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Need dans une phrase (en anglais)

When I need to be.
Are in need of help.
I need to call her.
I need to be ready.
All of us need to.
But we need to be.
You need to be ware.

I need you for this.
And the need to win.
We were in need of.
I need to get ready.
Are you in need of.
You need to make a.
It does not need to.
We need to go, now.
I need that $800 now.
I need to know what.
Ask if they need help.
I need her hair drier.
I will need your help.
I need to look at him.
I need to talk to him.
There is no need for.
They need to know th.
Strain if you need to.
We need help with it.
What do I need to do?
My Liege, we need help.
Of course, I need it.
No word need be spoken.
I really need to pee.
Which means I need to.
I hardly need to garden.
But we don’t need it.
We need to expand our.
He would need it later.
Oh, we need to talk.
He need not have worried.
We need to get up there.
I need you to disappear.
Give up needing to know.
Needing to do other things.
Release the fear of needing.
She wouldn’t be needing it.
They arent used to needing.
He won’t be needing this.
Korak needing help with supper.
I be needing me a real woman.
I paced around my room, needing.
A whiteout is what we'll be needing.
I think what could he be needing now.
I found myself full, needing nothing.
Caspar was smaller, thereby needing.
Greg, Avi, you will be needing these.
I wasn’t depressed, needing a boost.
They approach a situation needing to.
Perhaps that what was she was needing.
Suppose it saves you from needing to.
Needing no third bidding, Simon did so.
I feebly protested about needing the.
Maybe he foresaw needing my help later.
Needing a decent companion for this game.
We will not be needing that stuff now.
Will you be needing anything else, Lady.
Needing someone had gotten her into this.
Needing to be patient, answers would come.
I can’t stop wanting him, needing him.
And I felt terribly torn about needing him.
Maybe she was the one needing the psych eval.
Without needing years of university courses.
Laeron broke free, not needing to use magic.
There were other reasons for needing savings.
You won't be needing me then, will you?!!.
Telling him he won't be needing that tee time.
A few cows needing some healing were separated.
Our children are needing to see that there are.
Jannson joined her without needing to be invited.
It is self-contained, wanting or needing nothing.
And I felt terribly torn about needing him.
Needing a shoulder to lean on, I offered him mine.
I needed to find a.
And I needed to pee.
I needed to warn him.
He needed to get out.
He needed a new hobby.
I guess I needed to.
We needed a man who.
He needed to get it.
She needed to go now.
I told him he needed.
I needed to remain me.
I needed time to think.
I needed to work fast.
You need to be needed.
I needed him too much.
I needed a third hand.
He knew what I needed.
I needed to see Alexis.
Then the yes he needed.
The kids needed to be.
He said he needed help.
She needed to know why.
Q: Then what is needed?
This is what she needed.
Rest was what he needed.
She needed to get a job.
He needed to be patient.
So, she needed to think.
He needed to run faster.
But one needed only to.
She needed to know this.
And… I needed a story.
I needed to talk to him.
They needed someone to.
But first he needed food.
Repairs might be needed.
That was all she needed.
Something new is needed.
And only needed 12 bucks.
And that they're needed.
It needs to be you.
I fell to my needs.
It needs to be done.
He needs to be calm.
Ask it what it needs.
He needs to be here.
She needs to rest now.
But he needs you to.
The needs of the one.
He needs to be there.
What it needs is an.
This is all she needs.
Give him what he needs.
But Da, Li needs help.
He needs to get back.
This also needs to be.
The needs are the same.
Wel , this hole needs.
He needs you, you know.
It needs a strong hand.
It needs to feel loved.
But He needs our faith.
He needs a White Blood.
Who needs to buy a.
He needs to be stopped.
It needs to be changed.
He needs one every day.
It needs to move about.
The world needs to have.
This point needs to be.
I have needs and dreams.
I see why he needs help.
She needs to be stopped.
Just try she needs any.
He needs to watch it.
Based on the needs you.
He needs to be here now.
She needs help big time.
It needs to be learned!.
The same thing needs to.

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