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Negligible dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. Nearly an hour of forced but negligible.
2. This is negligible in the case of the pound, 3.
3. In particular, backfill bias has been a negligible 0.
4. Their nutritional value is so slight: it is negligible.
5. Any amount of variations among lanes, however negligible it.
6. Earth’s mass and therefore has negligible effects on gravity.
7. The amount of possible movement is slight, the effect negligible.
8. That too was getting them nowhere; detectable imports were negligible.
9. The chances of the child contracting the virus are still negligible.
10. Once again, the chances of mere coincidence at this stage are negligible.
11. The number of the particles of the clear types as a percentage is negligible.
12. Even if we assume that the volatility value is negligible, the dividend of 0.
13. The ground for this lies in the fact that their impact impulses are negligible.
14. He was all right and there was negligible damage to his car, but he was fortunate.
15. Where λ is a very negligible value and is called coefficient of momentary friction.
16. Twelve or fifteen -- it’s a negligible difference when you reach my years, said.
17. Unlike Media Vision, the company had negligible sales and no profits for years and years.
18. An 8 L floater weighing 4 kg provides the same buoyancy as a 4 L floater of negligible mass.
19. He had his cave, so shelter was not really a concern, and clothing in his day was negligible.
20. The great advantage of a trader to a manufacturer is that the trader has negligible running costs.
21. The magnitude of this shift cannot be regarded as significant (though it is not negligible either).
22. We never should have started this war: its potential benefits were negligible compared to the risks.
23. At the atomic level, where masses are very small, the force of gravity is negligible, but for objects.
24. For example, an 80 kg person holding a 4 L floater of negligible mass has a density of 80/76 or about 1.
25. This means that if the SPX does not change over the day, the rate of change in VIX should be negligible.
26. But, the authority invested in the United Nations is almost negligible, and nations remain above mutual rule.
27. Certainly a study confined to the interest and dividend receipts less expenses would prove of negligible value.
28. This method will have some overhead, but this is usually negligible provided you have a powerful enough machine.
29. It takes only a negligible amount of energy or disturbance to stir the oceanic energetic void to generate universes.
30. In the first case the variability of the difference is negligible, whereas in the second case it is considerable (Figure 5.
31. The negligible or minor advantages that might be there cannot be exaggerated to sideline the major disadvantages of smoking.
32. Although such augmentations seem to be negligible, it could be due to the fact that only two dates have been combined so far.
33. This negligible energy carries information which shapes the much greater energy generating pictures on the television screen.
34. It also made them more productive and they lived longer, something not negligible in view of the prices slaves went for these days.
35. Only 19% of combinations fall into the –1% to 1% interval that we consider to be the range with negligible trading opportunities.
36. Even worse for the CAPM, the cross-sectional reward for bearing beta risk appears to have been negligible or negative in recent decades.
37. Retained earnings over the company’s 15-year history were negligible, so over 85% of the book value was goodwill and other intangibles.
38. She was resolved not to use deliberately her super strength, wanting to win fairly, but even her natural strength was far from negligible.
39. Sometimes I will enter for the third time if the pattern seems promising enough and I have suffered negligible losses on my initial attempts.
40. In the longer time period this strategy could outperform the basic buy-and-hold strategy by a negligible 8% or underperform by a whopping 54%.
41. For this morning I realized that all the works of Jesus thru me, was but negligible, compared to the true perception of His great Love for us.
42. Blake, whose visual knowledge was such a negligible quantity, but whose mental perceptions were so magnificent, was always insisting on its value.
43. You can place the notices in the paper yourself at negligible cost, but the biggest cost here and also for the entire funeral is the grave itself.
44. With Vincent Reed and Maria Perez at her back, Tina started climbing the wide stairs, helped by the negligible gravity felt on Eris and in the ship.
45. From there it was simply a matter of retracing their steps, increasingly tired, but maintaining silence and leaving negligible traces of their passing.
46. Many investors raised their allocations to illiquid asset classes in 2005–2007 just when their valuations were high and prospective premia negligible.
47. The probability of getting one or other type of cancer is not something that should be ignored while advocating smoking to have a few negligible benefits.
48. Superimposed on this energy is a virtually negligible energy — tiny fluctuations in current which are picked up by the antenna from the broadcast station.
49. The difference between these concepts in real estate is arguably small because over very long horizons the real growth of house prices has been negligible (i.
50. Despite negligible perceived credit risk in swaps as believed until recently, credit concerns may partly explain the average level of swap spreads during good times.
51. If they could be rid of him, the danger from that quarter would become negligible; so he sent ‘Abd Allah ibn Unays, a man of Khazraj, with instructions to kill him.
52. One of the most common misconceptions about Dawson is that the city was a hotbed of crime, and that public order was negligible, even by the standards of the Wild West.
53. I scanned the ground for hoof prints and saw none–none of the horses were shod, thank the stars so the little track we had left on the road was negligible and not seen.
54. If portfolios are constructed shortly before the expiration date, the difference in the profits of portfolios created on the basis of different indicators is negligible.
55. Although many points are not situated exactly on the separating line, they are still very close to it, meaning that the trading opportunities in these cases are negligible.
56. For these reasons, Dante Halleyville represents a negligible risk of flight, and we strongly urge that any bail that is set be within the reach of his family’s modest income.
57. But I wondered if, at the sub-sonic speeds the average paddle travels at, combined with its small cross-sectional area, that the air resistance, either way, would be negligible.
58. In preceding years, “true” long-horizon investors had to compete with many “long-horizon wannabes”, a situation that pushed ex ante liquidity premia to negligible levels.
59. If something were to trigger an explosion in the armoury, the consequences of an underground explosion would be negligible compared to an explosion, say, 50 feet above the ground.
60. In the negligible gravity of this iceberg, those tons of devices, outweighing the bot by many times and much larger in size, could be simply strapped to its back and carried along.
61. Ingrid soon was thankful for the empty water bottles around her torso, as the current was not negligible and the weight of the wire started to be felt by her despite the flotation vest.
62. In contrast, the past decade has seen conditions under which the IRP is negligible: inflation has been low and stable, and, if anything, bad times have coincided with deflation scares.
63. If all options expire at the same time, the change in the forward price for the stock will have an equal effect on all options, and the change in the value of a spread will be negligible.
64. The risk of delays in the supply of concrete is estimated as negligible and is therefore ignored due to the fact that many possible suppliers are available with capacities to cover urgent demand.
65. Between 1920 and 1927 the company reported continuous deficits (except for a negligible profit in 1922); preferred dividends were suspended in 1921, and by 1928 about $40 per share had accumulated.
66. But, if the surface area increased faster than the volume as it filled, inundating low-lying areas that lay to the north and west of it, the increase in its surface height might have been negligible.
67. After 1986 the USCG modified its random drug search policy when boaters registered complaints about alleged boardings without cause, and the perception that Great Lakes drug trafficking was negligible.
68. In liquid markets, this is a negligible expense unless your strategy trades frequently, but for active traders, even the cost of paying a penny spread in and out can be a significant drag on performance.
69. Practice has proven that collision duration is within 10-3 and 10-6 s and as the speeds before and after the collision are finite values, the displacement during the collision will therefore be negligible.
70. I cannot describe them in their whole, as I can only catch glimpses of appendages or spikes or teeth – however, I must assess their joyousness as being extremely low and their frivolousness to be negligible.
71. The inflation risk premium in nominal bonds was clearly higher in the 1980s than in the 2000s, while the illiquidity premium in many assets shifted from negligible in 2006–2007 to record high levels in 2008–2009.
72. How atrocious, he thought, while he smoked in silence and held on to himself, that Lucy should be taken away from him by a mere maiden lady, an aunt, an unmarried aunt,--weakest and most negligible, surely, of all relatives.
73. In the book Money, Bank Credit and Economic Cycles, the author Jesus Huerta de Soto reported that, In the last two hundred years, a negligible number of life insurance companies have disappeared due to financial difficulties.
74. Using Bitcoin as a unit of account is certainly an intriguing idea, and this purpose is commonly mentioned in economic texts as an important role of money, but it would have negligible economic impact on the future world economy.
75. These costs are not negligible in themselves; but when they are compared with the approximately 15% annual overall return on common stocks generally in the decade 1951–1960, and even the 6% return in 1961–1970, they do not bulk large.
76. This relationship was even more illogical than the unduly wide spread in 1922–1923, since the advantage of the Adjustment 4s in price and yield was too negligible to warrant accepting a junior position, even assuming unquestioned safety for both liens.
77. This would have a negligible impact on a small amount of data, but if you need to use them on big data, you might want to consider standardizing the representation of your date, time, and datetime text values beforehand and using the corresponding informat.
78. An asset with a known price in the future does not today trade at its future price discounted at the risk-free interest rate (or, the asset does not have negligible costs of storage; as such, for example, this condition holds for gain but not for securities).
79. Long spread bettors pay a small daily interest charge to hold rolling spread bets, but I regard this as negligible compared with the leveraged profits that are possible, and for equities and indices it can be offset by the dividends that are received on long positions.
80. Unfortunately, there was nothing that could be done now to reverse those dreadful events, though he desperately wished he could undo his own negligible actions, and restore the life to the dead body that he would personally present to the parents of the boy as soon as the weather broke on the morrow.
81. Although in the latter case these deviations are negligible (although many authors convincingly demonstrate that they cannot be neglected, lognormal distribution is still widely used for linear assets), they do cause significant problems when lognormal distribution is applied to options (though the probability density function of this distribution is still used to describe underlying assets returns in options pricing models).
82. That the Brady Bill mandating a five-day cooling-off period prior to purchasing a firearm will have an negligible impact on curbing gun-related crimes should be apparent to any clear-minded individual excluding knee-jerk liberals and well-intentioned, muddled-headed individuals who sincerely believe that adding another gun law to the thousands of gun laws already on the books will, in some (uncertain) manner, act as a further deterrent to professional criminals who want to acquire a firearm.
83. She thought he had been going to say engaged to be married, for though she had known even at Redchester, in spite of the care taken to shut such knowledge out, that the world included wicked persons who loved without engagements or marriages, sometimes indeed even without having been properly introduced, persons who were afterwards punished by the correctly plighted by not being asked to tea, they were, the Bishop informed an anxious inquirer once when he had supposed her out of the room, in God's infinite mercy numerically negligible.
84. Secularism basically means religion having no role to play in the affairs of the state, but in the Indian context, secularism, in the garb of equal respect for all religions, has come to practically imply appeasement of regressive forces in all the major religious communities in the country, and indeed, one saw that in the Shah Bano case or the Babri Masjid being opened to Hindus because of the installation of idols of Ram, Lakshman and Sita by the radical Hindu organization, the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, being accepted as miraculous, or Indira Gandhi’s initially promoting Bhindrewale or a ban on the film The Da Vinci Code even in a state like Punjab with a negligible Christian population).

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