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Nonchalant dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. Act as nonchalant as possible.
  2. She is anything but nonchalant.
  3. Yinxue was nonchalant and at ease.
  4. She waved a nonchalant hand at him.
  5. On the outside he tried to seem nonchalant.

  6. Vinnie, on the other hand, acted nonchalant.
  7. We have to, I said, hoping I sounded nonchalant.
  8. Ted tried to act nonchalant with this new information.
  9. He was calm and his stance was nonchalant, like he’d.
  10. You first, she said, proud of her nonchalant tone.
  11. Nonchalant when the croupier presented his winning chips.
  12. They love each other, Sean answers, his tone nonchalant.
  13. I strolled over and laid a nonchalant kiss on Jackie’s head.
  14. The Prince of Ayodhya continued walking, appearing nonchalant.
  15. Yeah, I realize how nonchalant that sounds, but sometimes the.

  16. Hal picked up his chair and sat down, trying to act nonchalant.
  17. She ignored their looks and tried her best to appear nonchalant.
  18. Roman chewed at his nonchalant pace, like the food was more of a.
  19. How could Minho act so nonchalant about it all? What the—.
  20. The Eldest is nonchalant, having obviously counted on this reaction.
  21. Trying to appear nonchalant, I put on an indifferent face as if I had.
  22. With registration to their left, they approached like nonchalant tourists.
  23. He had a nonchalant attitude that, at times, I found hard to understand.
  24. I thought he was being awfully nonchalant and he thought I was overreacting.
  25. The Sphere agents were trying to appear nonchalant while they listened in to the.

  26. Staring out the car window, mind still on Zorro, her almost nonchalant answer took me.
  27. Oh, just fighting off the guys, Leesa said in a tone she hoped sounded nonchalant.
  28. Nuke uttered a brief set of numbers that profoundly altered Rapsar’s nonchalant manner.
  29. Trying to appear nonchalant, I started reading, keeping one eye on her and one on the book.
  30. Walking with your hands in your pocket may indicate that you are nonchalant and very casual.
  31. Nancy was quite impressed already, but she tried to appear nonchalant about the whole thing.
  32. He walked in a nonchalant fashion, and his bicycle went with him as if it were a live thing.
  33. It would be efficient and fast, Visola muttered with a nonchalant shrug of her shoulders.
  34. Sure, he said, trying to act nonchalant, but I could see how he perked up at the suggestion.
  35. Higgins doesn’t think so, he replied with a nonchalant shrug that was brimmed with sarcasm.
  36. Bahkmar was not so nonchalant about the lack of mothers but Enrico was busy for almost half an hour.
  37. The driver tries to initiate a conversation, but neither of them are interested in it, and act nonchalant.
  38. He tried to appear nonchalant, because it wouldn’t do to let Chandio know just how frightened he really was.
  39. Both Stu and noticed how nonchalant about the relic Pon seemed to be this time, no pomp or ceremony as before.
  40. Completely nonchalant, she asked the red-faced teen, Did they put you up to this? He said, Yes, ma’am.
  41. He was trying for nonchalant, but I could tell that he was barely aware of Mia or anything else in the quiet room.
  42. I was trying to look conspicuously nonchalant; what a romantic poet might have in earnest called a ‘mad fool’.
  43. So, at the risk of appearing nonchalant and unprofessional he responded calmly to Shelagh's reference to the scars.
  44. What rendezvous? she asked in a provocatively nonchalant manner, as if they were taking a stroll through the woods.
  45. Besides, the triviality of their offence made them feel nonchalant about the outcome of the trial and the sentence as well.
  46. Your nonchalant meal in the face of such danger from the most fearsome force ever assembled, well, it made a big difference.
  47. Was that the whistle? asked the Honourable John in the most tantalising, nonchalant way, as if he had all the day before him.
  48. Finding Salim nonchalant, Suresh tried to probe his mind to understand how one could turn a professional killer in the first place.
  49. So, Helez, I trust your family arrived safely? He was sure all present could see his ears turn red as he tried to act nonchalant.
  50. They asked us what had been going on while they had been away and so we told them quite nonchalant that we had been back into the line.
  51. All you need to do is learn the correct and most nonchalant way to lean, and you can shed that bumbling, gauche exterior once and for all.
  52. I mean to say something sharp, or nonchalant, but the only sound that escapes me is an assenting noise, squeezed tight by my swollen throat.
  53. When the door to my cell opened and he squatted down in front of me I had assumed that he was as nonchalant about all of this as he looked.
  54. Forty minutes later, Caboodle strolled home, looking as nonchalant as, well, there’s really nothing as nonchalant as a cat, is there?
  55. My other sister, well, she is sweet, but is afraid of her own shadow, poor thing, Sarah offered with a nonchalant shrug to her shoulders.
  56. The right-hand head seemed to be thoroughly preoccupied with thistask, but the left-hand one was grinning a broad, relaxed, nonchalant grin.
  57. He drank another gulp of beer and asked the old man, I didn’t know trouble has a smell of its own, trying to sound nonchalant, unconvincingly enough.
  58. She tried to sound nonchalant, as though she wasn’t thinking of how she’d lost count of the number of dates he had this year, but it felt strange all the same.
  59. People liked this idea, but the majority of our young people listened with contempt, and with an air of the most nonchalant indifference, which was, of course, assumed.
  60. With a nonchalant air, Falcon casually joined the emcee and the bride and groom on the platform they were standing on and using to toss the bridal bouquet and garter from.
  61. Why are you telling me this, Charles? He hoped his nonchalant manner would assist in calming the frightened employee and lead to a better, more precise interrogation.
  62. Marilyn’s surprisingly nonchalant comment to Fox’s brass about the photographs demonstrates her savvy as a public relations strategist and also her ingenuity under pressure.
  63. Questions and answers followed in a nonchalant manner that made Dantes indignant, for he felt that all the world should have for the poor abbe a love and respect equal to his own.
  64. In manner he was slow and, as it were, nonchalant, and at the same time studiously free and easy; he made efforts to conceal his self-importance, but it was apparent at every instant.
  65. With the two occupants of the Fiat now inside the hotel, Erik hurried to it and went through the revolving glass doors, adopting a more nonchalant pace once inside the lobby of the hotel.
  66. When they came in—when Joe let the ship down on the squalling wheels and dropped in the protesting nose wheel—they had gotten themselves in hand enough so that they could be nonchalant.
  67. I don’t know, Feltus admitted with sincere honesty and a shrug of his shoulders that was nonchalant, but there is a cemetery, very much like the one you described, in Charleston.
  68. Since it was very cold outside on the deck of the Abigail, the nonchalant old skipper then invited the boarding officer inside to get something warm for his stomach while getting his papers in.
  69. This allowed us to awe some of the new replacements when they ducked down and we would stand there nonchalant knowing very well the shells would land in the reserve trenches or far behind the lines.
  70. Eventually he comes back and sits down with his breakfast, continuing his questions, "So what did he want?" And I try to act nonchalant with my answer, "He just wanted to ask me the time of the ceremony.
  71. I was fascinated at how enthusiastically he was trying to sell a non-existent business and how nonchalant and unperturbed he was about asking for a sizeable sum of money or, for that matter, any money at all.
  72. Bob Dylan and I were drinking coffee not thirty feet from where some of his most ardent admirers were standing around the bar of the hotel, trying to look nonchalant while hoping to catch sight of their man.
  73. As they talked between sets, Henry found himself relying on drink after drink and Sarah found herself being nonchalant about it and shrugging it off to the actions of an ex-soldier, whether his actions were grounded or not.
  74. How could he be so nonchalant with the memory of such a night as they had spent? He How could a man say Oh, hello, after being gone without explanation for two days? couldn’t unless-unless—the terrible thought leaped into her mind.
  75. She watched his progress towards the pavilion, saw him now responding condescendingly to an ingratiating bow, now exchanging friendly, nonchalant greetings with his equals, now assiduously trying to catch the eye of some great one of this world, and taking off his big round hat that squeezed the tips of his ears.

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