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Miniscule dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. It was miniscule compared to the Eidolon.
2. Although there was a very miniscule chance that they were.
3. The fluttering of an eye at a certain question, the miniscule pause at a.
4. Miniscule redemption scratches through the sky, fleeting confirmation of the.
5. In 1985 Intel's operating income was miniscule; in 1986 it was less than zero.
6. The ground was drying now, but the air was still chilled by miniscule droplets.
7. At least with me, they had a miniscule chance of perhaps living beyond tomorrow.

8. His hands, clutched around her miniscule behind, moved up and down in encourage-.
9. Tiny, miniscule bins with wheels had been crafted around the perimeters of the area.
10. He did not like losing even the most miniscule level of control of his normally even temper.
11. Compare our miniscule 25,920-year precession cycles to the massive wheel of our galaxy and the.
12. Note that the return of capital was miniscule in this case, but to be proper had to be tracked.
13. And for that miniscule loss the Southerners brought about the deaths of over a half million people.
14. They also do quite a bit of research, with a not miniscule amount of it being weapons and military research.
15. However, the odds of being the deciding vote—of your vote actually mattering—are miniscule, vanishingly small.
16. With a sense of relief, I went in search of Sela and found her in a miniscule pink bikini, lounging next to the outdoor pool.
17. But a diffused worry and guilt was forever hovering in my thoughts keeping alive a miniscule, implausible hope that one day I.
18. The notion gave me a miniscule quantity of gratification, but I was confounded with the way the werewolf moved over my brother.
19. Also the temperature dropped as if the encroaching shade was nudging the warmth out through the entrance a miniscule point at a time.
20. And, when the delivery boy comes, it would all either be excitement with eyes popping out or agitation at ignorable, miniscule details.
21. She was grateful for Janice’s help, for there was no way she could’ve undone all the miniscule buttons on the back of her dress, without this help.
22. The health of the Earth comes before any miniscule fucking species living on it : if you can’t understand that, you shouldn’t be reading this book.
23. Though he may have merely forgotten the miniscule act, Feltus felt it was more likely he had intended to protect himself from suspicion in Faye’s misfortune.
24. Pete located more than one reference that suggested the gains for initiating one of several bills would be miniscule in terms of reducing warming, but huge in terms of cost.
25. Also, growth here is used as the margin of safety, not as the element essential to transform a company with miniscule revenues and negative cash flow into a world-class powerhouse.
26. Even with the miniscule lift, it would keep acceleratin for years an years, right up to the speed of light squared, the speed at which it would ultimately transform itself into pure energy.
27. Her brother in monastic life, and her Abbot, introduced her to colloidal silver and she became a huge fan of the ultra-pure water which contained miniscule particles of silver suspended in it.
28. The odds that anyone in the town might be looking their way at this particular moment, or that they might see anything at this distance even if they did, were miniscule, but Tohmys was a scout sniper.
29. Many would have mistaken her miniscule reaction to mere irritation at the bold confrontation as to her personal actions, but his perceptive mind discerned there was something far more serious to this.
30. So $10,000 invested in decile 10 of sales-to-enterprise value from Large Stocks—the priciest stocks by this measure—would have been worth $10,788 at the end of 2009, a miniscule average annual compound return of 0.
31. The snow coming at him looked as though the flakes might penetrate the windshield and pierce his heart, hundreds of miniscule needles inflicting both physical and emotional pain on a level that, until now, Josh had not experienced.
32. While he had no objections if these were related to his job function, even in the most miniscule way, he wondered if Spalding, a man of modest means, were taking advantage of these opportunities to travel at the expense of the taxpayers.
33. What has it done for us so far? Well, according to recent reports, it has indeed created a few hundred thousand more jobs, primarily, of course for teachers unions and other public employee unions, and at the miniscule cost of around $278,000.
34. Their portfolio is not filled with "tracking positions"-that is, miniscule amounts of a large number of stocks that an investor buys on the basis of cursory research as a reminder that additional work needs to be done before a real commitment can be made.
35. Waiting was a nerve-wracking experience spent by Beth chewing the miniscule remnants of fingernails and, by Truman, fuming that it made much more sense to walk right up the entrance to La Hacienda, grab the hairy bastard by the throat and stomp the living shit out of him.
36. There wasn’t much to do in the grand scheme of things, but with men and dust sheets everywhere and a thousand and one miniscule jobs to do before perfection could be achieved, ready seemed a long way away, up a steep hill and on the other side of a fast-flowing river.
37. This is what generates the potential profit for a butterfly seller, but it also means the butterfly buyer has to pay the net cost and the butterfly buyer ends up with a trade structure that has a fairly narrow profit window and a miniscule window to realize the maximum profit.
38. Though it would be a long shot, he should pursue this line of questioning in hopes that Charles may unwittingly recall some small, miniscule detail such as a mannerism that would seem unimportant but that may actually identify the mystifying person that was thankfully not the Grey Man.
39. That the Mayawatis and the Nitish Kumars too have come to master the winning formula and what is worse; down the Vindhyas too as the politicians are not taking chances any more with the miniscule of a minority vote that is there, it gives no hope for the progress of democracy in India.
40. Given that so many marriages end in divorce and the miniscule impact that being married has on ones job prospects or other chances for success in life, the principled conservative should also start from the premise of show me why this cannot simply be decided in the legislative process since this is bestowing an additional privilege.
41. To understand how far away this type of thinking is from my style, I should point out that movements, and hence gains, of 10 percent are actually quite miniscule relative to the normal volatility and movement I experience given my specific investment approach within my overall methodology which dictates that one let one’s winners run.
42. To treat only a miniscule percentage of the world’s richest human population for their emotional-mental health, while letting the rest of the human race go to hell: is like a medical physician refusing to fixing your broken arm if you are not a millionaire who can afford a doctor’s services out of your own extra money; purely as an exclusive Luxury Service.

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