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Motif dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. When this motif will appear?
  2. A gold motif on top of the box.
  3. This one was mostly white, with a bird motif.
  4. The motif is to weave a tangled web of deceive.
  5. Hendricks and Neu represent the common motif between.

  6. Tall standing stones marked the path, each carved with a motif.
  7. I noticed his father's nameplate had a motif of the secular political party.
  8. Here his kingship is in view, and thus his role as builder is a prevalent motif.
  9. We’ve got a bank of six headlamps that pop out when you retract the bat motif.
  10. Many people contributed time and talent to execute the international motif under Marguerite’s guidance.
  11. Finally, there was an instrumental motif that acted as an introduction and interlude between the verses.
  12. He loved to fly his lighter-than-air blimp, christened "The Independence" and decorated with an American flag motif.
  13. The time and space which separate the scene of the action of the two stories have not modified the primitive quality of the love which supplies the motif.
  14. We put a new mattress in there, did the poster bed up with a rose motif, laid new carpets and I even replaced some of the windows because they had become grey and dull.
  15. In that time Balder registered with surprise that the alarm had not gone off and noticed a motif of a grey spider on the man’s jersey, also a narrow, oblong scar on his pale forehead below the cap and the lamp.

  16. The partly obscured motif on the towel hanging on the chair arm said Volcanic Hot Springs being a location well publicised and the security chart on the door would carry enough information to pinpoint the location.
  17. The song has stayed with me for thirty or more years and went down so deep that I unconsciously quoted the “cinco minutos” motif in a song called “Five Minutes with You,” or “Cinco Minutos con Vos,” for the album Wise Up Ghost.
  18. He could see that the house was more imposing in appearance than the room it really contained, the tall and detailed arches faced with reliefs in a thulitlanth motif graced the end panes, but they were used only to make high ceilings in most rooms.
  19. When I asked her about these terrors, her explanations were obscure to a child’s ear, but they included images of unexpected faces pressed up to dark windows and the repeated motif of someone breaking into a room and startling her, and that was frightening enough.
  20. The coroner was at a small Queen Anne desk, which contrasted awkwardly with the Louis XV motif, in the center of the room directly beneath one of the grand chandeliers that sparkled radiantly like polished diamonds and maintained a formal, solemn expression; one of the oversized armchairs that would serve as the witness box was placed between him and the jury in a circle of light cast by the chandelier while his assistant was situated just to his left.

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