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Naughty dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. What a naughty guy he is.
  2. I called you naughty boy.
  3. Frank Bogey is a naughty.
  4. He was naughty and obstinate.
  5. I had not meant to be naughty.

  6. You called him a naughty boy.
  7. They have been very naughty boys.
  8. Olivia and Oliver are very naughty.
  9. Now Alex gave her a naughty smirk.
  10. Potter is just a little bit naughty.
  11. He became naughty and inconsiderate.
  12. Surgery: face, trachea, naughty bits.
  13. Zoe, these are very naughty movies.
  14. Naughty or nice, he never stops twice.
  15. On order he will kill any naughty child.

  16. Are you not happy in your? Naughty darling.
  17. Yesterday, for instance, Mitya was naughty.
  18. So I had a little naughty fun with this one.
  19. They spent the afternoons in not being naughty.
  20. I called you naughty boy because I do not like.
  21. He had such a naughty smile creasing his cheeks.
  22. A naughty old man, that's what she thought I was.
  23. Shit, I've been caught, damn my naughty thoughts.
  24. Tony grinned like he had something naughty planned.
  25. The naughty thing never made her appearance at tea.

  26. Tracey knew it was naughty but she couldn't help it.
  27. Then I covered her naughty but luscious bits with it.
  28. Frances was rather naughty and let his love of money.
  29. Lee, nor was she Gypsy Rose Lee’s naughty daughter.
  30. Do send him word of it, you naughty undutiful nephew.
  31. You’re always in trouble because you’re naughty.
  32. I hope you don't expect me to be naughty and stupid?
  33. She spared a fleeting wistful thought for the naughty red.
  34. You can't do that! That's very naughty! Don't waste your.
  35. So I continued to eat with my fingers like a naughty child.
  36. Robert felt naughty and stupid and wished he hadn’t come.
  37. Chinedu was watching Zoleka with a naughty look in his eyes.
  38. I wonder what sort of a girl she is—whether good or naughty.
  39. She nods her head with a naughty smile and stepped towards him.
  40. Want some more? he whispered and gave her a naughty smile.
  41. And that’s not all! These naughty movies are extremely sexist.
  42. Mark Goodwood had spoken to her as a parent would a naughty child.
  43. Not Naughty naughty, but Nice naughty, and he hasn't changed a bit.
  44. Oh you naughty boy, she chastised the dog as she neared him.
  45. They shuffled over to where he had pointed, like naughty children.
  46. Your bed or my bed? he asked with a naughty look on his face.
  47. The naughty little creatures were all over the place; one stole Mrs.
  48. He was wearing a sexy, naughty smile and staring hungrily at my lips.
  49. Let’s look at a practical example: a child who is naughty hears his.
  50. Karan gave a naughty smirk to her and kissed her hot lips passionately.
  51. Then you could stop having to beat naughty boys bottoms said Dave.
  52. Tarana stared at him with shock, but Karan just gave her a naughty smirk.
  53. And, when he wasn't asleep, well, as I said, he could be pretty naughty.
  54. And then he brought his face in front of hers and gave her a naughty wink.
  55. He closed his eyes, wishing the naughty kookaburras would simply disappear.
  56. That only happens to very naughty children, Nerissa hurried to explain.
  57. Sue’s grin widened a bit and she said, Don’t be naughty in front of the.
  58. I suppose she had met naughty old admirals and knew how they should be humoured.
  59. Losira’s version of Tarkington came complete with a naughty nurse’s uniform.
  60. She started to tell him off, like furious mothers do with their naughty children.
  61. And besides, you quit doing such naughty deeds when you started to make a profit.
  62. Jags sat quietly with a naughty grin, which appeared whenever she irritated Preeti.
  63. He too smiled - shamefacedly, as if he had been caught out doing something naughty.
  64. A smile such as a little boy would have had after doing something naughty, but fun.
  65. The president called in the offending agent and said, Naughty, naughty, mustn’t do.
  66. I suppose you know what is going to happen to the naughty little kookaburra that you are.
  67. Sometimes he behaved as so matured way and sometimes he behaved as a little naughty child.
  68. A child who is praised is always well behaved; the child who is criticised becomes naughty.
  69. He turned his eyes away and shook his head to clear the naughty thoughts he was entertaining.
  70. The only naughty child I would ever kill, said Roqford, isss the fat one standing next to me.
  71. Windowmaker was associated with through his girlfriend, who goes by the name Naughty Natascha.
  72. He was as pleased and soothed as a naughty infant when it is lifted from its cradle and nursed.
  73. She felt quite naughty about this, like hiding something from your parents when you were young.
  74. Mistress Hibbins says my father is the Prince of the Air! cried Pearl, with a naughty smile.
  75. Angry, how could I ever be angry with you my darling? As for your two naughty brothers over there.
  76. Still looking at Laura, the bum waved his index finger and scolded, You’ve been a naughty girl.
  77. Naughty, sweet girl, he whispers, and then reaches over to the bedside table for a foil packet.
  78. Even Kiara aunty could not help but laugh at this naughty act of mine while Ajay uncle just shook his head.
  79. The younger Kozeltzoff, in the attitude of a naughty school-boy, was saying something to an officer named P.
  80. But, the naughty thin hairs on my earlobes rose erect constantly whenever Mitali and Munmi discussed something.
  81. Now it has come to my attention that you naughty little things have been up to mischief at Paddington Station.
  82. She told herself, that it was very naughty and very wicked of her, to have forgotten the words uttered by Marius.
  83. Karan pleaded with Tarana to open his hands, but Tarana just gave a naughty smirk and nodded her head in refusal.
  84. I'd rather you wouldn't, said Meg, taking a naughty satisfaction in trying her lover's patience and her own power.
  85. No, he's too young for that yet, but he is naughty, and I should know, because, I'm the one he's naughty with!.
  86. Completed the kiss, there slipped the bravery, like a naughty girl who flees to protect herself from the punishment.
  87. You naughty children, don’t you know that you shouldn’t go near such filthy places unless you have money?
  88. Her father had often threatened her with punishments when she was naughty, but he had never actually carried them out.
  89. But Lucas was not a spoiled boy and lived his childhood with the other boys – and he liked that life of naughty boys.
  90. The play created by the drama guild was a comedy, a very comic and clever plot, full of slapstick and naughty innuendoes.
  91. He felt a little ashamed and naughty the same; it was only harmless flirting but Suzy would throw a hissy fit if she knew.
  92. Hold thy tongue, naughty child! answered her mother, with an asperity that she had never permitted to herself before.
  93. Well I would love to see what naughty is in your eyes he laughed and kissed my lips again with more hunger then before.
  94. She stood stoney-faced, unyielding, holding the door ajar until they gave in and filed outside, reduced to being naughty boys.
  95. Sometimes, the Angel comes much later, because the children are naughty and won't learn their lessons or practise their scales.
  96. Tarana was confused, so Karan gave her a naughty wink and smile, which made Tarana blush deep red as she understood what Karan meant.
  97. But this was received with positive indignation by the ladies, who immediately called him a naughty man, to his great satisfaction.
  98. What is a woman to do when driven into a corner? The father of lies inhabits corners--no doubt the proper place for such a naughty person.
  99. Chris looked back at me and said you never struck me as the naughty undergarments, sort of girl Lea he said teasingly smiling at me.
  100. He crept up and read over Ptitsin’s shoulder, with the air of a naughty boy who expects a box on the ear every moment for his indiscretion.

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