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Newspaper dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. I found a newspaper page.
  2. The blog is the newspaper.
  3. He was buyin' a newspaper.
  4. The newspaper got wind of.
  5. I threw the newspaper at him.

  6. It was a newspaper article.
  7. Think of the daily newspaper.
  8. It was a newspaper clipping.
  9. And a newspaper man, no less.
  10. Tammy shows them the newspaper.
  11. How dare the newspaper print.
  12. One Swedish newspaper called Dr.
  13. He cast around for a newspaper.
  14. He looked up from his newspaper.
  15. There was litter and newspaper.

  16. Suzuki but to the Asahi newspaper.
  17. Tom Wade got hold of a newspaper.
  18. But the newspaper told much more.
  19. Hell, he told newspaper reporters.
  20. For the newspaper, that’s why.
  21. Why, this be a newspaper! The.
  22. Anderson stared into the newspaper.
  23. Maybe he read it in the newspaper.
  24. Van Thorn pointed at the newspaper.
  25. Stir in television and newspaper.

  26. Turned out to be a newspaper hack.
  27. He handed Jed the folded newspaper.
  28. A few were newspaper editors with.
  29. And if it gets into the newspaper.
  30. On the table is an open newspaper.
  31. Mark was absorbed in the newspaper.
  32. They too were reading a newspaper.
  33. He unfolded a damp newspaper and.
  34. He tried to steal your newspaper.
  35. Russ keeps on reading the newspaper.
  36. He looked up from a newspaper when.
  37. Let’s start a little newspaper.
  38. It was in all the newspaper stories.
  39. He gave her the newspaper for a reply.
  40. I have been interested in newspaper.
  41. The story was all over the newspaper.
  42. Trinkem, the editor of the newspaper.
  43. He handed me the newspaper and asked.
  44. Nikki comes in with a folded newspaper.
  45. That’s what the newspaper reports.
  46. Think of it like your local newspaper.
  47. He raises the newspaper up in his hand.
  48. Does a newspaper exist that actually.
  49. Wopsle as he read the newspaper aloud.
  50. The next page of a newspaper showed up.
  51. He didn’t want the newspaper, anyway.
  52. What I was told was that the newspaper.
  53. I strolled over to the newspaper that Mr.
  54. Billy stares at the newspaper resolutely.
  55. Samara found an old newspaper in a wad.
  56. I also looked at the newspaper in my lap.
  57. The main purpose of Sensei newspaper is.
  58. The man showed her the newspaper, ‘Ms.
  59. He pulls an old newspaper out of a stack.
  60. Elbows on the table, reading a newspaper.
  61. Read any newspaper anywhere in the world.
  62. This is site to create your own Newspaper.
  63. She's got the newspaper to read out loud.
  64. Aren’t there girls at the newspaper?
  65. At the newspaper, what is your job?
  66. Here, Grace picked up a folded newspaper.
  67. He smoothed out an old newspaper clipping.
  68. At the street corner he bought a newspaper.
  69. The letter consisted of newspaper cuttings.
  70. And a file stuffed with newspaper clippings.
  71. Not until long afterward, in the newspaper.
  72. He even named his newspaper ‘Harijan’.
  73. The college newspaper carried a report of Mr.
  74. John eyed him over the top of his newspaper.
  75. The same news we have in our newspaper too.
  76. A man reading a newspaper, Olin replied.
  77. A few exceptions are a daily newspaper or a.
  78. Dad pointed his folded-up newspaper at Treena.
  79. Everyone wanted to talk to the newspaper men.
  80. He was holding the newspaper in one hand and.
  81. Tea and newspaper was a satisfying experience.
  82. I found a newspaper column written by Edward.
  83. Karl nodded from over top his morning newspaper.
  84. Let’s take a newspaper headline as an example.
  85. Newspaper would be excellent building material.
  86. It’s okay! The newspaper man said again.
  87. We’ll have fish and chips out of a newspaper.
  88. The newspaper is full of editorials and letters.
  89. Or, I’ll see your obituaries in the newspaper.
  90. And it’s in the newspaper, so it must be true.
  91. There was a table, with a six-day-old newspaper.
  92. The man shook the newspaper in the air in a fury.
  93. I’ve run ads in the newspaper with no results.
  94. The following account is from a local newspaper.
  95. Read this, he said, holding out a newspaper.
  96. The man then sat down and pulled out a newspaper.
  97. Sir, Miss Kimberlane is not from the newspaper.
  98. And what would he say about our newspaper?
  99. I pointed to the newspaper articles I had printed.
  100. Russ spots something of interest in his newspaper.
  1. Despite spectacular success and recognition, Roy was restless and ambitious to get into newspapering and broadcasting.
  1. The American manager stalks through the English land, with his pocketbook in evidence, and his plans neatly newspapered.
  1. We have a lot of newspapers.
  2. But here are the newspapers.
  3. As by the newspapers we're told?
  4. He laid forth other old newspapers.
  5. Most newspapers apply this tactic.
  6. She tapped the pile of newspapers.
  7. The newspapers had been full of it.
  8. Or so the newspapers told everyone.
  9. They read newspapers and magazines.
  10. No morning newspapers were out yet.
  11. I wrote for a couple of newspapers.
  12. Too many newspapers and TV stations.
  13. The shop was sold out of newspapers.
  14. The newspapers are in a feeding frenzy.
  15. Newspapers make pretty good insulators.
  16. Volgin read the newspapers till luncheon.
  17. There are several bigger newspapers in.
  18. He cleared some old newspapers off the.
  19. The newspapers reported that the sirens.
  20. The grand newspapers were all very small.
  21. The newspapers printed special bulletins.
  22. You'll be all over the newspapers, the TV.
  23. The newspapers have made their way to the.
  24. She always reads newspapers in the morning.
  25. The old newspapers and the tea were brought.
  26. Newspapers do not flush well down a toilet.
  27. TV and the newspapers are state controlled.
  28. Bhaer came in with some newspapers for Mrs.
  29. She knew the newspapers hadn’t spared her.
  30. We have been separated from the newspapers.
  31. Berlin is the president of Hearst newspapers.
  32. Newspapers are great for a couple of reasons.
  33. That inquest had been in all the newspapers.
  34. She placed a stack of newspapers on his desk.
  35. The old woman pointed to a pile of newspapers.
  36. In the newspapers there were constant reports.
  37. Chinese newspapers and magazines so that you.
  38. They would buy the newspapers by the millions.
  39. He went in and bought a handful of newspapers.
  40. Pinching his nose, he picked up old newspapers.
  41. He was the one the newspapers had talked about.
  42. Our captors denied us newspapers and magazines.
  43. We do not send out editorials to our newspapers.
  44. It was in all of the red top newspapers at the.
  45. Local newspapers do stories on kids at school.
  46. It’s been in the news and in the newspapers.
  47. No newspapers on the four days following the.
  48. They were all over the newspapers and the TV news.
  49. Perhaps you’ve read about her in the newspapers.
  50. Then there was the vice president of newspapers.
  51. They censored movies, newspapers, books and radio.
  52. You can read about it in the newspapers every day.
  53. Newspapers were relatively easy to come by in Omori.
  54. It’s the daily bread of newspapers and television.
  55. No radios, no TVs, no newspapers, well, almost none.
  56. I’m sure you’ve read about it in the newspapers.
  57. I’d always wanted to buy newspapers, he said.
  58. In windows, people stared at newspapers or the floor.
  59. Canning's letter in one of the Boston newspapers, &c.
  60. When leaving the clinic they saw spiritist newspapers.
  61. Newspapers or magazines are a very bad choice for this.
  62. In between combing the newspapers for stories that is.
  63. He placed an advertisement in the southern newspapers.
  64. For a man not connected with newspapers, here is the.
  65. The newspapers on the dresser were folded, bagged and.
  66. Newspapers covered its windows to stop the prying eyes.
  67. The usual stack of Irish Echo newspapers was by the door.
  68. PC, data was obtained from old newspapers and microfiche.
  69. He appeared on TV, Radio and in newspapers and journals.
  70. He had read as many newspapers as they would provide him.
  71. Now after this incident, the newspapers got in on it and.
  72. He wanted his newspapers to be good community newspapers.
  73. The man stood and folded both his two newspapers together.
  74. Even if the court couldn't try him again, the newspapers.
  75. Sam, newspapers can make all the allegations they want.
  76. I had only read in newspapers and seen in TV news channels.
  77. Found in most newspapers, Value Line, and on the Internet.
  78. Certainly not to the extent of calling distant newspapers.
  79. Found in Value Line, most newspapers, and on the Internet.
  80. Newspapers were on display—copies of the Washington Post.
  81. But what on earth was it I wanted? Yes, the newspapers….
  82. The newspapers have more money than even Jimmy Henderson.
  83. Were not the newspapers endlessly running stories of rich.
  84. The woman he read about in the newspapers was not his Lucy.
  85. The whole Nation stopped reading Newspapers for their news.
  86. Hell! I yanked Clarence Rattigan's newspapers off the wall.
  87. With the room dark, newspapers laid out on the dresser and.
  88. We can find many other such examples in the daily newspapers.
  89. You probably already read the newspapers and magazines that.
  90. So I’ve read in the newspapers, Van Thorn said with.
  91. Finally, a day when the newspapers had no story on a Member.
  92. The next morning, the newspapers were full of the new scandal.
  93. Local newspapers love a story about the local boy making good.
  94. He sold empty bottles in schools and newspapers to save more.
  95. ABC, and most of the big city newspapers, voted for Democrats.
  96. The newspapers picked up the story, as did the television news.
  97. The newspapers and television stations were then alerted, as.
  98. At best, the newspapers revealed a small fragment of the truth.
  99. The newspapers reported that Midgar had been hit by a freak.
  100. Look at the newspapers and the speeches of our popular orators.

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