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Mooch dans une phrase (en anglais)

Does Venna? I was afraid she might be a mooch.
He felt guilty for having to mooch off his ex-wife’s family, though he helped around the house as much as he could.
There were a couple kegs aboard, owned by Yarnay on mast six, and she was able to mooch a cup or two a day out of them, but that was what Luray used to drink with lunch.
There’s some salad … what can I have with that? Anything in the tinned line? Ah yes, a tin of tuna in mayo … that would go nicely with the salad and maybe a jacket potato … sorted! Feeling very righteous after my session at the gym and carrying a plate of healthy dinner, I mooch into the lounge … don’t much fancy TV … a book it is! By nine thirty, I am nodding, so call it a day and go to bed.

Why do they have to keep mooching.
Katie and Abi are chattering sixteen to the dozen and Ben is mooching along in a world of his own, as per usual.
Shoop col ected the buckle from the body and mooched off into the.
Caramarin mooched around for a while before returning to a different spot higher up the Stairs.
Then I caught the train into town, mooched around there, got a bite to eat, took in a movie, came home and went to bed.
I left the room and went down and had breakfast afterwards I knew that Beth and Helen would be busy so I just mooched around the house.
After dinner had been cleared away, Jacob mooched around the downstairs rooms, watching the news, taking his computer for a spin, effectively blocking the entrance to the cellar, where unread papers called out to me.
He gave a cynical laugh, mooched around the abandoned jetty until he found a piece of wood about the right length, wedged it as politely as possible in the gap between the lid and the box, and pulled out one of the flat packages.
She mooches out into the garden; bless, she’s not as bright as usual, can’t be entirely due to the guinea pigs – better have a chat with her later on.

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