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Memorize dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. Bullock had asked me to memorize.
  2. Read all of this and memorize it.
  3. And you don't have to memorize all this.
  4. So write down that number and memorize it.
  5. She could memorize advanced compositions.

  6. And the particles Yin and Yang can memorize.
  7. I used to try to memorize them, but then I.
  8. If the Memorizers can memorize the Bible and.
  9. Thereafter he should memorize, perhaps, about.
  10. You should memorize whatever scene you will use.
  11. If it’s the same one, I tried to memorize it.
  12. He began to memorize where each state was located.
  13. You may memorize many words, learning by heart the.
  14. It took a conscious effort to memorize the features.
  15. Sometimes I would have to memorize chapters from the.

  16. Contestants have a series of made-up events to memorize.
  17. Mark (or memorize) its intonations and drill it, until.
  18. Memorize all the symbols above and their number equivalents.
  19. Now, as per the aforementioned statements memorize them and.
  20. Nor are they required to memorize dates, facts, or concepts.
  21. The first thing I did was memorize the address of the hospital.
  22. She could memorize the schematics for the most intricate explosive.
  23. Tries to memorize the pale lines of scalp branching through his hair.
  24. Memorize it, and then try to poison it, and use it against all of you.
  25. Gave me phrases to memorize, to see if I could recite them back to you.

  26. I had to try and memorize as much as I could about this boat's layout.
  27. That day I was very careful to memorize the route the bus took to school.
  28. What did you do, memorize a map of the city for fun? says Christina.
  29. Without the use of your imagination you probably won't be able to memorize this.
  30. I make a conscious effort to memorize her face, in all its beautiful imperfection.
  31. If you can memorize the route through, my friend, then I’ll do you one better.
  32. Memorize and believe, for you are the one who needs to tell the Gentiles the truth.
  33. Then memorize it and repeat it every day so that it is programmed into your uncon-.
  34. To put that in perspective, imagine trying to memorize a book hundreds of pages long.
  35. In other words, either: memorize the entire Old Testament; or, just do those two things.
  36. I wanted to memorize all of their faces so that I would know not to attack any of them.
  37. With a single glance, he could memorize a huge volume of information and retain it for years.
  38. The point is their ability to memorize and regurgitate the memory in a test is about the same.
  39. Memorize also verses that can be prayed to the Lord in your private prayer time with the Lord.
  40. So, Ralf asked casually, still trying to memorize the visuals while extracting the details.
  41. I'm not wild about the idea of having to memorize it and less thrilled about there being a next one.
  42. She took a moment to memorize her features, then torched it with the cigarette lighter in her purse.
  43. Bastian demands that they memorize maps, study the angle of the sun, cut their own belts from cowhide.
  44. Whitehead started shaking hands, doing his best to memorize the names of the ones presented by Ingrid.
  45. Was he trying to memorize her features in case he needed to find her again for Eiess? She looked away.
  46. That way if they want to retrieve it later, it's easier for them than having to memorize your URL and.
  47. Thomas listened in awe, trying to suppress his fear so he could memorize everything the crazed boy said.
  48. Are you trying to memorize the ingredients or something? Claire asked, her voice oozing with sarcasm.
  49. I remember that he was annoyed by the way she was trying to memorize something and he kept correcting her.
  50. Write it: After you have understood a text, in order to memorize the key points, write them in your own words.
  51. This must be kept in mind by the beginners that theuy do not need to memorize the steps when they learn them.
  52. I just sat there and stared at the carpet between my feet, as if to memorize the pattern for future reference.
  53. The professor was trying to memorize the sights around him when a sharp, cracking sound tore through his dream.
  54. Ch’o grew up being taken to all corners of the kingdom so he could envision every part of it and memorize it.
  55. A line from a poem he’d had to memorize in sophomore German pressed incoherently against the front of his brain.
  56. To memorize one Psalm in its entirety will also be very important to quote during times of pressure and tribulation.
  57. She still remembered his emergency phone number from when he helped her memorize it to use in case she felt suicidal.
  58. There really is no need to memorize them, but it may be helpful to see the wide range of option combinations available.
  59. One recommendation is to mark or underline one verse that stood out to you that you can apply into your life or memorize.
  60. Sing it: How did you memorize the alphabet? You learned the ABC song! Use this memory idea with other new information, too.
  61. How do you start practically? Memorize at least one verse that you can quote in evangelism or a small portion of Scriptures.
  62. Repeating these historical ‘facts’ like sacred mantras so people memorize them until it becomes a normal way of thinking.
  63. To memorize the external information can only those Yang, which are part of the bodies (due to the transformation by gravity).
  64. Optionz Traderz: It might seem like a lot, but many of them have similar behaviors so it isn’t necessary to memorize each one.
  65. Children before can read and write Arabic and before can think are made to memorize the Koran without understanding a word of it.
  66. He was allowed 30 minutes to memorize cards from a randomly shuffled stack and one hour to recall them in exactly the same order.
  67. The IQ definition of Dumb and Bright: One way to define misfires is to rate the ability to memorize and logically apply the memory.
  68. She stood at the end of log and tried to get a better look at her surroundings in order to memorize any landmarks that she could see.
  69. Charlie kept trying to memorize the doctor’s zippered cardigan, so that he could determine at the next session if it was the same one.
  70. With the help of sample papers try to look for repeated important questions that have been asked almost everytime and try to atleast memorize them.
  71. Memorize Fortress Al-insherah very well with your teacher and try with your friends and family at home to memorize it and to study its great meaning.
  72. There was also a typewritten list of names and addresses that Quarles suggested he memorize if he were to explain his temporary duty assignment in Paris.
  73. As a little girl, she’d had to memorize the contents of the thousand inch-square drawers that lined the east wall, like entries on the periodic table.
  74. The logical conjunction can be used to interpret the empirical space, but its use follows from our ability to memorize episodes of attentional selection.
  75. Memorize the Fortress ((The Clot)) very well with your teacher in class then; cooperate with your friends and family at home in studying its great meaning.
  76. And your doctor merely has to memorize the standard protocol and treat you identically the same as all other patients with the same identical test-result?
  77. He called it a hole in his brain and he was right; he could follow instructions and memorize formulas and procedures, but he couldn’t visualize the solutions.
  78. Memorize Al-A’diyat Fortress very well with your teacher then cooperate with your friends and family at home to understand its great meaning and study the great facts found in it.
  79. Was this why our parents had forced us to memorize every species of every creature on earth? Just in case our cloistered apartment building was one day randomly attacked by exotic wildlife?
  80. The rarest of the rare is the prodigious savant, like Raymond Babbitt (portrayed in the movie ‘Rain Man’) who could memorize phone books, count 246 toothpicks at a glance, and trump the house in Vegas.
  81. Suddenly, as if what he just heard actually made a difference, the instructor stopped writing and began to intensely stare at him – as if he had an emergent need to memorize the contours of Paul’s face.
  82. However, in some countries teachers are purposefully constrained by a test centered curriculum which guarantees educators have no time to teach how to think, but only what to memorize and how to test take.
  83. Won’t it be nice when he learns to talk later? We’ll give him Hamlet’s soliloquy to memorize and he’ll say it but it’ll come out like something from James Joyce! Aren’t we lucky? Give me a drink.
  84. If he passed him in the truck, his brother’s CID instincts would kick in, meaning he would memorize the license plate of the truck, the make and model, and every element of the driver that he could see under the current conditions.
  85. There were those among them who, throughout the generations, took it upon themselves to memorize the stories and pass them along to successive memory-tellers, but Stedder always wondered how much the story might change with each retelling.
  86. The point is not just to memorize the numbers but to understand them; as we have seen, both the balance sheet and the statement of cash flow will throw significant light on the number that Wall Street pays the most attention to, the reported earnings.
  87. In the neighborhood where Proctor grew up, children grow up hurting without their fathers, watch their mothers shack up with other men, live in poverty, become sexually active, degrade girls, and memorize sexually explicit songs with the N, B, and F-words.
  88. In any case, the result of the conversation will be that the children are either made to learn by heart the teacher's words about the suslik, or to change their own words, place them in a certain order (not always a correct order), and to memorize and repeat them.
  89. This way students memorize the facts in each chunk of a subject and can solve the homework problems, but in their minds these never melt together into a big picture that gives them truly intuitive understanding of the subject necessary to use the ideas and original ways.
  90. His rendition of “Need Your Love So Bad,” with its superb short opening solo that was the only guitar break I ever aspired to memorize, was my first acquaintance with the orchestrated blues of Little Willie John, an idiom most gloriously explored by Bobby “Blue” Bland.
  91. When the Projection came from Xervia, they had been ready to go for over an hour, and had spent the time examining a scaled model illusion of Hilia provided by Equemev from her Reading of Silaran, who had Translocated there for a moment to memorize the view from the top of the lip of the volcano.
  92. What are the madrasas if not the pillars of the masjids to keep the faith going the way it was from Muhammad’s time; they are no more than the Islamic wells of dogma and what else could be the vision of its moulvis than their resident frogs, at best, helping the pupils memorize the Quran and at worst making bigots out of them.
  93. Memorize Surah Al-Fajer fully, practise to recite it by heart with persistence to contemplate its sublime meanings, That is because the Holy Qur’an was sent down to us by the Almighty God in order to think about and to acquaint yourself with its supreme meanings, avoid His prohibitions and submit to His orders, then as a result you will live in happiness forever.
  94. I consider telling them that, but then I worry they’ll keep talking to me and I can’t have that because I need the hour before we land to be quiet so I have time to study and memorize the terminal maps of the airport we’ll be landing in, and triple-check that my notes about every step of the travel are right, and worry about the unknown place we’ll land and the myriad of spots I could become lost.
  95. It’s not important to memorize the Black-Scholes equation, it’s not even necessary to look at it, so we won’t, particularly because Black-Scholes is really intended for a very small universe of options (options that can be exercised only at expiration rather than the much more common option that can be exercised at any time and options on stocks that pay zero dividends) and makes a number of assumptions that simply aren’t valid in the real world (for a discussion of these assumptions and the option market’s response to the fact that the assumptions aren’t valid, refer to Part Two of Options Math For Traders).
  96. Have children memorize this statement: Look and listen,.
  1. I spent the afternoon memorizing it.
  2. A piano pupil who finds memorizing.
  3. Harris stared at it, memorizing the map.
  4. It’s more a matter of memorizing what.
  5. Chinese characters is through memorizing.
  6. Just memorizing something is not knowledge.
  7. Memorizing dates could be a boring exercise.
  8. Let the amateur do as he pleases about memorizing.
  9. I recall her having trouble memorizing her script.
  10. She caught his hand and held it to her face, memorizing.
  11. Memorizing the Serenity prayer offers a great deal of benefit.
  12. I have no trouble memorizing sequences of numbers! Caleb says.
  13. The Law of Association may be used advantageously in memorizing numbers.
  14. I thought it would be hard but memorizing the given terms is difficult.
  15. He mounted her, touching her curves, memorizing the landscape of her body.
  16. Silent, wet faced, memorizing the feel of my body, the contours and smell.
  17. Oh, that’s to prevent the residents from learning and memorizing the code.
  18. At this point, you've learned a bunch of techniques for memorizing things more.
  19. Another example would be in memorizing the lyrics of the songs or in remembering.
  20. Mo-bot had given her a different background, one that she was memorizing even now.
  21. Imagination is also very powerful in memorizing things that you normal y could not.
  22. It turned out that she beat him not by sleight of hand, but by memorizing the cards.
  23. Their trial was short, yet then again, so long when it came to memorizing the lines.
  24. Unfortunately, learning to use humor effectively isn’t as easy as memorizing a few.
  25. Memorizing or mugging is not a good alternative to having a proper grasp of the subject.
  26. Success in study does not mean that you have to sit for hours at a time memorizing facts.
  27. In this method, you store bitcoins entirely in your brain by memorizing your private key.
  28. She opened the letter up again and reread it practically memorizing the words that were written.
  29. I buried my face in his neck inhaling him; memorizing his scent, he always smelled amazing to me.
  30. So which is it? Should she be memorizing my showtime or totally relying on us? asked Lydia.
  31. He sat under the singers, listening to their voices, memorizing the melody, until they faded away.
  32. Kris tried to mumble something and remember the words that he was just memorizing but no words came out.
  33. Modern civilized societies consider the addiction to memorizing trivia, or meaningless facts to be a hobby.
  34. We must have faith when memorizing each verse that it speaks of true realities and the person of God Himself.
  35. I hadn’t even noticed him come across to me, I was too busy memorizing the rest of my lines, but Levi had come.
  36. We didn’t have it written out, and Chet didn’t really read music, so it was a question of him memorizing the changes.
  37. Buonaventura looked hard at Merthin for a moment, as if memorizing his face, then he said casually: It’s a fine building.
  38. He proceeded down the hallway of the second floor, stepping inside each of the opened doors, taking his photos, memorizing the details.
  39. The shorthand of cinematic directions in the Watching the Detectives lyrics came pretty easily after memorizing all those films.
  40. To those of you who are into memorizing certain Scripture verses, I would highly recommend that you add this one to your memorization list.
  41. Memorizing them has to be out of the question so the only solution that I could think of has to do with using the same one as often as possible.
  42. Véda-s are timeless scriptures that were revealed to Rooshi- s (sages) and passed on from one generation to the next by repetition and memorizing.
  43. We classify the functions of the inner organ, into four facets: the thinking, the self-asserting, the understanding, and the memorizing activities.
  44. Computer-controlled motion-controlled camera: Used to make Star Wars (USA, 1977), it was capable of memorizing and repeating sophisticated camera movements.
  45. It was as if he had written this play for himself, over the years, in the library, nights, torn up the play after memorizing it, and now forgotten what he had set forth to remember.
  46. Nonetheless, every team member had become totally familiar with the layout; and knew exactly where he had to go by memorizing how many steps and how many turns in what direction were required to reach his target.
  47. Sorid was always fuming when he found me exploring instead of working, but I don’t think he ever suspected I was memorizing every twist and turn in the tunnels until I could picture a map in my head as clear as by light.
  48. Memorizing the exact time and location she was in, the angel concentrated and jumped spacetime: she had other children to take care of in Jerusalem ‘B’, the children of Nancy Laplante ‘A’, plus a country to rule in the name of The One.
  49. After memorizing the guards’ routines, Louie and Fitzgerald would wait for a time when the guards left the building, then dig out the rice, rush it to the building stove, boil it in water, and scoop it into their mouths as rapidly as they could, sharing it with a few others.
  50. He keeps any doubts at bay by memorizing lyrics or the routes to classrooms, by holding before his eyes a vision of the technical sciences laboratory: nine tables, thirty stools; coils, variable capacitors, amplifiers, batteries, soldering irons locked away in those gleaming cabinets.
  51. Even now, when it seems there would be no sense in striking a prostrate person, we read and hear in every manual, in every discussion, "that it is injurious to read without comprehension; that it is impossible to learn by heart the definitions of numbers and operations with numbers; that senseless memorizing is injurious; that it is injurious to operate with thousands without being able to count 2-3," and so forth.
  52. To sum up, the new school has removed certain disadvantages, of which the chief are the superfluous addition to the consonants and the memorizing of definitions, and in this it is superior to the old method, and in reading and writing sometimes gives better results; but, on the other hand, it has introduced new defects, which are that the contents of the reading are most senseless and that arithmetic is no longer taught as a study.
  1. She said, I memorized this.
  2. I’ve memorized them by heart.
  3. He wrote and memorized it beforehand.
  4. He visited the bookstore and memorized.
  5. He seemed to have memorized every detail.
  6. Did he have that memorized or something?
  7. Give credit for the number of pages memorized.
  8. I already have that memorized, Garcia said.
  9. He memorized some Shakespeare, revisited Thoreau.
  10. Many millions of people have memorized the entire.
  11. Probably all the geeks in calculus had it memorized.
  12. Dean recorded their faces and memorized their names.
  13. After you have memorized it, do the visualization:.
  14. The ones I read repeatedly and have all but memorized.
  15. They were tried and memorized and carefully rehearsed.
  16. He memorized his face, automatically committing every.
  17. She counted her steps and memorized the lie of the land.
  18. This miracle of a book was memorized by heart not only.
  19. It sounds like he’s had that memorized for a long time.
  20. Since scales should be memorized, I prepare a chart that.
  21. Doesn't he know that I've had him memorized for so long?
  22. When you have memorized it, I will give you the next one.
  23. Garcia memorized the word just in case he ever came upon.
  24. Jokes can be memorized and the Con can make it sound funny.
  25. Anyhow, I memorized the license plate just in case another.
  26. I stepped on one of the memorized locations on the floor in.
  27. He quickly memorized, absorbed and collated the information.
  28. Pretty, Boy, I’ve memorized the list of animal species and.
  29. I not only remember, I have those words memorized by heart.
  30. The man had sung the song so many times John had memorized it.
  31. I memorized the aisle and it didn’t took me long to hunt one.
  32. Our Father, says Reagan, in words he memorized as a child.
  33. They have memorized and internalized many chapters of the Bible.
  34. An intense emotional event can be memorized for years and be read.
  35. For a couple of seconds, he stared at the pounding surf, memorized.
  36. Oak memorized it; he planned to rescue Fern when he got the chance.
  37. Make a notation, it’s so new I hadn’t yet memorized who’s who.
  38. Blake memorized the number to the loom with the depleted bobbin and.
  39. Still clutching the drink she closed her eyes and memorized the image.
  40. This means we have already learned or memorized different tasks and have.
  41. No need, I memorized it, Ganz said, with an immodest wave of his hand.
  42. Study the setups in this book until their various parameters are memorized.
  43. Rapunzel doesn't either as she's already read it and memorized long sections.
  44. She did seem to have memorized the word, it seemed out of place in her speech.
  45. I saw his profile clearly, his chin, eyes, nose, hairline; I memorized it all.
  46. Please destroy the letter after you have read it and memorized the phone number.
  47. Kama then turned his attention to Ishtar, asking out loud: Have you memorized.
  48. Without thinking about it, he’d memorized the six words, welded them to his mind.
  49. The same day, Jayasimha achieved the longest colour sequence memorized, with 152.
  50. Her host explained that the club members had memorized thousands of jokes, so just.
  51. He had told me the same old stories numerous times that I had memorized everything.
  52. I memorized the rocks and boulders nearby, and knew I could find it in the morning.
  53. Then I remember that Will once memorized a map of the city for fun, and I say, Oh.
  54. The Elf memorized every twist and turn through the systems flickering passed her eyes.
  55. He had memorized our names, but it was hardly equivalent to knowing anything about us.
  56. And she memorized every last item and soon found herself a new hobby to pass the time:.
  57. He probably doesn't need to read any of this himself, having memorized it in medical school.
  58. One had memorized ‘The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire’ after reading it a single time.
  59. Believers in the North Korean Church take turns teaching the verses they have memorized by heart.
  60. I memorized the Volunteers’ displacements when we were Linked with them through Mark, earlier.
  61. Most preaching, especially in the earlier days of the movement, was from verses they had memorized.
  62. Spouting memorized lines so that people actually had the impression that he could think on his feet.
  63. He then stared, in a memorized state, at the thick smoke ascending towards the brown stained ceiling.
  64. I’m enjoying the sweet absurdity of a grandmother having memorized the words to an indie rock song.
  65. We memorized it and the poem may not have bothered me then, but it certainly is not one of my favorites.
  66. These are not a simple set of patterns to be memorized, found in the market, and then traded profitably.
  67. He glanced skillfully at notes he nearly memorized, notes he had spread before him on his makeshift podium.
  68. The Holy Scriptures are to be read constantly, memorized, treated as more important than gold and silver.
  69. Ash and Kalver both had the schematics for the capsule memorized, same as every other Caruth-trained soldier.
  70. On 22 June 2012, he also set the record for the longest sequence of objects memorized in one minute, with 40.
  71. Although she has them memorized, most nights Marie-Laure asks Etienne to read her the letters from her father.
  72. It’s been a great two weeks she said as I drove back to Willmar airport, I had memorized the road myself.
  73. She realized that it was just a few hours ago and Zoe had memorized what she was wearing and how she wore her hair.
  74. Ben Pridmore (UK) memorized 884 cards (17 packs) at the Derby Memory Championships in Derbyshire, UK, in 2008.
  75. She approached him, memorized the features of his face, wanting to touch him, so peaceful compared to the day before.
  76. After a few minutes, she came to ask for Lorna’s ID and account number, which thankfully, Lorna had always memorized.
  77. But he had also quickly memorized the pictures and names of the birds, which he could not sound out for himself very well.
  78. Once again Jorma seemed to be making mental notes, going on to the next question in an interrogation checklist he had memorized.
  79. Beyond her initial astonishment that he has it memorized, the only thing she’s ever felt about the formula is fear—for Alan.
  80. He had memorized the telephone number when she showed him the paper, uncertain as to how knowing it might serve him in the future.
  81. Why, wasn’t there a rumor once that the bird had memorized Papa’s last, greatest, and as-yet-not-put-down-on-paper novel?’.
  82. The bus driver seemed to have memorized a series of winding curves, maneuvering the vehicle as if he could do it with closed eyes.
  83. I sat on the wrought iron bench near the Revolutionary War Monument, pulled out my SAT- phone and dialed the number I had memorized.
  84. We had pretty much memorized every note and anecdote on a bootleg VHS of Martin Scorsese’s film of The Band’s big farewell show.
  85. She smiled as she remembered the first gypsy saying she memorized, Without now there was no before, just as there could be no after.
  86. Clarity called him back right away and she listened patiently to the courierś memorized sentence repeated over and over like a mantra.
  87. And I didn’t have any interest in things like the properties of minerals or solutions, so I memorized them for tests and then forgot them.
  88. At the Swedish Open Memory Championship in 2011, German memory athlete Johannes Mallow memorized 132 of 140 fictitious historical dates.
  89. Jayasimha Ravirala (India) memorized 264 numbers in a minute in the Holy Mary Institute of Technology in Hyderabad, India, on 8 March 2011.
  90. The branching tunnels formed a labyrinthine network of caverns whose full reaches were memorized by only the eldest of pale, goblin navigators.
  91. My eyes were fixed on a comic until every story was memorized or, if I was by the window, until every sheep in the fields was counted and christened.
  92. In memorized speeches you are liable to speak the words, and then think what they mean—and many speakers seem to trouble very little even about that.
  93. William could see the list he had constructed in his mind so vividly that he read it over and over until he commenced verbalizing the memorized list out loud.
  94. He gazed out over the ever-whitening fields rolling passed, and let the lines of one of the sonnets he'd memorized during the term echo through his thoughts.
  95. He confessed that he was still uncertain of some of the information contained in no few of the texts, as he had not completely memorized those sections, yet.
  96. Along with the books, Harris kept a collection of hand-drawn war maps; he’d seen the original maps in stolen newspapers, memorized them, and recreated them.
  97. This powerful verse should be memorized by all Christians, as it is giving us a major spiritual secret in being able to acquire good mental health in the Lord.
  98. He had memorized the beat and the words and whenever he felt excited about a challenge, he would recall the memory of the song in his mind and hear it perfectly.
  99. While she slept, he had memorized her face, the long lines of her cheeks, the sweet sound of her breathing in and out was like heavenly choir singing just for him.
  100. We could go down and look up the records, I confess I don’t have everything about that case memorized in spite of the fact that Ava is so respected and beautiful.
  1. A Hafiz is a person who memorizes the holy.
  2. But what the child memorizes with greater strength, and is then.
  3. That is well, yet it is not enough to call any of them as a scientist or a true believer because, the real scientist is he who witnesses and tastes what he memorizes.
  4. The colored pupil memorizes as rapidly as the white, but lacks the faculty of applying the things learned to everyday life; and I am of opinion that this will remain so for a considerable time—till habits of thought and individuality of ideas are educated.

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