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Muzzle dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. Ram that into your muzzle.
2. His muzzle shone bright black.
4. We will brand him on the muzzle.
5. A muzzle is also wrapped around.
6. The shootings with muzzle loaders.
7. He pressed his muzzle into my hand.

8. It had a rather pointed muzzle with a.
9. He shoved his muzzle in the man's chest.
10. The hippo’s chains and muzzle releases.
11. But remembering the muzzle, she shook it.
12. Sometimes I wish I could muzzle those boys.
13. Martha redirected the muzzle of the gun at me.
14. Its muzzle energy is over two thousand joules.
15. She felt the gun muzzle at the back of her neck.
16. He thrust his muzzle again into the golden liquid.
17. He rammed a bullet into the muzzle of his pistol.
18. The sight of the large black muzzle made him gasp.
19. I've put a muzzle on her, and the mare's fidgety.
20. Claire tapped the muzzle of the gun against her leg.
21. The muzzle of my gun leading, I did a head bob left.
22. He placed the muzzle of the pistol between his teeth.
23. The winged horse prodded the ground with his muzzle.
24. There were no muzzle flashes, launch trails or smoke.
25. She listened intently, raising her muzzle to the sky.
26. An amber light flashed on the muzzle and beeped twice.
27. The Pegasus walked over and lowered his muzzle next to.
28. The trembling of the gun’s muzzle stops and steadies.
29. He pulled a pistol and pressed the muzzle to my temple.
30. He literally pointed the muzzle two feet above its head.
31. The cold muzzle of the 9mm being pushed into the side of.
32. As I did so the commander shoved the muzzle of his rifle.
33. The man in the doorway scowled, but he lowered the muzzle.
34. Then the guy in the cap raised the muzzle and fired again.
35. Many feel that the most convenient solution is a muzzle brake.
36. It was from the muzzle of his upturned gun that smoke swirled.
37. For the Scripture says, ‘You shall not muzzle the ox while he.
38. Dawn could feel the muzzle of the gun pressed against her temple.
39. Michael could tell by the muzzle flashes that the shots went high.
40. He picked the gun up by the muzzle and laid it on the hall table.
41. Didn't want to fire and give away his position with muzzle flashes.
42. Contact muzzle stamp on his temple and soot in the entrance wound.
43. Vetter thumbed the breech release, cracked the muzzle, and reloaded.
44. Bridle: A muzzle to rule and direct, used in the mouth of an animal.
45. Oh thank you, she said, rubbing her nose on the mares muzzle.
46. She moved forward, placing the muzzle directly in front of his face.
47. The wolf lopes across the room, nestles his muzzle on Sloth’s arm.
48. Because he thought you may have noticed that the muzzle was too small.
49. No one moved, and Khapahr beckoned gently with the muzzle of the pistol.
50. Its white muzzle stained red, bits of something hanging from its mouth.
51. Weapons with standard bullets and high velocity muzzle speeds had been.
52. Muzzle bag: canvas cover fitted over a gun to shield the bore from water.
53. I saw the muzzle of his revolver moving as he searched the shadows for me.
54. She thrust her muzzle into the honey and called to the cubs to do the same.
55. A moment later Puller felt a gun muzzle placed against the side of his head.
56. He pushes the muzzle more tightly against her, and Amy screws her eyes shut.
57. Opens the champagne (muzzle) by putting the left hands thumb firmly on the.
58. The shell erupted out of the muzzle and the recoil knocked Nick off his feet.
59. I knew each bump in the road would pop Baby Face with the end of the muzzle.
60. All of a sudden, the gun with its muzzle swollen by the silencer looked huge.
61. He stood, his old gun grounded, his hand grasping the barrel near the muzzle.
62. A blinding blue arc of energy then shot out of the muzzle of the Xanta weapon.
63. He raised his right hand and pointed the muzzle at the breast of his opponent.
64. But she had angled the muzzle to the left so that the round didn’t hit Robert.
65. Earlier, the child had thrown a tantrum and the crew had threatened to muzzle him.
66. To entice me further, he flicks his tail and nudges my face with his moist muzzle.
67. In what was perceived as an attempt to muzzle him, Health Canada doctors lodged.
68. Then it halted as if frozen, its muzzle almost touching the symbol cut in the mold.
69. The diplomat suddenly found the muzzle of Ingrid’s pistol pressing under his chin.
70. Then, strangely, it calmed as Nicolette reached a small hand out toward its muzzle.
71. She purred in contentment, tasting the fresh blood of a rabbit from paws and muzzle.
72. As he looped the muzzle of the bridle around Astra’s nose, he looked her in the eye.
73. I hastily cleared the area of his muzzle and felt his hot, shallow breath on my hands.
74. Fenrir turns her panting muzzle in Amy’s direction as though she’s laughing at her.
75. After each step, I pushed aside the reeds with the muzzle of my gun, then slid inside.
76. She drew out the compact Sig nine-millimeter by the muzzle and placed it on the carpet.
77. In the blink of an eye, he drew his pistol and pushed its muzzle against Javid’s face.
78. Instead she held her gun up, her finger clearly off the trigger, the muzzle pointed down.
79. Villefort would probably have rather stood opposite the muzzle of a pistol at five-and-.
80. I started for her then, but she pressed the gun muzzle against Asia’s head suggestively.
81. They hesitated for a moment, but when I raised the muzzle of the rifle they started to walk.
82. I can undo the muzzle on her mind, Valt said, blinking rapidly, face squinted in pain.
83. To top this, Nancy had added on the muzzle of her rifle a sound suppressor bought in Texas.
84. Tompion (tamplon): plug placed in gun muzzle to keep moisture, water and foreign objects out.
85. He screwed the suppressor onto the muzzle and shot her once in the head, twice in the chest.
86. The soldier slowly opened the unlocked door and thrust his automatic rifle’s muzzle inside.
87. Johnson stroked her furry muzzle and her silky ears while he waited for the remedy to take hold.
88. It took them but a nanosecond to realize that the pistol had a silencer on the muzzle of the barrel.
89. In the horse-box stood a dark bay mare, with a muzzle on, picking at the fresh straw with her hoofs.
90. Jabbar swung the muzzle of the gun in Shirley’s direction and she said immediately, Curtis Ames.
91. Tyre tapped the elevator door twice with the muzzle of his rifle, in cryptic response to my question.
92. Very dramatically, he grabbed the back of LD’s hair and put the muzzle of the gun to LD’s temple.
93. She held her breath as he stood over Truman and pressed the muzzle of his gun to the side of his head.
94. I'm absolutely certain that Norma competition ammo does not have such a wide variation in muzzle speed.
95. Gun muzzle up I stepped inside and surveyed what I could see of the dark interior, which wasn’t much.
96. Stacey couldn’t quite muzzle a laugh as he spoke the words: I’ve heard about Melvin’s shot butt.
97. However, it would send your skull flying well enough if you pressed the muzzle of it against your temple.
98. He said, distorted because his cheek was pressed against the board, We need to see their muzzle flashes.
99. The concussion of the muzzle blast would have blown his hat off his head if he hadn’t already removed it.
100. Gratitude filled his heart as the first rounds left the muzzle and he heard the truck’s tires peeling out.

Malheureusement, nous avons encore d' exemples de phrases pour ce mot.

1. Conklin muzzled his outrage.
2. He smiled, patted Ingwe on her muzzled head, and faded away.
3. There seemed to be a scuffle and the sound of a muzzled female voice.
4. Judge Marshall and Mister Price should be muzzled further, with threat or money.
5. The dogs were close, and though they weren’t muzzled, Andrastus didn’t fear them.
6. They began to drag the bound and muzzled Lion to the Stone Table, some pulling and some pushing.
7. They have inherited in a large measure their faith, and in this way religious heredity has muzzled the powers of their reason.
8. She had said if they muzzled him in the classroom, he should borrow some duds from the cache of costumes and set himself up.
9. Of course, the chimpanzee was handicapped, wearing gloves and often-times muzzled, unable to fight off his human adversary in a true sense.
10. For those short snatches of time when you’re focused on the rise and fall of the abdomen or the cool air entering and exiting the nostrils, the ego is muzzled.
11. Apart, outside the enclosure, a hundred paces off, was a large black bull, muzzled, with an iron ring in its nostrils, and who moved no more than if he had been in bronze.
12. From this secret conflict, always muzzled, but always growling, was born armed peace, that ruinous expedient of civilization which in the harness of the European cabinets is suspicious in itself.
13. It is unreasonable to suppose that intelligent English laymen, men of light and leading and intellectual power, will ever submit to be practically muzzled, and forbidden to speak of any but temporal matters.
14. But they can be muzzled … We must give full weight to the claim that nothing but science, and science globally applied, and therefore unprecedented Government controls, can produce full bellies and medical care for the whole human race: nothing, in short, but a world Welfare State.
15. For Instance on YouTube: Icke explaining the scientific fact that energy wavelengths actually can and do co-exist inside the same space is conveniently muzzled by the video freezing so his full explanation will never reach hundreds of viewers who might otherwise begin to figure out that the existence of undead auras is not a superstition, but a scientifically understandable phenomenon and a scientific fact.
1. The muzzles of the horses were wet.
2. Gun muzzles appeared at the openings.
3. Soon he was rubbing their soft warm muzzles.
4. They scampered up and thrust in their muzzles.
5. Suddenly the flashing muzzles of the cannons stopped; the.
6. To mount the scaffold, to advance to the muzzles of guns with.
7. The RGL-armed squad had secured the launchers to their rifles’ muzzles.
8. Many, finding themselves under the muzzles of this forest of guns, did not wish to die.
9. Therese saw several trout diving under rocks in the shallow water away from the muzzles of the horses.
10. He went prone, somewhat concealed by the darkness as their muzzles flashed, peppering the walls with holes.
11. The muzzles of both pistols were still glowing cherry red from having just fired several hundred rounds each.
12. The animals resembled overgrown oxen, with short faces, wide muzzles, and a flat forehead with prominent eyes.
13. They placed their paws on the Elf's chest and raised their muzzles to either side of her head close to her ears.
14. It shot past the wizard's head and he watched it grow smaller as it plummeted towards the circle of upturned muzzles.
15. After a moment, he moved to the muzzles of the four heavy machineguns visible on the starboard side of the central nacelle.
16. They had eight long legs, short active tails with tufts on the end and large wide flexible muzzles on the ends of their long heads.
17. During a fight males wisely try to avoid head contact as the skin on their muzzles is rather thin, and their skulls are not strong.
18. She was barely finishing her sabotage work when the pilot’s door was thrown open and the muzzles of two rifles were pointed at her head.
19. I recovered force and energy enough to free do it! Indeed, indeed I did not!' A couple of gendarmes held the muzzles of their carbines against my breast.
20. The 15-inch shells weighing a ton apiece went rocketing out of the muzzles at over one thousand six hundred miles an hour and the men on either side anxiously counted the seconds until their arrival.
21. That effectively muzzles all civil unrest, all civil discontent all civil disobedience… and makes the millions and billions of powerless humans, easy dupes for the lawmakers who profess to make laws not for their own advantage.
22. The coachman, foreseeing a prolonged wait, encased his horses' muzzles in the bag of oats which is damp at the bottom, and which is so familiar to Parisians, to whom, be it said in parenthesis, the Government sometimes applies it.
23. When dawn spread its white veil over the river, there were no men to be seen: only a hairy winged horror that squatted in the center of a ring of fifty great spotted hyenas that pointed quivering muzzles to the ghastly sky and howled like souls in hell.
24. He couldn’t see much, despite the illuminating rockets, what with the darkness, the smoke, and the blinding flashes of gun muzzles and shell explosions, but it looked as if his gunners were hitting their targets even more accurately than he’d hoped they could.

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