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Mission dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. I was on a mission.
2. A man on a mission.
3. He was on a mission.
4. I had a mission now.
5. A man with a mission.
6. It was the mission of.
7. Our mission is not to.

8. They were on a mission.
9. But I was on a mission.
10. I was away on a mission.
11. She was his mission now.
12. Mission Circle of Day St.
13. He was a man on a mission.
14. A man with a mission, or.
15. His mission is ended here.
16. We had a mission, son, a.
17. I’m in this mission too.
18. They met on his mission.
19. It was a suicidal mission.
20. The mission of the Samaj.
21. It had been a good mission.
22. The mission may not be moot.
23. He’s on a suicide mission.
24. But she still had a mission.
25. The most virile mission won.
26. I told him about our mission.
27. Must focus on the mission!.
28. This laughter has a mission.
29. I succeeded with my mission.
30. The Chinese Mission of the A.
31. A mission she isn't used to.
32. I have a new mission for you.
33. Stone Mission Circle of Trin.
34. My teachers were on a mission.
35. And this is not your mission.
36. He must complete his mission.
37. The mission to preserve and.
38. This mission is not one that.
39. He had a mission to complete.
40. We have a mission to complete.
41. His mission was about to begin.
42. My mission to rule the world.
43. His mission is to change.
44. He was a man on a mission today.
45. This was a most unusual mission.
46. Our mission was highly secret.
47. It is a mission that is hopeful.
48. Was the mission a success? Over.
49. Children's Mission Band of Cong.
50. He now knew it was his mission.
51. Their mission was clearer than.
52. THAT is the mission of humanity.
53. My first mission here was a.
54. Children's Mission Band, by Mrs.
55. Was he part of the mission?
56. The True Mission of the Church.
57. This is your mission, he.
59. That, my brethren, is my mission.
60. It was just a part of my mission.
61. And have him share in my mission.
62. Ladies Mission Circle of Park St.
63. The audience applauds the mission.
64. By the end of the mission, the U.
65. I have a special mission for her.
66. And that is our mission on earth.
67. Nothing to do with our mission.
68. Mission to the UN lays out what.
69. She had no great mission in life.
70. Mission from the rest to the West.
71. My mission is to bring you in.
72. It was in their mission statement.
73. Her mission is to serve him, to.
74. Why, 'tis our mission, maties.
75. Mission, that’s the first time.
76. Their mission statement says the.
77. We're here for a special mission.
78. Our training mission just got.
79. It will be a good mission for him.
80. Is this mission a lie, too?
81. I cannot complete this mission.
82. GOD (ALLAH) and in his own mission.
83. Girls' Mission Band of North Cong.
84. It's damn near a kamikaze mission.
85. It was a time after my mission to.
86. It was the mission – their birth.
87. The radio was dead on this mission.
88. You’ll need them for the mission.
89. I took the mission one step further.
90. My mission is to share bits of.
91. That is what my mission with this.
92. Their mission was not yet complete.
93. His mission primed everything else.
94. In fact, the mission and credo of.
95. He was a man on a mission; by the.
96. You said your mission is different.
97. My mission is clear, Captain Macri.
98. Do you understand your mission?
99. Does that screw up the mission?
100. This was His mission, and He was so.

Malheureusement, nous avons encore d' exemples de phrases pour ce mot.

Malheureusement, nous avons encore d' exemples de phrases pour ce mot.

2. The missions were long and constant.
3. Burn off the snatch and bag missions.
4. Witnessing and Missions Work by Faith.
5. And the missions and stuff feed everyone.
6. At least, this is one of their missions.
7. How long could those missions be?’’.
8. On the President's peace missions, they.
9. Evangelical Dictionary of World Missions.
10. We have Ares 4 supply missions coming up.
11. They have longer missions, navigation-wise.
12. The ships had distinctly different missions.
13. Still, revolts broke out in several missions.
14. We have been playing at missions long enough.
15. I had studied the history of suicide missions.
16. Our missions are chiefly among 40,000 of the.
17. Raleigh for London Missions, Exeter Hall, 1874.
18. She loved the idea of missions against monsters.
19. I should get the results of those missions soon.
20. He had another 124 missions in the O-1E as a FAC.
21. The USAF flew some 60 research missions into Tip.
22. Oh, they’re always finding little missions.
23. It’s only useful for missions such as this one.
24. I have been on many missions in my military career.
25. Board of Foreign and Domestic Missions of the Prot.
26. The mighty Titus now reduced to babysitting missions.
27. He’d always asked about her schedule, her missions.
28. Uh, you do keep mentioning long missions in the past.
29. Even kamikazes came back from missions once in awhile.
30. Correspondence from Missions in all Parts of the World.
31. Damn few Weasel pilot have made it to 100 missions yet.
32. No bloodshed had been reported so far on such missions.
33. Remember, Hermes was made to do all five Ares missions.
34. They respected African-American leadership in missions.
35. I have relief missions to fly this morning, he said.
36. I had the privilege to fly one of these missions in 1945.
37. Think, however, of how often we embark on such missions.
38. They didn’t seem to have a problem with their missions.
39. Yet, he never saw her there, nor on any of the missions.
40. The Superior said: We have no cannibals in our missions.
41. The missions were exact representations of active warfare.
42. The Special Missions Compound should never have been there.
43. Nucleus 8 suffered injuries during several of his missions.
44. One of its missions is to seek comfort by relying on its.
45. Also, prevent black enabling of white neglect in missions.
46. He assisted Derrik on most of the missions over that time.
47. He recalled his time in the Shinra Army, his missions as a.
48. We also have many challenges in fulfilling our missions.
49. None of these missions found canals or direct signs of life.
50. There are only two groups who tend to go for suicide missions.
51. They were hoping I would, I have failed on missions before.
52. The five organizations have diverse missions but form a cozy.
53. How many kills did you have in thirty missions? he asked.
54. Cape Canaveral was re-named cape Kennedy after these missions.
55. Proctor’s parents graduated from Missions College in Norfolk.
56. They will plan together and eat and sleep together on missions.
57. Alas! men have none of these holy missions, and I see nowhere.
58. Encouragement had a resounding effect attached to all missions.
59. He had flown missions in II, III, and IV Corps in support of U.
60. He was off on yet another of his missions for her and the baby.
61. Missions that you’ve helped me make a success many times over.
62. Nevertheless, African-American missions professor and author Dr.
63. I needed this for gathering intelligence for my covert missions.
64. They fly individual missions, flight missions, squadron missions.
65. I also know you don't just watch your men flying those missions.
66. Usually, faith missionaries choose and apply to missions agencies.
67. Conflicting missions - Havana, Washington, and Africa, 1959-1976.
68. Reia chuckled, We've been on dozens of these sorts of missions.
69. These Coast Guard missions were not carried out without casualties.
70. My father saw your advantages for missions over a half century ago.
71. As always, the Coast Guard is ready to carry out its missions in U.
73. Sunil and Flubus had returned from their respective missions, and.
74. Creative technologies and complex missions are not new to the USCG.
75. As flight lead, Court flew two more missions before the end of the day.
76. I have a million funny stories from these missions" here"s a funny one.
77. Schools, busy trying to fulfill their missions, have already missed out.
78. Next, in 1818, missions were begun among the Chickasaws and the Choctaws.
79. By doing this, players can affect what happens in the adjacent missions.
80. An E-8, but he had stepped back from the field missions to the textbooks.
81. She hardly needed one; missions were a thank-you in themselves for Rielde.
82. He was far more well-rounded and experienced with these sort of missions.
83. They had all known the dangers and had willingly embraced their missions.
84. This is one of your missions, to bring about the Restoration; as they.
85. They run away from the missions, the growing cult to join in the deserts.
87. I believe this frustration with reconciliation may also occur in missions.
88. He had been a major in the Soviet army assigned to Russian trade missions.
89. Her missions made it critical that she be safe as she traveled the streets.
90. Security considerations kept most of those missions and casualties secret.
91. Navy missions before, during and after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.
92. These days there are few missions without danger, the doctor observed.
93. It wasn’t long before journalists were no longer allowed on those missions.
94. Some of us keep saying that we want African Americans on the missions field.
95. And what if I need to accomplish more missions with it in the coming years?
96. The gunners were talking out all they saw, and even heard on their missions.
97. I heard he was TDY here for a few missions to research the fast FAC business.
98. No doubt false and racist Bible doctrine prejudiced white-controlled missions.
99. Optimize whites’ individualism to introduce them to new missions structures.
100. Force during World War II, flying several combat missions in European Theater.

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