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Murmur dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. With a soft inland murmur.
2. There was a murmur of assent.
3. Kate was ill, I murmur.
4. He heard a murmur behind him.
5. And still, I spoke in a murmur.
6. He spoke in a definite murmur.
7. He pauses and the murmur fades.

8. The murmur of the ten-footers.
9. There was a murmur of agreement.
10. There was a murmur in the crowd.
11. There was a murmur of curiosity.
12. I was sure I heard him murmur:.
13. There was a murmur from everyone.
14. The murmur had not ceased from.
15. There was a murmur of affirmation.
16. There was a murmur of recognition.
17. Clayton’s voice was a low murmur.
18. His was little more than a murmur.
19. He heard the murmur of the mob of.
20. He voiced it in an agitated murmur.
21. His voice was a low, panting murmur.
22. What? is all he could murmur?
23. There was a slight murmur among the.
24. A murmur of excitement came from the.
25. A murmur of protest rose on all sides.
26. A loud murmur of voices interrupted him.
27. I could hear the faint murmur of someone.
28. A general murmur of approval greeted this.
29. Instead: the smoky murmur of a saxophone.
30. There was an angry murmur among the wolves.
31. There was a general murmur of satisfaction.
32. By degrees a murmur arose in the audience.
33. Not a single murmur was heard in the room.
34. An angry murmur went through the villagers.
35. I heard Alistair’s voice murmur something.
36. There was a murmur of consent from the crowd.
37. Rose lifted her voice against the murmur of.
38. The murmur of the crowd swelled to a muffled.
39. A hearty murmur of assent ran round the table.
40. A low-pitched murmur spread through the crowd.
41. No emotions, no memories, no murmur of voices.
42. The prosecutor swallowed this without a murmur.
43. There was a murmur of agreement among the group.
44. The Machine slowed; its scream fell to a murmur.
45. And he remembered that he had dared to murmur!.
46. They began to murmur, looking around fearfully.
47. The slight, protesting murmur on the part of Mrs.
48. A murmur floated through the assembled multitude.
49. There was a murmur of anticipation from the nuns.
50. A murmur of congratulation went around the group.
51. Not a murmur or a peep out of either one of them.
52. They could barely hear his murmur: Praised be.
53. The dark-edged murmur of a car engine is covered.
54. There was a murmur of awkward and reluctant thanks.
55. I agreed that she was, in a most unspecific murmur.
56. He still had a slight problem with a heart murmur.
57. The murmur in the church rose over the wooden beams.
58. A murmur started up from the rear of the assemblage.
59. There was a murmur of applause from the spectators.
60. A couple of courtroom officials murmur in agreement.
61. Many shifted their eyes from me and began to murmur.
62. Still, great as was this omnipotence, a murmur arose.
63. The voices had faded to a murmur and were now silent.
64. I don’t think odd covers it, really, I murmur.
65. At this proposition several of the men began to murmur.
66. There was a general murmur of disapproval as the two.
67. In the crowd there was a murmur, vague but unfriendly.
68. O, wouldn't she like to rest, too? he seemed to murmur.
69. And as he named them, a murmur rose up in his audience.
70. There was a murmur of approval from about half the group.
71. The music died down in the moment, the murmur was low.
72. A murmur of astonishment ran through all the ring of men.
73. There was a murmur of approval from some of the audience.
74. I guess it’s all a little overwhelming, I murmur.
75. Trask heard a murmur, and in a short while she returned.
76. No murmur, no impatience, no petulance did come from him.
77. Then presently he heard, not far ahead, a hissing murmur.
78. He could hear the continuous murmur of voices inside and.
79. O, wouldn’t she like to rest, too? he seemed to murmur.
80. Yes, I murmur as my heated blood courses through me.
81. There was a murmur of surprise and enthusiasm in the hall.
82. From the crowd on the pier came a long, shuddering murmur.
83. A strong murmur of satisfaction rolled throughout he crowd.
84. The murmur suddenly stopped, even the jukebox died, in an.
85. Her gentle murmur penetrated his thoughts and he looked up.
86. A low, continuous murmur echoed among the students while Dr.
87. Josephine heard the voice of Salome, a high pitch murmur of.
88. In the courtroom the general murmur of sound was pierced by.
89. It was just a question, I said, my voice fading to a murmur.
90. A murmur of sympathy broke out in court, which was instantly.
91. No one moved, but they all broke into a low murmur of excuses.
92. The audience started whispering, and the murmur was building.
93. The only difference now was that the murmur of the crowd was.
94. The January 31, 1994,1OQ came out amid the murmur of activity.
95. A murmur of approbation and satisfaction ran through the crowd.
96. Next year…next year…no year at all, I heard someone murmur.
97. The murmur had not ceased from the moment he entered the room.
98. He bends his head to murmur in her ear so only she can hear him.
99. They had often walked there to the murmur of the waves over the.
100. A murmur of disapproval went through the crowd as he shouted at.
1. She sank down, murmuring, "Mercy!".
2. It wasn’t the murmuring of voices.
3. He played, murmuring the words, his.
4. There was no response, just murmuring.
5. Much murmuring could be heard when Rose.
6. Everyone jumped, then started murmuring.
7. Thandi was stirring, murmuring, tossing.
8. But he hears a murmuring sound in the river.
9. Remi was murmuring as she went into the hall.
10. Don't wait, I thought I heard Shrank murmuring.
11. A car passed, murmuring, at a far intersection.
12. There was some murmuring, but also some grins.
13. And then from above came a little murmuring cry.
14. Murmuring his apology, Cloud glanced up as the.
15. The little murmuring noise of the camp was lost.
16. But, till then, the music room went on murmuring.
17. The moment tape was removed he started murmuring.
18. There was a murmuring of understanding and agreement.
19. Instead, I heard voices murmuring in the living room.
20. He broke into her thoughts, murmuring, The wedding.
21. Nadir heard another man murmuring quietly in his sleep.
22. Amanda could hear murmuring then Anna came to the door.
23. O'Molloy said, taking out a cigarettecase in murmuring.
24. Then he began to hum again, and passed into a murmuring.
25. He heard the men murmuring on the porch of his metal shop.
26. We heard their murmuring voices behind us all night long.
27. The Riders stirred at first, murmuring with approval of.
28. The hall was full of gasps, whispers and excited murmuring.
29. This greatly impresses the gathering and a murmuring goes.
30. He nuzzled her neck, murmuring soft words of encouragement.
31. The men huddled together for a moment and started murmuring.
32. The salty wind, the murmuring waves and the throaty yells of.
33. A summer-day river going somewhere, murmuring and irrevocable.
34. The soft scraping and murmuring winds acted as a perfect lullaby.
35. A breeze whispered through the leaves, and set them to murmuring.
36. THE YEWS: (Murmuring) Who came to Poulaphouca with the High School.
37. Let us never give way to a fretting, murmuring, complaining spirit.
38. The crowd was silent for a while and then an audible murmuring arose.
39. I slipped my hands around one of his fists, murmuring softly to him.
40. They drank water direct from the stream which ran murmuring close by.
41. First, I hear them murmuring in the distance, an indistinct hum that.
42. The priest bent down to put it into her mouth, murmuring all the time.
43. Solomon the wisest of all kings listened to the murmuring of his wives.
44. Murmuring could be heard in the outer room, but it wasn’t my problem.
45. The murmuring loquacity of the Capataz disturbed Decoud like a hint of.
46. Mr Dedalus amid the din walked off, murmuring to himself with a pursing.
47. She made the sacred sign over the animal, murmuring a prayer of gratitude.
48. And as they advanced towards Barnet a tumultuous murmuring grew stronger.
49. The priest went along by them, murmuring, holding the thing in his hands.
50. The sea murmuring in a language that travels through stones, air, and sky.
51. I thought I heard Pani murmuring my name, but it might have been the wind.
52. He rubbed it between his index finger and thumb while murmuring some words.
53. Sharping their sense, their ears, towards his murmuring, half-caught words:.
54. Within minutes, Dad was gently stroking the cat and murmuring to him softly.
55. The ride into camp was accompanied by a constant murmuring of its inhabitants.
56. He even took the long way around, along the murmuring watercourse to the reed-.
57. A small wave of silence cut through the murmuring voices and scattered laughter.
58. Fans stopped in mid-swish and a ripple of excited murmuring ran through the hall.
59. David did as he was told, fondling the dog’s ears and murmuring a greeting to.
60. He heard a buzz of murmuring behind him as the other inmates made snide comments.
61. No, more of a constant murmuring that lapped a welcome coolness against his skin.
62. This is he; this helpless, inarticulately murmuring, wandering old man pointed out.
63. He slid his fingers up and down her hand, murmuring something sinister to himself.
64. But though her wishes were overthrown, there was no spirit of murmuring within her.
65. Funny enough, I got the idea after what you told me about him murmuring in his cell.
66. These actions were carried out by these people as they made vague, murmuring sounds.
67. She heard much murmuring, and often both voices murmured together, which puzzled her.
68. She turned away from him, murmuring, I should go and collect my sisters for lunch.
69. The sudden silence around him was now so complete that murmuring could even be heard.
70. His voice piped sharply as he attempted to gain the attention of the murmuring group.
71. The hero folded her willowy form in a loving embrace murmuring fondly Sheila, my own.
72. Moonlight and murmuring winds flowed into the tent and then out again as the flap fell.
73. A surging, seething, murmuring crowd of beings human in name only filled the huge room.
74. The cell doors were closed, but Raven could hear faint murmuring coming from one door.
75. It was the catalyst for the rest of the murmuring people, but Annyeke got there first.
76. The maiden yielded to his warm embrace, murmuring, as he released her, "Remember me!".
77. The murmuring had now become full of excited exclamations as he continued, Now here's.
78. The guards responding to Youssaf's cry of alarm and a sudden murmuring among the inmates.
79. When I was done, Stacy placed my water bottle beside me, murmuring that I needed to drink.
80. Fearing to betray herself, she slipped away, murmuring something about needing more paper.
81. Frau Elena’s midnight passage among the beds like an angel, murmuring, I know it’s cold.
82. In my dreams I heard his voice murmuring that he loved me and would always remain by my side.
83. There was murmuring in the room but nothing more than a slight disruption to the equilibrium.
84. She ended by drawing near and murmuring timidly as she turned towards Madame Thenardier:—.
85. I heard the soft murmuring of voices, then Shooter closed the door and came back to the table.
86. A voice from among the throng shrilled, The old herb woman, she will know! the murmuring.
87. He loved his God and believed in Him steadfastly, though he was suddenly murmuring against Him.
88. She had that rare sense which discerns what is unalterable, and submits to it without murmuring.
89. Darkness had already crept beneath the murmuring fir-woods that clothed the steep mountain-sides.
90. No sounds of murmuring voices or of tears came from behind the closed door of Melanie’s bedroom.
91. There was a sympathetic murmuring as she passed and several hands went out to pat her comfortingly.
92. A second murmuring echoed through the cavern, louder than the first, but no one voiced an objection.
93. The throng waited for the Preceptor to appear, impatiently fidgeting and murmuring in subdued voices.
94. There was a murmuring in the room and Ford continued: The point is that this DynamX is pretty new.
95. The young priest seemed not to even notice, murmuring a Merci, hardly aware of Henri's presence.
96. I scratched his skin and writhed in his grip, but he only held me tighter, murmuring words of comfort.
97. A few minutes passed and the man stopped his murmuring, and asked the boy, ‘What do you see now?’.
98. There’s murmuring in the room, and I realize we are now the only two still bidding on lot twenty-one.
99. Often, when they talked together of Paris, she ended by murmuring, "Ah! how happy we should be there!".
100. We cannot let them destroy us again! Yania exclaimed, with the other children murmuring in support.
1. He murmured to her fondly.
2. He murmured for answer: True.
3. The crew murmured about them.
4. Quell murmured, He is near.
5. The organ sobbed and murmured.
6. I murmured "Certainly," and Mr.
7. Yes, I do, she murmured.
8. The crowd murmured in agreement.
9. He was here, she murmured.
10. It's a puzzle, he murmured.
11. The Circle murmured in agreement.
12. Yes, the war, murmured Ann.
13. Suddenly a low voice murmured:.
14. It can’t be, he murmured.
15. I can’t wait, he murmured.
16. He murmured that he knew the name.
17. It's not very good,' she murmured.
18. There he is, Gwenda murmured.
19. Then murmured, Hard to believe.
20. It murmured and whispered of sleep.
21. Oh my poor child, he murmured.
22. ASo near yet so far,@ she murmured.
23. Traveling and asleep, he murmured.
24. I’m okay, he then murmured.
25. Byron The audience murmured softly.
26. Just as I feared, murmured Max.
27. Hmmn, he murmured and chuckled.
28. The courtroom murmured to themselves.
29. Excuse me, I murmured to Kaspar.
30. It’s about Aadil? he murmured.
31. What does she want? he murmured.
32. There and there, murmured Mink.
33. You have to turn me, I murmured.
34. Please, follow me, he murmured.
35. Go back to sleep, she murmured.
36. My mother is dead, he murmured.
37. Edwin murmured, touching his cold face.
38. Strange, she murmured to herself.
39. It is true, the captain murmured.
40. But why shot? he murmured to himself.
41. Your man, he murmured once more.
42. The morgue’s here, she murmured.
43. Shit, the Fed murmured behind her.
44. She grinned and in a low voice murmured.
45. Help me out, would you? he murmured.
46. Again, the Circle murmured in agreement.
47. You‘ve saved my life,’ he murmured.
48. His father groaned, murmured and sat up.
49. There, Mother, he murmured quietly.
50. I was hoping you would, I murmured.
51. He sang that song lovely, murmured Mina.
52. That was weird, I murmured to myself.
53. The men around him murmured in agreement.
54. Have fun, Nathan, I murmured in his ear.
55. Yes, he murmured weakly, Hush up.
56. It is a nice household, he murmured.
57. I dont know about that, I murmured.
58. There… is something… he murmured.
59. My mom used to do that, he murmured.
60. You did it? the girl murmured, dully.
61. He snatched his hand from her and murmured.
62. Eyes on the road, please, I murmured.
63. On the porch Mr Smith murmured, ‘Strange.
64. Yours, she murmured against his neck.
65. That was something else…’ she murmured.
66. She softly murmured a prayer, just in case.
67. What are you doing to me? he murmured.
68. He is truly incredible, she murmured.
69. What kind does that leave? I murmured.
70. Oh, Alex murmured, looking thoughtful.
71. There, that’s better, she murmured.
72. Thanks for coming along, she murmured.
73. The magic is about to begin, he murmured.
74. Betty murmured, His face was all twisted up.
75. The invitation was murmured softly, politely.
76. No—no, she murmured with frustration.
77. What about rods and bait? murmured Spock.
78. This woman deserves to die, people murmured.
79. Her name was Mrs Tridden, and she murmured:.
80. That’ll be the wife, then? I murmured.
81. Walt murmured something I couldn’t make out.
82. Bless you She murmured handing it to me.
83. Well, that was good times, he murmured.
84. Mother used to love to dance, she murmured.
85. Then, with a sigh, "Poor Haidee!" murmured he.
86. Tom murmured his agreement with this sentiment.
87. At last, she murmured a quiet Hello, Justin.
88. It has to come down for me, he murmured.
1. The crowd parts and murmurs.
2. Murmurs ran along the crowd.
3. Murmurs broke out in the room.
4. The murmurs ceased, and all.
5. Nods and murmurs of approval.
6. There were murmurs of, "Amen".
7. Well done, baby, he murmurs.
8. The tide murmurs; the snails teem.
9. He was all for it, he murmurs.
10. Soft sweet murmurs of the memory.
11. Excited murmurs ran across the room.
12. There were low murmurs in the crowd.
13. How are you so strong? He murmurs.
14. There were lots of murmurs at that.
15. I need washing, too, he murmurs.
16. So they think, Barrons murmurs.
17. Murmurs of approval as they packed up.
18. Gala … he murmurs to himself.
19. You said you’d try, he murmurs.
20. Out of hand, he murmurs bitterly.
21. It’s deep this way, he murmurs.
22. There were murmurs among the spectators.
23. Their flowing murmurs paused in the dark.
24. That’s a lovely sound, he murmurs.
25. Murmurs and mumbles echoed around the room.
26. Basmanov send, and firmly bear the murmurs.
27. Bend over the bench, he murmurs softly.
28. He holds her tighter and murmurs into her ear.
29. Murmurs of disapproval were heard on all sides.
30. There were murmurs of agreement from the crowd.
31. Wren waited for the stunned murmurs to subside.
32. Murmurs arose among the wounded who were waiting.
33. Come, he murmurs and rises, dragging me up.
34. Approving and grave murmurs greeted his periods.
35. The murmurs suddenly disappeared in an instance.
36. Dance with me, he murmurs, his voice husky.
37. Murmurs echoed throughout the conference room as.
38. Everyone else chimed in with murmurs of agreement.
39. Murmurs of angry agreement rumbled around the room.
40. There was some murmurs amongst the pigs in the room.
41. In spite of some murmurs even this law was adopted.
42. He murmurs, And that’s … what … Dageus meant.
43. Murmurs of agreement and nods were met with this news.
44. Okay, he murmurs, and he continues with his meal.
45. There were murmurs of disapproval round the room, and.
46. Disapproving hoots and murmurs echoed around the group.
47. A dolmen awaiting the cover stone, Ryodan murmurs.
48. Against his lips she murmurs, You’ll never kill me.
49. There was silence in the room, followed by some murmurs.
50. There were roars of laughter and murmurs of indignation.
51. Surely, I should be saying that to you, he murmurs.
52. You really have the most beautiful skin, he murmurs.
53. It’s very serene and peaceful in here, he murmurs.
54. Rotting hell, he murmurs, a chill going through him.
55. Magnus murmurs, I’ll be spending the night elsewhere.
56. Immediately the courtroom exploded with murmurs and gasps.
57. The driver murmurs something about their not being popular.
58. Many minutes passed, and all Salome could hear was murmurs.
59. They paused and watched, their murmurs like honey in the air.
60. Unsettled murmurs from the onlookers proved there were issues.
61. For some time the house had been full of murmurs, of agitation.
62. Eying the mouse he murmurs, Hoenir would have fun with this.
63. The King interrupted the murmurs by banging on the floor of the.
64. When the door closed, though, the murmurs of the crowd continued.
65. I’ve seen this star before, he murmurs, as if to himself.
66. There were murmurs in the courtroom and cries of Bloody murderer.
67. As we pass the threshold he murmurs, We don't have to stay long.
68. There is not a hint of anyone who murmurs against Moses’ demand.
69. I want to wash you, he murmurs and reaches for the body wash.
70. Someone was testing the sound system with various heavenly murmurs.
71. Me too, he murmurs, and his dark eyes are watching me intently.
72. There were murmurs of astonishment, and then Speedwell asked, "How?".
73. A BLACKSMITH: (Murmurs) For the honour of God! And is that Bloom? He.
74. You’ll be amazed what you can find on the Internet, he murmurs.
75. The crowd around them instantly went berserk with murmurs and questions.
76. Some of the men rose to their feet with murmurs of, "The hell you say!".
77. BLOOM: (Murmurs with hangdog meekness glum) That bit about the laughing.
78. Spawning a few uncomfortable murmurs, Drola was horrified at the prospect.
79. A few murmurs became audible, but the professor raised his hands for quiet.
80. The President said yes and a formal nod of heads and murmurs were heard.
81. Now it heard the footsteps and murmurs, slowly fading away, as they went out.
82. As Jimmy approached the murmurs quietened and they each returned to their work.
83. Happy graduation, he murmurs, pulling me into his arms and kissing my hair.
84. I watch the sardines, murmurs Madame, and the termites, and the crows.
85. The two men remained still and silent till the murmurs ceased, then the doctor.
86. So would I, he murmurs, then leans down and softly kisses the top of my head.
87. The crowd murmurs with self-recognition and support as I lay out a familiar story.
88. A stunned silence filled the office then was immediately followed by low murmurs.
89. That is such a lovely sound, he murmurs, and he leans forward and kisses me.
90. Remember the fourth when we fucked her in the street, Rath murmurs to Kiall.
91. Disgruntled murmurs swept the ring, anxious old arguments were about to resurface.
92. The playing went around the table, with a flittering of cards, murmurs, conversation.
93. Are you? I’m not sure we’ve concluded anything yet, Miss Steele, he murmurs.
94. They made little murmurs of protest but didn’t move their eyes from the television.
95. The crowd buzzed and jostled, but they were but vague murmurs and shadows in the fog.
96. That isn’t good enough! shouted Stenarch as murmurs of sympathy began to grow.
97. Once again there were murmurs in the room and he slammed his gravel down to quiet them.
98. The sooner I have your submission the better, and we can stop all this, he murmurs.
99. The station’s hum dissipates into the murmurs and soon the food court is full of noise.
100. In the end, murmurs Volkheimer as the truck heaves away, none of us will avoid it.

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