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Mastermind dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. This is the infidel mastermind!.
  2. I was the mastermind behind everything.
  3. There are association sites, mastermind.
  4. Do you have a Mastermind Team? Let’s see.
  5. Also, that the mastermind goes by the code.
  6. David Hudson… the mastermind of all this chaos?
  7. Apparently, Pertwee’s the mastermind behind it all.
  8. He has several programs that he conducts, namely Blog Mastermind and.
  9. The next step could be small mastermind groups that you train together.
  10. It appears that the iPhone kitty was the mastermind of the whole operation.
  11. There’s a criminal mastermind on the loose, by the name of Frank Dales.
  12. I think you are more than the co-conspirator; I'd say you were the mastermind.
  13. The first: the mastermind, the idea maker, the conceptualizer, the model maker.
  14. Throughout the UK (and abroad) we have dozens of mastermind groups, who meet in.
  15. She knew eventually everyone would figure out she was the mastermind behind the plan.
  16. No-one says it better than Gretchen Rubin, the mastermind behind The Happiness Project:.
  17. Your mastermind team should consist of people that will walk with you on your path to success.
  18. The government had alleged in his courtroom that Gordon Liddy was boss and mastermind of Watergate.
  19. Being part of the Endless Rise Investor group is like being part of one big investing mastermind group.
  20. Still, if he was indeed the mastermind behind this whole thing, he may have contrived a way to escape.
  21. Who was ‘Apis’ the mastermind of the plot? He was the ancient undead foul thing of an Egyptian god.
  22. I don’t know if he heard it all, but the papers make you out to be the mastermind behind the kidnapping.
  23. She noticed the man showed no surprise at her assumption, brother Bill was the mastermind behind the blackmail.
  24. Therese’s eyes grew wide, and hot tears flooded them as she faced the mastermind behind her parents’ death.
  25. The blind cleric Abdel-Rayman, likely the mastermind who possessed a list of NYC landmarks, was sentenced to life.
  26. The man with the knife did not live here, so was less likely to be the mastermind; most likely, he was the burglar.
  27. It seems that not only was she involved in that Welsh thing I told you about, but she was the mastermind behind it.
  28. She turned around suddenly to look at the mastermind of the whole operation, I want to know one thing Jack?
  29. In fact, I was thinking seriously about writing another book, this one focusing on Kyle Craig and the Mastermind case.
  30. When Anton Clegg was declared dead Rudolph’s focus had turned to Alex Clegg, Sir Alex, as the mastermind of the project.
  31. Help them, as they are your potential leaders that you'll want to mastermind with and have on your team for the long haul.
  32. And that is—simply—to observe, not get involved in what I see; not mastermind what is not Mine to bring about what I intend.
  33. The mastermind who carried out The Dark’s conspiracy transcended long ago under mysterious circumstances, and so has one of his followers.
  34. They came in to cut the head off the 222 Revolution and they still think that Bob is some big mastermind orchestrating everything through us.
  35. They didn’t have a prayer of proving his involvement—even though there were many who would instantly know that he was the plan’s mastermind.
  36. Mason was supposed to be the mastermind behind all this, and now he had to be the sane one and reassure mason that everything was going to be alright.
  37. Before Abbottabad he’d been in Haripur and before that hidden away in our own Swat Valley, where he met Khalid Sheikh Mohammad, the mastermind of 9/11.
  38. It was almost as if this mastermind of evil and corruption were taunting him, playing a deadly game of cat and mouse with wanton respect for anyone’s life.
  39. Mohammad Amin knew that there was a criminal mastermind who headed about seventy men and he gave orders to his men to seize him and then the rest of the band.
  40. President Kearney appeared relaxed, almost jovial as he met the aging mastermind, vice-president Thomas Elliot was standing beside him, looking controlled and restrained.
  41. General Vo Nguyen Giap, who was the military mastermind behind victories over French and American forces in Vietnam, was believed to be an avid student and practitioner of Sun Tzu's ideas.
  42. In any case, she didn’t seem to deserve the dismemberment and likely death that followed at the hands of the heartless and perverted drug mastermind who had eluded prosecution long enough.
  43. When transferred to the European Theater, she became the mastermind behind our Southern France landings and our express crossings of the Rhine, again proposing and using audacious heliborne assaults.
  44. There's no point in being a criminal mastermind if the Bizzies can run forensics and trace a bullet to a magazine or the particular scratches on the inside of a gun barrel with his fingerprints plastered all over it.
  45. Because they wondered if he was in on it, or if he knew what his wife was up to or if he knew what she was planning to do, but the police was mainly focusing on Diane D because they think she was the mastermind in all of that, that‘s why they arrested her.
  46. Added to which, the government forces had tried to arrest him so many times but it always came to nothing, therefore he became famous, or should we say ‘infamous’ for being the criminal mastermind and was regarded as a hero by so many of the criminal fraternity.
  47. Almost a decade before when Komadze had been reorganizing the KGB's Department V, the Executive Action Department, he had chosen the young Zinoviev to mastermind the plot and series of event that led to the "natural" death of Egyptian President, Abdul Gammal Nasser.
  48. While thousands of men would be sought later, this preliminary list was composed of those accused of the worst crimes, including list-topper Hideki Tojo, mastermind of Pearl Harbor and the man on whose orders POWs had been enslaved and starved, and Masahuru Homma, who was responsible for the Bataan Death March.
  49. Eventually, they took away my independent brain and put me in charge of a semi-intelligent terminal linked to a larger computer in faraway Basingstoke and, on special occasions, to a central mastermind at the Indianapolis headquarters of the drug company Eli Lilly, which had, by then, purchased the Elizabeth Arden brand.
  50. All the animals cheered when he entered, and crowded round to congratulate him and say nice things about his courage, and his cleverness, and his fighting qualities; but Toad only smiled faintly, and murmured, 'Not at all!' Or, sometimes, for a change, 'On the contrary!' Otter, who was standing on the hearthrug, describing to an admiring circle of friends exactly how he would have managed things had he been there, came forward with a shout, threw his arm round Toad's neck, and tried to take him round the room in triumphal progress; but Toad, in a mild way, was rather snubby to him, remarking gently, as he disengaged himself, 'Badger's was the mastermind; the Mole and the Water Rat bore the brunt of the fighting; I merely served in the ranks and did little or nothing.
  1. Most kids his age are masterminding new ways to score beer.
  2. Calcutta, India, as they were drawn into a revival of the thug activities, and the masterminding.
  3. Immediately, the government has stepped up its search for Bob Windowmaker who is believed to be hiding in New Mexico masterminding the attack.
  4. Caroline, it seemed wanted to present her with the five thousand dollars Sylvia had earned for masterminding the successful sting against François.
  5. Meanwhile, the national press has begun a scathing series of broadsides against Nancy Reagan, blaming her for masterminding the recent firing of White House chief of staff Don Regan.
  1. I know the bastard masterminded it.
  2. Gang rape is masterminded and executed by a gang of.
  3. I’ll announce that I masterminded your adventure in the South.
  4. Faustine still felt it was unlikely that Pengrove had masterminded.
  5. In that it is not created in logic as a masterminded scheme of any.
  6. Yes we did and he came to Joao Pessoa and masterminded the whole thing.
  7. Masterminded by two of Akira’s closest allies, Jozef Kiprich and Zoltan Ferec what lines will S.
  8. Cap Ghir is the hub of a pirate organisation; masterminded from Taruwdant by a man they call the Wolf.
  9. He masterminded the use of submarines in wolf packs—coordinated groups hunting down merchant ships.
  10. No, make that both hands, and maybe he’d even masterminded the whole criminal kidnapping affair for my parents.
  11. For an exorbitant fee he masterminded the hijack of the device and the slaughter of over three hundred security personnel.
  12. The men who masterminded the plot, and their families, had been located and would be delivered to the building in vans, that evening.
  13. Colonel, in your opinion, could Hudson have been involved with Green Band? Could he have technically masterminded an operation like that?
  14. Granted: the Russian revolution was masterminded by middleclass Jews, and Granted after the total breakdown and chaos they had all suffered when the german Weimar Republic collapsed, the Germans were terrified of a civil war breaking out in Germany as it had in Russia,.
  1. Who in your eyes are the masterminds of riots?
  2. Abel Sante—he was the key to everything, and none of the police masterminds could figure it out.
  3. There in the window, dining quietly away from the crowd, were the unmolested masterminds behind ABBA.
  4. It was hard to believe they were the masterminds, but Rudolph knew better than to underestimate the enemy.
  5. Carla had to agree with his reasoning, perhaps Sam could have done more to get the masterminds arrested, but the cells would still function.

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