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Nestling dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. She snakes her neck, nestling.
  2. Cozily nestling against each other.
  3. I rested, nestling Jesus in my arms, dozing.
  4. And the body gratefully nestling close to thee.
  5. It fed her hungry heart to feel them nestling up to her.

  6. I was holding you and kissing you, nestling close to you.
  7. Some miles to the south of London, nestling in the gently.
  8. No, she said, nestling her head in the crook of his neck.
  9. He took the stone box and packed it carefully in his bag, nestling.
  10. Nestling close, Tui's cheek tucked perfectly into the hollow of his neck.
  11. But there was Lucy's little hand, so clinging, so understanding, nestling in his.
  12. She steps forward and wraps her arms around me, nestling her head on my shoulder.
  13. And Cosette, nestling close to Marius, caressed his ear with an angelic whisper: So it is true.
  14. He brought himself up to his knees and brushed away the tiny fragments of rock nestling in his hair.
  15. Mother thought that I was merely a nestling baby bird; and I was not ready to leave the world of nest.

  16. Typically, it kills nestling and weaning budgies, but it can also be carried in adults without symptoms.
  17. Nestling in each other’s arms we spoke about this and that and nothing in particular until we both fell asleep.
  18. The normal way would have been me, nestling in his arms, but this time I sit next to him, close, but not too close.
  19. As parched as the grass was, she was charmed by the nearly microscopic flowers of various colors nestling among the blades.
  20. The cinema, his objective, was no more than a hundred yards up from the high street, nestling incongruously beside a hair-care salon.
  21. The village of Bree had some hundred stone houses of the Big Folk, mostly above the Road, nestling on the hillside with windows looking west.
  22. He purred with delight at the slightest touch, nestling his head in our hands, directing our strokes, lifting his chin, as if he were smiling.
  23. There was a canary on his head and, miraculously, the canary stayed there, all through dinner, all through afterwards, falling asleep, nestling in.
  24. The hospital armchair was soft and she reclosed her eyes, nestling into a more comfortable position, but then flicked them open again after a couple of seconds.
  25. Brendan made soothing empathetic noises and chucked the stuff he needed onto the skid, big rolls of corrugated tubing with the connectors nestling in the middle.

  26. A large empty biscuit-tin and a bunch of Chinese crackers did the rest—the tin being secured to the other end of the line and the crackers nestling snugly inside the tin.
  27. She sank softly into a low chair, softly rustling her sumptuous black silk dress, and delicately nestling her milk-white neck and broad shoulders in a costly cashmere shawl.
  28. The road winds along the edge of the cliffs, following the contours of the bays, with fantastic views of the towns nestling along the coast and across the bay towards Ischia.
  29. Her memory of a rose covered cottage nestling on the edge of a mountain valley was a child's fantasy, something that her mind had mixed up with some other place in a fairy tale.
  30. When he had begun the meditation in earnest, he found the mind-cane was nestling in his right hand, as if it had been there for a long time although he hadn’t been aware of it.
  31. We who are nestling for the moment like Priscilla beneath the warm wing of Good Fortune can dare to make what the children call a face at her grey sister as she limps scowling past.
  32. THEY ALL SLEPT in the great hall of the castle, with William’ s servants and squires and dogs, wrapping their cloaks around them and nestling into the carpet of rushes on the floor.
  33. Her obviously male companion whispered in her ear and the pair of them giggled, nuzzling and cooing over some private joke, like mourning doves nestling together on a branch in winter.
  34. His chin nestling within the points of his collar, he devoured her stealthily with his eyes, which, luckily, were round and hard like clouded marbles, and incapable of disclosing his sentiments.
  35. It should be noted that the handler had an abundance of curls worthy of Harpo Marx, so anything nestling there would have enjoyed the same comfort and security as a baby chick within the nest.
  36. Dimly I felt her hands moving and breaking the kiss for only a moment it was to find her fitting the necklace back around my neck and nestling the ring into the top of my shirt with her fingers.
  37. Fear of any particular enemy is certainly an instinctive quality, as may be seen in nestling birds, though it is strengthened by experience, and by the sight of fear of the same enemy in other animals.
  38. For YOU too have a boy, Captain Ahab—though but a child, and nestling safely at home now—a child of your old age too—Yes, yes, you relent; I see it—run, run, men, now, and stand by to square in the yards.
  39. But when the nestling birds of these several breeds were placed in a row, though most of them could just be distinguished, the proportional differences in the above specified points were incomparably less than in the full-grown birds.
  40. As we left the door of our house, nestling in, perhaps, the most peaceful nook in Kent, the sky, after weeks of perfectly brazen serenity, veiled its blue depths and started to weep fine tears for the refreshment of the parched fields.
  41. Some miles to the south of London, nestling in the gently rolling, green swathed hills of the Surrey Downs, there stands an old country manor house, which boasts the thickest of stone walls, a small but nonetheless impressive little tower and ornate white painted wooden gables.
  42. Agile and talkative she led me through winding streets and alleyways, turning left - then up some steps, then right - and down some more, then a little slope until at last she pointed to a restaurant nestling in the corner of a shaded square and proudly announced, Restaurant Virrgenia.
  43. The car had slowed and they gazed over at that narrow concrete strip with the green grass buckling it gently here or there and sprays of wildflowers nestling up close to either side and the morning sunlight coming down through the high elms and maples and oaks that led the way toward the forest.
  44. At intervals, away in the distance, nestling in the hollows or amid sheltering trees, groups of farm buildings and stacks of hay; and further on, the square ivy-clad tower of an ancient church, or perhaps a solitary windmill with its revolving sails alternately flashing and darkening in the rays of the sun.
  45. And ever and again, when her wandering glance reverted to the frail atom of humanity nestling by her side, her brows contracted and her eyes filled with bitter tears, as she weakly reached out her trembling hand to adjust its coverings, faintly murmuring, with quivering lips and a bursting heart, some words of endearment and pity.
  46. But there were even more wonderful moments after dinner in the darkening garden, while Miss Entwhistle was upstairs packing ready to start by the early train next morning, and they hadn't got the gate between them, and Lucy of her own accord laid her cheek against his coat, nestling her head into it as though there indeed she knew that she was safe.
  47. Trembling he obeyed, and raised his humble head; and then, in that utter clearness of the imminent dawn, while Nature, flushed with fullness of incredible colour, seemed to hold her breath for the event, he looked in the very eyes of the Friend and Helper; saw the backward sweep of the curved horns, gleaming in the growing daylight; saw the stern, hooked nose between the kindly eyes that were looking down on them humourously, while the bearded mouth broke into a half-smile at the corners; saw the rippling muscles on the arm that lay across the broad chest, the long supple hand still holding the pan-pipes only just fallen away from the parted lips; saw the splendid curves of the shaggy limbs disposed in majestic ease on the sward; saw, last of all, nestling between his very hooves, sleeping soundly in entire peace and contentment, the little, round, podgy, childish form of the baby otter.
  48. And nestling in the hollow,.
  49. I see the sleeping babe nestling the breast of its mother,.
  1. She nestled close to him.
  2. She nestled in my bosom.
  3. Nestled in the warm damp.
  4. The ski bums were nestled.
  5. Nestled just off the bow.
  6. He had a short nose nestled.
  7. He saw a town nestled in the.
  8. I nestled against his strong.
  9. When we are nestled in the hollow.
  10. Ewok had nestled close to my legs.
  11. The mind-cane nestled at his waist.
  12. Lion nestled his nose against Lilly.
  13. It came over and nestled against me.
  14. In his hand was nestled another hand.
  15. Ferns, nestled in the shady nooks of.
  16. They were both nestled firmly into the.
  17. It was a small town nestled in the hills.
  18. She nestled her face in the palm of his.
  19. Floy nestled into my neck until I was done.
  20. Three med-evac ships nestled in the holds.
  21. At the back of the sand nestled two-dozen.
  22. She felt so safe there nestled in his care.
  23. Marie hesitated, then nestled closer to him.
  24. Nestled among the suckers was a large snail.
  25. She smiled and nestled her face in his chest.
  26. There, nestled in blue was the most perfect.
  27. Nestled in the coils was a thin silver crown.
  28. Sarah nestled up against him and basked in the.
  29. There it is nestled next to Lakeridge Mountain.
  30. She nestled her body in his strong arms and smiled.
  31. It was Bach again and once again she was nestled.
  32. Eury had fallen asleep and lay nestled on her lap.
  33. Nestled within the wooden edging was a small door.
  34. I nestled in close, like a child waiting for a story.
  35. Dane had Alexis- Alex nestled in the crook of his arms.
  36. And nestled beside this complex was a small chain of.
  37. Yvonne nestled in her seat with Prince’s declaration.
  38. The smaller child nestled up against his brother, and.
  39. A huge orchard, nestled along the banks came into view.
  40. Vincent was nestled up in the corner of the bottom bunk.
  41. Only a moment ago his head was nestled in Bonnie’s lap.
  42. Nestled inside the silk lined box was a ring with a red.
  43. It was nestled deep in the woods of Western Massachusetts.
  44. He was back in his body again, the cane nestled by his side.
  45. There were twelve of them, nestled in the woods by the lake.
  46. She nestled against him and closed her eyes and felt at peace.
  47. The warm sand of the south china sea nestled between his toes.
  48. We lay here on the plateau known as Helen Lake, nestled in the.
  49. The jackalope nestled himself into her and resumed his snoring.
  50. He nestled himself against the pillows and started to peel the.
  51. As I sat in my house, nestled in the quiet woods of Connecticut.
  52. Corb Macneil held tightly to the pole while his head nestled in.
  53. That's the system where Tenrith is nestled; the Elf smiled.
  54. Moving softly he tried not to disturb the figure nestled in the.
  55. Mitch nestled into the Ferrari’s black leather driver’s seat.
  56. She was still nestled in his arms, her cheek against his shoulder.
  57. When he awoke, the dream nestled firmly into his subconscious mind.
  58. In pride of place, nestled in its own cradle, hung a Samurai Sword.
  59. Warren wandered over to a small refrigerator nestled into the wall.
  60. A quiet, purring elation was nestled within the depths of his mind.
  61. The woman, Kaye, had nestled herself on top of a strong tree branch.
  62. I squeezed her tightly, and she nestled her head against my shoulder.
  63. On the terraces below, giant clams nestled between huge brain corals.
  64. Faustine as he pulled his cloak closer and nestled into the dark bed.
  65. They stopped within twenty yards of the small watering hole, nestled.
  66. Mr Jingles was nestled in the tree’s roots and he was humming along.
  67. The brown sack was still there, the familiar two shapes nestled within.
  68. The jackalope eventually nestled himself in her lap and closed his eyes.
  69. He was happily nestled in a back street and the four men seemed to be al.
  70. We'd arrived on the outskirts of a little ski town nestled in the mountains.
  71. The black velvet of her locket nestled with special softness round her neck.
  72. Kerala took the final steps to where he sat and nestled herself onto his lap.
  73. Nestled on a bed of white sheep’s wool lay a bride’s brooch, fashioned.
  74. Five keys on a metal ring felt like gold as they nestled in Rudolph’s palm.
  75. Mads drawings still nestled in their drawers waiting for mounts and frames.
  76. Some birds perching atop the masonry nestled down in their feathers, vigilant.
  77. It was nestled between a row of old oak trees and the building looked ancient.
  78. Nestled at his crotch was a knife, its handle wrapped in Mary's white knuckles.
  79. The city was nestled against the range to the north and spread down to sprawl.
  80. I again nestled to the breast of the hill; and ere long in sleep forgot sorrow.
  81. She embraced me and kissed my ashamed face as I nestled my head on her shoulder.
  82. His hair was curled and nestled against the back of his neck in a short ponytail.
  83. That might account for the amount of debris, including the ship he nestled against.
  84. The soft blanket, nestled in its bed of leaves, proved too strong a magnet for her.
  85. The college was nestled on the high plain between the coast and the Delaware Water.
  86. A couple of dolls and stuffed bears nestled in between and in front of the pillows.
  87. Shivering, teeth chattering, unable to speak, she nestled against his wet, warm body.
  88. This smal country nestled in the Pyrenees Mountains is surrounded by France and Spain.
  89. The village was a collection of warm, snug homes nestled into the side of a cliff wall.
  90. Mitch nestled his tired head back down onto the warm concrete and let out a weary sigh.
  91. Immediately, Ritko started firing the Bren nestled in his arms -- short, rapid bursts.
  92. He had seen the charm on the end of her necklace nestled deep between her ample breasts.
  93. The cars circled down a winding road, to an industrial park nestled in thick pine woods.
  94. It nestled in the roundest hills by the tallest trees in the deepest forest in all Eire.
  95. And then in an instant I realised that I was nestled in the womb, safe and secure and as.
  96. Nestled in between the Washington, DC suburbs of Annandale, and Belvedere, Pinecrest was.
  97. The fox had lived! It was warm and soft as it nestled its nose into the crook of her arm.
  98. Below nestled an ancient little port with fishing boats the Phoenicians might have sailed in.
  99. He kissed her eyes and the tip of her nose and nestled his face into the softness of her neck.
  100. A case of beer rested on one cocked hip, and a brown paper bag nestled up against her breasts.
  1. Nestles the seed perfection.
  2. Mother nestles me in her warm arms.
  3. Nestles near the nettle nymphs, and below.
  4. Khowarib Lodge nestles on the banks of the Hoanib river.
  5. Khowarib Lodge nestles on the banks of the Hoanib River.
  6. She nestles her head against my shoulder and gazes at the stream.
  7. The wolf lopes across the room, nestles his muzzle on Sloth’s arm.
  8. As a result, we forgot a cardinal journalistic principle—the truth often nestles in shades of grey.
  9. My knees weaken as he pulls me closer to his chest, tighter, wrapping his arms around me as his head nestles my neck.
  10. Unfortunately, you get a terrible bounce; the ball shoots to the left and nestles down in the spaghetti of the deep Bermuda.

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1. They nestle next to the kneeling Cass.
2. Nestle Carnation bought out Libby’s and.
3. I close my eyes and nestle in the comfort of his arms.
4. Others nestle under trees fringing a river or a lake.
5. From the moment that our infants nestle at our breasts.
6. The pouch is there and, in it, the remaining six emeralds nestle.
7. From the kitchen of Nestle, chocolate fudge with chocolate covered raisins.
8. Sin once allowed to nestle in your bosom, will not be turned out at your bidding.
9. As he attempted to nestle down into his bed of sand he encountered a hard rounded object.
10. Her father lifts her into its bed, where a dozen people nestle beneath a waxed canvas tarp.
11. You can find top quality bass in any of the lakes that nestle in the area of Houston, Texas.
12. For example, the chart of Nestle India moved sideways for the first half of the period shown.
13. As I nestle into his shoulder, I go on to tell him how much I love hearing him play the piano.
14. Cierra took a spoonful of the smooth Nestle chocolate ice-cream when she heard a knock on the front door.
15. The drive home is relaxed, Stephen’s arm round me, I nestle into his embrace and rest my head on his shoulder.
16. Poor Rosamond's vagrant fancy had come back terribly scourged—meek enough to nestle under the old despised shelter.
17. She should have let Jewels climb up her chest to nestle against her neck as she did most evenings while Therese read a good book.
18. He said nothing to Yasmina, and she seemed content to nestle her dark head against his arching breast and find security in the clasp of his iron arms.
19. Of yourself you could come with soft flight and nestle against my heart, if you would: seized against your will, you will elude the grasp like an essence—you will.
20. This was just what she had always longed for--to be able to nestle up to a kind, protecting man, who wanted nothing of her but to hold her close and safe against his heart.
21. There are thoughts which play us the same trick; they nestle away in a corner of our brain; that is the end of them; they are lost; it is impossible to lay the memory on them.
22. The nearly black, petrified piece of wood plopped into the sand and for a brief moment seemed to nestle itself in the inviting arms of this blanket before being completely 155.
23. Certainly there are a lot of problems in the world and if I want to get upset all I have to do is start listing them and thinking about them and nestle into the problems of life.
24. The father and mother have a bed; the children (boys and girls) all nestle together on a quilt spread on the floor, in the corner, sleeping in the same filthy garments they have worn through the day.
25. There had been no comforting maternal support to nestle against since the birth of the youngest Lawrence flower, and the paternal bush towered out of reach in an aloof atmosphere of bonds and rentals and dividends.
26. This small community of artists and small entrepreneurs has been besieged with all the activity centered on the massive manhunt taking place in the hills that nestle this town of approximately four hundred residents.
27. It was on the Tuesday, the day Priscilla and Fritzing left Baker's and moved into Creeper Cottage, that the fickle goddess who had let them nestle for more than a week beneath her wing got tired of them and shook them out.
28. It wasnt until I got to the gate that I realised the smoke was at my place! The house and studio, hidden from the road by a melaleuca-timbered rise, nestle into a north-facing amphitheatre fringed by steep rainforested hills.
29. Clackmannan is the smallest Scottish shire, a narrow strip ten miles by eleven, squeezed between the River Forth to the south and the escarpment of the Ochils to the north, along the base of which nestle grey stone villages, rugged glens and the ruined Castle Campbell.
30. At any rate, when you watch those live crabs that nestle here on this bonnet, such an idea will be almost sure to occur to you; unless, indeed, your fancy has been fixed by the technical term "crown" also bestowed upon it; in which case you will take great interest in thinking how this mighty monster is actually a diademed king of the sea, whose green crown has been put together for him in this marvellous manner.
31. Children three that nestle near,.