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Neural dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. How long has your neural.
2. It all reduces to neural activity.
3. The transfer rate of his neural.
4. This resulted in a neural imbalance.
5. Are you accessing your neural implant?
6. We found you unconscious and in neural trauma.
7. It is hypothesised that the neural networks in dark.
8. These synapses are often found in neural systems that.
9. Frisa the Curly-Haired had planted many evil neural links.
10. The old neural pathways, through lack of use, wil.
11. Both neural substrates that have been extensively investi-.
12. Thus, investigations of the neural substrates of depressive.
13. The coordinates have been sent to your neural interface array.
14. Chief Horcheese’s neural processors can do the job, he said.
15. A neural net built from individual atoms – quantum processors.
16. As the signal is going through his neural connections in his brain.
17. He linked to the main computer via his neural implant and downloaded the.
18. It was too big a program for his neural implant, so he had to use his PADD.
19. In this chapter, we reviewed the current knowledge on the neural substrates.
20. The neural connections between symbiant and host for this particular host.
21. It is now conceded it is not that, but is classified as a neural dysfunction.
22. Doctor Jurak placed a neural monitor and stimulator against Garcia’s temple.
23. This was the golden dawn both of CW and of the neural marketing of myndkeying.
24. But hallucinations brought about by either mental illness or neural failure or.
25. You said it at least fifty times the last time we cleansed our neural circuits.
26. Moreover, although the neural substrates of drug-induced hyperactivity and its.
27. You will be creating the neural networks you need to make your future a reality.
28. Another area that remains to be explored is the neural correlates of demand and.
29. Since all human neural signals are instantaneous, it all happens simultaneously.
30. He touched his forehead and found a neural stimulator attached to his left temple.
31. I have a neural implant and I was just looking over the information, Tammas.
32. We have to let him allow us access to his neural net without feeling threatened.
33. The application of brain imaging technologies to identify the neural correlates of.
34. The greater the knowledge, the greater the neural synapses, and the more likely.
35. Hamlin AS, Newby J, McNally GP (2007) The neural correlates and role of D1 dopamine.
36. Garcia was still close enough to Brittany to maintain contact via his neural implant.
37. Neural adaptation occurs when you’re working at between 90-150% of doesn’t lead.
38. The transition from recreational drug use to drug addiction may be related to neural.
39. Eye movements have been shown to correlate to neural activities in the relevant brain.
40. This type of man is not a neural defects is to create the human body healthy chemical.
41. It was one of the traps she'd set for the entity, something was stealing neural cycles.
42. He sat down on his bed, practiced his breathing and neural feedback until he felt calm.
43. He had on previous missions used neural stimulants for increased awareness and thinking.
44. One is defined as Psychiatric disorders and the other is Disorders of Neural Development.
45. Kalivas PW, Volkow ND (2005) The neural basis of addiction: a pathology of motivation and.
46. He was working on neural networks and digital quantum processes, that sort of thing.
47. There were auxiliary neural enhancements available, favoured by the wealthy and eccentric.
48. No artificial neural net had ever before been allowed to link to more than one human brain.
49. Again, he noticed a subtle increase in temperature and pulse, thanks to his neural implant.
50. So the next few hours are spent mapping a tiny fraction of the neural pathways in your head.
51. Outside of this little room, she could hide her impassable pathways and wimpy neural signals.
52. Robinson TE, Berridge KC (1993) The neural basis of drug craving: an incentive-sensitization.
53. This connection of our electromagnetic bodies is part of the neural system of the global mind.
54. The lesion in its head has healed, but the wound seems to have compromised its neural impulses.
55. The more complex this neural processing became, the larger their brain had to become to handle it.
56. Everitt BJ (1990) Sexual motivation: a neural and behavioural analysis of the mechanisms underly-.
57. I can still access the main computer through my neural implant, Garcia said, blowing a bubble.
58. The ports to the actual neural interface processors are located on the torso side of the connection.
59. A neural link would have been quicker but risky given the layers of security protocols within the system.
60. The HROV was being grilled by the Captain, and Garcia was watching the whole thing via his neural implant.
61. Unless of course his condition became too unstable, exceeding a predetermined threshold of neural activity.
62. Garcia logged onto the network via his neural implant and was happy to find that it was working fine again.
63. His mind interfaced with the living rock just as easily as it could to a computer using his neural implant.
64. The brain is basically a reflectively filtered gateway for neural integration of the organism as a totality.
65. I have a neural implant which allows me to interface with your ships systems through your wireless network.
66. It is from this neural dynamic of imbalanced biofeedback that the hominid evolution of a larger brain begins.
67. Racial memory alerted senses she didn’t know she had and ran messages along neural pathways long forgotten.
68. Most of the tests I have taken have been electronic, and I can interface with them using my neural implant.
69. Zardino appeared lost in thought for a few seconds; Roidon realised this was him engaged in neural communication.
70. Some subjects developed brain tumors, memory loss, and neural damage which dropped them into a vegetative state.
71. It was his improvised rig that messed up the Chief’s neural interface with her limbs and put her out of action.
72. And that’s not all, you also have a neural processor in the back of your head where the damage was the worst.
73. The neural energy leaving the brain and the neural energy coming into the brain goes to make up a balanced dynamic.
74. Strong neural pathways lead to repeat behavior as the brain is comfortable travelling on a well-paved neural track.
75. Using my neural implant, I am able to access the computer program and alter the gravity in the deck plating below me.
76. He said the Chief, herself was alright, but the neural interfaces where she’d been hooked up to Tipperary were damaged.
77. It would be possible to examine it at leisure, there was no danger from it now since it wasn't getting any neural cycles.
78. In her soul, she really believed that she had reproduced because she had copied most of her own neural simulation across.
79. As the weeks go on they start making the necessary neural adaptations and can generate a lot more force in these exercises.
80. Further, the behavior is reinforced by neural pathways that are strengthened in the brain each time this behavior is repeated.
81. With every internet connection, website, smartphone and satellite, we are growing neural connections within the Earth's brain.
82. Garcia accessed the file library with his neural implant, found the author and began browsing through the artist’s material.
83. Most of our neural processing works by the dynamic of hand-eye coordination and a process of self-reflectivity called thinking.
84. When a human brain tells it it's thirsty, those neural signals bounce back and it has a thought which tells it: I feel thirsty.
85. The Head Doctor, a neural surgeon by the name of Foreman, sitting to the right of Garcia’s seat, stood to shake Garcia’s hand.
86. This increased neural activity and increased complexity of neural processing resulted in a more developed tool-function of the brain.
87. The reluctance came from not wanting to give up the power and the options it provided him, as well as overwhelming neural stimulation.
88. Numerous technologies can have the potential to aid in capturing information from experts, from neural networks to genetic programming.
89. The Com-link device would be used to monitor Jimmy’s TIAR experience, transferring his subconscious neural impulses into audiovisual.
90. Watching the time program on his neural implant click the seconds away, it struck him how long three minutes can be when waiting for.
91. Tammas had left his tricorder on, in passive recording mode, and took a moment to read the scrolling information via his neural implant.
92. That is not a natural kind of bio-feedback: that is an abomination of living neural networks stopping dead without any living bio-feedback.
93. This means that when neural activity is shifted from the left to the right brain, or vice-versa, different higher energy bodies are activated.
94. The neural stimulation was designed to not only bring him out of stasis at a vastly accelerated rate but also increase his perception of time.
95. The issue is: the actual energy-dynamic of human neural brain-signal patterns existing as we presently assume, as only electrochemical signals.
96. I have a neural implant which facilitates the recording of my dreams directly to a computer where I can later edit the audio visual information.
97. We are born with billions of neural connections, circuits and pathways in the brain, of which many are pruned if considered unused or unnecessary.
98. In addition, computers will use ‘self-organizing neural nets’ that are analogs to how the brain functions, particularly in pattern recognition.
99. In the case of humans, the net is the neural structure of the brain, anchoring and projecting the mind through a cloud of electromagnetic awareness.
100. The device had a neural structure; it had a sense of self-preservation, but it had no reason to save Torbin … unless it thought he could be useful.

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