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Mat dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. Go home! Go to a mat.
  2. There is no bath mat.
  3. He dropped to the mat.
  4. Joey sat on a soft mat.
  5. The cat sat on the mat.

  6. The pet sat on the mat.
  7. Ruth looked up at Mat.
  8. Place him on the mat.
  9. Shoes off at the mat.
  10. Mat squirmed in his seat.
  11. There was an exercise mat.
  12. Only my sleeping mat is left.
  13. Mat decided that a little more.
  14. You should study for the CAT and MAT.
  15. Don't believe me? Ask Jesus Mat 7:12.

  16. She had her knees pinned to the mat.
  17. Let’s start with the famous yoga mat.
  18. You on the sofa, me on Cordra’s mat.
  19. Theakston was still asleep on the mat.
  20. All three had stretched out on the mat.
  21. The afterbirth gushed out onto the mat.
  22. We had spread a mat on the shop's floor.
  23. Inhale and lift your chest off the mat.
  24. I took up my place just off the mat, I.
  25. Remove the rubber band once the mat has.

  26. Theakston was waiting for him on the mat.
  27. How long have you been there, Mat?
  28. And he laid his head down on the mat again.
  29. We want to stay there, with Mat Amin here.
  30. It’s time to roll up the soiled mat and.
  31. It is not lawful for you to carry the mat.
  32. About what? he asked folding his mat.
  33. Your hands and elbows should be on the mat.
  34. It was like those holes had a welcome mat!.
  35. I slipped a little on the wet mat but held.
  36. The others watched us from just off the mat.
  37. It real y mat ers on what mob you encounter.
  38. You can tell me anything you want to, Mat.
  39. Promise me? If it goes there, do it on my mat.
  40. They straightened the mat and faced each other.
  41. Suddenly he noticed a shoe made from grass mat.
  42. Have you a cloth or a mat of some sort to put.
  43. Replace sticky mat when roaches are stuck on it.
  44. He snapped off the eye patch, folded up his mat.
  45. Do you think that’ll mat? Yorthops asked.
  46. He motioned for Rhone to take a seat on the mat.
  47. I sat on the tatami mat and stared at the ceiling.
  48. Inhale and lift both arms 10cm (4in) off the mat.
  49. Faith waved a door mat cheerily at the Clow party.
  50. Billy walked up and down the grass mat for minutes.
  51. We were padded up and on the fighting mat together.
  52. Inhale and lift your hips and buttocks off the mat.
  53. She sat on a prayer mat and recited from the Quran.
  54. When I get home, I find an envelope lying on the mat.
  55. Marge walked over with a place mat and some cutlery.
  56. She stepped inside and sat down beside me on the mat.
  57. Lie face downwards on your mat with your chin on the.
  58. Sophie looked at the yoga mat rolled up in the corner.
  59. Mat 7:20 Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.
  60. And she admired the scale, with its nubbed rubber mat.
  61. She was wrapped in a blanket, on a coarse mat, which.
  62. Sharpie stepped onto the mat and joined the other two.
  63. This flea trap also catches roaches on its sticky mat.
  64. Joseph regurgitated an ounce of bile on the welcome mat.
  65. Ben stepped onto the swording mat with Sharpie following.
  66. And, pointing out to the eldest the mat on which he was.
  67. To say Mat was devastated would be a huge understatement.
  68. There were four letters on the mat just inside the door.
  69. At the verandah, Raj’s dead body was placed on the mat.
  70. Mat 27:58 He went to Pilate, and begged the body of Jesus.
  71. Mick wrote his number inside a beer mat that he had torn.
  72. He glanced at the Chinese zodiac printed on his place mat.
  73. It had been dragged aside and covered with an old bark mat.
  74. The barman didn’t exactly have a welcome mat out for us.
  75. He picked up his swording helmet and started toward the mat.
  76. Talman stumbled backward and fell to the mat flat on his back.
  77. Mat 10:36 And a man's foes shall be they of his own household.
  78. Wide Body Ann to the mat, Beaumont told me about the age old.
  79. Chloe took a stance opposite her on the other side of the mat.
  80. Yeah, I use it as a meditation mat at sunrise every morning.
  81. I was the attendant or page of Queequeg, while busy at the mat.
  82. Nightstock in Mat Dillon's garden where I kissed her shoulder.
  83. Put the asbestos mat over this and stand the saucepan upon it.
  84. She let her halo fall, and calmly sat on the straw mat, waiting.
  85. He stood on the mat, scraping the snow from his goloshes, while.
  86. Mat was extremely embarrassed but stood and lowered his trousers.
  87. Long Bushi has a pair of grass mat shoes but now he is bare.
  88. The ref calls the end of the first round, and we step off the mat.
  89. As he neared the desk, he made an attempt to mat his thick beard.
  90. Stoneman and I fell apart, coughing and panting, lying on the mat.
  91. Therefore Let us hear the conclusion of the whole mat er, fear.
  92. She pulled enough thesh for two fatties and wet it down to mat it.
  93. A rolled mat gave us a place to rest the end of our guns on.
  94. Sitting on his mat across from the still standing Hanor, he waited.
  95. Perhaps after dinner he could be Mat Helm, just for a little while.
  96. I unrolled the mat on the floor and wrapped my comforter around me.
  97. I went into the closet and removed a futon mat and buckwheat pillow.
  98. The two were seated in their usual spot under the pihok on the mat.
  99. Wiping his feet on the Welcome Home mat, he headed for the stairway.
  100. His shirt was open down to the thick mat of black hair on his chest.
  1. Brush your cat when necessary to prevent matting.
  2. All of this was perched upon a thick matting of sawdust.
  3. He could feel the dried blood matting his fur, the long jagged cut left by the rock.
  4. They were lying on straw matting beds and covered by light squares of green material.
  5. Look here, put it under the bast matting and cover it with hay- that’s the way!’.
  6. In a few seconds Pierce arrived with a section of matting, and Swann moved Lachey onto it.
  7. He had soon coaxed the stalks into the warming water and was matting them only a couple minutes later.
  8. The floor of this prison lay hidden beneath thick, hempen matting that deadened the sound of footsteps.
  9. From photographs, it appears that he was affected with Plica neuropathica, which causes matting of the hair.
  10. The straw matting under his feet scratched at his toes, and he took two or three steps forward to where the rugs started.
  11. In the interim, look for a fashionable frame; and in some cases material for matting, and you have a gift which is uniquely original.
  12. I stood staring at the puddles my clothes and umbrella was forming on the strip of matting, vainly trying to rub them out with my feet.
  13. Rugs and matting, green and gold, covered the floor and provided the only splash of colour, while a simple bed-area filled the opposite corner.
  14. All would wave and shout greetings to our boat as we glided by them on stiff sails, made of bamboo battens with matting stretched between them.
  15. Rochester’s displeasure by disobeying his orders, when the light once more gleamed dimly on the gallery wall, and I heard his unshod feet tread the matting.
  16. The plastic matting masquerading as an egg together with synthetic cardboard, which roughly translated means sausage, and fried potato in batter, which for reasons best left to the marketing men is called a hash-brown.
  17. Casaubon did not say, "I wish to be alone," but he directed his steps in silence towards the house, and as they entered by the glass door on this eastern side, Dorothea withdrew her arm and lingered on the matting, that she might leave her husband quite free.
  18. One was, in fact, in a sort of theatre-box, narrow, furnished with two old chairs, and a much-frayed straw matting, sparely illuminated by the vague light from the glass door; a regular box, with its front just of a height to lean upon, bearing a tablet of black wood.
  19. Its floor was shiny with yellow paint, and to meet the difficulty of the paint being spoiled if people walked on it and that other difficulty of a floor being the only place you can walk on, strips of cocoanut matting were laid across it from one important point to another.
  20. He had left behind his violin, for he identified it too closely with his misfortune, but his mother had obliged him to take his petate, a very popular and practical bedroll, with its pillow, sheet, small pewter chamber pot, and mosquito netting, all of this wrapped in straw matting tied with two hemp ropes for hanging a hammock in an emergency.
  21. From time to time traders from the coastal lowlands would arrive with such exotic goods as cotton, coffee beans, rubber for the balls used in the hoop game, cacao, vanilla, slateback mirrors and feathers of every colour imaginable, pottery with strange colourful designs delicately worked by some foreign tradesman, small intricately worked statues of the whole pantheon of the gods, and sometimes traders from the far mountains to the south would arrive with long necked animals laden with unattainable treasures, all of these wonders were laid out on matting and the whole square was taken up by these vendors, it was a splendid and exciting sight for a youngster to listen to the haggling over every conceivable commodity, the noise mixed with the varicoloured goods and clothing, the exotic accents of people from a dozen different tribes had a young boy’s mind in a permanent spin.
  1. Her hair matted to her face.
  2. Her hair was matted and wild.
  3. His fur was coarse and matted.
  4. Hazel nuzzled the matted fur cap.
  5. Her hair was crazy and matted down.
  6. He was dressed in a matted robe of wool.
  7. The forest floor was matted in thick fog.
  8. Streaks of tacky blood matted the grass.
  9. All three were filthy with matted blood.
  10. Her spine, her back, matted in gray fur.
  11. She noticed her swinging hair, matted and.
  12. His hair was matted, and his clothes reeked.
  13. Then, with a tweezer, she matted on the hair.
  14. There was a bit of blood in her matted hair.
  15. Insects crawled through the man's matted hair.
  16. Oreo was covered in blood, matted to her fur.
  17. It's fur was all matted and full of bugs and algae.
  18. Her shirt had been matted with dried blood and pus.
  19. His white hair was long and matted as was his beard.
  20. A deep slit to her waist that was matted with blood.
  21. Next came his hat, leaving his hair in a matted mess.
  22. Grady ran his hands through his matted hair and sighed.
  23. Her long red hair was matted to her cheeks and forehead.
  24. His hair was past his shoulders and was dirty and matted.
  25. The lone streak of black hair remained matted to his scalp.
  26. Matted hair covered numerous wounds and welts all about his.
  27. He just cowered, and let the pensioner stroke his matted fur.
  28. Newt was covered in soot and dirt, his hair matted with sweat.
  29. Her hair, no longer dirty and matted, but long and beautiful.
  30. You guys okay? Cloud croaked, brushing the matted spikes.
  31. There are those whose locks are matted; there are others whose.
  32. Jimmy and I went over to the matted area and started stretching.
  33. His hair and beard were matted and his face streaked with tears.
  34. Strong and muscular with long dirty black hair and matted beard.
  35. He sat on the ground and dug his hands into his long, matted hair.
  36. His clothes were covered in dried blood, and dirt matted his hair.
  37. They were incredibly dirty, their hair matted with God knows what.
  38. He shook his coat, choking on the dust that rose from his matted fur.
  39. The old man groaned and rubbed one hand through his grey matted hair.
  40. The side of her head facing Sledge was matted with dark crimson fluid.
  41. My slippers were thin: I could walk the matted floor as softly as a cat.
  42. She had bruises on her face and neck and her hair was matted with blood.
  43. One summer when his fur grew matted and mildewed I clipped him to the skin.
  44. But her hair was matted with blood, and she'd need Riordan's help very soon.
  45. The material snagged on his matted wounds and rubbed against the tender cuts.
  46. Her hair, which is shoulder length and mousy brown, is matted and dishevelled.
  47. I saw that there was some blood matted in her long, black obsidian looking hair.
  48. The blood had matted the feathers—had been what was gluing them to the ground.
  49. Byron She brushed the matted hair from his eyes and read the horror on his face.
  50. His white hair was matted with dirt and blood from a gash just above his left ear.
  51. His face was also dirty and his hair matted down filthily, but Anne nevertheless.
  52. Her head was killing her, and she could tell some of her hair was matted with blood.
  53. Lynch squats crosslegged on the hearthrug of matted hair, his cap back to the front.
  54. She brushed her finger over her wet cheek and moved her matted hair back from her eye.
  55. Aazuria’s emerged from the surface with her hair soaked and matted against her head.
  56. Then she heads my way, wearing a sheen of sweat, her wispy curls matted to her temples.
  57. This boy had bat wings, black eyes, long black, matted hair that was in much disarray.
  58. The blow did little else other than knock the thick matted snow from Corvus’s beard.
  59. On the table before him was a short-bladed knife, sharp, coated in thick, matted blood.
  60. The eyebrows, usually thin wisps of white fuzz, were now dark brown and thickly matted.
  61. Standing at the main door were two men, a couple of ruffians with matted hair and tattoos.
  62. His face was filthy and his hair was matted and streaked with some mouldy green substance.
  63. His eyes glared through the tangle of his matted hair as he half crouched before the baron.
  64. He wore his hair very long and it appeared matted as if it had not been washed in some time.
  65. They were ugly, filthy creatures, with hair all over their bodies that was shaggy and matted.
  66. Red had grown old and worn; his fox fur was matted and his demeanor was that of hopelessness.
  67. It was a man, with a tangle of white hair and a matted white beard that fell over his breast.
  68. The Velcro was matted with detritus and peeling away from the black straps at the frayed ends.
  69. As it did so, the water that matted the manticore’s fur thickened into a glue-like substance.
  70. Her eye was nearly closed, black blood crusted her thick lips, and her hair was densely matted.
  71. Sweat and blood matted his hair and covered his clothes from the numerous wounds he had suffered.
  72. The Runner pushed himself up into a sitting position, his black hair matted to his skull with sweat.
  73. His body was all matted with black hair, out of which jungle we picked the wandering tick before it.
  74. His legs and torso were covered in grime and he had no doubt his hair was matted and his face grubby.
  75. Michael looked at Tabs and Ash, realization dawning on him as he saw they too were matted with blood.
  76. Sweat beaded his forehead, his black curls were lank and matted showing the elegant shape of his skull.
  77. Olmec turned and stalked on ahead of him, one hand twitching slightly as it plucked at his matted beard.
  78. Dirt and grime were smeared all over his skin, and his normally luxurious green hair was a matted mess.
  79. It whips its head to the left and looks directly at me, peering down through matted hanks of black hair.
  80. Without wanting to cause problems, she slipped into it, ran a brush through her matted hair, and then.
  81. Greg had his arms circled about Nurse’s stooped shoulders, her matted, gray head resting on his chest.
  82. He was a large hairy fellow and the beer matted the hair on his body and made him look like a drowned ape.
  83. The white beard was matted and dirty, and his blue eyes were ringed by dark circles, though he wasn’t old.
  84. Travers had a wide mouth and light red hair, slightly longer than the regs prescribed, now sweaty and matted.
  85. We walked past rooms with no floor covering but matted carpets and windows shuttered with sheets of plastic.
  86. The wind did not blow his greasy, matted hair and the shadows of the dream made him look sinister and sickly.
  87. Lezura wore a blouse of red and green leaves with the right shoulder matted with the leaves of the gopto tree.
  88. Terese was leaning over her to brush her damp, matted hair from her brow, whispering to her that she was safe.
  89. They were filthy and stunk from the thick black waters; their hair was matted and their faces partial visible.
  90. Fleas and mites have eaten away most of his fur, and the remaining tufts are matted with filth and dried blood.
  91. Her own blood matted her hair and made her clothes stick to her body; she looked up as his shadow moved over her.
  92. He smelled of old sweat, and his dark hair was matted against his head as though he hadn’t showered in a while.
  93. He looked like warmed over death, his eyes were sunk deep into his unshaven face, and his hair matted to his head.
  94. He was well over six feet tall, painfully thin with shoulder length blonde matted hair and a rather unkempt goatee.
  95. Renegade strands of her long black hair matted with dirt and drying blood suddenly whipped around much more quickly.
  96. I catch a glimpse through matted hair of wild eyes glittering with moonlight, of black fangs and spittle as it snarls.
  97. He looked a little longer and ran a hand absently over his salt-and-pepper beard, which was matted halfway to dreadlocks.
  98. Rapp dunked under again, struggling to get his matted hair clean as Bruno McGraw slipped away in a tailored business suit.
  99. And so he started, stumbling back through the thick and matted underbrush in the direction that he thought the cabin lay.
  100. You bustle to the center of the insect maelstrom and grasp her shoulder, then uneasily eye the matted hair and dirty garb.
  1. Neat, clean tatami mats line the floors.
  2. Robert sagged onto the mats; mind a blank.
  3. Mats were also used to provide some privacy inside.
  4. They went to let down the mats on their way to bed.
  5. There were grilles that rolled down instead of mats.
  6. The old mats lay on the table reserved for exhibits.
  7. The Vassal’s mats would be completed within the day.
  8. The bark was sewn into mats and tied to the pole frame.
  9. Arrayed before it are roughly a dozen mats in neat rows.
  10. Anyway, despite the fact that the mats and the gym clothes.
  11. And there are puzzle accessories – glue and storage mats and.
  12. Unaware of the effect he was having, Sebastian straightened the mats.
  13. There were a couple of children still lying on the mats, motionless.
  14. Calisto and Philo were staring in astonishment at the now empty mats.
  15. Pressure mats are activated by the weight of a person treading on them.
  16. Their houses were square and made of reed mats on a framework of poles.
  17. There were mats of woven bark that served as the door and as furniture.
  18. I think I have been since the first time you threw me down on the mats.
  19. What weapons? We were in a gym with kettlebells and a few exercise mats.
  20. Drenched in sweat they sprawled over their towels on the mats to recover.
  21. The Chief's house was decorated with flower garlands and woven mats of.
  22. The old mats were lying on the table as the objects of material evidence.
  23. Moshe became aware of five other men seated on mats ranged in a semicircle.
  24. I’m worried about vandalism as curiosity mounts over the implants and mats.
  25. Without the annoying sound of the ocean and the smelly mats, she smiles.
  26. I and Sara waited for the crowd to desert so that we can cul mats for ourselves.
  27. When it was light they rolled up the mats and their cabin was a resort on the river.
  28. He hops over it, but I crouch into a second one and send him to his rear on the mats.
  29. Judo and karate were useless without the mats and the referee and the special pajamas.
  30. Some didn’t have enough beds; many times the children had to sleep on mats on the floor.
  31. There were two cardboard boxes saying eco friendly yoga mats at the entrance of the room.
  32. Faye Anne had finished her run and was doing stretching exercises on the gymnastics mats.
  33. As the grass grows, it tends to form very thick mats of roots just below the soil surface.
  35. A bottle of brandy and a half full tumbler are on one of the yellow Royal Doulton place mats.
  36. Rich furs and strange iridescent mats from some Oriental bazaar were scattered upon the floor.
  37. Between them were mats of thick ribbonleaves that grew sprays of peas and beans without the pod.
  38. There are mats everywhere, screens that show maps and numbers and those terminals to speak into.
  39. Joseph stood, picked up the mats and retied everything to the back of the donkey as Jesus watched.
  40. The ladies were on tumbling mats at the far end when he entered and they called him over to them.
  41. Comprehending full well Upaya settled cross-legged onto one of the guest mats and waited patiently.
  42. But usually the shellfish are spread out on mats made from the esparto grass that covers the beaches.
  43. Well, Harry was standing in the middle of the training mats holding in his hands a bow and one arrow.
  44. The mats on the square side of the inn's main room were up, making the plaza almost part of the room.
  45. But it was fine and for six hundred pounds including insulation mats the ground floor looked fantastic.
  46. Uretep placed two mats at one end of the room and a second pair at the other, a good twenty metres away.
  47. Tightly hand woven mats were placed on this straw and then their bedding was placed on top of the mats.
  48. Thick pads of straw woven into long mats had been placed about the fire pit and piled high off the ground.
  49. With a light heart Sebastian unlocked the door under the stairs and prepared the mats for wrestling practise.
  50. Miss Kate sketched and Frank talked to Beth, who was making little mats of braided rushes to serve as plates.
  51. Losing some speed by skidding the tails of the skis, she lost the rhythm and her turns ended up four mats wide.
  52. It was clean now, someone had wiped off the blood, spread new floor mats on the floor, and scrubbed the walls.
  53. The chambers were paved in red bricks, which were washed every week, with straw mats in front of all the beds.
  54. Open doors showed bare rooms with old men sleeping on mats, women squatting over a primus, their kids playing.
  55. All the mats were rolled up so that was a dead give away to all of HakenCourt that there was a party going on.
  56. Mimi suggested they stop and catch their breath at the edge of the mats being used for martial arts instruction.
  57. A bale of Islamic Prayer Mats had been found, and many had inbuilt compasses to indicate the direction of Mecca.
  58. I face my opponent on the mats, knock fists with him through the tape we wear as minimal protection for our hands.
  59. I continued to wash her skin and what I could of her clothes as Joss worked out the mats and tangles in her hair.
  60. Stepping on the mats, Nancy faced her adversary from ten feet away and addressed the crowd of soldiers and officers.
  61. For those of us who can’t hack the traditional postures, there are several rows of chairs lined up behind the mats.
  62. Cloth napkins that had the good silver wrapped within, the plates were her best, sitting on hand made lace place mats.
  63. There were no floor mats to hide it under, the window had no handles and there were no pockets in the side of the doors.
  64. He kept the mats down more often and had lots of old blankets scattered around and let the klizhorns roost as they pleased.
  65. When Brett helps me off the bike and then laces his fingers through mine, my heart starts beating like I'm back on the mats.
  66. Dejection weighed on every muscle and bone as he put away the mats, changed back into school uniform and mounted the stairs.
  67. The two of us were lying next to each Khaled Hosseini The Kite Runner other on the straw mats Wahid's wife had spread for us.
  68. At midnight the monks would roll out their mats and sleep in front of the statue, so the remnants were guarded 24 hours a day.
  69. Most Iraqis don’t sleep on beds; they use bedrolls, thick mats, or blankets that are put directly on the floor.
  70. At that exact moment a nurse came into the room to straighten up the exercise mats or something and he felt kind of rude about that.
  71. It appeared from the indictment that a policeman caught the boy when he was walking with the other, who carried the mats on his shoulder.
  72. According to the indictment, a policeman had stopped this boy as he was passing with his companion, who was carrying the mats on his shoulder.
  73. Leaving it, she moved to the next, which she jerked open with such violence that it came free in her hand, spilling place mats onto the floor.
  74. Todd and I are lying side by side on our own mats, and trying to concentrate on the new relaxation technique that Maria has just explained to us.
  75. This boy and another were charged with breaking the lock of a shed and stealing therefrom mats of the value of three rubles and sixty-seven kopecks.
  76. Out here the first houses were mostly saplings helped out with some plank floors, a few foundation stones, some canvas roofs and a lot of roll mats.
  77. Each stepped onto a mat, whispered into the terminal, touched their wrists and reappeared on the mats twenty metres away looking excited and aroused.
  78. One moment I'm in control of the kiss and considering deepening it, then she's got me pinned to the mats when she gently nips my bottom lip with her teeth.
  79. He ran up all his mats for the light of the week, the dawn light illuminated understated wall hangings of story-knots, replicas of 4th century Thulian work.
  80. The two terrified Aristocratic engineers stood on the mats, whispered, touched wrists, and instantly appeared on the stage directly in front of the Emperor.
  81. The floor was spotted with round, braided mats, such as Marilla made at Green Gables, but which were considered out of date everywhere else, even in Avonlea.
  82. He looked at one of the monitors that he had in the cotton club and saw the so called brother laid on of the floor mats after just enjoying a much needed hit.
  83. In the center of the room was a cooking pot, and at the far end a litter of dry grasses covered by woven mats which evidently served the owners as beds and bedding.
  84. The insiders are now jumping on their mats, and heading off down the helter skelter, back to 'square one' to begin the process once again with an accumulation phase.
  85. Another witness, an old house proprietor, and owner of the mats, evidently a rich old man, when asked whether the mats were his, reluctantly identified them as such.
  86. The vendors, mainly women dressed in thin black trousers and white blouses, squatted on mats next to their wares patiently waiting for the sales they knew would come.
  87. Surprised, he asked Úrsula if all that was true and she answered him that it was, that many years ago the gypsies had brought magic lamps and flying mats to Macondo.
  88. One of his closest colleagues, Mats Hedlund, rang and told me in confidence that an inquiry had been set up to investigate whether Kjell had been selling company secrets.
  89. Quite a few others from around the court heard it and saw where it was because the lanterns were lit, the mats were rolled tight and the balconies were filled with people.
  90. There are wonderful tidies on the chairs, and gay mats on the floor, and books and cards carefully arranged on a round table, and vases of dried grass on the mantel-piece.
  91. Darker still, almost black, were the mats of water moss, their thick masses motionless on the bed of the river and only the trailing fronds waving slowly from side to side.
  92. The Agave plant produces fibres for ropes and mats that are too rough for clothing but the end of the leaf is almost always a hard point which can be extracted with a fibre attached.
  93. From there, it was back to the mats again, where they worked on takedowns while their partner’s back was against the wall; then, switching positions, they tried to prevent takedowns.
  94. We stood in a large courtyard just inside, with spacious thatched alcoves opening all round, in which a couple of hundred slaves and attendants lay in silent rows, resting on their mats.
  95. When the public prosecutor asked him what he meant to do with these mats, what use they were to him, he got angry, and answered: The devil take those mats; I don’t want them at all.
  96. Then he and Peteru stood on the mats, whispered a number into their terminals, touched their wrists and before their cloaks and tunics hit the ground they were standing on the mats at the other end.
  97. He saw that most of the refugees had remained; a few pregnant mothers shared tents with some large families, while the rest simply slept on the ground, sharing thin blankets, mats, rugs and pillows.
  98. Peteru and Uretep took their chance while the Mages were still in a good mood to ensure they still had permission to visit the new city to check for possible problems installing the next set of mats.
  99. Do we have to test the New Oasis mats and terminals first? We didn’t want to do it without asking you in case it would interfere with the demonstration that’s been put forward to this afternoon.
  100. The former housekeeper, old Mavra Kuzminichna, had stepped out of the crowd by the gate, gone up to a cart with a hood constructed of bast mats, and was speaking to a pale young officer who lay inside.

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