or Bolshevik sympathisers who tore out sections of the track --.
97. Is it a wonder that the women of a slave race lost their womanly instincts; that the moral nature was blunted and marred; that the mind became impoverished, the heart a waste place for poisonous weeds to grow?
98. He sang his music with great feeling and volume and was warmly welcomed by the gallery; but, unfortunately, he marred the good impression by wiping his nose in his gloved hand once or twice out of thoughtlessness.
99. The calendar blotter was marred by haphazard ink stains, notes, and doodling usually made while one was talking on the telephone, which in this case was a faux crystal device designed to resemble an elegant French style.
100. A brief but unseemly episode marred the otherwise well-conducted ceremony when Scovel, angry at being excluded by Shafter’s ban on the press, scaled the roof of the Palace in order to appear in photographs of the flag-raising.
1. As I float on Mars.
2. Mars was to his right.
3. To the stars and Mars.
4. I’m the King of Mars.
5. I cannot go to Mars.
6. Mars was a tomb, planet.
7. Mars suit and follow him.
8. Mars growled at the voice.
9. Mars only glowered at him.
10. We're on Mars, he thought.
11. Mars it will be very true.
12. Or men are from Mars.
13. By now, Mars was looming.
14. Mars Colony Two Years Old.
15. Mars scowled into the dark.
16. On Mars as it had been on.
17. Mars bellowed into the hall.
18. We’re on Mars, he thought.
19. I own half of Mars!.
20. On Mars he was called the.
21. Welcome back to us, Mars.
22. Mars keeps trying to kill me.
23. Mars sneered at the Guardian.
24. And that’s in Mars gravity.
25. Mars is your career planet.
26. In 2008 closely held Mars Inc.
27. And Jupiter aligns with Mars.
28. The men of Earth came to Mars.
29. CHAPTER – The Food on Mars.
30. Mars is your spiritual planet.
31. Mars was just, once again to.
32. The first destination was Mars.
33. Now that Mars Runner was not.
34. Fredrick, the Mars Colony, Inc.
35. No games, Mars! My research.
36. On intercept course above Mars.
37. On this scale, Mars is about 0.
38. I’m positive we’re on Mars.
39. Office of the Governor of Mars.
40. They had paid Mars Colony, Inc.
41. A little piece of Mars on earth.
42. Dad looked at Mars a full minute.
43. Red Mars floated near the rocket.
44. All of us but Rogan and Mars.
45. So technically, I colonized Mars.
46. The red planet Mars has inspired.
47. Mars itself could now support a.
48. At first I thought it was Mars.
49. He remembered his arrival on Mars.
50. Mars sent up shuttles to offload.
51. A news story of a landing on Mars.
52. So Mars is international waters.
53. From Mars onward there will be a.
54. Mars; Oswalt 180; Salzman 106-11).
55. Mars and Mars exports back to Earth.
56. CHAPTER – Mars is being slighted.
57. The sun was shining down upon Mars.
58. Mars had now reached the point of.
59. Earth and exported to Mars and Arton.
60. She didn’t move to defend Mars.
61. But did not, drive any cars, on Mars.
62. Mars was where most scientists had.
63. That gold was the property of Mars.
64. Mars was in the wrong position, but.
65. April 15, 2125: The A1made Mars orbit.
66. Mars presently has the status of a U.
67. Cupid turned his eyes coolly to Mars.
68. Mars turned and strode from the lobby.
69. Mars laughed, but it was cold and low.
70. Considering that I was working on Mars.
71. You’re a hot chick who went to Mars.
72. Within an hour Mars was transmitting.
73. There is no reason to suspect Mars.
74. Mars growled as he strode for the door.
75. The report was well received on Mars.
76. I’ve been thinking about laws on Mars.
77. There was always need for wood on Mars.
78. This is how we shall bring Him to Mars.
79. We’ve landed on Mars within the hour.
80. Mars was careful to keep his face clear.
81. Do you want to let Mars bully her?
82. Mars wil be a ful y functioning planet.
83. Mars so when that comet or meteor does.
84. Mars has almost no atmospheric pressure.
85. You have to stop her! cried Mars.
86. The Sun and Mars transit eclipse points.
87. Mars is ‘out of bounds’ all month.
88. I’ve populated Mars with Bartons!’.
89. After Mars has left, the notes are gone.
90. CHAPTER – Meanwhile on Mars and Arton.
91. The body-guard hissed Mademoiselle Mars.
92. You can’t make a Mars probe in a month.
93. Mars as it doubles again from the sun to.
94. Think about Mars, think about the future.
95. Why, I got plenty spring water, Mars Tom.
96. He was too wishy-washy, Mars always said.
97. He then put an urgent message in to Mars.
98. Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Mars.
99. He didn’t want to go to Mars, they said.
100. This month Mars will be in your 3rd house.

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