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Nervous dans une phrase (en anglais)

And now he IS nervous.
I was nervous as hell.
She was a bit nervous.
He gave a nervous smile.
She is a nervous wreck.
Each of us was nervous.
Al began to get nervous.

He seemed a bit nervous.
Maybe he was too nervous.
No need to be nervous!.
I think I'm nervous also.
He was shaky and nervous.
He really made me nervous.
I am really nervous though.
Kelly seemed a bit nervous.
Okay, I was a lot nervous.
I was nervous and agitated.
Remi is a nervous invalid.
Drew felt nervous but safe.
I was as nervous as I had.
She was also really nervous.
With a mixture of nervous.
She gave him a nervous grin.
He started to get nervous.
He was nervous and scared.
She was a nervous wreck.
He was still very nervous.
I can see you’re nervous.
She wasn’t at all nervous.
Too nervous to speak, though.
I laugh, nervous but curious.
I was nervous and exhausted.
Paul began to feel nervous.
She looked as nervous as a.
He was probably just nervous.
It was because I was nervous.
I’m so excited and nervous.
Even so, it made him nervous.
Sorry to make you so nervous.
Both looked sick and nervous.

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