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Neural dans une phrase (en anglais)

How long has your neural.
It all reduces to neural activity.
The transfer rate of his neural.
This resulted in a neural imbalance.
We found you unconscious and in neural trauma.
Are you accessing your neural implant?
It is hypothesised that the neural networks in dark.
These synapses are often found in neural systems that.
Frisa the Curly-Haired had planted many evil neural links.
Both neural substrates that have been extensively investi-.
The old neural pathways, through lack of use, wil.
Thus, investigations of the neural substrates of depressive.
The coordinates have been sent to your neural interface array.
Chief Horcheese’s neural processors can do the job, he said.
A neural net built from individual atoms – quantum processors.
As the signal is going through his neural connections in his brain.
He linked to the main computer via his neural implant and downloaded the.
It was too big a program for his neural implant, so he had to use his PADD.
In this chapter, we reviewed the current knowledge on the neural substrates.
It is now conceded it is not that, but is classified as a neural dysfunction.
The neural connections between symbiant and host for this particular host.
Doctor Jurak placed a neural monitor and stimulator against Garcia’s temple.
This was the golden dawn both of CW and of the neural marketing of myndkeying.
You said it at least fifty times the last time we cleansed our neural circuits.
Moreover, although the neural substrates of drug-induced hyperactivity and its.
But hallucinations brought about by either mental illness or neural failure or.
Since all human neural signals are instantaneous, it all happens simultaneously.
Another area that remains to be explored is the neural correlates of demand and.
You will be creating the neural networks you need to make your future a reality.
He touched his forehead and found a neural stimulator attached to his left temple.
I have a neural implant and I was just looking over the information, Tammas.
We have to let him allow us access to his neural net without feeling threatened.
The greater the knowledge, the greater the neural synapses, and the more likely.
The application of brain imaging technologies to identify the neural correlates of.
Garcia was still close enough to Brittany to maintain contact via his neural implant.
Hamlin AS, Newby J, McNally GP (2007) The neural correlates and role of D1 dopamine.
Neural adaptation occurs when you’re working at between 90-150% of doesn’t lead.
This type of man is not a neural defects is to create the human body healthy chemical.
Eye movements have been shown to correlate to neural activities in the relevant brain.
The transition from recreational drug use to drug addiction may be related to neural.

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