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Mutter dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. Then the old man started to mutter.
2. Wait, was all I could mutter.
3. Oaths of a man roar, mutter, cease.
4. She started to mutter in a low voice.
5. Others mutter or mumble to themselves.
6. Give me a moment, I mutter quietly.
7. Yes, was the best Fred could mutter.
8. He continued to mutter against his pillow.
9. The girl started to mutter under her breath.
10. The Tars began to mutter amongst themselves.
11. Men! I mutter, glaring out the window.
12. Cliff led the way with an occasional mutter.
13. Roddenberry did not mutter when it came to.
14. It was a low mutter of voices that roused her.
15. I think I’m in love with him, I mutter.
16. No! No, no, no! the girl started to mutter.
17. They shake hands and mutter the usual inanities.
18. They began to mutter excitedly among themselves.
19. Been there, done that temptation, I mutter.
20. The others hesitate, and mutter among themselves.
21. When she reached the stairs I heard her mutter:.
22. As he shook his head I heard him mutter, damn.
23. The voices upstairs continued to mutter and chant.
24. She could only mutter something and wave her hand.
25. The mutter of men startled from sleep swept as a.
26. I heard him mutter something darkly under his breath.
27. Jondrette found time to mutter in the ear of his eldest.
28. I heard mother mutter light-heartedly as she left the room.
29. Sima Zhongtian was startled and lowered his head to mutter.
30. I couldn’t find the hairdryer, I mutter, embarrassed.
31. During development of the program, I used to mutter none too.
32. Then I bowed and withdrew, leaving them to mutter and disperse.
33. There was a mutter of agreement from the small crowd now gathered.
34. Shaking our heads sadly we mutter, Those days are gone forever.
35. Tens of men stood together yet none of them dared to mutter a word.
36. The crisps slid off the tray, and they heard him mutter ‘bugger’.
37. And yet it still stings her deeply to hear the jackass mutter bitch.
38. He heard Nostromo mutter again, No! there is no room for fear on this lighter.
39. As if in echo to my thoughts I heard Colt grimly mutter, Not my best notion.
40. A wise doctor does not mutter incantations over a sore that needs the knife.
41. From Time to Time, he stirr’d in his Sleep to mutter unintelligible Syllables.
42. He flushed red and began to mutter some explanation but Mavis wasn’t listening.
43. Is he trying to tell me something? Hmm, it’s a depressing story, I mutter.
44. Finally, as if something finally set his mind in order, Gowles appeared to mutter.
45. The assembly seemed to respond to some invisible cue and began to stand up, mutter.
46. All Rob could do was shake his head and mutter to himself, This’ll not end well.
47. The others started to mutter along with him, letting their fear and paranoia set in.
48. I could feel that he wanted to say no to me, but instead I heard him mutter, Okay.
49. Then he would get up and have another drink and mutter and swear and spit on the floor.
50. Anyway, when I listened to the message all I could hear was an incomprehensible mutter.
51. Ohsh, notsh shou bash, Eugene could only mutter, trying to say something coherent.
52. And when Belova replied: ‘Oh yes, they’ve come,’ she would mutter angrily: ‘O Lord!.
53. He wasn’t sure, but he thought he heard her sigh and mutter something about ‘amateurs’.
54. Mutter: Murmur; obscure utterance; a voice used by the necromancers in uttering their falsehoods.
55. The keeper of the wine-shop stopped to strike the wall with his hand, and mutter a tremendous curse.
56. I heard him mutter a prayer under his breath – he always said a prayer when his son left the house.
57. He stood before Bagration with his lower jaw trembling and was hardly able to mutter: ‘I don’t know.
58. He stood before Bagratión with his lower jaw trembling and was hardly able to mutter: I don’t know.
59. You won’t believe it, is all Olsen could mutter before carrying the girl to the waiting ambulance.
60. Thanks, said Ethan with a barely audible mutter, while Nicole silently sipped at her own glass of wine.
61. Than and Tizzie also vanished as Than heard her voice mutter with profound disappointment, He’s not the one.
62. Fleurette, on those occasions, would mutter some words under her breath while slapping her forehead with her hand.
63. He could close the door, and the ringing of phones and the mutter of conversation dropped away from his little reality.
64. He says the boy had cut himself deeply and had lost a great deal of blood and my mouth begins to mutter that prayer again:.
65. It took a week or two for Cindy to finally translate that muffled mutter; Peaches was saying, repeatedly, Kill the bitch.
66. And when Belóva replied: “Oh yes, they’ve come,” she would mutter angrily: “O Lord! How stupid and deaf she is!”.
67. As he hesitated, one or two villagers began to mutter, and he realized he was doing himself no good by revealing his reluctance.
68. Um, guys? Seriously, could you all step outside for a minute? Not that it's going anywhere, anyway, she ended with a mutter.
69. His heart dilated within him so, when he saw the Goulds on the deck of the Hermes, that his greetings were reduced to a casual mutter.
70. Enjolras did not appear to be listening, but had any one been near him, that person would have heard him mutter in a low voice: Patria.
71. Why would it have to be Betty’s smoke detector that plays up? I mutter to myself as I dig in the drawer where the spare batteries live.
72. A few of the men around him stir and mutter when they see what he is holding and the man next to him slips away, but he pays them no heed.
73. Well, well; I heard Ahab mutter, 'Here some one thrusts these cards into these old hands of mine; swears that I must play them, and no others.
74. The German drew the Mutter aside to consult with her in a corner where there stood a case with the largest and ugliest monkey of his collection.
75. Shela plonked her athletic frame down nearby and Eilidh could have sworn she heard the druid mutter, Just who does he think he is? Not helping us.
76. Dimly I heard Eleanor mutter from the backseat where she lay with her head on Talaric’s lap, At least the ruddy landing gear deployed this time!.
77. I've a regular pug nose, a regular pug nose, Kolya used to mutter to himself when he looked in the looking-glass, and he always left it with indignation.
78. When he began to mutter about man's cruelty and woman's helplessness, the justiciary, desiring to help him, asked him to confine himself to the facts of the case.
79. At this point his behaviour became very odd indeed: he began to mutter some strange and obscure words in a most confused fashion, and his movements became erratic.
80. Sometimes when her curt orders made Pork stick out his under lip and Mammy mutter: Some folks rides mighty high dese days, she wondered where her good manners had gone.
81. A door at the rear of the room opened at this cry, and the Mutter, a rosy-cheeked, elderly but dishevelled woman in a cap made her appearance, and rushed with a shriek to her German.
82. In the staff room I heard my colleagues mutter they would have to teach these children next year the things they seemed not to be learning this year - the serious business of school.
83. It looks as if he will busy himself with the task of persuading the old man, who has begun to shake and mutter once more, to sleep, and Ralph suspects this will not be an easy prospect.
84. Don't think you can mutter my name and me not hear - when you're in a force ten with thunder deafening you and your life depending on the hails of your shipmates then you soon learn to lip-read.
85. I had uttered prayers, fetish prayers, had prayed as heathens mutter charms when I was in extremity; but now I prayed indeed, pleading steadfastly and sanely, face to face with the darkness of God.
86. Lasse was coming in with his old drinking buddy Roger Winter, and that made her flinch in fear, mutter an apology to Frans and for the thousandth time dwell on the fact that she was a bad mother.
87. He saw them in the distance, they sat unconcerned or unaware of what had just happened and continued with their drinking, looking over every few moments, to check and mutter at the display before them.
88. Don Jose Avellanos would mutter "Imperium in imperio, Emilia, my soul," with an air of profound self-satisfaction which, somehow, in a curious way, seemed to contain a queer admixture of bodily discomfort.
89. Most of us had swollen tongues and lips and were hardly able to speak, but the company humorist, a Cockney, was able to mutter, "Don't it make you mad to fink of the times you left the barf tap running?"—H.
90. But before I was obliged to defend myself, Billy, or the honor of Allentown, we reached the lobby of the hotel and I exited as my traveling companion continued to mutter, I still think you’re Billy Joel.
91. When he handed my mother the microphone to add her voice and appreciate the guests, she could only manage to mutter: Ladies and gentlemen of great honours, I thank you all for your heart warming support to my family.
92. He caught up with the busker in a narrow, noisome alley toward the village outskirts nearest the volcano, whose eponymous crater stained red the sky above the rooftops, and whose bone-deep demon mutter never paused for breath.
93. The watchmaker blinked once, slowly, as if two people had spoken to him at once and he was having trouble hearing which was which, though the conversations around them were still all at a low mutter in the strange boy’s wake.
94. As for me, I was at that moment burning with the desire, first, to give the German a thrashing, next, to give the Mutter an even sounder one, and, thirdly, to give Ivan Matveitch the soundest thrashing of all for his boundless vanity.
95. I should have thought no more of Lord John's remark were it not that once again that night I heard him mutter to himself: "Blue clay— clay in a volcanic tube!" They were the last words I heard before I dropped into an exhausted sleep.
96. I made up my mind not to stop Lambert in his vile suggestions, for he disclosed them to me with such simplicity and did not Raspect that I might be revolted by them ; I did mutter, however, that I should not like to marry her simply by force.
97. Was it her laughter at the chill of his hand on her thigh? Or was it her knees pushing away his torso in the unlamped room? To some more sober self the scene felt sinister, like something on a movie screen that makes the audience mutter, Don’t.
98. After consultation with the Mutter he demanded for his crocodile fifty thousand roubles in bonds of the last Russian loan with lottery voucher attached, a brick house in Gorohovy Street with a chemist's shop attached, and in addition the rank of Russian colonel.
99. The good-natured proprietor has, however, after consulting the kindly Mutter, decided with her that they will every morning insert into the monster's jaws a bent metal tube, something like a whistle pipe, by means of which I can absorb coffee or broth with bread soaked in it.
100. There was no mistaking the growling mutter of the mountain pouring its stream of treasure under the stamps; and it came to his heart with the peculiar force of a proclamation thundered forth over the land and the marvellousness of an accomplished fact fulfilling an audacious desire.
1. He just sat there muttering.
2. She was muttering to herself.
3. So, so, I leave him muttering.
4. Ren Fengping was left muttering.
5. Still stunned, he kept muttering.
6. She pulled away, muttering that.
7. There was more muttering at this.
8. He knows, someone is muttering.
9. There was a muttering of agreement.
10. Some muttering greeted this remark.
11. He rubbed his forehead, muttering.
12. Billy was muttering, It’s wrong.
13. There was a general muttering of assent.
14. The muttering under their breath starts.
15. Downcast eyes and muttering told the story.
16. He made his way home muttering under his.
17. Then he fell to muttering over the pictures.
18. He is muttering something under his breath.
19. They wandered off, muttering about lesbians.
20. I was so tired that I was muttering to myself.
21. Muttering to herself, she sat down on a chair.
22. She started muttering, and I could’ve sworn.
23. That’s when I noticed Finch muttering behind me.
24. I was muttering something—I listened to myself.
25. He went on, muttering between his teeth, and not.
26. She was trembling and muttering at the same time.
27. Muttering Jothain retired, and spoke to the others.
28. He was frantically praying and muttering to himself.
29. Adrar was looking over the pod screen and muttering.
30. He could hear a low muttering and then someone sighed.
31. The biker shook his head, muttering curses as he left.
32. That time I was so drunk that I was muttering nonsense.
33. She only spoke once, muttering about an old pal from L.
34. He was covering his face and muttering into his collar.
35. But after some muttering, he placed another two copper.
36. When Long Fei had finished, he was stunned and muttering.
37. Without muttering a single complaint, they watched as Mr.
38. Henry sat muttering to himself, scowling at other patrons.
39. Who was this strange middle age man? He was seen muttering.
40. Still, they keep their rosaries in hand, muttering prayers.
41. One was muttering; and the other was whispering, or hissing.
42. Chin watched as his friend walked away, muttering to himself.
43. After awhile, he swiped away his tears and rose up, muttering.
44. Cuauhtzin remained with me, occasionally muttering something.
45. He walked about, raving; he was seen muttering in the streets.
46. Muttering darkly, the Scarlet Tyrants reslung their crossbows.
47. But Mark was too deep in muttering nonsense thoughts to respond.
48. A rumble of resentful muttering came from the nuns on the benches.
49. Frodo crouching over his knees heard Sam in front muttering and.
50. Peascod slunk away with an abashed giggle muttering that Thistle.
51. Doc was muttering to himself about how he wished they’d gotten.
52. Monygham's voice stopped muttering curses in English and Spanish.
53. Still muttering about his wine, Tragus went off to search for more.
54. This was how Esther found him, muttering and gibbering to himself.
55. The crowd was taken aback and there was a low muttering among them.
56. He was muttering and then he slowly walked over to Ye Manqing and.
57. He heard Jasper muttering to Loken, They're probably already here.
58. I trudged toward the pair of them, muttering curses with every step.
59. Time to time I could hear Flint’s frustrated muttering to himself.
60. Adrian soon stood in front of me, glowering and muttering to himself.
61. There was a lot of muttering among the crowd that didn’t seem very.
62. I got the impression that there was a certain amount of muttering.
63. Muttering these disconnected words, Rogojin began to make up the beds.
64. Again there was angry muttering picked up by the translation equipment.
65. Almost as though muttering to himself, the Captain answered, yes, sir.
66. She slammed the door and, muttering something, ran lightly back again.
67. There was muttering, and it grew louder as Wolfe’s party approached.
68. Dena was composing the communique and muttering as Jista was explaining.
69. I listened to Sebastian pace on the porch, muttering from time to time.
70. There was a muttering by the intruders and Ren Kuangfeng laughed awhile.
71. The women in the queue are muttering, intrigued or scandalized or both.
72. The crowd was on its feet, forming a ring around her, muttering angrily.
73. He was muttering hard, and I wondered what Edna had been saying to him.
74. The fat captain was muttering through his cigar to the merry-eyed officer.
75. It’s Pulaski squeezing now, muttering for Charlie to keep his mouth shut.
76. The girls filed out, muttering to each other and bristling with indignation.
77. He was muttering something in a strange language that sounded like a prayer.
78. His friend reluctantly retreated, muttering something about her being frigid.
79. Ha! is he muttering in his sleep? Yes, just there,—in there, he's sleeping.
80. The trooper was keeping his gaze low, shaking his head, muttering to himself.
81. He was muttering about some foreigner stopping him have a walk in his park.
82. This woman, swaying to and fro and muttering something, was choking with sobs.
83. I tried to pull that shit … crack my head open, the muttering woman muttered.
84. After taking a deep sigh and muttering a few prayers, he tossed it into the air.
85. And on the bed tossed my step-mother, muttering ceaselessly to herself of Christ.
86. Grabbing Hiss’ arm in return, muttering, He wants to hear what I have to say.
87. I could hear Cheet muttering under his breath all the way up to the road and back.
88. He shot halfway to his feet, then sank back down, muttering something to himself.
89. Son of my old friend— he was heard muttering as he went down the passage.
90. There were voices – muttering, arguing voices – but he couldn't make them out.
91. He was searching the ground and muttering about where he’d dropped his car keys.
92. At the funeral she cried continuously muttering, Oh, the fool! The bloody fool.
93. He crossed the entrance of the luxury apartment building still muttering to himself.
94. Muttering and dispirited, Elise Jones closed her eyes and surrendered to the fates.
95. A uniformed cop to my left was muttering, Christ, Christ, over and over again.
96. He shakes his head, muttering under his breath, and taps out a message on his holotab.
97. Again he saw her, the merest white speck moving against the white, muttering sea-edge.
98. He took to thieving, and going about muttering to himself, and gurgling in his throat.
99. I can’t watch the television without her muttering, Sexist, at the yoghurt ads.
100. I slam the car into gear and, muttering curses on the impatient man behind me, move off.
1. He then muttered to himself.
2. Thank you, Sally, he muttered.
3. As you say, he muttered.
4. A rare case! he muttered.
5. Shaking his head, he muttered.
6. Ashi muttered a string of curses.
7. He muttered something to himself.
8. She muttered a goodbye and left.
9. Di Yang was silence and muttered.
10. They muttered about troll honor.
11. Of course not, she muttered.
12. How did he find us?' he muttered.
13. He shook his head and muttered;.
14. Balthus muttered a horrified oath.
15. Son of a bitch, I muttered.
16. But he’s dead, I muttered.
17. I’m sorry too, I muttered.
18. I hate them, Henry muttered.
19. The woman stood aside and muttered.
20. At dead of night! I muttered.
21. Alby and Minho, he muttered.
22. Im such an ass, he muttered.
23. He muttered something and colored.
24. Maybe Volume V, he muttered.
25. Damn thing, he muttered darkly.
26. He muttered a sheepish Tashakor.
27. I’ll call them, he muttered.
28. Ah, how annoying! he muttered.
29. Massaging his eyeballs he muttered.
30. Long Fei muttered as he looked down.
31. With ratsteeth bared he muttered:.
32. Sorry about that, he muttered.
33. I heard groans and muttered prayers.
34. Heal thyself, he muttered to himself.
35. What is she doing? He muttered.
36. So moody, I muttered to myself.
37. Think, she muttered to herself.
38. Of course it is, Jeff muttered.
39. Yes, the scroll, Huss muttered.
40. Thank you, he muttered as he.
41. Long Bushi was jolted and he muttered.
42. Frodo! ' muttered Sam in Frodo's ear.
43. I hate wearing them, I muttered.
44. He made a motion and muttered a few.
45. What’s this, Maud? I muttered.
46. She’s an old man, he muttered.
47. He therefore muttered a second time:.
48. The priest held his sword and muttered.
49. Let’s go, Sarah, Paul muttered.
50. Haven shook her head and muttered to.
51. I see, Imbrahim muttered vaguely.
52. Well, continue then, he muttered.
53. That guy was so cool, I muttered.
54. The others muttered amongst themselves.
55. Jesus, Groza muttered at my back.
56. Mei Yinxue was stunned and she muttered.
57. I muttered, Crap, under my breath.
58. I am gonna miss them, he muttered.
59. Get me out of here, she muttered.
60. Come on, come on, he muttered.
61. He fell to his knees and muttered,.
1. The real Loki mutters in his sleep.
2. A thousand times over, he mutters.
3. He mutters and flails his arms about.
4. It is not permitted, he mutters.
5. Or Henry, she mutters to herself.
6. Anguished cries with guttural mutters.
7. Luddites and hypocrites, he mutters.
8. He mutters to himself about it all the time.
9. I fully intend to, he mutters, bemused.
10. She is half the problem, Glacia mutters.
11. Brothers, the wolf mutters nonsensically.
12. Maggie is the key, Ted mutters to himself.
13. Baba mutters, Get on with it, under his breath.
14. The crowd broke into mutters and excited chatter.
15. I’m pleased to hear it, he mutters dryly.
16. Schnee, the man mutters, and makes a notation.
17. Mutters of what’s he doing now? danced about.
18. WHERE IS it? Vince mutters, breaking the silence.
19. Mutters of yeah, yeah, we’ll believe that when we see it.
20. Gotcha, Jeremy mutters, but he isn’t talking to me.
21. Faggot music, someone mutters, but no one pays him any mind.
22. There were mutters of agreement from the older people in the.
23. I don’t think it’s possible, he mutters to himself.
24. Bitch, he mutters with enough authority for her to hear.
25. Josef could hear were mutters and the occasional "That's good".
26. What the hell does he see in her? Faith mutters to herself.
27. The mutters stop too, leaving just the rush of water in the chasm.
28. Watching the coming, going of the vessels, he mutters to himself--.
29. Every once in a while, she stirs awake and mutters a prayer in Arabic.
30. He mutters something to himself, then stands up and motions at the door.
31. Not a forger, any way, he mutters; and Jonah is put down for his passage.
32. She looks like Mama, Avery mutters to himself when she first appears.
33. I’m sorry, he mutters and a fleeting troubled look crosses his face.
34. Right – my turn, he mutters, and his glare turns steely, speculative.
35. As he walks away, he mutters, You’re not getting away with this, brother.
36. I’ll be downstairs, he mutters, and he leaves what will be my bedroom.
37. Jones something to think about, Christian mutters as he stands in front of me.
38. And here you are, not even smittened by it one little bit, Walt mutters in a huff.
39. We can go on just give us the word Sir, mutters of agreement ran around the trench.
40. There were a few mutters of slight recognition followed by an unrelated terrorist explosion.
41. Rape, Peaches’ uncle mutters from between his hands as he rubs his temples with his fingers.
42. What is it about elevators? he mutters, more to himself than to me as he strides across the lobby.
43. Told you the Divergent were crazy, one of the other armed Dauntless mutters to the woman next to him.
44. Cara mutters something about crazy Dauntless stunts, but runs after me, and Fernando, Marcus, and Christina follow.
45. We’re from Canada, now excuse us, Desi snaps, and the guy rolls his eyes, mutters a jeez, and strolls back to the bar.
46. He can feel his pulse racing and to reassure himself, to break the spell of suspense, he mutters, Stupid bastard, messing yourself up.
47. Eugene makes a face and eases the princess' arms up around his neck, where she latches onto him again and mutters something under her breath.
48. Luke rubs a hand over his face and mutters, "Jesus," before wrapping his hand around my upper arm and physically hauling me towards the street.
49. The scribe closes his eyes as Isabella mutters a blessing—of sorts—over her efforts and begins layering the leaves across each other to make a poultice.
50. He mutters, I spent my first thirty-three years longing to live next to this mass of water and here I am, twenty-two years later, rarely bothering to come down here.
51. Hearing him foolishly fumbling there, the Captain laughs lowly to himself, and mutters something about the doors of convicts' cells being never allowed to be locked within.
52. Then one mutters under one’s breath, No! Neither he nor any one else shall find me here! yet still one goes on stripping juicy berries from their conical white pilasters, and cramming them into one’s mouth.
53. The horseman hammered with the butt of a heavy revolver at the doors of low pulperias, of obscene lean-to sheds sloping against the tumble-down piece of a noble wall, at the wooden sides of dwellings so flimsy that the sound of snores and sleepy mutters within could be heard in the pauses of the thundering clatter of his blows.
54. Gasps and horrified mutters rose from the lungs of most of the members of the crowd,.

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